Zhan Long Chapter 1159

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I am greatly disappointed, my Yang Yanjia am the inferior brand? However the North Star view said perhaps also right, Yang Yanjia is the protecting shield that the pure energy forms, so long as the energy is pure enough, that really invulnerability, even the A level breeds to install the sharp claws of person unable to break through Yang Yanjia the defense absolutely.


„Senior, how should I practice?" I asked.

The North Star view said with a smile: „Expiration and inspiration, the revolution, can quenching your strength slowly, you only need to close the eye, heart non- junks revolution your Yang Yanli, condenses in the control, forms Yang Yanhua the armor, do not cease, growing continually unceasing expiration and inspiration and revolution, until exhausting the strength of your within the body all Yang Flame."

I nod, continue to sit well on the ground, closes the eye, the right hand opens, „whish" flame flies, the condensation is small Yang Yanjia on the fingertip.

The North Star view said: „Looks at your upper left, that is an infrared thermoscope, you can see your Yang Flame armor temperature, the purity is higher, then the temperature is higher, but you must control the good strength, do not let the leak that Yang Yanli does not restrain, otherwise my this small wooden ceiling must be burnt down by you."

I turn the head to have a look, really the thermodetector, the infrared long-distance thermodetector, above is demonstrating me at present Yang Yanjia the temperature, 4711 degrees, but I truly in suppressing the thermal energy am not assigned away from the capital, otherwise the high temperature within small range also sufficiently made this turret turn into the sea of fire, in fact, the required course of Yang Flame powerhouse was to control the thermal energy, controlled the temperature completely in Yang Yanjia the surrounding 1 centimeter.


The North Star view no longer spoke, but closed the eye, but I also slowly closed one's eyes, the breath expiration and inspiration, condensed the new Yang Flame strength to continue Yang Yanjia the purity slowly unceasingly, I have tried such practice, but has not tried to exhaust the whole body strength to go to the unceasing expiration and inspiration, just like the North Star view said that Yang Yanjia the temperature was getting higher and higher, soon after broke through 5000 degrees, and still unceasingly was increasing.

Also has not known how long, the whole body strength as if had been found time, the clothes soak all, the whole person has the intense escaping strength feeling.

„Continue, do not give up, definitely is unable to support Yang Yanli till you." He continued.


I layer on layer nod, continue to support.

How long does not know, the whole body started to shiver, the finger transmits a piece of scalding hot feeling, my body and spirit soon is unable to support Yang Yankai the ability.


Yang Yanhuo on fingertip is glittering, must extinguish shortly.

Finally, my stuffy, layer on layer falls down, face upwarded saying: „Senior, my endogenic force as if pulled out to empty generally."

North Star observes the chuckle: „This was right, the body of person just likes a basin, wants to hold more water, needs to find time all water, unearths the soil, reconstructs this basin, now you do is this process, how many did the thermodetector measure a moment ago high?"

„6122 degrees."

„Good, eats your behind food, rests for a half hour , to continue again."


Also does not know how long altogether has practiced, the belly already cluck, turned around to look, by the door does not know when had been put one barrel of food, sur- several vegetables, although in the practice room does not have the ray, but I, so long as used the mind immediately to see the whole matter clearly, even can see any dish...... The red roast chicken block and shredded pork with garlic sauce two vegetables, very much get food down, therefore opens immediately eats!

Has had 7 bowls of food continuously, almost the food in entire barrel finishing eating, had had a scare including me, was my capacity for food so when crazed?

Has hit Bao Ge, lies down on the back wall, will rest one to be ordered to continue by the North Star view slightly to sit the practice.

Actually a half hour of Cooldown, my strength restored about 25% most, feeling that the old gentleman a little kills the goose that lays the golden eggs, but I can also feel that my strength upper limit as if really in starting to break through, this is in my recent days practice has never had the feeling, the strength channel between body and vein is more spacious, has to plant makes a connection, no matter what supervises the feelings of two [lineage/vein].

In a while, the strength was consumed again up.

North Star observes the old gentleman to give me Cooldown to restore to 25% strengths , to continue to practice again, consumes as before up.

However, I also discovered that on thermodetector my Yang Flame armor temperature truly is higher and higher, increased 9000 + degrees from 4000 + degrees, until breaking through 10,000 degrees time, making me only feel that a fingertip small burning hot armor simply is a small nuclear reactor, was lucky that I form one to protect the shield surface layer this strength, otherwise is only such small one can burn a none remaining a neighbor hundred meters house!

The whole body clothes soaked evaporation, then soaked, the process of this practice seemed to be inexhaustible general, but the old gentleman was very gentle, at least until now was this.


However quick, I experience to old gentleman „violent" side.


When I rest nearly 3 hours restored 70-80% strengths, the old gentleman suddenly stands up, floating wants the immortal hanging and vertical, the under foot is treading roaring flame, visits me to say with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao, what Yang Flame the scala media strongest ability is, do you know?"

