Zhan Long Chapter 1158

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Car(riage) uniform Cadillac who North Star pick, looked like in meeting the advertisement was the same, but sat to be truly comfortable steadily, in addition my mood was somewhat disturbed, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue completely relaxed mentality, old man also with us in the same place, sur- **, I and two female on a business automobile, Q-Sword accompanied.


The atmosphere has some awkwardness, Q-Sword then shows a faint smile, said: „Ji Yuan the matter, was lucky that Xiao Yao you have helped, otherwise, this matter also is really somewhat thorny, I am not ripe with the Hangzhou police."

I beckon with the hand smile: „Small gift, said again Ji Yuan not illegal, all are his fondness are free."

Saying, I think, said: „Q-Sword, is your family old gentleman temperament how is it?"

„Somewhat violent."

Q-Sword laughs, said: „You do not use anxiously, since self- birth record his continuously such, personality rigid violent, but absolutely is very good, not perhaps, but his ability, already can call the king in a side, said again, you will be the student of Mr. Lin to become, my family old gentleman naturally especially will look after to you."

„Um, that is good." I somewhat am as before disturbed, after all the old gentleman of North Star is Yang Flame the peak level powerhouse, in other words, in practice, he most approaches in the person of god.

But immortal road wrong path, after who can see clearly the gathering god , what boundary is?

Lin Wan Er blinked, as if endured for a long time, to ask finally: „Q-Sword, your family old gentleman is very it is said old, is big, is he your grandfather?"

Q-Sword stares, enduring is out of control to say with a smile: „Wan Er you want to be too many, my grandfather has the lung cancer several years ago died, family's the old gentleman we cannot distinguish clearly the rank, is about ancestor's that rank, it is said that the old gentleman date of birth was 628 years, the second year that Zhenguan governed."


I suddenly one startled, almost sat from the seat: „Li Shimin time birth? This...... This already quickly 1400 years old, unexpectedly...... Lived was so long?"

Q-Sword nods: „Old gentleman natural talent Superior, 27 years old broke through Royal Air to enter Yang Flame the boundary, the 200-year-old time stepped into Yang Flame the peak boundary, continuously since practice, was about because temperament too violent, therefore had not stepped into the gathering god boundary, but, according to him, all Yang Flame powerhouse body and spirit will be quenchinged, the life will also break the limit."

Dong Cheng Yue said in side at a loss: „This was also too singularly varied......"

Saying, her deep looked at my one eyes, said: „Said that Li Xiao Yao is also lives forever, waited for me and Wan Er at age qibashi, is he now this young appearance?"

Q-Sword said with a smile: „Pours does not live forever, my family old gentleman was in several hundred years to be also older, but...... The appearance of Yang Flame powerhouse truly changes is very slow."

The Dong Cheng Yue eye was red, is pulling out the small nose, soon cried: „I do not want...... I do not want to let he saw me old appearance, not...... What to do?"

Lin Wan Er is also digging the small mouth: „I do not want!"

I was somewhat speechless, have shaken her hand: „Do not be worried that I will age with you together, when I destroy completely breed to install the organization of person, I from abandoning martial arts well......"

Q-Sword: „What means has from abandoning martial arts?"

„Probably all day did the sybaritism, wallow wine and women to go to the skill on the beam energy spread?" I asked that then Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue cheek bright red, is specially attractive.

Q-Sword rubs hands, said: „I must from abandoning martial arts......"

I said: „What our did talk by the result that your family old gentleman heard can be?"

„Hits one our two hoisting up......"



At noon, was entertained by North Star, sees the Q-Sword father, was an enterprise culmination middle-aged person, the whole body is lending the aura of powerhouse, but Q-Sword also very grew with his father looks like, only not too few several points of steadiness, were many several points of vigor.

North Star good and evil is also the famous family prominent family of Zhengzhou, on this absolutely scale, makes me feel that the friend proliferates the world to be truly good, which no matter will arrive will not treat unjustly own stomach and mouth, the old man has come to North Star homes, chatted with the Q-Sword father for a long time, to 2 : 00 pm times, as soon as he will pat the knee, said: „Was good, should office proper business, where the old gentleman close up?"

Jian Tan said: „In following other institute."

„Please lead us to pass?"


Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue with me, Lin Wan Er even are also drawing my wrist skill, very much worries visits me, seemed worried about me, as soon as goes is punched I stronger person by one is a mass of cuts and bruises to be the same.

The Q-Sword father looked at my one eyes, shaking the head that cannot bear, said: „Li Xiao Yao this child natural talent is intelligent, truly is the rare talent who the thousand years meet, but as if cannot pass sentiment pass/test......"

My family Mr. Lin to become smiles, said: „Why must does sentiment close has wanted? The WTO entry practices, the corrupt being angry love 11 taste completely, perhaps is this practice the true practice?"

