Zhan Long Chapter 1171

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„The mark of dragon bone, Anna......" I looks at the phrase in ice borneo camphor gate, saying of keeping mouth shut.

„Ended, Queen Zi Shu could not win." Dong Cheng Yue said.

What makes our panic-stricken is, along with Anna's arrival, the mountain range rear area started to present an ice dragon of leader, Anna really worthily ices Queen Dragon, has brought at least over a hundred ice dragons all of a sudden!



Incorruptible Dragon Claw leaves behind a scar on the dragon arm of Zi Shu, ices the dragon fiercely whooshes one, said with the human feminine young sound: „Zi Shu, you are Red Dragon queen, for unexpectedly a oneself personal grudge betrayed Dragon Clan, you simply are Dragon Yu the shame, suffers to death!"

Zi Shu roars, turned the neck to make an effort to nip one on the wing of ice dragon, has torn into shreds Dragon Lin, has torn off a bloody dragon meat stiffly, opened to spit fully is the bloodstain dragon meat, Zi Shu sneers saying: „Anna, you wants to compensate a future of ice dragon clan, is silver spear lowly Black Dragon buries?"

Anna brandishes the sharp claws to counterattack, simultaneously is full of the anger of pain to exclaim: „Silver spear only approved dragon emperor, Zi Shu, your this **, suffers to death, I must swallow all your flesh and blood!"


Behind the body, a leader ices the dragon attack, the yawn is the innumerable incorruptible dragon rests/breaths falls, flash about hundred people of Dragon's den armed soldiers were frozen dead, attaches the shield that the demon crosses unable to resist incorruptible Dragon Xi completely, that extremely cold dragon rest/breath temperature is not the coldness of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den can place on a par.

„Was bad!"

Frost is nipping the silver tooth, said: „Xiao Yao, you help Queen Zi Shu, I resist the attack of ice dragon, Odelia, you also help Queen Zi Shu!"


I caress raspberry lightly the back, said: „Raspberry, goes quickly, we save your mother!"

„Um, mother......"

Raspberry was already unbearably anxious, jumped to fly, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also flew to go.


The Frost offensive is very astonishing, personal appearance such as electricity from the sky passed over gently and swiftly, flies high to greet the attacks of hundred ice dragons, innumerable Dragon Xi soon interweaves sweeping across of backdrop to come, but Frost remains unmoved slightly, instead a body Qu, the whole body is dancing in the air slowly the innumerable stars strengths, radiant stars linger in the surroundings, gathering strength that her done utmost.


The Frost shouting at sound is very astonishing, her left hand hides in the cape, suddenly sweeps away, in the palm the energy of innumerable stars image spatters in all directions continuously, presents departure of potential of sweeping away, formed a several kilometers long chains, above the chains stars spheroids has been sending out incorruptible, flame, thunder and lightning and other attribute the energy rays!

„Stars chains!"

Frost drinks greatly, the stars spheroids on these stars chains will ice the dragon rest/breath standard parry of dragon to come all, what awfully is the Frost distant summon catches up, immediately stars balls explode!

„Bang bang bang......"

Everything may become vulnerable, the entire wild Dragon Clan territory as if degenerates into the human purgatory to be ordinary, Frost struck the stars chains merely on the severe wound over 30 ice dragons, a leader iced the dragon to whin to crash, even some ice dragons were killed by the second directly!


Airborne, ices Long An na to turn around to see behind extremely tragic one, the entire giant body trembles slightly, in Dragon Mu the tears surge, said sadly: „How damn Frost...... she can...... How can massacre my many descendants instantaneously......"


My double sword condensed the ray also to cut on Anna's shoulder, simultaneously the Lin Wan Er bright moon storm also seal killed in Anna's same spot, iced on the coordinated process wing of Queen Dragon to have the huge wound, wreaked havoc by Dong Cheng Yue [Thunderbolt Finger] + [Flame Beast Burst Fire] again, already was the severe wound, I was brandish the double sword am cut the dish common consecutively 78 swords to get down likely, said: „Zi Shu, kills Anna first!"


Zi Shu turns around is numerous bites in Anna's nape of the neck place, situation that although her meat wing also the flesh and blood spattered in all directions by the silver spear crazy worry, this fight was too frigid, even if we have won finally, the price of but definitely paying will not be few, light from the dying in battle quantity of Dragon's den armed soldier, should have over a thousand?



The silver spear is roaring, suddenly raises head is flame Dragon Xi, happen to attacks in the raspberry abdomen, after emitting, but also in fierce is roaring: „Bad child, dies!"


I after being hit hard, in the airborne maneuver, the pain does not only die, the butterfly sword the consecutively two swords chop in a flash in the fierce buckteeth of silver spear, but the person's shadow grazes together, the lower jaw of silver spear unexpectedly directly by a handle long sword puncturing thoroughly, is the attack of Odelia, is one of the human strongest several people, the intelligence of Odelia is unparalleled in the world, most understood that grasps the opportunity of attack, generally Odelia gets rid, the match has been doomed one dead.

May present after is Dragon Huangyin, Odelia a lower jaw of sword penetration silver spear, has not actually continued to penetrate the skull of silver spear, otherwise the silver spear must die, but the long sword punctured thoroughly Dragon She, making the silver spear miserable howling unceasingly, wielded the dragon dance claw to whip on the shoulder of Odelia, „bang", our beautiful woman bandits and thieves changed into a shell to fall, is in body that the airborne surging supernatural power control stiffly lived to tenesmus, grasped the long sword to raid once more, this little girl has also spelled!


