Zhan Long Chapter 1165

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„Archer, collection fire!"

Behind behind harbor slab, player in one crowd of Japanese war zones gathers one group, staff and long bow of Qi Qi Mage and archer is pointing to me, who even they have not seen me are, only saw a head harness the red dragon flour of golden brilliance is dropping from the clouds, wreaking havoc emits the roaring flame dragon rest to sweep away the earth.


Arrow arrows spatter in all directions on the protecting shield of raspberry body week, is also minimal to the damage that I cause, even only then the injuries of three figures, on the one hand is because defensive power of my one set of overlord coverall was high enough, on the other hand is the raspberry dragon aegis Armor skill started, the invisible shield air/Qi can significantly promote the main body the defensive power and resistance.

„On, is this Dragon Rider gentleman!"

In nearby shrubbery, the riding wars about 40 + Japanese war zones were the player flushed, I looked clearly, this group of people were the war die young the Guild person, Level in 190-205 levels, was the Japanese war zone rank before the player, distant started the imperial swordsmanship and sword air/Qi daybreak and other long-distance attack bombardment raspberry abdomens, simultaneously jumped, on the sword blade edge was paddling the golden six glow stars, was the [Combo] skill!

I laugh in spite of trying not, directly skill Long Qi who starts raspberry revolves, formed instantaneously has just liked the red stars huge cyclone, these close combats were the player want to bump into me to withstand the persistent injury that Long Qi revolved, in the meantime, raspberry roared, before raising suddenly the claw, direct vestige of the past crack emptied to go, has caused the damage to three players




Hits remnant one, the second kills two, this red dragon flour claw struck the skill affirmation to superimpose my striking power, otherwise too exaggerated!

Instigates raspberry to continue toward the forward flight, I am above the dragon back to start [Tempest Sword], because rides the dragon effect, the [Tempest Sword] range was at least promoted 50%, strangled to death one group of people instantaneously, the long sword has raised, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] of ultra long distance rumbled, originally [Seven Star Fragment Slash] only then 40 yards striking distance, but after riding the dragon, unexpectedly at least 70 yards scopes, immediately one group of archers and Mage exuded the miserable howling sound to drop down.

Lin Wan Er rode the silver dragon also to rush, a Little Bai dragon rest made one crowd try to hide the assassin in shrubbery not to hide, was spurted the remnant blood, just about to flees, the silver bright moon mark fell on the shrubbery center together, Lin Wan Er raises the arm to start the bright moon storm, strangled to death dozens remnant blood assassins directly.

Behind, the warship has reached a deadlock on the beach one after another, players can only the tour in the water come, the [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools do not ride the limit in this aspect, this crowd of hundred deep pools under leadership of Q-Sword rode already trod the wave to come, first Cooldown reenforced, raised the sharp knife blade to enter in the shore residual Japan player crowd, met no resistance.

In the top of the head dragon howl is intermittent, altogether 31 Dragon Rider gentlemen from Dragon's den starts to wreak havoc, Long Qiang, Long Jian times the Dou Qi seal on the earth, kill the player and NPC who army the coast deploys troops for defense are panic-stricken to run away.

On all fronts debarkation, after again shortly afterward, the majority of palace guard and [Zhan Long] player has stood above the flat land completely, before us is the length and breadth wilderness of stretching to the horizon, but in the island center is Norbu's army genuine site, fights war casualty, crecent moon and other Japanese war zone main force Guild also to defend there.

Frost forest and monster moon/month is not silly, knows on the seacoast at is not our matches, their heavy artillery resources are nothing to speak of compared with the heavy artillery resources of entire Chinese area simply, the only opportunity at the island interior land field operation, defeats us by the terrain superiority.

What a pity, they were doomed are disappointed.

Several quite impulsive military officers request to launch the attack to the Dragon's Tail island center city one after another immediately, but was overruled by me, ordering everybody should not be radical, first is stationed same place, after sending for investigates to survey the surrounding all terrains, deciding how to march again, in any case we already on the Dragon's Tail island, initiative in our hands.

At this time, I as if also more and more likely was the appearance of three services command, most wants to do did not go to [Assault] to breach enemy lines, but mapped out strategic plans in an army tent, traded the greatest victory at the minimum price, after all our group of people were experience for 67 hours to arrive here, long-distance raid, once died in battle also needs to run, even if were dying in battle wants to run again, that also not necessarily had the unnecessary warship to carry them.

After a half hour, warhawk that exiting rode to search, the Dragon Rider gentleman to come back, the concrete map of entire Dragon's Tail island also 11 piece together at present, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Q-Sword, short spear trick and the others, look at the big map, secretly exclaimed in surprise that the area of this islands was huge, the plan that we swept away can only reach a deadlock, must fortify at every step, otherwise can only be deeper and deeper here, after all our true fight population only then match was less than 50%.

„You thought how should hit?" I asked.

The short spear trick has referred to the map, said: „The Shenlong forest surrounds the islands center main city, in the grove mountain range surrounding is sheltering the city, the entrance, only then a rugged steep mountain valley, if I will be the frost forest certainly will lay an ambush on the mountain valley both sides mountain range, when the time comes can hold the important pass, when the after grain of palace guard finished eating, we must by in dire straits in this islands."

