Zhan Long Chapter 1155

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In the sleep, in the chest as if one group of fires blazingly are burning, I see the nightmare, saw many past events reappears in the mind, the temperature is getting higher and higher, the body as if soon must be melted generally, but my thought actually incomparable clear, I know, that night received 5 „dragon blood soldier" besieging, can live is the good fortune.



Awakens suddenly, I bend body partly to sit, opens shortly periphery, the temperate sunlight sprinkles on the face, in noses a light taste, this is a very spacious hospital maintenance hospital ward, the plant on window is dragging in the breeze leisurely, the one side, broadcasts a familiar sound: „Brat, awoke finally."

This is...... The voice of old man?

Turns around, really saw that the old fogy wears a dark blue Chinese-style clothing to sit in the one side, on the face, although is proliferating the wrinkle, but seems like is also in high spirits, although the old man cultivates for many years is also only the Royal Air peak boundary, but...... He in cultivating the mind this aspect actually strove to excel I too many to be too many, cultivated from me repeatedly is succeeded „getting rid" to see some clue by him.

„Old man?" I visit him surprisedly.

The old man actually brow raises: „Impolite brat, did you such call my?"

My vision sweeps, actually startled however discovered that Lin Tiannan, **, Shen Bing, therefore said: „Master."

„This also almost."

The old men looked at my one eyes, said: „A your rib was broken in the fight, is injured that heavily...... Said that also is really disgraced, is Yang Flame a powerhouse, you were also most disgraced that......"

I feel urgently ashamed, said: „The A level bred to install the speed and strength of person was too strong, moreover wants to break through their surface scales defenses to need each time to pay many strengths."

„This is not the reason that you are defeated." He visits me, continued: „Is good to pick a poor life, perhaps otherwise can have many young misses to for you shed tears? Snort, cultivates the step speed to be so slow, actually incurs the young miss to like, I thought that your boy was the good luck too prosperously causes the practice speed to be too slow, listened to my word, recently I said with the Shaolin Monastery eminent monk theory frequently that was inferior I helped you recommend, you became monk to cultivate the mind in Shaolin Monastery, perhaps 10 years, you can break through Yang Flame become the person who the thousand years first trod being enthralled boundary."

Sitting that I am silent in head.

The old men are stunned: „What's wrong, doesn't want?"

I am staring him: „Must become monk you to become monk, I do not have the interest."

Lin Tiannan could not bear smile.

The old men turned head to stare Lin Tiannan one, said: „Old boy, what you smiles, what's wrong, was worried that own son-in-law does become monk?"

Lin Tiannan touches the nose, said with a smile: „He becomes monk I not to be worried actually that I love dearly Wan Er, she will be very certainly sad, therefore after becoming monk this matter, said again, do not worry."

„Wang did Dui, how afterward the situation, that Japanese warrior die?" I started to say the proper business.

** Said: „No, although has almost been equal to being disabled, but he, once gets angry to grow Dragon Lin in the body semblance, therefore our expert teams felt that the base of Hangzhou protector squad, starts to extract the gene of this person to come the DNA variation process of annexin V imaging this cross species technology."

Shen Bing said with a smile: „Generally speaking, you can leave behind this to live, has the use very much, the person in interrogation place has been also bustling about, hopes that can dig out anything to come from this Japanese warrior mouth, his status confirmed that one of the Japanese Carte and tierce Sun School successors, we by means of the telephone with Japan, their manner are not friendly, unexpectedly also in strong to our important people."

** Said: „Li Youngster, do you think?"

My corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „You, if returns this person to Japan, I withdraw from the base immediately."

„Ha, naturally cannot, so be how cheap he, it is estimated that this person this whole life also can only cross in the underground prison cell, this point you completely may feel relieved."

„Um, sumps again as far as possible a point, this matter is certainly related with Wang Ze Cheng, he can find such person to carry on the cross species experiment from Japan, explained that he has the personal connection in Japan very much."

Lin Tiannan sighed: „Before Wang Ze Cheng returning to homeland, I also think child who he initially that purely progressed, has not actually thought that many years later already the thing was the person not, he was not again simple, was increasingly estranged in this road, was unable to turn head."

I have moved the arm, felt that the injury convalesced similarly, in fact the resiliency of my body truly is not the ordinary people can place on a par, the self- repair capability is not general, probably high-level which compares these to breed to think of the person also to miss to does not go.


The old men stand up, said: „Such decided."

I in consternation: „What decides? You leave carelessly help me make the decision."

„Snort." He has a look at me, said: „It seems like was these years easy and comfortable life were too many, your boy too did not strive for progressing, your recovered similarly, tidied up, in the afternoon flew to go to Henan with me, sees a person."

