Zhan Long Chapter 1162

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Rides to favor the space to determine that raspberry also officially determined for my pet, until this time, I finally can inquire the concrete mount attribute of raspberry, the result looked that had a scare, this is ultimate rides to favor absolutely!

【Dragon god's daughter raspberry】( [Epic] god level BOSS level mount)

Strength: + 1250

Stamina: + 1220

Agility: + 1215

Magic: + 1200

attack power promotion: + 325%

physical defense promotion: + 400%

Movement Speed promotion: + 1200%

Max HP promotion: + 100000

Characteristics: Dragon Shen the bloodlines, reduce to receive the big dragon large scale are the injury of goal, oneself attacks to it creates to exceed the quota the injury

Skill: Dragon Qi revolves, concentrates the Julong air/Qi, creates to the goals within surrounding 10 yards injures continually

Skill: Dragon aegis armor, protects the shield by the strength of condensation dragon god, significantly promotes physical defense and magic defense

Skill: The Red Dragon claw strikes, causes a real attack damage to the goal

Skill: Angry Longwei, withstands the attack and active threat to promote certain fury points each time, when full anger can make the master attack injury ability suddenly to increase

Skill: Willful, any girl of rebel time will be willful, raspberry is also same, occasionally does not listen to direct, but this probably will also bring to have the ability of deterrent

mount toughness: + 240%

mount Stamina: 1000 points

Stamina restoration: 10 points / difference

Binds the player: Xiao Yao Zi Zai


This attribute has made the person be speechless, how powerful, the strong additional attribute and Movement Speed do not raise for the time being, was four big initiative skills has only made priceless, but this that this Little Mu Dragon Rider favored was with the pet that I bound, was unmerchantable, I have not thought must sell, later must depend on raspberry with my together able to move unhindered world!

As if also sees clearly me to look at her attribute, raspberry stands up to visit me, said with a smile: „Elder brother, raspberry is very strong, is very fierce?"


I acclaimed heartfeltly: „Is fierce."

„That is good." Raspberry pure was saying with a smile to Zi Shu: „Mother you looked that the elder brother has not shut out raspberry!"

Queen Zi Shu spoils is hugging daughter's shoulder, said: „You that mischievous willful, elder brother does not shut out you to be strange, later keeps side the elder brother time must be obedient, otherwise mother may unable to control you."

„Good, I will listen to mother words."

Frost said to me with a smile: „Congratulates you, finally became Dragon Rider in the true sense has challenged, you also will be our cold uncultivated land Dragon's den walk Going out Dragon Rider of first commander level!"

I smile: „Was lucky that help of Frost, was lucky that giving of Queen Zi Shu makes raspberry accompany side me."

Zi Shu changes countenance slightly, said: „Raspberry is unable to survive in the world, is many thanks to you can let the raspberry recovery with the flash of dragon heart, the master, Zi Shu did not strive for other, can see that raspberry was very happy, later you must come cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to make raspberry meet with me much much, otherwise I thought of the daughter, will go to look on own initiative your."

„Knows that my meeting."

At this time, raspberry was also mischievous, gathered round me to transfer two, really jumped to leap changes into a red ray to seep my body, entered rides to favor the space, therefore my riding favored the space besides the god fierce fine horse, left a head picture of beautiful woman dragon, was the raspberry appearance, was to ride to favor in the space not to be dishonest, raspberry continued to say in me: „Elder brother, puts me to come out quickly, inside is quite stuffy, such murky raspberry must fall asleep again!"

So long as I untie the seal, making her jump, really took this small female dragon means not to have.


Also lets Zi Shu ** a meeting, I should also leave, simultaneously has signed an agreement with Frost and Seurre, requested that Dragon's den helps the palace guard casting 1 million dragon crystal arrows the arrow arrows, but the price is the cattle bastard and other, adds on 50 dragon crystal artillery again, will do business Frost with me in any case is will not owe absolutely, owing can only be the Tian Ling Empire household department, but will not be owes actually in the final analysis, after all cold uncultivated land Dragon's den will support me, was equal to supporting the day plume empire, was getting more and more formidable with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, it the function in mainland was also getting bigger and bigger, even. The rumor who can earn the support of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, who can able to move unhindered the mainland.

Also at this moment, suddenly a Dragon's den armed soldier incoming telegram: „Lady Frost, Ze deep pool city causes the interview!"

„The envoy in Ze deep pool city?" Frost is slightly astonished: „Makes him go to the administrative hall, I one on the past."


Frost turns around to look to me, said: „You guess that what Ze deep pool empire does want to make?"

I show a faint smile: „Was too simple, wants to win over cold uncultivated land Dragon's den for Ze deep pool city potency? Now cold uncultivated land Dragon's den had over a hundred Dragon Rider gentlemen, endured in the military strength compared with 1 million armies, they naturally cannot let off are intimate with the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den opportunity."

The Frost corners of the mouth raise, are holding my hand, said: „Walks, you assume the guise aide, receives this envoy with me together!"


I make her accompany raspberry staying behind meet Zi Shu, afterward raises to cover the face the overlord cape, one on the left and other on the right behind directly soars the administrative hall to go in Frost with Qing Luo following.

In the hall, the envoys in Ze deep pool city, are on a face steadily the middle-aged person of full beard, in addition is leading 12 bodyguards, is NPC of accurate BOSS level, but this envoy is BOSS of two star god levels, and is the important official in Ze deep pool city, confers a title upon „military marquis", a marquis goes abroad on a diplomatic mission, was really is thinking highly of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but, this military Hou Zitai was stubborn, evidently was also generation of one being conceited, met to have Frost of superior god strength in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, on being doomed not good result.


