Zhan Long Chapter 1170

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„Zi Shu, your this head ** dragon!"

Silver Golyan has the long sword, a face angry looks at Zi Shu, the anger exclaims: „Have you forgotten once Dragon Shen the pledge? Will never form an alliance with humanity, did you forget? How enslaving Dragon Clan you forgot once humanity are, forgot Dragon Clan to bear the great suffering that? Now, you have humanity to come Dragon Yu, wants to destroy Dragon Yu thoroughly?"

Queen Zi Shu lifts the cheek, distant looks at the silver spear, said lightly: „What qualifications does your this type plunder others to treat as wife's lowly Holy Dragon to have forcefully to shout curses here? The silver spear, sacred Dragon Clan [lineage/vein] decline under your commanding day after day, haven't you seen all these? I only asked one, in wild Dragon Clan territory also some multi- discount sacred big dragons, over 50 heads? Perhaps did not have, do not forget, when Dragon Shen reigned, our sacred big dragon enough over 2000 heads!"

The silver spear lets somebody cool off or calm down smiles, said: „You were too exceptional, depends on your this Red Dragon ** can rally Dragon Clan?"

„Yes, I can, but that is after you died matter that can have, you do not need to inquire about."

The Zi Shu corners of the mouth raise, lift arm, said in a soft voice: „The Dragon Rider gentlemen, prepare to launch the attack!"

„Clang clang clang......"

Rows of Dragon Rider gentlemen drew out Dragon sword, before the sword blade edge have projected at least several meters sword air/Qi, after riding the big dragon, striking distance suddenly to increase, this was also the Dragon Rider gentleman most formidable place, fought with the Dragon Rider gentleman, not only need guard against the attack of mount dragon, must guard against the Dragon Rider gentleman own war technique attack, this was possibly more fearful.


On the silver spear face full is scowl, brandishes the long sword, roars lowly: „Dragon Clan, prepares to meet head-on! All sacred big dragon air attacks, the second-rate dragon and third-class dragon launch the attack from the ground, immediately kills to me, pursues Going out from Dragon Clan this group of intruder, reduces the head of Red Dragon queen Zi Shu, making these traitors know that the Dragon Clan dignity is inviolable!"

A big dragon of leader sacred department appears in airborne, roared unceasingly, in ground, from the cave of surrounding mountain range unceasing the big dragon that drilled a leader, the big dragon quantity of fact Ueno Dragon Clan territory has gone far beyond our estimate, swept one sketchily, at least should have over a thousand big dragons!

„Roar roar!"

Airborne, a leader Thunder dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, the ice dragon and other sacred are the big dragon exudes the roaring sound, opens the great wing almost to spread the day to block out the sun, opens the big mouth, dragon rests/breaths fell.


Frost is drinking loudly tenderly, the Dragon's den armed soldiers take out the black to attach the demon shield to keep off in the front rapidly, has formed barrel, but that scalding hot dragon rest/breath, once covers, these Dragon's den armed soldiers certainly will be burnt, after all Longwei of big dragon is not false.

At this moment, Frost jumps to discontinue, a slippery step arrives at a shield front, the double pupil is facing directly the innumerable [say / way] dragon rest/breath, suddenly drinks one lowly, the invisible bracing cold rapid surges Going out for the center with her, a huge round arc defense cover appears in the surrounding, keeps off Going out the dragon rest/breath 11 standards, airborne flame chaotic dance, astonishing!


Airborne hears the roaring sound, is the silver spear jumps to come impressively, both hands hold up the sword, is reappearing Black Dragon this, on sword blade edge blazing fleeing flame and Thunder Guang, is such certainly the world strikes, wants initially, the silver spear to be depended upon this to strike cleft in two cold uncultivated land Dragon's den directly, now one's old tricks heavy, will be what kind of?


I have controlled raspberry to overrun, prepare to lead a cheer, after all the match is the silver spear, one of the ten big BOSS, Frost is also not necessarily able the whole body to draw back.

However, that at present has makes me feel that he thought many, Frost not only has not defended, instead the front surface went, cuts Hua sword from the sky to tow a stars trace, radiant flame and incorruptible stars twinkles were unceasing, this came from the attack in day territory?


Two strong strengths collide certainly in together, air currents surge to past in the surroundings, in Frost whole body gorgeously motionless being built on wind, cape under the air current surges the dance, reviewed the silver spear not to feel better, was shaken by a Frost sword backs up dozens meters, held on the arm of sword also to linger as before the stars ray, the complexion was pale.

„The strength of stars how?" Frost micro smile.

The silver spear look is dignified, looks at Frost, said: „You...... Did you comprehend the strength of stars unexpectedly?"

„No, is not the comprehension, is my innermost soul had this strength."

The Frost corners of the mouth raise, said: „Do not forget, superior Lord had the strength of control stars, this is almost an instinct."


The fresh breeze is swaying the cape of silver spear, he laughs fiercely, cleans blood that the corners of the mouth have seeped out, said: „Frost, you think that you have won? You think that the wild Dragon Clan territory is fighting single-handedly? You have made a mistake, ha Ha Ha......"

Frost is indifferent, has not spoken.

Queen Zi Shu the great anger, suddenly soars to the heavens to go, the right palm transforms is the dragon claw, roars: „Silver spear, have you forgotten once to my shaming? Suffers to death, the old lady dunned!"

„Humming sound......"

In the sharp songs and calls, above the right palm of Zi Shu presented the strength of star territory, this is similar to the strength of strength of Frost stars, the star territory transforms for the roaring flame, the direct bang has approached the shoulder of silver spear.


