Zhan Long Chapter 1160

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The weak body under Lin Wan Er and supporting by the arm of Dong Cheng Yue two female Going out, the Q-Sword father said that has given a banquet to prepare to receive cordially „going out" I, but he is not the genuine follower, Q-Sword saw several points of clue actually, then said: „Now father, Li Xiao Yao needs does not eat the thing, but sleeping well, he too was exhausted."

„Um, good, when awoke then well greatly eats."

I lift the exhausted face, said with a smile slightly: „Thanks the uncle."


North Star gave room that I prepared in side of Lin Wan Er room, the room has tidied up, even on the washing the hands stage suspended how many were washing the face with the thing, these with me when Hangzhou used, wants to come is the young girlfriend helps me prepare, but Wan Er had Cooldown to prepare these for me unexpectedly, how long have I cultivated in the turret?

Enters the room, closes, Wan Er and East city have the old man three people to stay behind, Q-Sword and the others asked to be excused.

Looks at the setting sun of out of the window, I cannot bear ask: „I in how long?"

The old men have raised up three fingers, said: „Entire three days."


I have a big shock, fall on the bed, said: „I also think most not over day......"

The old men show a faint smile: „When you enter contemplates, Cooldown to you are only a concept, is not actual existence, the boy, I spent the big favour also to persuade North Star old to help you break through, did you break through?"

„Is far from the breakthrough, but Yang Flame the intermediate ability grasped."

Old men in great surprise: „Have you learned hot armor to protect oneself?"

„Um." I layer on layer nod.

The old men clap immediately, say with a smile: „Really worthily is my family's boy, comes, shows hot armor to protect oneself to give me to have a look!"

Lin Wan Er knits the brows in side: „Grandpa Lin, Li Xiao Yao he tired became this appearance, when he did wake up says again?"

Dong Cheng Yue also said: „Is, do not toss about him again......"

The old men laugh: „Look the boy, two good girls that to care about you, many people envy you...... However the old man I do not eat this set, do not feign death, displays hot armor to protect oneself to rest again!"

I am speechless, stand up to arrive in the open area, shoves open the hand of Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue slowly, I do not want to burn they, deeply inspires slightly, the short rest made me restore about 5% skills, Yang Flame the strength pasted in within the body slowly, suddenly just liked in both feets You Longban hovers, but my body also gently presented the condition of half soaring, actually this also studied from North Star view there, but has not shown, Yang Flame the powerhouse can in short Cooldown the low altitude soar, but was not lasting, I am been now hanging by my body, was only for did not burn down the floor of families..


Shouted at gently, around both arms condensed piece by piece arc flame remnant armor, I closed the double pupil, making the mind form one type to maintain with each piece of Yang Yanjia with the control relations, Yang Flame the flame 11 eruption condensation of body week were armor pieces, was less than three seconds, at least over 20 flame remnant armor closely were surrounding my body, was pushed to about 10 centimeters outside the clothes, protected the body of whole person.

Is built on airborne, looks at the old man gorgeously, I said with a smile: „Also?"

The old men beam into a smile: „Good, received, the rest, looks at your present appearance adrenal empty appearance well, the careful two girls no longer liked you!"

Instantaneous, the cheek of Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue was red, although their two usually together live with me occasionally will also play the hoodlum, but after running into the old man like this old hoodlum , must candidly admit defeat, the opposite sex that after all mostly the girls are only willing with liking plays the hoodlum, otherwise can only be the personality rippled, but Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue apparently do not have what interest to the old man.

After the old men go out of the gate, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue sit in the bedside as before visit me, in Lin Wan Er is holding one new clothes, definitely is the old man makes her buy, he knew in advance that my clothes definitely do not guarantee in the practice, in fact also so, I almost two sleeves pulling, above has burnt tattered and torn, clothes and pants also very to, trouser legs coverings have almost burnt down, that pair of white color plate shoes were also burnt the melt to fall half, mounts with the sock in together.

I go all out to entrain the sleeve time, Dong Cheng Yue bends the waist the taking off shoes that the sinking body helps me take the trouble, Lin Wan Er bends down in my front, does not attend to the burnt stink untying grains of buttons for me, this feeling was too happy, two attractive female does not shut out very affected.

When I almost only put on underpants awkward sitting there, Lin Wan Er is holding the hand of Dong Cheng Yue immediately, said with a smile: „Good, we remove, can't visit him to take a bath?"

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „I want to look actually that you do give?"

„Did you say? Goes back to get online practices the level!"



Two female go out with a smile, I take a bath, sweat by Yang Flame the strength evaporation, in the body surface has formed one black piece by piece „remnant armor", does not wash off these also sincerity to have no way to rest, because stands up from failure can hear „flip-flop" the flaking sound, this feeling also is really a little shen person.

