Zhan Long Chapter 1164

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A giant map was unfolded by the Han deep pool in the deck, our main battles.h.i.+ps are thousand people of giant wars.h.i.+ps, Han Yuanti the long blade, cracks into a smile: „General, our luck are good, the present is the best going to sea season, the sea has the breeze, does not have the violent storm, otherwise our these 1000 wars.h.i.+ps go to sea do not know really can have many to come back."

Xiao severe is pointing at the red mark on map, said: „Sir you looks, these are the distributions of va.s.sal chain islands, altogether 112 big or medium islands crowded gathers together, nearest two islands even jumped to jump over."

I have swept one, actually saw that in these 112 islands has two is ultra-large that the area of two islands have probably accounted for about 40% of sum total, moreover two islands approach, then asked: „What these two did call?"

„This is the Dragon's Tail island, is actually continually becomes by two islands, but the distance too nearly together was named as the Dragon's Tail island, the area of Dragon's Tail island is equal to Ba Huang City one-fourth, the resources are rich, in the island everywhere is the woods, the bird like clouds, the aborigines on island open ten thousand area units fertile farmland , the excavation ore casts the iron hardware, can say that this Dragon's Tail island was in the va.s.sal chain islands strength strongest one."

Saying, Xiao severe pulls out bosom worn-out laptop, had a look later saying: „The Dragon's Tail island is governed and ruled by spreading out duke temporarily, spread out is the younger male cousin of Ba Huang City emperor's clan Duke Luo Lei, after the family fortune declined, had the only property to go to the Dragon's Tail island, recruiting one group of mercenary soldiers to start to carry on military conquest to the entire island, now the entire Dragon's Tail island is Norbu's it's in the bag, he supported oneself for male, supported soldier 15 thousand, on the Dragon's Tail island was emperor same existence, time early, Queen Angela sent the envoy to go to the Dragon's Tail island, hopes that can with spreading out this uncle establishes the diplomatic relation, but the envoy was ripped the ear to repatriate, Queen Angela was angry, but because the wars.h.i.+p quant.i.ty was insufficient, punitive expedition. Dragon's Tail island."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Also is really the chance, was just good we to be able for Angela this old friend to tidy up her father's younger paternal cousin, after we kill the Dragon's Tail island, must capture alive Norbu, gives Angela to process him."


Xiao severe smiles, said: „Sir, according to island that in we buy the confession of fisherman, at least about 50 thousand famous adventurers flood into the Dragon's Tail island, you thought that we can overcome the Dragon's Tail island?"


I sit on the broad side, said with a smile: „So long as captures spreading out duke military strength, the entire va.s.sal chain islands were almost also extremely easy to obtain, this time we must ninety percent sure, immediately sends out the warhawk to ride to search in the Dragon's Tail island to reconnoiter the special details, after clarifying the special details, decided again from which direction of Dragon's Tail island starts the storm to disembark."



The breeze ripples, blows up the sail, 1052 wars.h.i.+ps present a line of wild geese in flight rapid vanguard in the sea level, according to Xiao severe Dehua, arrives in the Dragon's Tail island probably to need a day and night Cooldown, this was about the 6 hours in reality, was not long, will rest one also almost to arrive . Moreover, Q-Sword sent in the news, he brought [Hero's Mound] 1 thousand + hundred deep pools to ride also together partic.i.p.ates this time has expedited the activity of va.s.sal chain islands, hundred deep pools rode to be able in running that on the water surface went easily and freely, this surprise-attack forces, I expressed under one to thank actually, by his belt Tang Gu, Tang Qi comes the main wars.h.i.+p of palace guard, facilitates directs the onset and retreat together.

Moreover, Drunken Spear also led 4000 + [Flying Dragon] Guild elite players to partic.i.p.ate in this activity, as for Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and other allies, because the population limited ruthless relations the too, they have not partic.i.p.ated.

Soon , the Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Tang Gu and other management of the players appear on our main wars.h.i.+ps, when sees the invincible might artillery of palace guard, Q-Sword cannot bear was excited, has caressed the gun tube of invincible might artillery lightly, said with a smile: „This is in the legend ma.s.s-criticizes a draw mountain top the invincible might artillery...... Truly looks like outstanding."

I said: „Was a pity that had 10 quant.i.ties to be too few."

„Why can't the volume production?"

„The core of casting invincible might artillery needs high-purity dragon crystal, but this dragon crystal quant.i.ty were too few, therefore."

„So that's how it is." Q-Sword has traced the outside body of invincible might artillery, said with a smile: „10 have also sufficed, the good and evil is a huge deterrent force, how do you plan to use these 10 invincible might artillery?"

„Approaches the seacoast, beyond their firing distances, rumbled their for one hour to say first again that put down their surrounding to defend us to land again!"

„Good, attractive......"


In I come back after Henan, and relations between Q-Sword were actually better, at least initially among us the contradiction completely vanished, this was a good deed, will fight in the future country, to the anti-America suddendly two big servers must of one mind the same strength.

In an instant four hours pa.s.s by, Xiao severe sent the Going out warhawk to ride to search also in abundance came back, verified the situation of opposite party, the spreading out duke as if also knows that we must operate to them, has shown a stance of fight in which both sides perish, set up around the Dragon's Tail island like the forest dark pile, but their s.h.i.+ps entered the harbor, did not plan that with our these 1000 + wars.h.i.+p naval battles, they came out also to bring death in fact, the wars.h.i.+p of small Dragon's Tail island were not most over 300, although was known as that had 2000 s.h.i.+ps, but the majority was a fis.h.i.+ng boat, leaving port delivered the experience.

