Zhan Long Chapter 1154

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Falls to the ground in a soft voice, makes the body relaxed as far as possible, I lift the hand to draw out in the trouser legs coverings is tying up the saber, the left hand suddenly in airborne wield, Yang Yanhuo condenses for the substantive flame bracing cold, directly rumbling flies to draw back two dragon blood soldiers of holding a gun, gains ground saw that the katana drops from the clouds, on the knife edge is reflecting the ray of bright moon, the chilly weather.

If the average person with katana attack, I unarmed dare to meet, but now is different, the A level breeds to think of the person to have is above the strength of wild animal, the strength that this blade gets down cannot be underestimated, and this looks like the katana is not simple, definitely is a sword of high tech, meets to incur by the arm hurriedly, may regret life-long.


To the dragon blood soldier, I do not dare a little heart of contempt.


The saber from the sky passed over gently and swiftly, knocks on the katana, Spark suddenly to launch, but I seize the chance to paste tumble out two meters, avoids the blade glow of opposite party, by the agility of saber, turned around to delimit the thigh of opposite party, that black pants Yang Flame burnt down broken at the same time are revealed a piece by piece scarlet red scale, my saber has concentrated on Yang Yanhuo, cut to pieces the scale, leaves behind a deep wound.

Hits including the disappearing belt, the left leg sweeps away, takes down it directly, at this time, this grasped the person of katana to curse one, was Japanese, unexpectedly was the Japanese!

At this moment, my more definite this group of people definitely are Wang Ze Cheng send.

Transmits the cold wind, is the sharp claws of another dragon blood soldier swats, I jump, Yang Yanjin in airborne one time spat the vigor suddenly violently, the body plunges his back rapidly, saber „tittering" pricked from his pate, this dragon blood soldier miserably is immediately howling, the body swayed from side to side fiercely, wields the sharp claws to try the round trip to grasp.

I steel one's heart, saber downward, the sound of saber cutting to pieces skeleton is suddenly unceasing immediately, directly him from back cutting open, looks like turns on the handbag to be ordinary, the internal organs and blood of warming up sprinkle place, the vitality again intrepidly also only then dies.

Also at this moment, on the arm numb, by the sharp claws hit of another dragon blood soldier, the bloodstained, Yang Yanjia can the complete standard keep off the sharp claws of dragon blood soldier suddenly, the enemy but who I must deal with were too many, under diverts attention is unavoidably understrength, the wound burning ache transmits, my revolution Yang Yanjin concentrates on rapidly in the left leg, a saber Younger has kept off his sharp claws, rises straight from the ground, the maneuver kicks rapidly, „bang", the left leg directly the head of this dragon blood soldier kicking to explode by the flame was wrapping.


Solved third, fourth also rapidly flushed, likely was killing that a wild animal common hands and feet and used.

Indeed, the attack and defense of dragon blood soldier are great, but the tactical skill inferior too many were too many, even if they the body transformation obtained the god general strength, but the intelligence quotient actually as before is a mortal, this is this science and technology does not ascend the reason of place of refinement, but...... If they train a large quantities of tens of thousands of A level to breed the border army that thinks of the person to cope with other country, this truly is a ruinous strength, deals with including me that distressedly, do these ordinary servicemen this meet the enemy?

A wrong body, Agility avoids throwing of fourth dragon blood soldier to nip, an arm pendulum, the saber pricked in his throats gently, beyond the enthusiasm spits, immediately his entire head became in the flame burned black.

„く そ......"

The dead ahead, that Japanese warrior also cursed angrily one, on the katana in hand electric currents passed over gently and swiftly, this was similar to the science and technology of electric arc sword, but as if wanted cheaply several points compared with the electric arc sword, after all the Tian Xin Corporation science and technology was no one can side by side, on his leg had been drawn the long opening by our army blade, was losing blood fiercely, but I did not plan to massacre him, making him live to might as well die, fate like this was appropriate.

Since Wang Ze Cheng dares to seek for helper from Japan, I should also make him pay the price.

But must do, is causes heavy losses to this to use the dragon blood soldier of katana, making him lose the battle efficiency, then gives the base and military, finds more clues, evidence and use value from this Japanese, but, I actually fight intent to be soaring, a little crazy feeling, looked like substance abuse generally, the strength in within the body had to speak out, this type felt that previous time appeared time Ah Lei died, is this approximately killing intent in a follower bone?

Came to a stop, lifts the hand to clean scar on the arm, five sharp claws have grasped the trace, the blood flowed, did not have Cooldown to wrap up.

I lift the hand, points to the match the saber, the corners of the mouth of provocation raises, said: „Comeon , bitCh!"

He spoke Japanese I unable to understand, but I said that the simple English he should understand.


Finally, such provocation makes him curse angrily one, in the hand the katana speedily comes, and falls continuously twice, is the skill of double cutting, cannot look at this person unexpectedly is the warrior of genuine goods at reasonable prices.