I lift the hand am number sword, simultaneously said to Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, with your beautiful woman dance!"

The Lin Wan Er nod smiles, is above the dragon back to start the god level skill, she was graceful on the personal appearance, exhibited a dancer's posture along with the skill, beautiful has resulted in cannot the victory receive, but the effect of bringing was in the surrounding 100 yards the hostile goal all enters the confused condition, the sacred big dragon cannot exempt, silver, the Anna instantaneous movement stagnated.

The opportunity is rare, I and Dong Cheng Yue good one to output, but Odelia and output of Queen Zi Shu naturally fears, let ice Queen Dragon the blood to dye the whole body instantaneously, HP also falls about 20%, iced Queen Dragon is also one of the 16 kings, I and Wan Er, East city have not feared to her output, but with was quite terrifying to her injury for god level BOSS Zi Shu and Odelia, almost did not calculate the attack defense formula, directly carried out the proportion attack to blood!



Under the distant place, Frost drops from the clouds, fights boots to explode treads shoots down an ice dragon, simultaneously the electricity shoots to go, above the sword blade edge condenses the strength of stars, shoots down another ice dragon, which the Frost situation as if also very to goes, meets head-on over a hundred big dragons, has surpassed her withstood, face whiten, has not used again the stars chains, this move was too big to her Stamina consumption.

During hasty maneuvers, then the dragon rest/breath of ice dragon covers.


Frost is startled slightly, flees without enough time, then single-handed opens, „whish" one condenses a stars spheroid to protect itself, is that ice dragon wields the sharp claws to attack Frost on the contrary, but the sharp claws actually shake covered with blood on the stars guard shield, was hit again by a Frost palm gently stumbles on the rear hillside, horrible to look.

Dragon Clan that airborne circles were getting fewer and fewer, on the contrary is the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentleman quick had the superiority, more is in the ground is bundled the solid big dragon.


Now, only we must do was strikes to kill the two big leaders in wild Dragon Clan territory, so long as silver, Anna died, that wild Dragon Men lost the spiritual dependence, among the Dragon's den surrender was also only the moments.

The dragon blood spatters in all directions, Anna's HP are getting fewer and fewer, even Odelia stands in carrying on the back of ice dragon uses the sword continuously, each sword can raise a piece of dragon scale, quick on icing the back of Queen Dragon has created the wounds of deep obvious bone.

Zi Shu roars, layer on layer pulls out with tail on the head of silver spear, simultaneously turns around to look to Anna, said loudly: „Anna, if you are willing to join cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, abandons throws darkly clearly resists the cruel dark blue billows, I am willing to ask for leniency to Frost for you, forgives your life, making an ice dragon clan join Dragon Yu, how?"

Anna actually does not show respect for somebody's ability, makes an effort to nip on the Zi Shu nape of the neck, said: „Frost kills my many descendants, I do not give up, even if crashes into the purgatory, I must kill the Frost revenge!"

„Snort!" Zi Shu drinks one lowly, Dragon Claw also tears down together the flesh and blood in Anna's napes of the neck.

But raspberry is actually more like goes crazy attacks fiercely Anna's wing generally, „you hit my mother, I kill you" the appearance, undergoes so many attacks, which Anna can also be able to resist, after a half minute, sent out miserable howling, final HP also wiped out, what a pity last blade was not I kills, moreover our outputs were too relatively low, has not made Anna blow out any equipment!


System System Notification: Please note, the mark of dragon bone Anna died in the chaotic war!


In fact Anna was massacred by Zi Shu.


Ices Queen Dragon numerous falling to fall in the mountain valley, became a corpse, was one's turn the silver spear.

I am attacking the silver spear furiously, once were counterattacked immediately flies away to be separated from the fight, no matter what this blade of silver spear must make up last, otherwise was equal to Bai to come one, if our attack outputs were sufficient, making the system determine player's killing contribution to the BOSS to be in not allow to neglect situation, that silver spear also will perhaps blow out equipment!

Therefore, I said loudly: „Wan Er and East city, exhaust output fully, does not use politely!"

Two female naturally very impolite beats this to go down in the world Dragon Huang.

I am CD arrive immediately ride the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men], the double sword dance likely is the sword flower of blooming, now can do only then prayed, prayed that our luck suffice absolutely, can snatch last blade!


However, Zi Shu and outputs of Odelia two people were too flagitious, above the ground Seurre in arrow arrow a armor of shooting through silver spear, in an instant is also less than 5 minutes, the silver spear already was the remnant blood.

I fixed the eyes on BOSS HP, the heart am also mentioning the throat






Cooldown to!

Grasps the sword to drink one rapidly lowly: „Zi Shu and Odelia, how you today looked like suddenly become more attractive!?"

Immediately, beautiful woman bandits and thieves and beautiful woman Dragon King stares: „Really baa?"

After the destiny card sign determines is successful, I make use am ride the wind to cut the + Longteng nine days of + [Thundering Heavens] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] complete skills to output Going out!

But one round fires off, silver spear is a faint trace blood has not died!

Lin Wan Er has also made up one set of skill, has not died!

I despaired instantaneously, butterfly sword in a flash, the ordinary attack, actually does not want directly to cause 4 times of damage, erupts instantaneously, silver Ge Canhao ended the pitiful lifetime dragon embroidered costume.

Zhan Long Chapter 1171

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