Zhan Long Chapter 1172

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System Announcement: Congratulates player Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) struck to massacre of successfully big dragons 15 Hybrid Demon kings to hold up silver spear, obtained the reward: The Level + 3, Charm + 220, gold coins + 100000, simultaneously this movement caused 【Wild Dragon Clan territory】 Loses the master, degenerates into a no man's land, all wild big dragons to the silver spear loyalty drop are 0 , the big dragon holds up after silver spear died in battle, the king total of Hybrid Demon territory less than 5 people, the blood deep pool dark blue billows will call the roll of officers and assign them tasks one week later, collects the scales of 15 people of Hybrid Demon kings, fellow players please continue to try hard, fights for the order and mainland peace of maintenance world tree!


Charm restored to 1623 points instantaneously, was away from the original 2000 points to be highly getting more and more near, and I killed a king to bring that many chain-reactions unexpectedly, counted, as if the northern Hybrid Demon king had been killed almost by us , in this fought has Anna, the silver spear two kings to be killed, moreover directly in 15 Hybrid Demon kings, was massacred by me had 4 people, said that was also the king killer!

Meanwhile, the reverberation of adjoint system ting, the silver spear also blew out one pile of equipment to come, making Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue smile soon has grinned with ear to ear, was massacred the Hybrid Demon king who by me personally, this drop rate inevitably was quite considerable!

The dead ahead, Frost is built on arrogantly airborne, suddenly is single-handed lifts, strength of the stars surge, shoots up to the sky subsequently to scatter in all directions instantaneously, unexpectedly formed giant stars to tie, Frost clear sound reverberation in airborne: „All Dragon Clan members, you are the subjects under dragon Jinza, now counter Dragon Yinge died in battle, you also in what? Submits to in Hanhuang Dragon's den, submits to Queen in Honglong Zi Shu, we will reconstruct Dragon Yu, once more casting Dragon Yu magnificence, do not struggle again, you are the Dragon Clan newborn hope, the wrong path knowledge return!"

Under the advice and strength deterrent of Frost, a Thunder dragon of elder level falls to the ground by far slowly, before two , the claw falls to the ground, crawls there, said: „My this is willing to give loyalty to the old bones in Red Dragon queen Zi Shu!"

Another blue dragon elder also kneels down: „I am also willing to give loyalty to the Red Dragon queen!"

One after another, more and more much Red Dragon, silver dragons and other higher Dragon Clan take an oath to give loyalty, but these higher Dragon Clan have given loyalty, these low-order Dragon Clan naturally will not fight single-handedly, although the big dragon is the wild animal but also has very high intelligence quotient, the real man is not at a disadvantage from the outset, who will also hit toward the fist of Frost on? Quick, already gave loyalty to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den including a caught leader big dragon!

„Biting", system System Notification our three person duties have been accomplished, obtains the empirical value and Charm to reward certain, but our true attention actually fell in the ground, several equipment that the silver spear blew out all tumbled in the thick patch of grass, I stood up from failure to leap Dragon Bei, Lin Wan Er also instigate silver dragon Little Bai to fall, am bringing East city, three people sought for all equipment that the silver spear has exploded in the thick patch of grass.

This sequence order dragon god altogether blew out four equipment, a flash moves the star light the cloth armor corsage, one flood the scarlet ring, at the same time the black great shield, finally is being a handle arc unique dagger, flood seven colored, understood at a glance that is the magical instrument rank, under the vision of two female anticipations, looks at the cloth armor corsage first, puts out a hand to stroke, attribute really not disappointing

【Stars robe】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Type: cloth armor

Defense: 4200

Magic: + 675

Stamina: + 670

Agility: + 650

Strength: + 645

Additional: Promotes user 125% physical defense and 170% magic defense

Additional: Promotes user 100% Magic attack power

Additional: Promotes the user 40000 HP upper limits

Special effect: Pliable but hard to break, when by physical attack, 50% probabilities reduce 30% is hurt

Special effect: The law god , to promote the user 10% Magic growth strength

skill: The shield of stars, provides for the user continues for 18 seconds protects the shield invincibly, consumes 75 Rage points, cools for 60 minutes

Needs Level: 215

Needs the charm: 1000


Is holding the stars robe, I acclaimed one: „Attribute surpasses to praise...... East city, this nobody has selected with your ROLL, your face is so black, each time ROLL not."

Dong Cheng Yue is angry to say with a smile: „You blush, good to have given me quickly, I must trade equipment!"

„Crash-bang", is working as me and Lin Wan Er surface replacement, but trades the equipment speed is really quick, even I looked that without enough time the color of underwear saw the stars robe has put in Dong Cheng Yue.

Continues to look, second equipment, that scarlet ring, dragged in my hands, the attribute already beat, three stars magical instrument, but the attribute was actually existence that super went against heaven's will

【The abstention of stars】( Magical instrument ★★★)

Strength: + 575

Stamina: + 560

Agility: + 555

Magic: + 550

Additional: Promotes the user 100% [Combo] skill attack effects

Additional: Promotes user 150% magic defense

Additional: Promotes the user 30000 HP upper limits and 70% physical defense

Special effect: [Drain], the target will cause injury 25% to transform as own life value, the effect cannot superimpose

skill: The falling stars, the unqualified enemy and ourselves, the summon stars attack all targets within 100 yards, in 1 second causes user 150% to attack the injury, consumes 120 Rage points, cools for 120 minutes

Needs Level: 215

Needs the charm: 800


This is a super ring, although is only the three stars magical instrument, but the true value absolutely is the God Tier rank, first attaches the effect quite to go against heaven's will , to promote 100% [Combo] injury effects, this means that the [Combo] skill power to injure of user is to turn time, this is not attack power + 100% can place on a par, until now, I as before regard the output skill that the [Combo] skill looks after the house, other Swordsman were the player is not no need saying that moreover this stars abstained 25% [Drain] effects, in addition strong falling stars this skill, simply was some were invincible!

