Zhan Long Chapter 1157

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„Gurgle...... Gurgle......"

The raspberry small body has met to hold sheep's milk bag „drinking to heart's content" to get up unexpectedly, but Zi Shu in the one side pours into by the Dragon God Essence magnificent on the daughter, almost naked eye obvious, body growth of raspberry slowly.

When soon drinks light the 7 th bag of sheep's milk, suddenly the kid has hit Bao Ge, thump stands up from failure to fall to the ground, the yawn has put out one group of flame, frightens me to jump, eventually is not the girl of humanity, this is a dragon!

„Hissing hissing......"

The raspberry yawn spoke, but put out was not the criticism, quick, her arm started to present scales, changed into Dragon Claw, the body also rapid change, less than 5 seconds of change was scarlet red young Dragon, the body surface layer is reappearing the lava general color, looked like definitely very boiling hot, and blood relationship of raspberry was the dragon god + Red Dragon queen, therefore had Red Dragon part of characteristics to be also normal.


„This is her first dragon!"

Frost single-handed, the supernatural power surges in the surroundings forms to settle, said: „Zi Shu, while this Cooldown, transmits your strength, experience and Dragon God Essence magnificent to her, catalyzes her to grow as soon as possible!"


Zi Shu kisses the ground rapidly single-handed, roars appears the Red Dragon stance, immediately has established subtle maintenance in her with raspberry, that is one is similar to the band of flame, is implicating Zi Shu and raspberry, Zi Shu is pouring into the practice, to hunt, some fights, memories to the daughter very valuable things.

Small young Dragon in airborne crazy is patting the short wing, was yelling, looked like but actually also unusual sprouting, if Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue saw that certainly will think likes, but, under collaboration training of Frost and Zi Shu, the body unceasing change growth of raspberry, grew finally from first length one meter at least three meters, became nice half grown young Dragon.

Cooldown that this process continues is longer, but I also take great pains is waiting for in the one side, I believe that the waiting would the result, even if raspberry cannot become my mount, she will also grow is a fearful strength exists, but cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Frost need this strength to contend with the dark blue billows, I deeply understand this point.

Fully nearly three hours pass by, when Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue send to me successively the news must have the dinner, finally the evolution of raspberry is completed!



The kids raised the head to cry out, under weak drooping head, soft dropping to the ground in place, but Zi Shu and backlash several steps of Frost also full sweat, fell near the corner, I walked to go forward, the body of discovery raspberry gradually was actually transforming for the human form, turned into one impressively about 14, 5-year-old young girls, the body has not worn the clothes, weak lying there, gained ground to have a look at me, but in the eye was having the color of incomparable alert, I approached, to visit her saying: „All right?"

Saying, was entraining nearby Frost cloak to cover to her.

However, when I for raspberry covers the clothes, her suddenly yawn bites in my wrist skill!


Good pain!

I shouted to hurt embarrassed loudly, turned around to look at Queen Zi Shu hurriedly, said: „Quick control control your daughter, soon my wrist skill cutting by biting, hurry up!"

Zi Shu stands up hurriedly, but the body shook shaking, somewhat escapes the strength the appearance.

The Frost corners of the mouth are having the smile of profound meaning, said: „Makes her bite, bites more makes an effort to be better, dragon god's daughter, after is the gods of ten thousand beast, the demon dragon is also one of the wild animal, her innermost soul is the bloodthirsty, just can add on the bloodthirsty with your blood to her the seal, has the greatest advantage to you to her."

Zi Shu has gawked staring, said: „Lady Frost, this......"

Frost micro smile: „What's wrong, Zi Shu don't you want? What person Li Xiao Yao is, you and I are very clear, raspberry will not be bullied with him together."

Zi Shu made very big resolution likely, the nod said: „Um!"


At this time, my wrist skill as if really must be cut by biting generally, the ache was hard to endure, blood flowed following the wrist skill in the dragon female mouth edge, the Frost sound transmit from me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, stabs raspberry with your sword, drinks her blood, you can the bloodlines share, you want her words, a bit faster, this is the rare opportunity, has not restored fully while her intelligence!"

My moral nature one excited, immediately lifts the hand to draw out the butterfly, scratched on the dragon female shoulder gently, has pulled open an opening, surface layer that smooth pure white skin has formed a transparent armor unexpectedly, was her self-defense capability? However the butterfly was too sharp, Dragon Woman is also small, therefore broke the skin hemorrhage.

I bend down on the kiss in the wound of dragon female shoulder, immediately a burning heat flow enters the throat, this Dragon Xue taste really has not felt better, added the heavy spicy hot pot bed charge likely, moreover heats up to 100 degrees that boiling hot boiling water!

When the dragon blood enters my within the body, immediately I and between Dragon Woman start to draw the shade to get up, golden gods are only dense around us, simultaneously my brain dizziness, has been able to feel some dragon female memories suddenly, that is chaos, and can feel her feeling, startled and happy, anticipation, various mood have.