Performs Yang Flame scala media profound and abstruse principles, the mood is also excellent, the back garden of North Star is naturally safe, turret there lives in one possibly is in this world the strongest old man, nobody has to plant to dare to visit to look unluckily, this thinks that also naturally rested very calmly and steadily.


A chicken cry, my long opening eye, rests from last evening to today's daybreak, enough over 12 hours, has sufficed, but raised chickens in the backyard unexpectedly, wants to come North Star to observe the old gentleman is really the extra mundane person of high skill, I even suspected that his daily daily was waters flowers and hey the fish and calligraphy, to play a stringed musical instrument wait / etc., actually such day but actually also good, at least stood aloof from the world is not, which looked like me, was worried about these enemies of storehouse in darkness every time, but also because these urged I unceasingly practice and progress.

In the morning, refreshing brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to go to nearby pedestrian street to walk, has bought pair of new shoes, the whole person once more was also neatly and immaculately dressed, actually Q-Sword planned window-shopped with us together, but has rejected by Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue persuasive words, about two female also thought that this was inappropriate, the Q-Sword too abundant god in reality handsome, had an imposing appearance, although my appearance was not bad, but two female both were worried that I will be inferior, this pains made me be moved one time.

At noon, the North Star view gives a banquet to receive cordially us in the hall personally, this old gentleman clear element Chinese-style gown, on the whole person is brimming with makings of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, but our forest becomes the old man does not have this makings, looks like the old man is more like plays mahjong all day, the marketplace old man of big healthcare, um, truly is this.

At the session, the North Star view said: „Wind."

Q-Sword said hurriedly respectfully: „Um, Old gentleman, I."

„You look at Li Xiao Yao, young, almost big or medium broke through Royal Air to step into Yang Flame with you, now is must peep Yang Flame the scala media the complete mystery, you must refuel, your father did not want Xiuwu I to endure, his intelligence was also very cheap, but you, you inborn were not practice the body and spirit, must practice well, I did not count on that you can overtake cultivation of Li Xiao Yao are, absolutely these later generation boys but who cannot lose to middle Sichuan Tang Men, it is said their favorite disciples called Tang Qi, has stepped into the Royal Air peak, can have this matter?"

Q-Sword nods: „Yes."

I laugh in spite of trying not, said: „Old gentleman, you do not need to be worried about these actually, Tang Qi entire fools around together with the North Star wind, has not distinguished with the subordinate."

„? What's all this about?" The North Star view asked.

Q-Sword awkward, explained: „Old gentleman, you still remember that you do give that game that I introduced? The destiny, can be the follower to practice mind best secret room, I knew Tang Qi in this game, he is a elder in my guild , is I plays the subordinate, is this......"

„......" The North Star view hesitates: „Said that this game or forest become the old friend introduced for my, making me supervise you to lead a pious life, the world of your young people I do not understand, but...... Since Li Xiao Yao can make the breakthrough in this game, you are the same, in later Cooldown cultivates diligently."

„Yes, Old gentleman, wind knew."

No one thinks that even day will have now such cautious moment in Tian Ling Empire at the height of power [Hero's Mound] Guildmaster unexpectedly, I cannot bear laugh in one's heart, but family one old, if has a treasure, the North Star view truly is the entire North Star family most precious buried treasure, so long as there are him , the North Star family forever don't want to decline approximately?


We planned finished eating the food to walk, but North Star observed the old gentleman to keep our one hour, the reason was to let me accompanies Q-Sword multi- duel, this was the competition between young people.

Crosses from previous and Q-Sword duel was very long, progress of Q-Sword under the direction of old gentleman is truly amazingly quick, the strength of previous time Royal Air scala media, now actually reached in the peak, but with my strength disparately is really a little big, I get rid only to start about 20% skills to force Q-Sword each time not to have the strength to hit back.

But to also others favours, I as before working as trainer well, in an instant nearly one hour, a Q-Sword vigor install to be burnt tattered and torn by my Yang Yanjin, in the face, arm also left several silt to be blue, only then was really beaten to grow truly, this was the theory that I summarized, was also quite suitable Q-Sword here.

Finally, Q-Sword black and blue as before is grateful I „granting instruction", North Star observes the old gentleman violent, once thought that Q-Sword good-for-nothing possibly on the below heavy hand, when the time comes is not black and blue so is simple, runs into I such have „discretion" the strong match, the person of Q-Sword this study military thinks that also thinks very excited.


In the afternoon, takes the special plane to return to Hangzhou.

Arrives in the dwelling time is around 4 : 00 pm, Tang Qi awaits eagerly in the dwelling, saw that the Dong Cheng Yue return feels at ease, Cooldown was very late, therefore we have had the dinner carelessly, got online!


Enters the instance of game, I obtained system System Notification


System System Notification: Congratulates you, your mount pet „dragon god's daughter raspberry" has grown up, please go to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den map to find her, implements first time to ride to favor the flight promotion bloodlines contract fusion!

Zhan Long Chapter 1160

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