The saber sinks slowly, has shouldered the knife edge of match ingeniously, my wrong body is one time quickly certainly „Q-Sword", simultaneously the left fist layer on layer rumbles, in he has been shaking in the hand of blade, the body sinks is under an attack the sweeping leg of plate, the flame lingers around my right leg, swung to go to carry over periphery wave flame ignition weeds.

He jumps to leap shunts my attack, but grasped the wrist skill of blade to start to shiver, I seemed like superficial struck to be possible not to be so easy to enjoy.

The squeal that the distant place, transmits several students, some people had discovered that our battlefields, Cooldown cannot delay, the above meaning is always makes our fights by too many people should not be seen, otherwise is easy to cause the turbulence and restlessness of whole society.


Once again exquisite Q-Sword „goon", this time heard one, his right hand wrist had been broken by me completely, dragon blood soldier „dragon scale" cannot preserve him, before Shen Bing gave in my report to show that breeding of many times outside Hangzhou installed in the person fight, some police officers and soldiers by uneven cutting away body, was mostly related with this person, but at present this dragon blood soldier of A level is the Japanese warrior, thinks that this has also killed many Chinese special police officers the blade?

Thinks of here, is burning with anger.


He is miserably howling, the right hand could not hold the hilt, immediately trades the left hand to grasp.

When he changes the skilled person time, I am a simple swift and fierce vertical section tactic, the arm slightly lift, „bang" right hand that collision he breaks off, the saber just liked the spirit snake standard lived in his left hand, caught up suddenly, Yang Flame the strength fever has broken to pieces his sleeve, stiffly this katana buckling.


Grips the hilt of katana suddenly, I like the feeling of this type of long weapon, a body spin turns round is a blade chops!


Directly after his about 20 centimeters place of left arm from the shoulder cutting off, the blood has spattered in all directions, I do not give the opportunity that he responded slightly, the katana consecutively for four times cut to strike unconstrainedly, discarded his two legs instantaneously, simultaneously under Yang Yanjin concentrating on, this burnt the vulnerable katana red, melts in an instant unexpectedly!

Really the waste, my butterfly can withstand I strongest strength not to soften, Palace Spirit and Palace Decree building technology already completely in the little Japanese ear quenchinged above the skill.



In the miserable howling sound, he falls down the strength, what a pity, now continually dying did not have, completely has become a disabled person.

I also felt that the whole body soon escaped strength, are the Lien Chan five dragon blood soldiers, my limit? This is not good, but must continue to practice, god knows under Wang Ze Cheng how many dragon blood soldiers, or does this A level breed to think of above the person also to have the S level, the SS level and SSS level? If my cultivation for does not progress, perhaps when the time comes can only let the person to prey.


Falls under a Pine slowly, I am leaning on the Pine, connects the Shen Bing call: „Shen Bing elder sister......"

„How, Li Youngster?" She heard my sound to know to have an accident, after all my sound will little have that weakly.

I said in a soft voice: „Wang Ze Cheng sent 5 to breed to think of the person to kill me, but has not killed, the spot, the Liu Hua University flower work place, hurried to send for the blockade scene, had the student to photograph, I do not want to be patted to the appearance of my present."



After several minutes, the siren from extracurricular has transmitted, many police vehicles enter the campus rapidly, started to pull up the warning line in the surroundings, **, Shen Bing also arrived about 10 minutes, but has not shone the scene with the head lamp headlamp, probably also to protect my personal privacy, my duty was so special, they do not want to advance on the crest of wave crest me.

„How is it?"

The Shen Bing half step arrives at side me, at the same time periphery has a look at flesh and blood of place, cannot bear somewhat is flabbergasted: „Are you all right?"

I show a faint smile: „All right."

Saying, puts out a hand of finger of not far away, in addition in the body of shivering, said: „Wang Dui, that person is good at using the katana, is a Japanese, is the A level breeds to think of the person, a bit faster gives him to transfuse blood, otherwise one will bleed too died much, died not to ask any valuable information."

** Immediately said loudly: „Also is gawking doing, holds to get up the ambulance this fool!"

The axe transports that Japanese warrior anxiously anxiously, ** was also anxious: „Axe your this idiot, I meant that delivers the ambulance Li Xiao Yao this fool, snort, will this Japanese, refuse stubbornly I that to care?"

I somewhat slightly am moved: „Wang Dui, you really just like the spring breeze concern to the subordinate."

** Resentful rubbing nose: „Your boy has an accident, I do not want to continue to do in this position."

„Your Sir......"


After on ambulance, I know that on my not only arm is injured, latter carried on the back also the blade of katana, had Yang Yanjia to protect the body, without the wound and physique, traded to be the average person, perhaps had been hewn two by a blade, even if so, because bled too, a light faint feeling, not, when Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue came, was hit mood-stabilizing medication, murky rested.

Zhan Long Chapter 1154

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