Zhan Long Chapter 1167

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Eastern vassal chain islands the war of conquering has continued fully for 7 days, but in these 7 days I also rose 214 levels, but has not actually triggered eight revolutions of duties, wants to play 8 revolutions that established is not 210 levels, but must continue to wait.

More than 100 big or medium islands have been hanging the Tian Ling Empire war flag completely, and left behind the medium preliminary military officers of some palace guards to be the official on islands completely, every half year one time takes turns, the Dragon's Tail island and Ulsan island in the quite big islands tamed one batch for the bird of notifying, can help supply each other with Tian Ling Empire and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den at any time, encouraged to cultivate and train the soldier, every month supplied massive the grain, weapons, warhorse, clothing and other supplies resources to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den regularly, basically cold uncultivated land Dragon's den supplies issue time has completely been solved, was Frost the garrison troops expansion of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den. 200 000 is not the issue.

However looks like this tendency is not far, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den currently had 11 thousand + Dragon's den armed soldier, probably will have again the audiences of 200 000 shortly afterward, unknowingly cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has become in Tian Ling Empire the strength strongest army, is good because of the palace guard and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den garrison troops is almost the brothers armed forces' relations, does not have what threat to us.


The Tian Ling Empire domain expands at the same time, actually also means that Japanese Han players lost the final foothold, online passes on Frost Forest, Yao Yue and Lee and the others also to summon that at the forum insanely the player of this server goes to the seven luminaries city to build up, joins the clear pupil to develop the ink is the Indian war zone of head, is trying to establish relations of offensive and defensive alliance.

Finally, because the great strength of Chinese area, forced to collaborate our matches finally, wants initially, the Indian area and Japanese Han, but as incompatible as fire and water, actually must simultaneously reside in a city now, does not know that their had what Xiang at heart.


The ship's bottom transmits the wave to promote the sound of warship, I sit near the broad side, draws the hat brim of low cape to block from the face to obtain [Lullaby] in game, Cooldown that sails a boat in any case is also very bored.

Old K, Wolf and Fox several people are excited, Old K is raising Axe, said: „This time makes the devil know that thoroughly our fierce, looked they have not scurried about!"

Fox said with a smile: „These did time expedite us has completely the superiority?"

Nearby Xue Rou shows a faint smile: „Do not be self-satisfied, we strongest match has not killed! The sky rose in the development strength that in iron skull city prepared for war, Ze deep pool city basically with the iron skull city has formed the alliance relationship as before, it is said that they were thorough Chi You tribe, actually sought ancient times the help of humanity!"

„Chi You tribe?" I was somewhat stunned, said: „That is our China characteristics map......"

Lin Wan Er said: „Was a pity that Chi You tribe chart is in the West of Ze deep pool city, was away from us too to be really far, even if were we have the idea to be also impractical to Chi You tribe, a little can consider actually."

She stands up from failure to leap from the bow, falls side me, single Xi sinks to kneel to sit side me, holds my hand to say with a smile: „You and Frost relations are so good, she is almost controlling the resources of entire big dragon, you should depend upon this relations, is [Zhan Long] strives for several great dragon egg to hatch, in the next round country fights, making [Zhan Long] many several Dragon Rider gentlemen, such stratagem which ensures success was bigger."

I have a look at the surroundings, Li Mu, Wang Jian and in the eye of Old K and the others to pass the hope, yes, which rides the war is the player meets does not want to become in the cavalry soldier most top Dragon Rider gentleman? However...... This favour sells a little greatly, when cold uncultivated land Dragon's den paid in full the duty to say again!


Reality Cooldown about 3 : 00 pm, in the sea level presented a mainland, is the Ba Huang City seacoast, after the warship 11 approach shore, weapon, grain and other transporting that the soldiers will seize disembarked, is driving away several thousand captives, enormous and powerful directly soared cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to go, the weapon and grain and fodder were the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den urgently needed things, as for these captives, tamed later could act as the army, can act as the coolie again badly, brought not to be always wrong . Moreover the palace guard attacked the vassal chain islands to also conquer, but to not slaughter, the NPC soldier who therefore beyond the fight surrendered I ordered not to slaughter at will.

The crowd of player also enormous and powerful has rushed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, as if foresaw present one, Frost has arranged south on several thousand cold uncultivated land Dragon's den preliminary military officer's in Dragon's den flat land to receive the player, can pay the duty these person of here, obtained the reward, I did not worry, bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to directly soar on Dragon's den, worked as the Frost delivering in person duty to be quite good, moreover there is other demanding, saw is quite at the same time good.


In the Dragon's den administration hall, several big BOSS level leaders, Frost and Seurre are reorganizing a row of arrow variety, discussed that the lethality of arrow, but Zi Shu holds big dragon encyclopedias in reading and appraising the above wrong erroneous or not, Odelia comfortable lying down on the deck chair, is warming up to the fireplace, at the same time urged the Zi Shu reading out sound comes, when Zi Shu protested why she do not look, Odelia said that is disinclined to look.


