Zhan Long Chapter 1166

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The armies advance slowly, until stops from [gold/metal] Lincheng about 2000 meters away, was the siege warfare, [gold/metal] Lincheng at least 1 million armies were waiting for us, but, their morale should reduce most trough now, defeated continuously, in addition the strength of both sides was disparate, has made the player in Japanese war zone somewhat desperate.

Japanese Korean War area occupies the vassal chain islands, but occupies the Dragon's Tail island actually majority is the Japanese war zones, therefore our fights also appears especially likely is war of the exterminated revenge.


The dawn flows swiftly to fall on the mail-armor and helmet of people, I behind melted the god cavalry camp to be eager to try, but I had not planned that makes them begin immediately, now begins to meet the buckle to be many, the opposite party had the city wall superiority, we have not brought any Lou Che, scaling ladder and so on attacking a city instrument, but, [gold/metal] Lincheng the city wall laid on top of one another with the giant stone of island, without casting galvanized iron and so on metal shell, but our time has brought the countless dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery, my idea was the direct heavy artillery turns into the ruins to say city garrison of [gold/metal] scale city again.

This city is in Ba Huang City and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den East, to a certain extent belongs to our inland islands, does not want the city, so long as were responsible for giving cold uncultivated land Dragon's den of distant place to provide the grain and provisions suffices.

Gains ground, making the sunlight bathe on face, an intermittent warm feeling full Bu whole body, feels a climate temperature, here is truly suitable to cultivate and herd, the ecological environment compared with bad cold uncultivated land Dragon's den good more than ten million times, if I can conquer into the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den rear provisions place here, thinks Frost and Zi Shu can also heart non- getting off one's main subject resisted Hybrid Demon to attack.


„Is situation how is it?" Q-Sword brought Tang Qi and Tang Gu and the others to walk.

I said: „Waits a bit, after the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery take place, directly the city wall to the bang puts down us again directly to attack, was right, your side what kind, found Frost Forest not to have, is not the country war, therefore sees to strike to kill System Notification."

„Found!" Q-Sword shows a faint smile.

„Finally?" I asked.

Q-Sword smiles not to speak, nearby Sword Tears said actually: „Elder brother altogether spent 21 swords to massacre Frost Forest, from beginning to end Frost Forest not anything too strong counter-attack."

I slightly one astonished, has not thought that once was honored as JBN fought net first person of Frost Forest to reduce to this map unexpectedly, but I know that what was main was the reason is Q-Sword collected Tenglong coverall, at this time Q-Sword strength already before was entirely different, took a broad view at [Zhan Long], my winning percentage to the Q-Sword almost in 60%, Lin Wan Er approximately 55, Xue Rou equipment and Level comprehensively has probably not followed, approximately also on the appearances of 40% winning percentage, to put it bluntly, [Zhan Long] now only then two people meet Q-Sword to have the stratagem which ensures success.

Is good because, we now are friends, in the future can also be the friend, did not need each other to murder again unceasingly.


„Has not thought that the Japanese will collapse at the first blow." Old K scoffs at the sound track: „Also thinks they can resist the period of time, has not thought...... Directly on rout."

Drunken Spear is raising the iron spear, shows a faint smile: „This is very simple, they simply do not have the place to have the assignment now, Level liter slow, also almost does not have the opportunity to participate in the edition duty and large-scale duty to obtain star-level magical instrument equipment, the overall equipment scale was widened by us greatly was too too big, hits is also normal."

Tang Qi said with a smile: „Our following duties were to beat severely don't hit a person when he's down."

At this time, Han Yuan progressed to come, held the fist in the other hand, said: „General, we transported 400 dragon crystal artillery that came ashore to take place."

„Starts to bomb, the city wall till [gold/metal] scale city razes."



Several minutes later, a sound command artillery sound, 10 invincible might artillery also open fire with 390 dragon crystal artillery, the appearance that immediately almost cannot see [gold/metal] Lincheng, this city was submerged by the gunsmoke instantaneously, the might of invincible might artillery really fears, but an artillery has left behind Dadong of ten meters radius in the city wall, comes again two, immediately a city wall collapsed, but the player and NPC in city wall desperate and die in the pitiful yell sound, this was the absolute strength, the Japanese finally also has experienced one time, on being similar to initially their heavy artillery swept across the motherland to be the same, they also experienced at this moment. To that type desperate with, but, really has gotten what one deserves.

Mass-criticizes continuously for 20 minutes, [gold/metal] Lincheng degenerated into a sea of fire, everywhere is the pitiful yell sounds.

The city destroyed was unimportant, the farming outside city had not been destroyed well, my this was urges all the way unceasingly, here cultivated, the grain escorted to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, this was this line of basic strategies, actually Frost was also racked brains for the grain, even wants to build the glasshouse north Dragon's den, but that type of glass is only the homeland of imperial aristocrat will have generally, picked in the quartz from mountain, the cost was too expensive, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den could not withstand.

