Zhan Long Chapter 1161

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Excited, raspberry grown means that can become my riding favored officially, the dragon god's daughter, does not know some multi- old-style fan devices!

And, what making me not think was raspberry grows unexpectedly quickly, merely four days of Cooldown has grown up! However thinks carefully, realistic a day is equal 4 days in game, that was equal to crossing for 16 days, under the Dragon God Essence magnificent and feeding of Queen Zi Shu, the speed of raspberry growth but actually also appeared very normal.

Cures a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and raspberry recognizes each other officially!


Transmits Ba Huang City, rises straight from the ground, flew at I quickest speed to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.


The sky just liked passed over gently and swiftly together the meteor, the speed even almost wanted supersonic, the ear was revolving nearly that sound of infrasonic wave, but the moment arrived at cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, distant agreeing with flushed!

The sunlight is beautiful, is a rare fine weather, in the Dragon's den school ground, the Dragon's den armed soldiers are pushing the ball rolling down city the snow, one group of armed soldiers practice the archery under Seurre's training, and what can see, the arrow arrow that these Dragon's den armed soldiers use is attaches the demon, in the arrow has quenchinged dragon crystal, can rip open the Hybrid Demon armor with ease, this is also the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den alone gate weapon, um, this can use for reference actually, makes one to quenching the pure dragon crystal arrow from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in large numbers, on can significantly promote in the palace guard killing of 10,000 dark Moon Elf young girls. Ability!

The school ground edge, a flame sacred big dragon is climbing the rock, climbs up, while opens the giant wings to whip the air, but in its behind ground, Frost, Zi Shu and Odelia, gaining ground with a smile was looking that Odelia even claps to say with a smile: „, The raspberry big strength of arm, can the black crag be able to grasp, fierce!"

Queen Zi Shu hee smiles, has not said anything.


I dive, slides dozens meters to arrive at several Dragon's den important BOSS level NPC front in ground, gains ground to have a look at the sacred big dragon on dike, said with a smile: „Raspberry does grow into this?"

„Right, how?" Zi Shu asked: „Is the appearance of raspberry unattractive?"

Shaking the head that I am contrary to convictions smiles: „No, ultra attractive!"

„Ahem, this also almost."

Actually, the demon dragon is the wild animal, the sacred big dragon is also the high level wild animal, the big mouth and Dragon Lin, the fang advantage tooth, with attractive cannot pull anything to relate, if must say that can only say raspberry of person shape very well looked, at least can be considered as on is 9 points of beautiful woman, in addition the whole body is sending out the fondness of countryside, is considered as on 10 points of beautiful woman reluctantly.

„Raspberry, your elder brother came back, sees him quickly!" Queen Zi Shu shows a faint smile.

Airborne, that whole body flood the pale [gold/metal] and red sacred big dragon are turning around to look at the tread are Dragon Yin, in the golden double pupil is bringing harboring evil intentions, turned around to whip the dike, opened the wings direct impact on get down, the mouth opened, exudes the keenly blowing sound of this person of eardrum, the sharp claws opens, the direct pointing I, scratched, was this must kill me?

My whole body trembles, the illness draws back several steps, drinks [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] Jiajia body lowly, lifts the hand to draw out the butterfly horizontally in the front, entered the defense stance, was such thrown by the sacred big dragon, that does not crack a joke!



The roaring flame heads on, the sacred big dragon was also getting bigger and bigger in my pupil, almost blots out the sky general, however when I almost suffocate, her body receives suddenly suddenly, the rapid condensation is a young girl's body, opens the arm to put my arms, „" a sound pressure I was delimiting several meters, raspberry grew is about 18 -year-old high and low beautiful young girl, the body put on fills the wild red heavy armor crudely, red cape, the hair plate got up, graceful beside also brought the infinite wildness, the both legs to open cross sits in my waist., Hugs me to say with a smile: „Elder brother, I came back finally, I also think that you have gotten rid of raspberry!"

I have the soul with her the medium, raspberry promotes to have warm feelings with me, even links me also to come under the influence of this type of bloodlines contract, thought that was acquainted with this girl is the same for a long time, naturally, I also know actually the truth of matter, this is a small female dragon, may not have to be conquered easily, fright showed all.

Queen Zi Shu walks from behind, grabs raspberry the arm to entrain her, said: „He just came you to give him like this pleasantly surprised, this is not quite appropriate."

Probably Zi Shu at heart was saying that the girl of this losing money goods, so is why initiative?

Looks at I slightly awkward appearance, Frost eats to smile, said: „Was good, raspberry changes the Huilong shape, leading your elder brother to carry on first time to ride the flight, fusion both sides a tacit understanding of well, later you must fight together, the common onset and retreat."

A raspberry smart-alecky nod, said with a smile: „Relax Lady Frost, raspberry will certainly let elder brother ‚satisfaction'!"

I heard her layer on layer saying that „satisfaction" two characters, the moral nature whispered on the suspect immediately, was the small female dragon that this was extremely difficult to be tame was too rather mischievous a point? This...... ** The difficulty of getting up was too big!