The silver spear had a scare obviously, has not thought that the Zi Shu strength large scale has also evolved, lifts the arm hurriedly, comes square to keep off Queen Zi Shu the sword blade edge above the shoulder horizontally the strikes.

The claw of Red Dragon falls swiftly and violently!


The star territory changes into the shatter stars to surge, the silver spear has king level Hybrid Demon of strength of demon god after all, after own strength the dark blue billows directed, is progressed by leaps and bounds, but could not block Zi Shu as before the struck, bites the tooth, the space between teeth is spattering in all directions a blood as before, his arm was shivering fiercely, was struck the later right arm by Frost under the winding of strength of stars, where can stand up to Zi Shu struck fully?


Zi Shu same has drawn out the waist saber, a Jianfeng spin is one time sweeps away!

The silver spear can only the hasty standard keep off, was actually shaken flies to draw back with the sword.

Zi Shu treadons void, chases down rapidly, initially, body of Zi Shu under the stupor received the infringement of silver spear, thinks that this regarding her was in the life the biggest shame, the silver spear does not die, this will linger at the Zi Shu heart nightmare never will dissipate.


„Bang bang bang......"

Airborne, red flame and black flame spatter in all directions to explode unceasingly, two big BOSS level Holy Dragon fight scenes are extremely magnificent, the entire wild Dragon Clan territory is almost shivering.

We have not helped in the fighting, Frost looks up the airborne tactical situation, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue respectively resist one sacredly are the attacks of big dragon, coordinating the Dragon's den armed soldier to hunt them!

The butterfly sword ray rises sharply, golden brilliance shoots up to the sky, the homemade skill rides the wind dividing that cuts to occupy a commanding position to cut above a head of fire dragon, carries over injury digit at the same time, this fire dragon also whins to crash, several Dragon's den armed soldiers take out in abundance belay, „Shua Shua Shua" each spot of belaying fire dragon!

„Roar roar......"

The fire dragon falls to the ground rapidly, actually likely is a giant flame lizard generally roars to struggle, the whole body proliferates the roaring flame, quick rope burning out.

Qing Luo was slightly astonished, said: „It is not good, the ordinary rope is invalid to the fire dragon, it can summon the flame to proliferate the whole body, must use the steel and iron rope, hurry up, with shackle!"

The Dragon's den armed soldiers do not delay Cooldown, took out heavy wire ropes from behind the travel bag of warhorse rapidly, „humming sound" dancing in the air is projecting, in an instant this fire dragon bundling a solidity, but it is whinning to struggle as before, does the sacred Dragon Clan dignity allow to encroach?

At this time, Seurre flew, looks that this fire dragon could not bear contemptuously smiles, suddenly jumped to fall, under the airborne longleg lifted presses, „bang" layer on layer a foot fell behind the head eye of fire dragon some positions, instantaneously this fire dragon knocking down, the strength of elf queen was really not a lid.



Under not far away, two Dragon's den armed soldiers emitted in roaring flame of Red Dragon turned into the ashes, before dying the cry to be pitiful, Qing Luo and in Sirma overtook, this Red Dragon was also knocked in an instant down to fall to the ground to bind.

One after another, a leader sacred is the big dragon is knocked down in the place, but behind our bodies, a leader wind dragon, the green dragon and other low status Dragon Clan completely resists by the Dragon's den armed soldier and Dragon Rider gentleman outside, but has the damage respectively, the Dragon's den armed soldier after all is also only humanity, again well-trained impossible 1 V 1 selects the big dragon only, one group of people sphere one to have the stratagem which ensures success, but well in having 100 + Dragon Rider gentlemen circles in airborne by the dragon rest/breath reenforcement, otherwise was really difficult saying that who won who defeated.



The airborne energy disintegration spatters in all directions, Zi Shu once again attacked fiercely with the offensive of silver spear has made into the evenly matched scene, the silver spear after a dozen minutes of restoration, finally started to be evenly matched with Zi Shu, but with falling from the sky of surrounding leader big dragon, the complexion of silver spear was also uglier, as if he also knows that this wild Dragon Clan territory soon was hit by the total destruction.

„What are you waiting for?" A Zi Shu face contemptuous happy expression, left hand transformed Dragon Zhaozhong to beat severely in the shoulder of silver spear, immediately the blood spattered in all directions, one black Dragon Lin in airborne flying shuttle Going out.

The silver spear is Black Dragon, the person under shape has Dragon Lin to protect oneself in fact, under the personal appearance draws back continually, the silver spear roars, said: „Zi Shu, this is you courts death!"

Saying, the entire arm of silver spear was transforming the mail-armor and helmet to crack, the head also started becomes fierce, from was also the good-looking face becomes just likes black ink liao, the body also rapidly rose suddenly, the clothing was all torn into shreds by the rising crack, with „roar roar" Dragon recited, a giant Black Dragon appeared in our front.

Zi Shu sneers, is one roars, starts [Dragon Transformation]!

The next quarter, Red Dragon and a Black Dragon in airborne worry mutually, Dragon Xi emits everywhere is, the entire sky as if changed colors.

„Guesses that Zi Shu long Cooldown can kill the silver spear?" I said with a smile.

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „Not over 5 minutes!"

„No, at least takes ten minutes!" Dong Cheng Yue assured [say / way].

„Look." I said.


However at this moment, in the rear mountain range transmits Dragon Howl suddenly, airborne has hiked up the snowflake, „", a sturdy incorruptible big dragon arm holds in the mountain range peak, is huge Holy Dragon drops from the clouds, both feet step on treads the summit, an ejection overran, opens the huge mouth to above the back of Zi Shu.

My goodness, was one sacred is ices Dragon Jiaru to fight!

Zhan Long Chapter 1170

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