Zhan Long Chapter 1156

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„Certainly also has other matter?" Frost said suddenly.


I pointed out frankly the concern, said: „This time comes for the mount matter, I obtained a stage prop in the attack of dark blue billows revenge, although does not understand is anything, but looks like very fierce appearance."

„, What is?"

I have then put out the Yao of dragon heart, holds in the control, this is a golden scale, snow in big flakes falls on above a piece by piece, actually as before cannot cover the dazzling golden light on scale, places in the hand, a warm feeling seeps in the control.


Frost actually shocking backlash one step, looks at the Yao of dragon heart, said: „Where can your you from come?"

„Was system reward, very how fierce?" I asked.

Frost nips the silver tooth, said: „Cannot say that is very fierce, but you follow one me, we see child Queen Shu, she will be very certainly happy."


Frost held my hand to fly, directly soared the castle deep place, bypassed the pray main hall, proceeded again is several residences of Dragon's den important members, Frost, child, Seurre's dwelling continually became a row, most edge that gate frontsuspension the room of dragon shape lantern was being child Queen Shu, simply has not knocked on a door, Frost pushed the door to enter.


In the room, child Queen Shu on the wound to arm is changing the medicine, turns head to have a look at us, keeps mouth shut saying: „Frost Sir, you are also same as the master, did not have the courtesy more and more"

Frost incomparably said earnestly: „Child Shu, we have a thing to you look."

„? Is anything, making you drag in too many people."

I hold the Yao of dragon heart, immediately the child Shu's eyes are unable to leave again, even, has flowed excitedly to the tears, the body shivers fiercely, said: „Really is really the Yao of dragon heart? Did not say the Yao of three dragon hearts the dragon god leaves behind had been swallowed by the wicked beast? This real?"

I hand over in the Yao of dragon heart her hand rapidly, said: „You feel real."

Child Shu excited, closely grasps the Yao of dragon heart, looks up to me and Frost, is excited the tears crossflow, said: „Raspberry can resurrect her she to be able finally to be delivered from oppression finally!"

I also somewhat wondered, asked: „Frost, what's the matter, is the Yao of this dragon heart so important?"

Frost nods: „The Yao of biggest function dragon heart is to let the big dragon of deep sleep regains consciousness."

„Is that also what kind of?"

„Child Shu has a daughter, the time of living is a still birth, throughout does not have the broken shell, therefore child Queen Shu has been seeking for the Yao of dragon heart, looked for tens of thousands years, has not actually thought that was given to find by you"

„Is the child daughter that raspberry?"


At this time, child Queen Shu turned around suddenly, Shan Xi has knelt to me: „Master, please bestow the Yao of this dragon heart to me, I think that I want to make raspberry regain consciousness, Ok?"


I show a faint smile: „You must accept my condition, after waiting for raspberry to regain consciousness, you must get so far as a big dragon to me, when mount, this is the main purpose of my this time coming."

„Good, we resurrecting raspberry!"


This did not have the broken shell, but dragon egg collecting in Dragon's den most deep place, even is deeper than the Old K building up work place, to seek the high temperature probably maintains dragon egg survival?

Is treading the stair first-level level walks, I asked at the same time: „Child Shu, you were not initially are seized by force to get so far as the wild Dragon Clan territory to become the wife by the silver spear? Why will give birth to dragon egg, raspberry is the silver daughter?"

Child Shu sneers: „Silver spear? How that lowly Black dragon possibly matches the father who works as raspberry, the raspberry father, but the dragon god in legend"

Looks at my astonished expression, Frost adds: „17 th generation of dragon gods, get married the red dragon flour queen are the wives, received all Shen to curse in raspberry birth beforehand Long Yu, Long Shen died in battle, after this was also the raspberry birth, is unable to break the shell reason that but did not have the means."

I look to child Shu, said: „Has not thought that you also so many stories, I also think by the silver spear plunders the wild Dragon Clan territory time you are virgin's body"

Child Shu cheek one red, said: „At that time, I truly was virgin's body"

I in great surprise: „Can't open eyes to talk nonsense you like this is not already with dragon god that what? How possibly virgin's body?"

Child Shu said leisurely: „Actually, my present body, is virgin's body."

I was shocked, three views completely destroy, said: „This probably is I thinks that he 18 years old are forever same, one type deceives oneself and others?"


Child Shu provokes looked at my one eyes, is supporting the great chest, said with a smile: „Words that does not believe that we can try, the master you naturally can understand that I am virgin's body."

My face heavy line: „Does not want, I have not tried with dragon"

A Frost face despises visits me.

I smile awkwardly, does not lose heart, asked: „But however why virgin's body?"

