Zhan Long Chapter 1169

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In remnants of destroyed buildings , the war flag of Luo Lin king is still fluttering in the wind, is badly-damaged, just likes several pieces of rags.


In the hoofbeat, a Dragon's den heavy cavalry passed over gently and swiftly rapidly, raises the long sword to give to cut off this flag, on the face is having hatred, said: „Luo Lin this person does not match to have any flag."

This is one has experienced the person of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den first fight, that fought Souque, Dulin dead in battle frigidly, Frost equally was also killed, these memories looked like the nightmare same linger in the heart of each experience simply, Luo Lin, although died, but he will leave the betrayal and injury of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is never actually obliterated.

I grasp the long sword, single Xigui am carrying on the back in the raspberry dragon, look to the distant place, in the jungle startled depart an only bird in all directions, therefore said assuredly: „It seems like our whereabouts has exposed, the Hybrid Demon army has ambushed to wait for us in the jungle."

Queen Zi Shu shows a faint smile: „Do they depend on this military strength also to ambush us? Brings contempt upon oneself simply, Sir Frost, making me have this first battle engagement, how is it?"

Frost nods: „Um."


Queen Zi Shu stands up from failure to discontinue, has arrived at the army front slowly, is facing the mixed jungle, suddenly a long and loud cry, the energy of surrounding area several li (0.5km) place centered on Zi Shu is circling in flight, she opens the palm slowly, one group of radiant flame condense in the palm, reason that said that this group of flame are very radiant , because at all likely is not the common flame, is more like one group by the flame is wrapping the scalding hot stars.

„The strength of star territory!"

Zi Shu drinks one lowly, braced forth, her the right palm suddenly behind grows the massive star territory flame immediately, Qi Qi impact forward in the past!


A trim jungle was swept across by roaring flame instantaneously, hides the demon palace in jungle rides, the barbaric wolf to ride, the purgatory lance brave warrior and other levels and 8 levels of Hybrid Demon to exude an intermittent miserable howling sound, no one thinks that in Zi Shu this small body hid the big strength, perhaps when present Zi Shu, initially just had the strength the day to leave from wild Dragon Clan with me badly.

In fact, the superior god strength of Frost within the body in little recovery, but since Zi Shu has been the Frost strongest trainer, Frost has been getting stronger and stronger, while convenient is making Zi Shu stronger and stronger, and strength of star territory Zi Shu starts very obviously is the ability that Frost masters, little has not learned to tread the unique skill that the person in being enthralled territory can grasp from Frost here Zi Shu.


Frost draws out to cut Hua sword, said in a soft voice: „The Dragon Rider gentleman, the attack, kills off all Hybrid Demon!"

The spatial mesosaurus recited howls, a leader big dragon passed over gently and swiftly, emitted dragon rests/breaths under the Dragon Rider gentleman's control, immediately the plan ambushed our Hybrid Demon more horrible to look, completely became the slaughtered object.

„Raspberry, walks!"

Cannot Bai to come, gain points real, I control raspberry to overrun, dragon god's daughter's dragon rest/breath scalding hot, raspberry was only a dragon rest/breath makes dozens remnant blood demon palaces ride to fall to the ground dead in battle, but my empirical value was also Shua Shua soars, here the Shua experience simply was too crisp!


After Dragon Rider gentleman baptism, 5000 dragon territory heavy cavalries pull out the long sword to start covering in ground to kill, this is the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sharpest military strength, the warhorse grandiose, rides the tactic to be exquisite, mail-armor and helmet pointed weapons first-class, perhaps takes a broad view at Tian Ling Empire also only then the temple Knight group of palace guard can contend with this 5000 people of heavy cavalry, but Dragon's den also has the Dragon Rider gentleman, therefore hits the palace guard really mostly is not the match.

Conquers by killing, about ten thousand Hybrid Demon are buried in the desolated jungle of roaring flame ignition, Zi Shu stands up from failure to start as before, accompanies Frost and Seurre, three cold uncultivated land Dragon's den strongest women are riding the warhorse slowly the line, not in the least for the surrounding tactical situation.

„Present cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, very strong......" Dong Cheng Yue sits in Little Bai dragon carries on the back, sticks out one's tongue to say with a smile.

Lin Wan Er single Xigui carries on the back in the dragon, maintains condition that Dragon Xue is fusing, blinked, says with a smile: „Is very normal, you looked at somebody, for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den used many time held the privilege of spear greatly......"

I shameless one red, said: „Wan Er do not say, Dragon's den strengthen to us, only then the advantage does not have the fault, after all Dragon's den in name is the Tian Ling Empire ally, others must move Tian Ling Empire that also to look to select the Dragon's den honor are not, moreover must resist the dark blue billows following army, the Dragon's den strength is also indispensable."

„Um, calculates that you said rational!"

„Hey, I am always capable in argument."

Two female both do not speak, expression that a face despised.


Proceeds again, has many 7 levels and 8 levels of Hybrid Demon to block the way as before, but cleared the way to give to kill a none remaining by the Dragon Rider gentleman and heavy cavalry, as if the silver spear also knows that below 7 levels Hybrid Demon were used to cope with the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength insufficiently to look completely, therefore sent out more and more 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, but same could not prevent our footsteps.