Xiao Lifu described in the deck red, was Dragon's Tail island final deploying troops for defense, afterward stood up saying: „Sir, the spreading out duke did not plan that belongs to with our friendly discussion islands, they wait / etc. transport the harbor edge the small artillery that had completely, prepared to meet head-on our wars.h.i.+p."

I nod, said superficially: „Accelerates to march forward, making the soldiers rest well, after 2 hours, makes war."

„Yes, Sir!"

Unknowingly, I the director palace guard entered the war many times, before the war approached the exhilaration to reduce, this was not considered as the misdemeanor, at least this can make me calmer and calm.


Cooldown crosses fast, after two hours, we navigated for nearly 6 hours in the vast deep sea, in the distant place sea horizon also finally presented a mainland of trim, is the Dragon's Tail island in legend.

„Finally drew near!"

Nearby Q-Sword somewhat excited making a fist, said: „Hey, hears Frost Forest of j.a.panese war zone also on the Dragon's Tail island, if really, do not s.n.a.t.c.h with me, I want single Tiao."

I am somewhat stunned, cannot bear smile, Q-Sword as if collected Tenglong coverall, now truly is a peak, wants to select the mood of j.a.panese war zone first master naturally to understand only, therefore a nod, said: „Ok, if sees Frost Forest, you directly bring hundred deep pools to ride to drown oneself in the sea to surround single Tiao, our [Zhan Long] person does not s.n.a.t.c.h this number of people."

„OK, really kind, Ha Ha!"

Qing Luo that crash-bang, the one side landing next quartz dragon, the dragon carries on the back said with a smile: „Sir, does our Dragon Rider formation instantly embark to launch the attack?"

I shake the head hurriedly: „Do not be anxious, after wait / etc. our first round ma.s.s-criticizes, said again."


The weapons on our these 1000 + wars.h.i.+ps are Tian Ling Empire are most advanced, is in this mainland is most advanced, but in spreading out hand is on the chain islands the self-made earth artillery, the firing distance and might are not in a magnitude, this probably hits for dozens years ago the Chinese fourth generation J-20 fighter aircraft US second generation the feeling of F-4 is the same, that is steadily wins.


„Surrounding!" I open being generous sound order.

Wars.h.i.+ps form battleline slowly, distant is confronting with on army of Dragon's Tail island, even we have been able to see the army on island, is under the Norbu hand private armed forces, they have also promoted an all trades pitch-dark heavy artillery, but the firepower can only be equal to with the hot crag artillery, was more inferior than the dragon crystal artillery, does not need to raise the invincible might artillery.

„Immediately launches the attack?" The Han deep pool asked.

I shake the head: „Sends out the boat, asks that they are willing to surrender."


A boat rising typhoon goes, but has only arrived at half, thunders, the soldier on boat and s.h.i.+p changes into pile of flame to scatter in the water, this is their replies.

My moral nature anger, numerous fist bang on broad side: „b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Q-Sword said: „Opens fire directly, did not need to worry anything again."

I nod: „Transmitted orders, all maintains with sh.o.r.e distance 1000 meters away, non- difference bombing, we do not need their harbors, bombs for one hour to me, destroys their complete edges to deploy troops for defense, after one hour, the Dragon Rider gentleman as the second attack in echelon, all wars.h.i.+ps approach sh.o.r.es to cover to kill!"



After several minutes, the fire sound bang resounding, the dragon crystal artillery firing distance could be 1000 meters away, the invincible might artillery is the terrifying 3000 meters, with bombing of invincible might artillery, intermittent ripples surges in the sea level, wars.h.i.+p also in dragging, but sh.o.r.e „rumbling" bunch of roaring flame shoot up to the sky, the army and heavy artillery of spreading out duke turned into one pile of ruins in the gunsmoke together, in an instant the harbor degenerated into one piece in confusion.

Probably the spreading out duke has not thought that our firepower will be perhaps in this situation, soon , the peripheral zone of Dragon's Tail island completely became the sea of fire, but our bombing have not stopped immediately, has continued fully the most hour.

Qing Luo raises Dragon sword, said loudly: „The Dragon Rider soldier, attacks!"

Altogether 31 Dragon Rider gentlemen hovered to fly together to the Dragon's Tail island, but our wars.h.i.+ps also from sh.o.r.e, only then less than several hundred meters, I have turned head to smile to the people: „Disembarked."

Saying, my single-handed one, was starting to summon raspberry!


The magnificent six glow stars bloom in sea level, raspberry appears in the dragon shape directly, the dragon G.o.d's daughter's powerful image is stirring, when I, as soon as leaps treads, in the dragon carries on the back, saw that the eye of Q-Sword and in short spear trick pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly surprised: „My goodness, this goods had big dragon mount!"

Actually, I and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den am on good terms, all players know that I definitely will become the Dragon Rider gentleman, but has not thought that I have big dragon mount to the present, will be a blood relations.h.i.+p pure dragon G.o.d level sacred big dragon!

Raspberry howls, latter sends first , a dragon rest/breath emits in the sh.o.r.e crowd, on Norbu private army horse of one crowd of fleeing pell-mell is miserably howling is becoming bunch of roaring flame, this attack power really did not have the words to say.

Zhan Long Chapter 1164

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