Zhan Long Chapter 1163

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After Frost nods the head, said: „It is said one group of adventurers went to the Eastern chain islands to live, there strength is possibly more tyrannical, following Cooldown that we imagine, you must oversee the manufacture of the warship vigorously, I will send out to collect the command, calls more adventurers and you attacks the Eastern chain islands together, must fight to take these islands."

I think that said: „Palace guard in the final analysis is the army of day of plume empire, therefore I must ask for instructions after shallow Lin can mobilize the palace guard, after overcoming the vassal chain islands, the sovereignty of these islands turn over to Tian Ling Empire, but the complete resources can supply to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, like this?"

„Um, this was decided by you that earlier prepares!"



The next quarter, is system ting from the sky is reverberating directly


System System Notification: Fellow players please note, in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den domain sends out to collect the command, will collect the massive players to participate to the war of Eastern vassal chain islands, tomorrow 12 : 00 pm punctual warships will set out, the player who wants to attend this naval battle expedition can go to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, on any NPC dialog with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den obtains to collect the quota, the population upper limit 200,000 people!


The 200 000 person, NPC of palace guard, probably the expeditions of over 30 thousand people, does not know in addition can attack and capture the vassal chain islands.

At this time, in guild channel broadcast the Li Mu sound

„Xiao Yao, this collects command is you triggers?"

I: „Um, how?"

Li Mu said: „As far as I know, the player in Japanese Korean War area defeats after the Qingyan city, part went to the ice hot wilderness, part looks out the rill direction, part took the merchant to go to the vassal chain islands to develop, the population in 150 thousand people about, was probably distributed in vassal chain islands several area big islands, our times must hit the vassal chain islands, person who these people must face."

„150 thousand person that many......" I have been startled being startled, said: „It seems like needed to use the Dragon's den army in Fan Shu City."

Wang Jian said with a smile: „Was our must beat severely the rhythm of don't hit a person when he's down?"

Dancing Forest: „Obviously is this, making others link bases finally does not have."

„Also incessantly is this." Li Meng Yao said with a smile: „After several hours, collected makes to gather, duty that Fang Ge Que triggered, went not to turn over to the sea to suppress kills the into the sea sea-nymph clan, recently the sea-nymph clan came up to stir up trouble is Hybrid Demon works."

I said: „In any case, the [Zhan Long] person can participate as far as possible participates to go on an expedition the vassal chain islands, the advantage is more than fault absolutely, I continued to arrange."



Pulls out City Return Scroll, immediately returns to Tian Ling Empire.

Raspberry is drawing my cloak, with a smile is pursuing me: „Elder brother, waits for me."

This where has the least bit mount appearance!

But, I receive to ride to favor the space her, then accompanies her to chat, less than several minutes, she has revealed a weary condition finally, in riding to favor in the space dusk sweet falling asleep.

Directly soars the imperial palace, an arrow step flew to the imperial palace main hall, stepped into the moment of main hall to discover many important military officers and ministers, as if in holding any conference, when I arrived, the shallow forest stood up, says with a smile: „Li Master came back!"

I said respectfully: „Your majesty!"

Shallow Lin Wei smiles: „When Li Master, how we should grant for previous time resists the dark blue billows revenge attack the meritorious military service outstanding military officers? Do you think?"

I have a look to hold the merit ribbon on spear contact surface greatly, said: „Flame Dragon Jun commands the Tantai feather and vault of heaven armed forces to command Lin Qiong the meritorious service to be most outstanding, your majesty seals to enjoy voluntarily and that's the end."

A shallow forest nod, raises the sound track: „Comes the person , to promote the Tantai feather and on Lin Qiongwei the general!"

Also is two generals, the shallow forest is sealing to enjoy this aspect to be truly natural.

I think, had supplemented, said: „A Full Moon City war, the fall harvest armed forces' performance is also remarkable, commands Liang seal to lead troops in the right way, should have institute Feng Shang, I thought that Ministry of War also lacked a vice minister, might as well promote vice minister Liang Yinwei Ministry of War to be good, the duty of fall harvest armed forces commanding returned vice- commands Zhouning, did your majesty think?"

Actually, the short spear trick leads troops definitely to strive to excel compared with Liang seal, this point is indisputable.

The shallow forest always follows to me, the nod said: „Good, said according to Li Master , to promote vice minister Liang Yinwei Ministry of War, promoted Zhouning to command for the fall harvest armed forces again, is promoted to the town country general!"

Liang seal is kicked upstairs, but is also speechless, Drunken Spear does not have here, but definitely received the promotion military appointment the news, immediately sent in an information to me: „Ha, the old man also had great power finally, thank you, Xiao Yao!"

„Is impolite, you continue busily."