„I can induce, silver spear on out of office Dragon Clan territory." Zi Shu opens the eye to say.

The Frost corners of the mouth raise: „And I can induce, the dark blue billows are dormant in the well of god demon as before, this was we attacks the best opportunity in wild Dragon Clan territory!"


At this time, we arrived at the surrounding of wild Dragon Clan territory, not far away, above the mountain ridge have occupied several to scout Dragon Clan, is the wind dragon, the venom dragon and green dragon and so on low status Dragon Clan.

Even, these big dragons cannot speak the logical expression, can only speak Dragon Yu, nearly was warning for the sound of keenly blowing with one type.

„Must massacre them, Lady Frost?" Qing Luo grasps Dragon sword to ask.

Frost shakes the head: „No, with belaying, captures alive these Dragon Lei."



Um? Also started to catch including wild Dragon Clan?

I as if understood instantaneously anything, controls raspberry to fly to be nearer, asked: „Does Frost, our time come the wild Dragon Clan territory as if not only light to steal dragon egg? Looks at this stance, as if your this time comes for......"

„For what?" Frost asks me.

I deeply inspire: „To destroy completely the wild Dragon Clan territory, right?"

This Frost does not have the question, said extremely honestly: „Yes, my this time came for the foreign campaign Dragon Clan territory, the silver spear to occupy is too here long was too long, most approached in Dragon Clan of god should not be enslaved by Hybrid Demon, they inborn were existences of inferior god, this time, I eradicated from here the influence of silver spear, captured the wild Dragon Clan dragon class completely, ships back cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, reconstructed Dragon Yu in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den edge, a genuine dragon territory!"

Frost said the clang clang to have sound, as if anybody could not prevent her such to do, but I have not planned to prevent, this for me was also the good deed.

Zi Shu shows a faint smile, said: „The Dragon Clan future, has grasped in this moment in our hands."

Odelia digs the small mouth, said with a smile: „Can silver spear that immoral evil dragon, such match to work as the lord of dragon territory? We early should destroy completely the wild Dragon Clan territory, the future dragon territory is Frost, is Zi Shu."

The wild Dragon Clan territory that in look distant place Frost is charmed, said with a smile: „Dream was not quite as if far, so long as reconstructs Dragon Yu, I will go to a time Deva, seeks all Shen who has not fallen from the sky, is Zi Shu remoulds the spirit standard, title Dragon Shen!"

„Title Dragon Shen?"

I am also one startled, Dragon Shen already was in the legend existed, did Frost have the ability unexpectedly the Zi Shu title „dragon god"? This also rather too old-style fan device a point!

The Zi Shu nod thanked for kindness, at this time one group of Dragon's den heavy cavalries progressed to come, a green dragon came, among the napes of the neck was stirring the dragon rest/breath energy, but the people early were prepared, a green dragon dragon rest/breath fell the heavy cavalry was divided into two immediately, attractive hiding the attack, simultaneously in the heavy cavalry hands was moving belaying, suddenly belaying to lose, dense and numerous belaying tied up this green dragon rapidly!


Breaks by pressing the sound of trees to transmit, the green dragon roars in the forest unceasingly, but had been captured, a heavy cavalry to the mouth of green dragon on the chains, having made the sound that it yells continually unable to send out, this is the first grown wild dragon that we capture here, one types were taken into the remote mountain training to hunt the feeling of wild boar by the old man very much in childhood, the strength of wild boar is ultra-large, although does not have the green dragon to be so big, but wants unarmed to turn dry is not the easy matter, in childhood frequently but I did as if on was the unarmed wrestle wild boar, now thinks that the old man simply was too savage.


The second wind dragon was also bound.

I walk to go forward to have a look, this wind dragon specially cut-throat, to my head is being one, is good suffices Agility because of me, is sideways to shunt rapidly, but raspberry is actually angry, brandishes the sharp claws to hit on the forehead of wind dragon, but also shouted curses: „Dares to move my brother, you do not want to live, your this low status dragon!"

The wind dragon the pitiful yell, I hold on raspberry hurriedly, otherwise came the head of this wind dragon to be patted again breaks to pieces.

Looks at the wind dragon of this cut-throat roaring, I have doubts turns head to have a look at Frost, said: „Doesn't this wild dragon with the wild animal have what difference, how the dragon territory to be able simply to tame them?"

„This does not need to be worried." Frost confident saying with a smile: „Zi Shu has the strength of Dragon God Essence magnificent, the Dragon God Essence magnificent can wash the Dragon Clan dragon to work, lets these wild [Dragon Transformation] tame, relax, our only duties delivered to Dragon Yu to be OK them."


Continues to forward, I also finally understand that the travel bag of each heavy cavalry so is why heavy, originally had already prepared to belay, with our invasions, a leader big dragon dropped from the clouds, either was bedding bag Zola gets down, either was shot down by Frost and Zi Shu, but matter that I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue must handle surrounding Hybrid Demon eliminating.


After near three hours, finally entered the core place of wild Dragon Clan territory, proceeds again, circles, in airborne, occupies in the mountain ranges was true sacred Dragon Clan.

One flock of big dragons gather together, but in their dead ahead, is one rides the warhorse, to wrap the mail-armor and helmet combat general, is not others, silver spear that for a long time does not see!

Zhan Long Chapter 1169

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