„, This three stars magical instrument ring, good invincible......"

Dong Cheng Yue opening mouth, in eye astonished in the extreme, she is also the legal system player of ranking among the best, the deterrent force of that falling stars to legal system player she is naturally clear, does not need near body, in 100 yard, 1 second injures consecutively for three 150% Pu Gong, is in the player hand uses completely to have the possibility broken shield second to kill the legal system at the peak close combat, this skill starts Cooldown to be short, the injury of instantaneously erupting absolutely is the purgatory level.

Lin Wan Er said in side: „Pig head, do this stars abstain you to want?"

„Does not need......"

I have a look at my equipment, said: „In the rule of destiny, player [Drain] effect superimposes most is also 40%, my Ring of the King is 30%, wanted the abstention of stars too to waste again, Wan Er did you want?"

Lin Wan Er also shakes the head: „No, this ring promotes 100% [Combo] injury effects, I wanted really am the careless and wasteful use of nature's products."

Dong Cheng Yue said in side: „What to do does that give Li Mu and Matcha their?"

Lin Wan Er looks to me: „Do you think?"

I thought that somewhat felt embarrassed, said: „This is our three people hits together, to put it bluntly, is not quite good to anyone, [Zhan Long] Swordsman was the first-class player were too many, Matcha, Li Mu and Wang Jian their troop person, will let other falling words to redicule about to everybody, this, the taking away auction auctioned, we should also create to create income in the game, for serveral days my income has also given instead of taking the [Zhan Long] warehouse, did not have what income, how in the future to marry Wan Er to get married, cannot leave the gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family......"

„, You said that anything......" the Lin Wan Er cheek is red, the glowing red cheek is bringing charmingly, actually cannot conceal happily.

Dong Cheng Yue in side speechless: „You leave flirting that when I do not have, I could not bear really...... Good, then accepts the abstention of stars on Brother Xiao Yao, lost goes to the auction, receives our three person each people one-third to be good."



Looks again, third equipment, attribute we somewhat were embarrassed, rare, king level BOSS exploding will let Silver Tier that the person remembers past times unexpectedly!

【Giant black shield】( Silver Tier)

Defense: 5500

Strength: + 270

Stamina: + 255

Additional: Promotes user 50% physical defense

Additional: Promotes the user 2000 HP upper limits

Needs Level: 215

Needs the charm: 10


The direct decomposition, this equipment is a point with does not have , to continue to look, last equipment is a handle flowing light radiant dagger, the arc is fine uncommonly, cutting edge surrounding 5 centimeters light silver glories, letting the person are unable to question that the sharp degree of this handle dagger, the end of dagger is bringing a short dark blue ear, grasps , in the hand astonishing emerges the control scalding hot, the arm shakes slightly, the attribute caper of dagger in our three people the front, Dong Cheng Yue has grinned with ear to ear immediately, Lin Wan Er is shocked there, finally, this time has killed the silver spear. Our beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster got so far as the good weapon that a handle non- world left!

【Dragon tooth sharp knife blade】( God Tier)

Attack: 18000-25200

Agility: + 720

Strength: + 717

Stamina: + 715

Magic: + 700

Additional: Promotes user 190% attack power and 90% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 50% physical defense

Special effect: The fast war , to promote 45% attack speed

Special effect: When Dragon Flame, target, 25% probability triggering dragon flame targets, cause 200% to attack the injury

Special effect: Invites the wrath of the emperor, when was attacked, 20% probabilities transform voluntarily invite the wrath of the emperor, resists 2 attacks that then withstands to injure for oneself

skill: The silver spear strikes, Wu Hun of holding up of silver spear summon big dragon, causes the consecutively 18 seconds of persistent AOE attack damage to 1000 yards range, consumes 120 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 4 hours

Only effect: Dragon Ya, has big dragon Saint strength, to dark is the injury of biology promotes 50%

Needs the charm: 1200

Needs Level: 215


This attribute lets me and Dong Cheng Yue some instantaneously is not balanced, lacks anything to have anything simply, strong attack power had, attacked fast and broken against also had . Moreover, the special effect of dragon flame increase output also had, the silver spear struck this strong AOE to attack skill also to have, dragon tooth this attribute to dark wild monster promotion injury also had, what awfully was, unexpectedly also had to invite the wrath of the emperor this effect, 20% probability triggering, this greatly strengthens user the special effect of survival ability absolutely, the true use value strove to excel my Shuanglong much are too too more..

God Tier is God Tier, the attribute explodes the rhythms of all five-star magical instruments.

Hence, our beautiful woman young ladies showed disdain for the weapon of outstanding heroes finally, the battle efficiency of whole person also progressed by leaps and bounds much, can arrange the strength ranking really the words, the Lin Wan Er present strength should be able to enter the world first five?

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Zhan Long Chapter 1172

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