„Mr. Lin the respected opinion, our here walks."



exceed walks toward the backyard, here on exceed was an ancient botanical garden, North Star truly is likely fierce, in the city that can cause trouble close developed such an area not to calculate that small dwelling, this must want some wrists skills, but thinks carefully that North Star old gentleman was the extra mundane person of high skill, the central person thinks that also had the contact, regarding such person, gave some privileges also should be.

I think of myself suddenly, after old, has met also the life of North Star old gentleman, accumulates the next dwelling, every day grass the pisculture, takes care of the natural lifespan? Ok, such words did not have the meaning.


Stops in a dwelling front, white wall black tile, but altogether five, the shape like the turret, is unique, the Q-Sword father raises hand, says with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao, the old gentleman lives in inside, do you go in?"

I in consternation.

Q-Sword took a step to go forward, puts out a hand to take away the copper collar, said: „Old gentleman, Li Xiao Yao."

Several seconds later, inside broadcasts an old sound: „Makes him come in!"


Q-Sword hints me to go, Mr. Lin to become said: „You go in the practice, we drink tea outside alcove you and that's the end, don't worry, here is safe."


I put out a hand to push the bronze door, actually cannot shove open, is heavy, therefore clenches teeth, starts strength of Yang Flame to concentrate on above the left arm, pushes again gently, the bronze gate opens accordingly, when I take a step, bronze gate once more slowly closed, but in the turret a darkness, almost anything could not see unexpectedly that inside establishes simply, can see a center piece of rush cushion indistinctly, a person sits above, he should be North Star observes the old gentleman, in the legend lived the 1400-year-old person.

„Is that Li Xiao Yao?" His sound is as before old.

I almost do not know how should reply, has saying: „Yes, are you North Star view seniors?"

The North Star view Ha Ha smiled suddenly: „Li Xiao Yao, are you big this year?"

„25 years old."

„Good, good...... 25 years old have stepped into Yang Flame the boundary, and step into Yang Flame the boundary to enter intermediate, you truly are the rare talent who the thousand years meet rarely."

„Seniors, here was too dim, do I turn on the light?"

„Dim?" He shows a faint smile: „Child, you must look with your innermost feelings that here all naturally were clear."

„Mind?" I in consternation.

„You sit down."


I sit cross-legged to sit down, the North Star view continues saying: „What Yang Flame, roasting of positive flash, flame, by the body of person, links up essence of Yang Flame, you are one have the person of Yang Flame essence, your body then had the photo-thermal effect, feels the wonder of glory and the living fire with your innermost feelings, you naturally can see clearly all that in the darkness hides."

I tremble slightly, the old gentleman said is actually very reasonable, but implemented not to be simple.

However, I depend on word static sitting there, closes the double pupil, releases strength of lingering whole body Yang Flame the slowly, feels the surrounding air attentively the circulation of rhythm and thermal energy, but near the ear also continues to transmit North Star to observe the instruction of old gentleman character character pearl, he truly is the sage who a non- world has, must surpass my this young fellow to the sensibility of positive flame.

Unknowingly, how long also has not known, when I open the eye once more, the surrounding thing also gradually becomes clear, the left hand the tea table ten meters away, the right hand the vase ten meters away, reappears in clearly at present, even the front was hanging the celebrity calligraphy and painting on wall can almost see clearly, in the meantime, I also saw North Star observed the portrait of old gentleman, that was a crane sends the old man of young face, the complexion was exceptionally ruddy, although the beard and hair was all white, but actually looked like very gentle, which looked like the personality that Q-Sword said violent?

„Li Xiao Yao."

He still closes one's eyes, asked with a smile: „What color is my eyebrow?"

„Was white." I said.

He smiles, strokes the beard lightly, said: „Is a promising young man, unexpectedly can open the mind in such short Cooldown, your natural talent truly exceeded wind too much to be too many."

What he said is Q-Sword, actually Q-Sword in young one generation is an outstanding person.

I said humbly: „The circumstances of everyone have the difference, if the North Star wind also experiences all that I have experienced, believe his cultivation for certainly above me."

The North Star view continues saying: „Mind can make you see the whole matter clearly, but do not expose before the person easily, knows?"


„You look in a mirror, naturally can know."

I stare slightly, put out cell phone, backhand, actually discovered that in my double pupil is passing faint trace flame, looks like exceptionally beautiful and bewitching, received the skill hurriedly, the red in double pupil then slowly diverges, really frightened itself to jump, which this was what mind, likely was the fierce look is clearly ordinary, must say why Wu Cheng'en will write the grandson monkey is the fierce look, is it possible that has he also seen Yang Yanji the follower?

This matter has not talked clearly, world myriad, every possible strange thing.

„Knew, senior!" I said.


The North Star view continued: „It is said that were you broken through Yang Yanjia by a knife edge of mysterious warrior?"

„Yes, that is one type is called ‚breeds to think of person' variation humanity, cross the species and pangolin, lizard and other biology of the DNA fusions, everyone has the huge monster strength, the average person at is not a match."

The North Star view shows a faint smile, said: „Purest Yang Yanjia, will not be defeated by any thing, only if compared with you stronger Yang Flame strength."

Zhan Long Chapter 1158

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