Frost could not bear finally, explained: „Because red dragon flour queen is the race of sacred big dragon department, after the practice, can transform the human form high level Dragon Clan, these sacred big dragons have an evolution every several thousand years, for example child Shu altogether has evolved nine times, was the nine Tiansheng dragon of maximum level . Moreover, the female Saint dragon evolved every time one time, her body will repair voluntarily, but there, was there that you thought also meets the repair, became the intact body, this was also child Shu virgin's the reason of body."

I listen to reason greatly: „Originally is this"

Saying, I look to the beautiful woman teacher, the look harbor evil intentions.

Frost was anxious immediately, honk the mouth was saying: „You look at anything to look that I have never had, does not need to evolve is also"

I joyfully: „, I knew, Frost does not need to explain again"

Frost: „"

At this time, finally arrived at the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den lowest level, this is a giant cliff, child Queen Shu walked to go forward, covered single-handed in the place above, immediately bang the sound conveyed, in stone wall presented an entrance, impressively was a secret room, after walking, in the middle stage laid aside one to be dense golden ray dragon egg, was that raspberry, the dragon god's daughter!

Child Shu walks to go forward, puts out a hand to caress dragon egg lightly billowingly, the tears, said: „Raspberry, mother came to see you, this time, will certainly make you revive, my daughter"

I am deeply moved: „Child Shu a bit faster, do not rub chirp"

Child Shu nodded, took out the Yao of dragon heart, drank one suddenly lowly, rubbed the Yao of dragon heart for the smashing, the golden ray changed into the golden raindrop to permeate in dragon egg unceasingly.


The dazzling golden light projects from dragon egg, lets me and Frost has to close the eye, this ray is too dazzling, is unable to look straight ahead.

Ray as if ripples general sends out from dragon egg, then slowly recycles, seems like voluntarily ordinary in the expiration and inspiration, such transporting merit method I know very well actually, but this process is long, and strength is not the follower in reality can compare, in other words, if in the reality has a child Shu's such red dragon flour queen, perhaps her dragon rest I could not withstand am killed by the second.

Near ten minutes , the dragon egg surrounding ray is getting more and more dark, the air also as if gradually cooled generally, but I know, reason that is the heat energy by dragon egg buying, therefore several of us as if likely stand general trembling in the cold wind.

„How?" I look not to have the sound, somewhat is at heart anxious.

A child Shu face anticipates and flurried, palm overlapping standing there.

Frost is holding child Shu's arm, said: „Do not be worried that raspberry will not certainly have the matter."


Child Shu nods, actually a little deceives own feeling.

However, several minutes later, suddenly „", on dragon egg presented a crack, a flake dragon egg outer covering went against to break to pieces to fall.

„Day" child Shu covers the mouth suddenly.

Reason that child Shu is so surprised, not because of other, but leaves from the dragon egg crack is not Long Jiao who finds out, is not Long Claw, but is an immature small hands, quick, another egg shells were destroyed, is a small hands, finally, „" dragon egg of trim disrupted, in the thick mucilage, a small body rolled coming out, was one baby girl about 2 -year-old size!

„This is"

Frost also shocks, said: „Is this inborn Long Qu in legend?"

Child Shu nods excitedly: „Inborn Long Qutian, is my daughter unexpectedly inborn Long Qu?"

Saying, her excited hugs the baby girl in the bosom, but this Xiaolongnu eyah called a mother, then bends down in the twin peaks of child Queen Shu was trying to find out looks for the milk to eat.

Obviously, breast milk type of thing does not want has, although child Shu's at least E covers the cup, but same does not have, after is not the breast-feeding period.

I asked in side: „What is called inborn Long Qu?"

Frost said with a smile: „This is very rare matter, higher Dragon Clan when the broken shell has to transform the human form the ability, in thousands of strip higher Dragon Clan also not necessarily, it is said historically only then three sacred big dragons are inborn Long Qu, first is first Long Huang, second is 7 th Long Shen, third is to tread broken three Shenlong, raspberry should be fourth, as long as inborn Long Qu Dragon Clan, will have out of the ordinary cultivation for the speed and ability, the future of raspberry will surmount child Shu and silver spear certainly, becomes the present age. The emperor of Dragon Clan!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Has not thought that dragon god's daughter is so fierce"


Frost looks in child gets mind at ease raspberry that crawls randomly, said: „Child Shu, comes up, above has the good sheep's milk, in addition the strength of dragon god essence, should be able to make raspberry grow up fast."

Child Shu nods: „Good, Sir!"

I have also stepped onto Dragon's den, is hoping at heart also, dragon god's daughter raspberry, if can her take, when mount, and that this multi- old-style fan device is formidable!

However, according to child Shu's individuality, should not give up? After all in old age female

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Zhan Long Chapter 1156

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