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you already with dragon god's daughter raspberry has signed the bloodlines contract!


When lowers the head again looked, the discovery expression ominous severe dragon female the loosen had actually opened the mouth, looks at the wound in my wrist skill, has a look at my complexion, the instantaneous tears fell: „Sorry, raspberry intentionally do not injure your."

I turn over to the sheath the butterfly, shows a faint smile: „Has not related, is not very painful."

Raspberry visits me, tilted the head to look, winked the blue pupil, said: „Why...... Why raspberry thought that you are quite kind, resembles...... Probably was born to have your companion to be the same?"

That is the effect of bloodlines contract.

However I put out to deceive that set of child, said: „Because raspberry birth time, I truly visit you in your side!"

Frost spits the trough in side: „You must many over 40,000 years, Uncle!"

I almost spit blood, beautiful woman teacher Taikeng student.

Zi Shu stands up, said: „Raspberry, from now henceforth he is your elder brother, remembered? In this world to you best person besides mother, was he."

Raspberry curious asking: „Mom, the elder brother is also your one's own?"

Zi Shu cheek one red: „, I cannot have this variety......"

I: „......"


Although has signed the bloodlines contract with raspberry, but in addition as before cannot regard mount her, because raspberry has not been considered as that true grown, but also needs with Zi Shu and Frost to lead a pious life on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den much and feed can make the body truly the dragon god's daughter.

After finishing eating the dinner, continued to get online funny raspberry to play.

In the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den hall, Zi Shu builds the bonfire, said to nearby Dragon's den armed soldier: „Tonight must roast 20 sheep and 5 cows."

Dragon's den armed soldier in great surprise: „Queen Sir, should conference room all members unable to eat that many?"

„No, this is her capacity for food." Zi Shu has referred to nearby raspberry.

Raspberry is holding a corbel to eat fiercely, on the mouth full is the oil and cumin, it seems like I taught very well, the dragon god's daughter did not eat the raw meat, started to eat to bake, like this to promoting to digest to have the advantage, raspberry that but raised like this, does not know that can lose some fondness of countryside? Manages her, the attribute sufficed in any case formidable.

That Dragon's den armed soldier said actually: „This young miss that can eat, the domestic animal that perhaps under Dragon's den herds one month must be given to finish eating by her!"

Frost looks to me, said: „You look at the office, but raspberry your Sister Dragon Woman."

I: „......"

Went out of the hall, the day cleared, I have blown a whistling, immediately the warhawk of space landing next palace guard rode to search, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands the Sir, what has to tell?"

I told simply: „Returns to the palace guard, making the Han deep pool prepare 5000 bellwethers and 1000 cows to come, has not needed the armed forces storehouse gold coin of palace guard to purchase, must deliver in one day."

„Yes, Sir!"


The warhawk rides to search to swagger away, Frost also behind shows the satisfactory smiling face in me, raspberry now just when the growth period, ate many unable to eat for several days, one week she can grow up, grows up the later feed large scale to tail off, these 6000 domestic animals definitely could not use up, when the time comes has not taken to supply to Dragon's den.

Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the severely cold region, wanting the protection against the cold unable totally to depend on the grain to maintain the physical ability, eats the meat to, after automatic Dulin died in battle, we were good at hunting the wild animal the person become few, majority of meat by raising livestock, naturally, what were more was buys from Tian Ling Empire and Ba Huang City, otherwise south Dragon's den the lawn in forest already should be gnawed up.

A raspberry face cultivates with mother, at the same time plays with me, and this is an extremely mischievous small female dragon, unexpectedly also frequently makes fun of several of us, Seurre this type looks like very ominous aunts frequently is made fun, is good now self-cultivation because of Seurre, was disinclined to haggle over with the little girl, otherwise must certainly fight 300 rounds.


To the mid-night, offline, accompanied Wan Er and East city to eat one bowl of small chaos to sleep, tomorrow will have the important matter, must go to Henan to seek the master to visit friends.

Next day, early wakes up, is not out of the anticipation, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue gets up compared with me also early, and dresses well takes the baggage to wrap in the hall I, which them I go to go to which stance, but thinks that North Star also study with North Star old gentleman, does not have what important matter, and I also felt relieved in the side their two belts, therefore complied on the nod.

The special plane is provides by Tian Xin Corporation, goes directly to Henan Sincheng Airport.


Henan, the place of area south of Yellow River, the outstanding person worked since old times, the place of origin of Huaxia civilization, is the Chinese civilization concludes one of the places importantly.

After next airplane, unexpectedly some people greet, and is the acquaintance, Q-Sword, North Star wind, North Star „few hosts".

„I said that I must ask you to eat meal personally, for the matter of discipline park!" Q-Sword Ha Ha said with a smile.

Nearby, his sister Sword Tears also with a smile said: „Wan Er and East city also come ~~"

Zhan Long Chapter 1157

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