„Yang Yanhua armor?" I asked.

„No, armor of small part is useless, the genuine master can always see clearly your weakness, the true strongest defense is the impregnable whole body defense, therefore, the highest boundary of Yang Yanhua armor is such......"

Saying, his drinks lowly, immediately the flame lingering whole body, has formed radii about 10 centimeters Yang Yanjia, combines crowded in together, protects completely his whole body, the flame rose sharply has illuminated the entire turret, the North Star view whole body was lingering mobile flame remnant armor, just like the deity, said with a smile slightly: „This is the highest boundary of Yang Yanhua armor, was called the hot armor guard by the follower of Song!"

I keep mouth shut, this person of Song definitely was the senior of game developer, how otherwise this name that likely was the skill name......


The North Star view continues saying: „I know that your duty needs to deal with various dangers, therefore you most need is this hot armor guard ability, but you now could not have achieved, therefore this time you come, I then want you to comprehend the hot armor guard in this place, otherwise do not want to go out of the front door of this Daoist temple!"

I stare slightly: „Senior, were some too rather reluctant?"

„Does not force."

The North Star view corners of the mouth raise, finally has revealed cruelest side, said: „I will attack you with strength of Yang Flame the unceasingly, congealing Juyang flame armor that you must keep protects itself, remember, I will not show mercy, Yang Flame armor that you condense are more, oneself will be safer, can complete 100% defenses until you finally, your hot armor protected oneself also to practice."

I deeply inspire, stand up, kick out of the way tableware, forwarded several steps, bowed, said: „That...... Had the work senior!"


The North Star view shows a faint smile, did not speak, even did not have including the movement, the roaring flame that but on him grew swiftly condensed the flame sword blade edge to fly together to me, the strength was too not strong, but speed absolutely first-class!

I fend radically without enough time, the North Star view did not plan that makes me fend, only with enough time rapid condenses the length in the front about 20 centimeters flame remnant armor!


The North Star view controlled the strength, this time Yang Yanli attacked rapidly spatters in all directions dispersing on my Yang Flame armor, he showed a faint smile: „Also good, but...... My attack will be getting more and more, you must be careful! I also heard, a girl who our family tradition likes called Lin Wan Er, you have won from his side Lin Wan Er stiffly, had this matter? My this is the old gentleman, does not do a matter not quite to be good, is right?"

I go, does this old fogy want to kill me?

Then, the behavior of North Star view and massacred not different, „Shua Shua Shua" the consecutively three flame sword edges flew, but I also swiftly unified three Yang Yanjia to defend, simultaneously controlled Yang Yanjia the motion trajectory to prevent his attack, three struck just ended is three attacks, and is divided into another three angles, was quite cunning, the speed was quickly like the lightning, is unable to move the body to avoid.

„Bang bang......"

Two Yang Yanjia who hasty under unifies resisted two attacks, but the third attack „" has actually blasted out on my shoulder, immediately my coat and shirt shoulder spot was crushed, was good is not strong because of the strength that the North Star view mobilized, the pain did not only injure!

„Comes again, boy!"


In small Daoist temple, is circling in flight the flame meteor, but I am built on same place, concentrates Juyang flame armor to defend unceasingly, body „was devastated repeatedly", also has actually understood clearly some are exquisite, concentrates the Juyang flame armor speed quickly also more and more getting more and more accurate, can with consciousness intelligence control 3-4 Yang Yanjia, but are getting more and more, even has been over 9.

But a limit of person where, perhaps he does not know.

Present North Star view, for my cognition to own the person of limit!

Cooldown every little bit past, even I do not know how long I entered here.


„Bang bang bang......"

Continual many flame meteor bombardments in my surroundings, but does not have one to me to create injures slightly, although I at this moment am in an extremely difficult situation, the whole body clothing soon turned into piles of fragments, but lingered in flame remnant armor of my body week at this moment was dense and numerous, and each remnant armor with my thought connection, was controlled by me, as if...... Have I practiced hot armor in legend to protect oneself?

„Ha, was I successful?"

The whole body cannot withstand weakly, I blissful asking.

The roaring flame of North Star view whole body diverges swiftly, static sitting on the rush cushion, said with a smile again lightly: „Child, you are I have seen most have the follower of natural talent, later good from treasuring, the forest becomes the matter that old boy holds me to handle I have accomplished, you can Going out."

„Thanks the senior!"

Holds the fist in the other hand, single Xigui on the ground, whole body Yang Yanjia also slowly diverges, instance that but diverges in Yang Yanjin, the whole person as if prostration is also ordinary, walks without rest to go out partly is crawling Going out, when I arrive at outside, is actually a morning, outside, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue visit me pleasantly surprised.

„What's wrong...... Makes into this appearance?" Lin Wan Er surprised is holding me.

I grasped Lin Wan Er, the tears almost flowed copiously, this practice process felt sad, simply was one by various pain flat processes!

Zhan Long Chapter 1159

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