Zhan Long Chapter 1168

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Is the night, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den also had the new movement, goes to the wild Dragon Clan territory to steal dragon egg, but the scale is quite big, Frost decided that leads 5000 + people to go to the wild Dragon Clan territory together, includes 100 Dragon Rider gentlemen . Moreover, I and Lin Wan Er, the Dong Cheng Yue three people also together accepted this SSS Tier Main Quest.

In fact we that big scale is not steals dragon egg to be so simple, is snatches dragon egg simply.


Before placing, silver spear is known as „holding up of big dragon" the first dragon what kind power and prestige, we to steal dragon egg almost can make contact with the poor life, but now completely was different, along with Frost, Zi Shu and Odelia cultivate for unceasing promotion, even if meets the silver spear also to strike to massacre him lossless, this also directly causes the silver spear to stealing dragon egg this matter almost turns a blind eye, has not definitely been able to make anything again.

, Also survival Dragon Clan immediately must split up gradually now is two, one is by silver spear Military Control wild Dragon Clan, another is the light that is led by Zi Shu is Dragon Clan, the Dragon Clan battle efficiency of wild Dragon Clan territory mainly came from in own blood relationship, but the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Clan strength came from the fusion with Dragon Rider gentleman bloodlines, the explosive force is stronger, the technicality is higher.

After the dark blue billows eradicate the seal regains consciousness, as if in the strength restoration rise, has still been dormant in the well of god demon does not have the sound, this is also we vigorously expands own good opportunity, in the silver spear not out of office Dragon Clan territory, like this we were also perhaps more convenient, Zi Shu has practiced into the god level Dragon Clan, the ordinary big dragon radically is not a match.

Sneak attacked Cooldown to decide at 11 : 00 pm, therefore our three are doomed tonight cannot rest on time, but for the [Zhan Long] Dragon Rider gentleman, endured!


Finished eating the dinner, sat cross-legged to sit in the bedside ground, according to the beforehand practice method, times pasted in within the body the strength, that heat flow flows in the meridians will actually not burn itself, but I can also feel that actually my body longs to this scalding hot strength, grew continually.


Outside hears the knock, Lin Wan Er said outside: „Crying foul, I with East city thinks that Going out strolls to meet the street to come back to make the duty again, do you want to go together?"

This naturally must go, if makes Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng know that my to ignore treasure daughter alone window-shops, does not kill me to be strange.

Wears the clothes to go out rapidly, extreme gently beautifulness that two female both dress up, beyond young nous were many several points of smart-alecky aesthetic sense, I said: „Called Tang Qi?"

Dong Cheng Yue actually shakes the head: „Does not use, you can protect our two, why called Tang Qi, said again, many person many chopsticks, ate the snack time spent many."

I deeply to be so: „Pours is also, a bit faster, quick 8 o'clock."



The goal points to nearby pedestrian street, is actually too long has not gone out to stroll, two female both soon stuffily went bad.

Evening's pedestrian street, debauchery.

Has not walked far, in Dong Cheng Yue holds eats completely, the shrimp string and gefilte fish, roast the broccoli, eats does not forget to draw my sleeve, but Lin Wan Er is holding my hand, while looks at the two sides entertainment projects, anything shoots, fire, the ferrule circle to have, many Sirs lead the child to play here.

„Hey, looks at that side, has dozen of (spear gun)s!"

Dong Cheng Yue have not scratched cleanly on pulling I, said: „We played in the past!"

„Fires any (spear gun)......" I to be somewhat depressed.

She said immediately piteous: „In prize has the escape rabbit, I most liked that animation, but that escape rabbit balloon was good to be small, I definitely did not hit, Brother Xiao Yao helped me!"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Good, you help her, East city seemingly truly ultra likes the escape rabbit, in her room is managing to various hands of escape rabbit with the puppet everywhere, this type, she has not collected."

„Good......" I am somewhat helpless.

The Lin Wan Er interest also came, followed me together.

This (spear gun) hits the balloon to trade reward the stall is about 40 -year-old high and low uncle suspends, saw that two growth ultra good, the cheek ultra beauty comes, he eye soon fell immediately, said: „Ten money three (spear gun)s, who can play?"

„Must play!" Lin Wan Er pulls out one 100 quickly, showed the local tyrant makings.

Uncle's happy accepting money, then took three (spear gun)s to us, actually this is an air-gun, the bullet is the plastic, fires in the process the trajectory not to be unstable, moreover now on the pedestrian street has the wind, the wind speed is not low, therefore this trajectory is hard to judge, which does not point at really can project on, even if will be projects on may also use my plastic bullet strength unable to defeat the balloon insufficient, but many will suspend the person in this stall also on is makes money by this type, otherwise (spear gun) compensated affirmative has in a big way sent.