The dragon whetstone complexion was somewhat pale, said: „Zhouning commands the Sir to say is we must capture the city in three days extremely, obtains the supplies, otherwise can only dig the weeds to eat in the grove."

Matcha blinked, said: „Was true key several roads which must be taken that to enter in the mountain range encircled?"

Lin Wan Er is grasping the dagger: „Must the field operation of jungle terrain."

I show a faint smile: „Um, that preparation moves, the field operation in the jungle we do not suffer a loss, the person who this time comes not only has the bowman and mage of apex, dozens Dragon Rider gentlemen, airborne, ground superiority, such decided that the advancement, gave up the mountain valley geography step by step, we killed directly from two wing mountain ranges."


Divides forces rapidly, [Zhan Long], palace guard, [Hero's Mound], the short spear trick, everybody respectively started to take action, the Dragon Rider gentleman dispersed to reenforce in all directions.

After dozens minutes, the [Zhan Long] several thousand people spread above the mountain range of Shenlong forest, Xue Rou, Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian, Fox, Wolf and the others led the people ground vanguard, I and Lin Wan Er am riding the big dragon low altitude soaring above the jungle, prepares to coordinate at any time, actually, we understand that this is in a real sense the war that others compel the hopeless situation, once defeats the person in Japanese war zone on the Dragon's Tail island once more, frost forest and monster moon/month and the others Level and equipment must widen the disparity with us in the true sense, then can only be is unable to recover, wants to stage a comeback again is. Difficult.

„Be careful!"

Dancing Forest in ground warned, said: „Front has the assassin and archer to ambush!"

I look immediately to Li Meng Yao, said: „Meng Yao, brave on!"

Li Meng Yao cracks into a chuckle, mentioned the Lady Wa stone shield, instigated the warhorse, said: „HP surpasses thousand person knight is with me on together, breaks their ambushes!"

One group of melt god cavalries make the defense stance to overrun forward, the warhorse is treading traps, cane ropes are wreaking havoc in the forests, but how us, when the archer of opposite party stood up from the shrubbery completely the archery, Meng Yao and the others the horizontal shield have exhibited the northern heavens shield wall the defense array.

„Clang clang clang"

The arrow arrow surges on the shield, and makes the inadequate too strong injury.

I suddenly lowly drink one, controlled raspberry to clash, said in a low voice: „Raspberry, flame dragon rest sweeps away them!"

Raspberry opens the big mouth, in the crowd that immediately a dragon rest in the opposite party archer is at wreaks havoc, so long as by at least surpasses the magic injury of thousand, but I raise the arm doing to throw the sword, will do will bring the strong spiral air current to kill in the crowd, will spread across, consecutively for 9 times will kill, already let the opposite party lineup chaos.

Lin Wan Er is controlling Little Bai also in emitting Long Xi, spread several hundred meters dragon rest to initiate the sea of fire attack on the mountain range, but Meng Yao and the others also rapidly started [Assault], Li Mu and Xue Rou and other attacks were the player also sweep away, rapid the Japanese ambusher on this hill top destroying completely, the after player in Japanese war zone hung, probably in the city of islands center reactivates?

However has not related, one will attack the city time kills their one time again, till hits takes!

The night falls, on each mountain top the flame rose suddenly, even Director Han Yuan the temple knights of palace guard invincible might artillery moving mountain, a wanton bombing, seemed the deity arrived in this islands general.

Continues to forward, has ambushed on a great crag on summit horizontally many Japanese players, at least should over ten thousand people of audiences, and also several mountain artilleries led a cheer, but this and could not stump us, I and Lin Wan Er acted as the breach, in addition the blue radish led 5 Dragon Rider gentlemen to lead a cheer, direct pressing their air superiority, Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian and Xue Rou four senior generals by „mindless" the tactic battered, did not come any skill, in the superiority by strength came the crush match purely.

The player in Japanese war zone reduces to this islands, practiced the level resources to be deficient, the opportunity of even with Hybrid Demon not having fought, at least compared with Tian Ling Empire domestic mainstream practices the level to lower 5-10 levels in the monster that in this islands survived, caused the player promotion of Japanese war zone to be slow, average Level lowered 8 levels compared with us, such Level disparate was absolutely fatal, many Japanese players were weakened by the Level suppression to our attacks many, the skill hit probability also greatly reduced, Li Mu, Wang Jian and other players of levels battered, even soon disregarded opposite party the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow and other dizziness skills. Level has missed over 10 levels, the dizziness probability of [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow probably don't 20% arrive?

The opposite party probably arranged to surpass thousand person to lay an ambush in the mountain ranges, but has not played the too major role.

In close game daybreak time, each direction has spread the victory report, broke through all defense lines of match successfully.

When the first Xuyang shines on the raspberry red scale, dense and numerous Tian Ling Empire player and NPC army already array in mountain valley, but the distant place, a pale golden main city bathes in the dawn.

[gold/metal] Lincheng, only main city in Dragon's Tail island.

Zhan Long Chapter 1165

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