However, raspberry is body slowly sinks to bend down on the ground, body Zhou Guanghua pasts, turned into the big dragon rapidly, has Dragon Shen bloodlines Red Dragon queen's the image of daughter's as before, changes the body later and Zi Shu changes the body differs not many, but the whole body flood the golden light, that is being some shapes of dragon god that five claw gold dragon, wants to come raspberry also to be the person of mixed blood, therefore after person shape , will that wild beautiful let want for the daydream that the person cannot bear near?

Turns around, the raspberry huge golden color pupil visits me, mouth Zhang He, has made girl's voice unexpectedly: „Elder brother, haven't you come up?"

„, Good......"

I jump to leap, plunders her back following the wing of raspberry, handles gently only caresses her back, immediately both feet and palm carried on the back to have a formidable attraction in the dragon, this was the lord favors maintenance, the Dragon Rider gentleman because this suction can therefore calm and steady has stood in the dragon of circling carries on the back, otherwise was also too easy to be flung.


After raspberry chuckle, sends out ear-spitting Dragon Yin, opens the wings, treads the ground to rise straight from the ground, flying speed quickly certainly, but I diligently maintain the physical balance, at the same time asked: „Raspberry, do you want to fly?"

Raspberry hee smiles: „Leads the elder brother to go to some exciting places?"


I somewhat am disturbed, but has been in airborne, was beyond control oneself.

Raspberry has not gone to the northern boundary, has not gone to the south, but is one follows the ice ridge mountain to fly to east, that side was the east coast, in a while, a sea area appeared in the view, but in the offshore was towers, but the rock, a raspberry low roar pasted the sea level to overrun, pair of claws grasped in the sea level, tows a long water mark, this young mother dragon was really too mischievous!

„Be careful!"

I look up the front suddenly, two towering great crags appear in the front.

Raspberry did not speak, but opened the wings, howled , then overran, was this must go all out? My hurried hand is pressing Dragon Bei, said loudly: „Raspberry, changes, must be killed!"

After her Dragon recited , the young lady said with a smile: „Elder brother is really a coward!"

During the speeches, already overran, „bang bang" two, the meat wing of raspberry seemed the steel knife generally directly around the middle has actually shut off two great crags, crushed stones dropped from the clouds, „" falling in my body week, but rode under the dragon shape raspberry to provide one to protect the shield for me, making me be exempt from too many injuries.

The next quarter, she has shot up to the sky, said with a smile: „Elder brother, enjoys the feeling of hail?"

„Hail?" My moral nature trembles, where in a strong heart is not reverberating.

Really, the small female dragon next quarter agreed with, was a shell full speed has fired into the sea level likely generally, was this especially under the hail? This is suicide throws the sea simply, raspberry this small female dragon mischievous to is not simply reasonable!


Fierce sea water impact revolves in the ear, I already was in the sea, raspberry has sunk the seabed, this violent step on drowns oneself in the sea the bottom the dust sand, wields the wings to fly upwardly, the power of sacred big dragon is absolutely sufficient, almost flew to run out of the sea level, I wiped turned one's face on the plate a sunstar hurriedly, thought that among the napes of the neck „scarf" the howling chaotic dance in the wind, put out a hand to entrain, originally was two kelp.

Raspberry also played enough, spread the wings to fly to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, at this time I also finally had the security sense.

However this felt that continues not to be long, when we fly to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sky, raspberry almost full speed has fired into the observation post direction school ground, I was instantaneously anxious, is pressing Dragon Bei single-handed, said loudly: „Raspberry does not want! A bit faster deceleration, otherwise the entire school ground will be ruined by you your, your body was too heavy, the school ground cannot withstand such impulse!"

Raspberry actually eats to smile, and pays no attention to me, full speed overran as before.



Saw that Zi Shu and Frost and the others was nearer, I know that this school ground could not have, blames me, guaime!

Who once thinks, when will soon impact in the ground, raspberry is one howls suddenly, rapid reduction of entire big dragon in wind, is this must return to the person returning home shape?


In an instant the big dragon under place turned into a beautiful young girl, I responded radically without enough time was brought to dash by raspberry in the ground, but the main working point is her body, the body of sacred big dragon is how formidable, definitely is all right!


The crushed stone flies randomly, this mischievous small female dragon is leading me together „pounding" in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den school ground, glide Going out, the dust flies upwards, is bringing crushed stone.

When taxi hold time, I actually discovered one have stepped to sit in the raspberry waist, but is pressing single-handed the place actually stayed in her just the growth complete left „peaks and ridges" above, was flexible, snow white.

Instantaneous, my heartbeat almost must stop, Frost and Zi Shu and the others pursued, after raspberry sees Zi Shu, the cheek fainted instantaneously red, said: „Mom, the elder brother touches me......"

I petrify immediately.

Queen Zi Shu is also valiant, said: „Raspberry, you should think lucky, mother anticipated that for a long time matter, had been completed by you......"

Raspberry: „......"


I stand up from failure, whole body boiling hot, at this time, ting revolved in the ear


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you and mount 【Dragon god's daughter raspberry】 Fuses successfully, second rides to favor the space to open, can summon and recall at any time 【Dragon god's daughter raspberry】!

Zhan Long Chapter 1161

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