After the short spear trick sought the military authority, I also then said: „The ice ridge mountain of mainland, does not turn over to the Hainan side territory, from Full Moon City to Ba Huang City, is our domains, but toward east, the vassal chain islands in East China Sea is not us again throughout, even the chain islands vassal has submitted to Ze deep pool city, has wasted the excellent land and resources, therefore I want to lead the palace guard to expedite the chain islands vassal, the land total revenue empire domains of over a hundred chain islands, then the food, weapon on chain islands nearby provided to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, does not know that what objection your majesty does have?"

The shallow forest hesitates, said: „Chain islands topography is complex, Li Master also needs to add careful, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den interdependence of two neighboring states with our Tian Ling Empire, aids them is also in the reason the matter, Li Master you holds the spear greatly, this matter plenary powers managed is, orphaned king not any objection!"

„Many thanks your majesty!"

I turn around to look to the several officials of ministry of public works, colludes, immediately an old man ran over, flattering of face, said with a smile: „Holds the spear greatly, does not know that has what granting instruction?"

„Tian Ling Empire East China Sea, Luhu and some military god river bank altogether how many warships?" I asked.

He smiles the whole face to pleat, said: „These months of empires oversee the manufacture of the warship and transport ship fully, approximately altogether more than 800, in addition more than 200 warships in the casting, will be finishing."

I show a faint smile: „In did three days, must be completed, deliver to the East China Sea harbor completely, hear?"

„Yes, holds the spear greatly!"


I have a look at warship that the palace guard has, altogether about 200, each can carry 500 people on average, the military strength of palace guard basically can take away completely.

As for the player, warship that they carry uses these of ministry of public works, this time almost in all sea boats the day plume empire used on, did not come back on all chain islands day plume empire Wang Qicha, moreover this was an edition task type recruiting pattern, actually I did not worry that can be defeated.

Only if...... Only if the people in highest heaven city also together dispatch troops to create difficulties, but the demon mountain should not be muddled.

Night, went to time Wu Shenhe, ordering the palace guard to carry enough dragon crystal artillery and shell on each warship, even has also disposed an invincible might artillery in 10 main action shipboard each, had this type of [Soul Army] sharp weapon, did not fear that the chain islands do not submit, late at night , the 200 + warships of palace guard went to the east coast, was almost the whole staff enters the war.

Again late time, re-enters cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, tried every means to persuade obtained the rights of use of 30 Dragon Rider gentlemen from Frost, Chief Dragon Rider Qing Luo leads, went to battle along with me together, for these 30 Dragon Rider perching of gentleman and big dragon, has prepared 10 warships to them!


Is busy at arriving at the greater part of the night, has a look participation member who recruits pattern, already full 200 000 person, over 5 thousand are the [Zhan Long] people, advantage of being close to somebody first moon/month, [Zhan Long] many people to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den light gate familiar road, even practices the level near Dragon's den, in the past was really too quick, and other guilds also when must participate hesitant, I have encouraged everybody to participate this time expedite.

To the night, a tired transmission, then called Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue offline to rest together.


Waking up time approached at noon, without the setting alarm clock, for was rested by oneself, in the North Star view there suffering three days, has almost consumed up my physical ability.

Getting out of bed time, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also, make me think that today is in the weekend, their two do not need to go to work, is good, can together happy went on an expedition the vassal chain islands.

At noon, plays knife and fork, 11 : 40 time gets online on time!


When our group arrives at east coast Tian Ling Empire and Ba Huang City harbor, here a sea of people piece, all participated in the players who recruits the pattern to start to embark, full load warships left the harbor slowly, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others sit on a warship already the disembark hundred meters, stretched out the arms greets to us, at the same time laughed.

Lin Wan Er digs the small mouth: „Does not know that they in the happy any vigor, groan......"

Dong Cheng Yue asked: „Do we also line up to embark?"

„Does not use."

I have a look at their two, said: „You took the main warship of palace guard to be good with me together, many three people surely did not have what issue."


Two female have the feeling of privilege instantaneously, went the harbor of palace guard with me together, Han Yuan, the Xiao severe two people waited for respectfully, and was greeting to Lin Wan Er: „Princess is good at noon!"

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Good."

Immediately very much two senior generals lack prospects rubs hands to chuckle to oneself, thought that on the face had up.

„Embarks, preparation."



After several minutes, we have stood on the main warship of palace guard, and as this long-distance commander-in-chief, my held on the spear contact surface to present the lineups and lines of march of altogether 1052 warships greatly, but has not prepared temporarily completely readily, needs to enter the deep sea time can again the lineup.

The player of embarking are getting more and more, warship dense and numerous emergence in marine, when about 12 : 20 time, „drop", held spear contact surface to remind my personnel to get ready greatly to work as certainly, airborne also transmitted Dragon Yin, Qing Luo leads 30 Dragon Rider gentlemen to circle in the sky, escorted for our expeditionary forces.

An artillery sound, warship all raising sails!

Zhan Long Chapter 1163

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