The front door opens, I brought two attractive female to walk, Zi Shu closed the books immediately, but raspberry was initiative broke through my riding to favor the space seal, changed into together the red light condensation body in front of Zi Shu, threw mother arms to cry out all of a sudden again and again intimately „mother", Zi Shu „in old age female", naturally also loved to raspberry, planted simply „including, in the mouth feared that and held in the hand feared fell" spoiling.

„, Do you come?" On the Frost earnest and serious face had revealed happy, put down the metal arrowhead to fly on an arrow step, asked: „The going on an expedition result of vassal chain islands how? I only received the fragmentary report of military message with an attached feather as sign of urgency before."

I stick out chest self-confidently smiles: „How has me to go into action possibly not to handle, more than 100 islands have conquered completely, original Guardian either was killed, either captured, we burnt down all contracts, divided equally the land to these common people who was responsible for cultivating, every year levied 30% grain, moreover formed the common people to herd, casting, these resources in later transportation continuously to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, later Frost you will not need to be the Dragon's den food and clothing use to worry."

Frost was excited, opens the hand to grasp me, cheered: „Good, good......"

„." Nearby, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue simultaneously coughed, I somewhat am also awkward.

Is good ascends cold uncultivated land Dragon's den because of the beautiful woman teacher immediately again the main stance, after loosening me, smiles: „Too thanked your contribution to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, come, this belongs to your rewards!"


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have completed the SSS level task 【Conquers vassal chain islands】, Obtains the duty reward: Level + 3, Charm + 85, gold coins several + 20000!


Unexpectedly rose third-level, has not mixed in vain these many days!

Then, I 217 levels, it is said the top of destiny is 255 levels, I am away from the top not to be considered as that too far?

However one side two female some are unhappy, Dong Cheng Yue visits me surprisedly, said: „Why Xiao Yao is Level + 3, Charm + 85, am I actually Level + 2, Charm + 40? Is unfair......"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „I, Level + 2, Charm + 45, the disparity is also big......"

I touch the nose, said: „Approximately is because I am the commander-in-chief of this duty? And...... Did the meritorious service of palace guard also calculate on me? Also, I have ridden raspberry is flying round the murder the time, you still pick the coconut tree to drink on the Ulsan island!"

Two female cheeks red does not speak, couple days ago they worked go all out actually, afterward several days patronized are enjoying the beauties of nature to enjoy „beach character and style".


Lin Wan Er pouts, reminds me to raise cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to provide the big dragon mount matter.

I turn around immediately, look at beautiful woman teacher, said: „Frost, can we also obtain more big dragon mount? Now this situation words?"


The Frost affirmative nod, said afterward: „Just the wild Dragon Clan territory repeatedly loots one by me and Zi Shu, Odelia, dragon egg was very few, the higher Dragon Clan egg was almost hatched completely, becomes we now mount of that many Dragon Rider gentlemen, remaining is also some low status dragon egg, for example the green dragon, the wind dragon and food Caolong kind waited."

I measure, even if the green dragon, perhaps mount of main player on good to be also more than us at present, said: „That goes to the wild Dragon Clan territory again ‚looting' a time, my brothers need some big dragon mount."

„?" The beautiful woman teacher has opened the small mouth, said: „Your brothers?"

I coughed, said: „Right, one group of adventurers."

„This......" on the pretty face of beautiful woman teacher is passing several points of awkwardness, said: „Your body had been quenchinged by my supernatural power, can withstand with the strength of big dragon life contract, other adventurers may not necessarily, want into the words of Dragon Rider gentleman, could pay certain price."

„, What price?"

„First, must give loyalty to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, at least does not betray cold uncultivated land Dragon's den." The beautiful woman teacher thinks, said: „Next, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den cannot provide dragon egg that is laborious comes recklessly, can have the adventurer of outstanding contribution to obtain award of big dragon mount to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, this point I and Queen Zi Shu will check, does not have the issue?"

Li Mu and Old K and the others already joined the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den regiment to be systematic, the meritorious service is also the front row, this is not any issue, as for giving loyalty to Dragon's den, this is inevitable, my group of brothers will always be insufficient which day to be a traitor to Dragon's den, this will be absolutely impossible.

Therefore I nodded saying: „Um, does not have the issue!"

Frost smiles, said: „That, when we obtain appropriately after may hatch dragon egg, will send out System Notification, the meritorious first adventurer can be awarded the title of Dragon Rider gentleman also to obtain big dragon mount, how is it?"


My joyful nod, has referred to shoulder the symbol on [Zhan Long] afterward, said: „Moreover you look, only then has the person of this symbol, can obtain mount that Dragon's den awards, Ok?"

Frost meaningful smiles: „You also very hide shortcomings......"


Zhan Long Chapter 1167

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