„Sees anyone, is anxious?" I asked.

„Person who sees Yang Flame a peak." He shows a faint smile, said: „A fellow of old codger."

„Person of North Star?"

„Ha, your boy is actually very clear, but takes a broad view at the world, but can also direct your person truly as if also only then he."

I think that said: „Does not need to worry, tomorrow will embark again also without enough time, I also a little matter must do tonight."

„Also good, early tomorrow morning I in base you."



As for has any matter to do, this is very simple, after the dark blue billows revenge edition moves, the flash of dragon heart I obtain has not used, since continuously I will be cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider, actually will link big dragon mount in the true sense not to have, this said that Going out rather extremely was also absurd, must get so far as a dragon by the flash of this dragon heart, when mount said again!

The old men open the hospital ward room door time, outside transmits Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue sound immediately, and incessantly is their two, Wolf, Old K, Fox and Xue Rou, Yan Mo, Zhao Feifei and the others also came, gathers together quickly, therefore **, Lin Tiannan and the others went out to drink to dine together with a smile, gave the young people here.

„Was much better?"

Lin Wan Er sits in the bedside, caresses my front bandage to say lightly.

I felt, the rib of break healed about half, then said with a smile: „Basically has been all right."

Dong Cheng Yue eye red sitting in another side, said: „Blames me, I carelessly threw the cell phone, your this time will not be injured, blames me......"

I laugh in spite of trying not , the racket her hand back, said: „Does not need to rebuke oneself, this time is injured also not necessarily is the misdemeanor, at least I have almost been able to confirm that who was the genuine enemy."

Lin Wan Er said: „Really is the hand under Wang Ze Cheng?"

„Will not have others except for him again." I let somebody cool off or calm down smile, said: „Using the cell phone of East city is bait, luring me to swallow the bait, if not I goes, perhaps Tang Qi must be killed yesterday evening."

„What?" Lin Wan Er in great surprise: „Will this group of crazed people, kill Tang Qi?"

I nod: „Tang Qi is the Royal Air powerhouse, has defended in you with East city side, for them throughout is the eye-sore, perhaps besides me, Tang Qi was their priority target."

Wolf in bypath: „Xiao Yao elder brother...... Does that type breed to think of the person is very really strong?"

I said leisurely: „Um, even if the most well-trained special troop, completely is not their matches, breeds to install DNA of person to have the variation, the strength speed is not the average person can compare favorably with, but you do not need to be worried that Wang Ze Cheng is impossible to begin to you, he will only move the person who these block the way."

Xue Rou muttered: „Is the Boss blocking the person of their road?"

I smile: „Yes, my previous time leads the special police officer to go to Booster Company, almost gave to copy Wang Ze Cheng that son family property, how he possibly did not hate me......"

Xue Rou purses the lips, said: „Or the Boss do not do special police officer...... We do not think that you have matter."

I close the eye, said: „Some matters must some people do, said again that we had the brothers dead in this crowd of scoundrel hands, I must take revenge, stamps out the source of trouble to calculate them!"

Dong Cheng Yue visits me, starts to speak but hesitates.


At noon went through being out of hospital formalities, the nurse had not agreed that but afterward ** a few words have to agree. At noon has rubbed in the inn near hospital, does not have the natural justice is treated by my this wounded person, is good is being the [Zhan Long] people who eats meal together, will therefore not think that loves dearly.

In the afternoon, gazes after everybody to go back, I also returned to the dwelling with Wan Er and East city.

Is satiated with food and wine, gets online the management!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, immediately repairs equipment, afterward transmits Ba Huang City, non-stop flies cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!


Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den as before everywhere flying snow, when I fall on the city in the snowy area, not far away Seurre grasps the long bow to turn around, said: „Knows that you will come, Frost said her in observation post superior you."

„Um, thanks!"

I jump to fly, directly soars observation post to go , the Frost brotherless however is isolated in the wind and snow, the frail body makes the person cannot help but give birth to several points of pity in the snow curtain, was this looks like the frail beautiful female has defended cold uncultivated land Dragon's den by strength of the, when facing the devil of demon god rank did not have the half minute to draw back timidly.

„Do you come?" She visits me with a smile.

„Um, the revenge of dark blue billows, cold uncultivated land is Dragon's den all right?"

„All right, our weapon grain and fodder is sufficient, these trivial spirit umbrella insects and all Shen the skeleton may unable to break Dragon's den."

„That is good."

Although said like this, but I noticed that the dense and numerous artisans brave the heavy snow to repair the Dragon's den edge, there presents gulfs, obviously is the masterpiece of spirit flowered insect, even if cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is unable the attack of complete immunity suicide explosion insect!

Zhan Long Chapter 1155

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