Dong Cheng Yue scratches the clean hand, took the (spear gun) „" to open there, what a pity the bullet randomly flew, did not hit, this girl inborn was not the expert marksman.

Lin Wan Er is actually very earnest, the posture that shows is also standard, she has studied the marksmanship with Lin Tiannan, this basic skill almost grasps with does not have what difference specialized, stall boss uncle who the one side surrounds noticed that Lin Wan Er the posture has shocked immediately, afterward the eye cannot move around others chests again.

What a pity, being hard control of plastic bullet makes Lin Wan Er have no alternative, the consecutively 3 (spear gun)s failed.

The boss Ha Ha smiles in side: „Come on, young miss."

I somewhat was not feeling well, lift the hand to hold up the air-gun in my hand, Dong Cheng Yue visit me in side, said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, it is said you are an expert marksman, making me have a look at the expert marksman fiercely!"


The first (spear gun), failed.

The boss secretly titter, probably was saying that what expert marksman this is, Dong Cheng Yue comforts saying: „Has not related , to continue to refuel!"

The second (spear gun), failed, the face of boss quickly smiled distorts.

The third (spear gun), fails as before.

This time Dong Cheng Yue was speechless: „, Brother Xiao Yao you are the boasting king, radically is not the expert marksman."

I laugh: „The conclusion, then again be not looking anxiously!"

Lin Wan Er also stopped the fire, have a relish visits me in side.


The fourth (spear gun), hit to explode a yellow balloon directly, obtained the prize is a young Wigny bear.

I have not stopped, fires two (spear gun)s continuously again, the balloon explosive sound is unceasing, the first row of ballonet from left to right hits to explode continuously, afterward continues the filled plastics bullet, lifts the hand again, very standard firing position, „bang bang bang" consecutively three, hit the prize quite good balloon specially, moreover hitting from left to right, which refers to hitting, has not lost any (spear gun) again.

Ahem, this small skill, does not permit the aiming of (spear gun) every time actually, but my first round three (spear gun)s fail to also let me completely confirmed that the aiming and true calibration disparity how many angles and distances, confirmed how many angle effect of wind speed on plastic bullet has, but after confirming these, I truly am the expert marksman of genuine goods at reasonable prices, by the marksmanship, Hangzhou approximately few that I am stronger than? Xiao Lie is one, other was difficult to say.

„That escape rabbit balloon of most top right-hand corner!" Dong Cheng Yue happy is holding my arm, said: „That blue balloon, Brother Xiao Yao helps me hit!"

I lift the hand, the balloon demolish accordingly, Dong Cheng Yue immediately on happy took the rag doll of escape rabbit.

The boss uncle's face quick was green, in an instant, his prize had is loaded into the plastic bag by Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue much, especially that only escape rabbit, works very fine, the goods at least over a hundred dollars, therefore he blows very slightly that balloon of escape rabbit, the fist so is big, ahem, but cannot escape from my shooting with great precision.

„Was good, do not hit, one will take motionless." I have put down the air-gun.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue happy nod.

The uncle also relaxed, my moral nature laughs in one's heart, keeps your way out, otherwise does not make your business owe to refuse stubbornly tonight to be possible! Probably uncle businessman also most feared that ran into my this professional, basically always lost.


Then, brings two female to shoot, crash-bang loses endlessly, does not know that has the technique content, but I was caught the mechanical games of toy defeating by metal finally, 50 dollars throw Going out, has not grasped including root hair, because also this matter was teased by two female for a long time.

Has played about 11 points time, finally gave up the return trip, when we arrived in the villa, Cooldown was also similar, got online, preparation tonight's sneak attack duty!


The characters appear in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also one after another get online, I summoned raspberry immediately, the Xiaolongnu howl, when I prepared to ride Dragon Bei, in this fellow transformed to throw Zi Shu to embrace for the human form rapidly went, harmed me to be in airborne, awkward hanging there, but started thousand frost wings, iced wing opening to stand in the wind, saves one point of face.

After having sufficed greasily, raspberry agree made me ride finally, but at this time, under the city had also heard an intermittent oppression of the people sound, 5000 Dragon's den cavalries built up, Frost wielded the long sword, the order.


The dawn daybreak, the enormous and powerful crowd ran out of the snow expanse, bathes in the warm dawn, has washed off a coldness.

First the road section of process is the city of awe empire, what a pity, Luo Lin died here to turn into the ruins, continuous seeing had the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den soldier to ship the city wall brick from here to the Dragon's den direction, no wonder on the ice ridge mountain can the newly-built barriers, take the material of Luo Lin empire.

Across awe empire ruins time, around Frost somewhat absent-minded look, Luo Lin is her one massacres, but killed once good friend, made Frost cast the shadow eventually at heart.

I am riding raspberry low-altitude flying, at the same time to under was saying: „Past makes it pass."

A Frost grateful nod: „Um!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1168

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