Moreover, along with Dragon's den big dragon many of more and more, the request quantity to food is also getting bigger and bigger, a big dragon day of capacity for food quite in the appetites of 100 adults, moreover requests is the meat, you make the big dragon eat the bread the words, it possibly again did not have the strength to take off, Frost will not do this matter, rather have not eaten, must make the big dragons eat the high quality meat.


„Works as......"

The long sword comes out of the sheath, I raise the butterfly sword high, said in a low voice: „Attack, captures the city, kills off all NPC and player in Japanese war zone, is keeping the life of spreading out duke!"

The toot resounds through the skies, formally starts to attack!

After having raspberry, I again have not used thousand frost wings, maintains the mount shape, after all rides one sacredly is being the golden Red Dragon is a huge deterrent, this possibly kills the deterrent that creates to be bigger than my single, especially to getting up Japanese war zone type already was frightened the server, this deterrent force effective.

Such that finally just like I think, city one broken, has almost not received too big deterrent force, the Japanese war zone player at least about 1 million people here, after the heavy artillery living bang massacres 50%, as before also more than 50%, the population is my over 2-3 times, when the melt god cavalries and hundred deep pools ride, the iron wall rides [Assault], has actually created an effect of slaughter.

The distant place, Wan Er bright moon storm surrounds Frost Forest, Matcha raised the sword to pass over gently and swiftly, Successful Skill Break flew, Lin Wan Er came dagger [Combo], Frost Forest to be in carrying on the back of wind dragon such to hang again, was horrible to look.

The street fighting is smooth, our cavalry soldier strengths dominate above the match completely, [Assault] has disintegrated their obstruction, the four first mates of palace guard command level Yorozuo long to summon Thunder dragon to help in the fighting completely, such one, above entire [gold/metal] Lincheng is circling 37 Dragon Rider gentlemen, this absolutely is very fatal deterrent, after many people died in battle, is not willing to get online again.


The slaughter continued for two hours, Yao Yue and Frost Forest is struck to kill over 7 times, Level fell below 195 levels, can say, in the entire Japanese war zone in this fought the vitality to damage severely, completely lost the opposition force, almost that Frost Forest and Yao Yue equipment also exploded, [Zhan Long] casually comes out a group team leader to be able now single Tiaoying they!

„After biting", the system announced that [gold/metal] Lincheng was attacked and occupied by the day plume empire, but I chose myself to seize the city, this [gold/metal] Lincheng also has become the second city under my this broken cauldron common noun, sampled one person to appoint to be from the Yorozuo length of palace guard the city lord, started to reconstruct the army, and pursued the external player, I chose „has gotten online pursuit" the password, after the Japanese players on Dragon's Tail island got online will obtain System Notification, in 60 seconds any piece of without owner map in selective system big map, otherwise on was transmitted randomly has deported., Such one, the Dragon's Tail island did not have what threat.

However, I left behind 1 thousand palace guard to defend the Dragon's Tail island, after Xia Ye reconstructed an army, the palace guard can also evacuate, the only difference was the army of reconstruction as before is my person, gave loyalty to me, later provided the supplies for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, again also nobody censured anything.

As for the spreading out duke, has been sent under custody by 100 palace guards, the express steamer returned to Ba Huang City to pay Queen Angela to process.


After two hours, returns on warship the plan next plan.

The Dragon's Tail island toward east, fragmentary islands appears in the field of vision, Han Yuanti the long blade, was saying with a smile: „General, is away from the Dragon's Tail island recent altogether 17 islands, but is quite small, biggest garrison not over 1000 people."

I nod: „That disperses, after these 17 islands regain rapidly, in the front sea area builds up."


This duty is quite simple, I lead the [Zhan Long] 1 thousand + person to mount has been called „black crag island" the islands, with hands down killed the 700 + NPC garrison troops to attain the sovereignty of islands, Xia Ye sends hundred husbands long to act as the island lord in this black crag island, these hundred husband long natures were overjoyed, have reconstructed 100 people of armies, in this islands being swindled local despot.

Is less than one hour, warships build up on the front sea area, through holds the spear contact surface also to see that greatly the warship almost collected, after a Dragon's Tail island war, we have 11 warships to be attacked and sunk or struck a reef the submersion, palace guard overall casualties not over 2000 people, this is the unprecedented victory, naturally, 3 thousand + players died in battle to return to the city actually, this must be counted.


The big map spreads out once more at present, Xiao severe knees down, is touching the symbol on map, said: „Next, what blocks at present in our is the Ulsan island, the area is probably equal to 70% of Dragon's Tail island, the army population less than 10 thousand, but many adventurers guard in the coordination."

„Is the South Korean player." Yue Qing Qian said.

I nod: „That chose the Ulsan island to conquer the goal as next, tactic as before!"



The fight of Ulsan island is as before smooth, our arrivals are too really sudden, keeping their NPC armies from dealing fast, moreover the after person in South Korean war zone experienced the Qingyan city fought, is dampened the spirit, is unable to restore to come, therefore also can only accomplish the Ulsan island to perform a slaughter again.

Zhan Long Chapter 1166

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