Frost takes a step to step into the administrative hall, step is graceful, but the speed certainly, almost the twinkle arrived at behind the desk quickly, sits well, when I and Qing Luo stand when she behind, Frost shows a faint smile: „Does not know that Ze deep pool empire Wu Houlai we small cold uncultivated land Dragon's den does do? First please sit down, does not use politely!"

On Wu Hou the face passed over gently and swiftly a disgruntledness, but sits down on the chair, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „This marquis is in the far away Ze deep pool city, but already had listened to the prestige of Sir Frost, can defend the horsemanship year in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, resists the invasion of Hybrid Demon repeatedly, Sir Frost truly is the hero who deserves."

Frost shows a faint smile, to not flatter, saying: „Wu Houlai cold uncultivated land Dragon's den for what?"

Wu Hou holds the fist in the other hand once more, said: „Seven big kingdom two have submitted to the day plume empire, this is our well-known matters, however seven big kingdoms with are the human alliances, the blood is thicker than water and brothers, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den resisted the Hybrid Demon invasion for humanity repeatedly, is the good friends in our seven big kingdoms, this Hou to come here also to salute good friend."

Qing Luo lifts the cape, said with a smile: „Wu is Hou used to salute the good friend?"

„Do not be impolite!" Wu Hou an behind bodyguard gets angry shouts to clear the way.

The Qing Luo delicate eyebrows raise: „Who is impolite?"

Wu Hou signaled with the eyes hurriedly, stopping subordinate to speak, simultaneously on the face has piled up with the happy expression, said: „Please forgive this marquis subordinate personality straightforwardly violent, this time I go abroad on a diplomatic mission the person who brings not to be many, the gift of but bringing believes that is cold uncultivated land Dragon's den most needs, because is far away, brings following the crowd not to be many, therefore only gave cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to bring the golden 5000 jin (0.5 kg), the silver 20000 jin (0.5 kg), the sur- 1000 warhorses fought the clothes with 50,000 protection against the cold cotton materials!"

Frost stares slightly, beautiful woman teacher as if almost must unable to bear entices like this.

I put out a hand to hold her shoulder hurriedly, coughed.

That confused also rapid diverges from the pretty face of beautiful woman teacher, her as before queen -type lifts a leg to sit there, said: „Golden silver no doubt is good thing, but cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the wilderness border region, cannot buy the commodity that are too many we most to need richly."

Wu Hou shows a faint smile, said: „This Sir does not need to worry that in my hand is grasping a paper transaction command, is Ze deep pool city your majesty the transaction command, the Sir should also know that distance here several hundred inside and outside east coast there has many chain islands, in the islands the grain and cloth reserves are rich, but the chain islands vassals are the subordinate of Ze deep pool city, only then Ze deep pool city your majesty the imperial decree can order them to trade together with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, so long as there is this order, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den again does not need with worry with the weapon for the food and clothing."

This time, Frost was really excited, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den most lacked was these supplies, but the vassal of Eastern archipelago looked like old thing of one crowd of swallowing the ancient learning without digesting it is the same, is not willing to trade with us, even if were the transaction also secretly trades, looked like previous time is the same, 10 ship supplies that sent can two ships be good, this also made Frost fly into a rage, spent actually unable to attain the thing, how can endure by the Frost temperament.

Finally, Frost sip the red lip, said: „To cold uncultivated land Dragon's den that many, excuse me, what need us to make, Wu Hou?"

Military Hou Haha said with a smile: „Simple, I the matter that wants Sir Frost to handle are not many, only needs to send 20 Dragon Rider gentlemen to go to Ze deep pool city, helping us guard the city and training soldier . Moreover, establishes the offensive and defensive alliance with Ze deep pool city, once Ze deep pool city were attacked, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den must turn out in full strength for us helps in the fighting, whether?"

Frost has smiled, said: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den maintains the neutrality in mainland dispute, our innate missions are to resist Hybrid Demon, protects the northern border, will not degenerate into the dependency of any kingdom, Ze deep pool Wu Hou, please return, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is unable to enjoy your good intention!"


Wu Hou flies into a rage, stands up, said: „Frost, do not propose a toast does not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit!"

His behind 12 people of sword edges came out of the sheath in abundance.

Frost vision one cold: „While I have not changed the mind the time, immediately leave thick cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, otherwise I do not assure your securities!"

At this time, I slowly have also lifted the cape, said with a smile: „Wu Hou, returns to Ze deep pool city, waits for the armies in day plume empire to conquer by killing you, this day will not be far!"

Wu Hou looks at the symbol on my arm panic-strickenly, the sound shivers: „Originally is...... Is Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly here, good, this marquis understood, you put best into it!"


Wu Hou left in a huff, bringing his one crowd of envoy teams to leave cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

Odelia reveals personal appearance from the darkness slowly, abdomen black saying with a smile: „Since they dare to put the ruthless words here, that did not use politely, gave me 10 Dragon Rider gentlemen, I went to keep the halfway the commodity that they brought completely, and created one type by the false appearance that the bandits and thieves group grabbed, how is it?"

Frost laughs in spite of trying not to: „Ok, after all that is an envoy, does not need, but, I have a matter to ask Li Xiao Yao to help me manage."

I nod saying: „Um, I knew."

„?" She is somewhat stunned: „I had not said that what you did know?"

I smile: „You want to make me while not having in Cooldown of war, leading the Tian Ling Empire army to conquer the Eastern chain islands vassal, provides grain, weapon and other commodities for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, is?"

„You too intelligent......" beautiful woman teacher joyful visits me.

Zhan Long Chapter 1162

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