Zhan Long Chapter 1173

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In I thought over started the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, hee smiled to Lin Wan Er: „Now, hasn't the main hand dagger lacked? The assistant dagger probably is also five-star magical instrument."

Lin Wan Er pouts: „Where has four stars."

„That was also good." I throw the dragon tooth sharp knife blade to her, said: „Walks, the duty should also end, after the person who protects Dragon Yu returns to the city, we should also go to abstaining of Tian Ling Empire selling on consignment stars."


The beautiful woman young lady dragon tooth sharp knife blade equipment on, immediately this handle flood light dagger is hanging in her waist instantaneously, added several points of heroic spirit to beautiful peerless her, was more charming.


This line, was I have probably not received, but has not related, my equipment is very basically difficult to continue upward to promote, must promote also to obtain the God Tier rank the weapon, ring, necklace, the overlord coverall is will not replace in short Cooldown absolutely.

The setting sun in the western sky, a leader big dragon from the sky is hovering, Queen Zi Shu is riding a white dragon, leisure walking in the front of formation, leader wild Dragon Clan a big dragon platoon in her top of the head forms a line, like is lines up in formation the circling flight, this time Queen Zi Shu quite had the queen style, after is Frost plans to build to turn into a dragon shen existence, this dignified feeling is full.

The Dragon's den armed soldier who in the ground, Frost brings unearths the Dragon Clan cavern, holds completely dragon egg of collections, soon , the value of entire wild Dragon Clan territory was also unearthed again up.

„Return trip!" Frost issues an order, this line eventually ended.

The cold uncultivated land Dragon's den flag makes noise in wind fiercely, I ride raspberry slowly with the formation vanguard, everybody does not dare to be negligent, we had just destroyed completely the wild Dragon Clan territory, butchered silver and Anna conveniently, this to the dark blue billows absolutely is a great shame, no one knows when the dark blue billows must start one time to the attack of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

This Frost has clarified the standpoint, destroys completely wild Dragon Clan is a big proof, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Hybrid Demon were already unable to co-exist.

But this act while strong Dahan uncultivated land Dragon's den , the massive hatreds will attract themselves on, the dark blue billows next target basically has been able to confirm that was cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, Frost raised the standard of revolt in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den contends with the Hybrid Demon territory, this was the Lingnan seven big kingdoms the situation that was glad to see, making cold uncultivated land Dragon's den take the shield, hit a mutual wounds with the Hybrid Demon army, they profited from another's strife again, this was the matter that the hierarch in each human kingdom can think.

The shallow forest perhaps also thinks, but I such will not do, if Dragon Yu were attacked, then I definitely will supervise the shallow forest fully to support Dragon Yu, no matter on the military strength or the commodity, will not retain.


Returns to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den time already at nightfall, to greet the return of expeditionary force, on Dragon's den has held up flares, illuminates high and low well-illuminated, Frost is busy shipping the commodity, Zi Shu therapy, but I and two female also returned to Tian Ling Empire, prepared to sell on consignment the stars to abstain, we placed the great expectations on this ring, can make an unexpected wealth to look at this ring!

Before dawn, in Tian Ling Empire is quite silent, bringing two female to pass through Dashengtang, the direct link auction room, has saying that the Tian Ling Empire player quantity were too truly many, is as before continuous until night here, the feeling of very much a little being fully occupied.

Enters the customer channel, arrives by big auctioneer, has swept cargo in the selling on consignment list, majority is Gold Tier the rank, inferior magical instrument altogether 40 +, 1 star magical instrument has 6, 2 star magical instruments have 2, again upward rank did not have, and sells surpasses the ghost, 1 star magical instrument sold 100 thousand R motherfucker unexpectedly, wants to come the player to be too many, although the magical instrument left much, but was does not have the city as before valuably, moreover I have swept one, the attribute of that several magical instrument compared the dregs, even before , several that finalized. The magical instrument is not pleasant, but sells 300-500 thousand high prices as before, China will never lack the rich man, this is really the truth.



A being barebacked guy keeps off in my front, said: „To sell on consignment the goods, please in auctioneer there."

„Is thing that if I must sell on consignment priceless?" I asked.

He contemptuously visits me: „Snort, what good treasure can your trivial adventurer put out to come?"

I have not been assigned away from the capital hold the spear and military rank greatly, unexpectedly by this goods despising, therefore reveals the military rank rapidly, immediately an one side fatty auctioneer holds on the arm of guy immediately, knees down, said respectfully: „Holds the spear to arrive at our small auction rooms greatly, had to lose welcomes!"

I also note, this fatty unexpectedly is the boss in auction room, guy terrified kneeling down, for fear that I issued an order to chop him to resemble, knocked ping the sound on the floor tile the head, I have pulled out the abstention of stars, said: „Boss, helping me estimate this ring value many, I must sell on consignment your here."

„Yes, Sir!"

The boss received the abstention of stars with the puffy hand, the vision touches the attribute time was immediately dumbfounded: „This...... This rare treasure appears in Tian Ling Empire unexpectedly, was too simply inconceivable, day...... An appraisal minute of over 87 points of ring, was really too rare!"

Saying, he gains ground to have a look at me, said: „Holds the spear greatly, does not know how many for this ring you do want to fix a price?"

I think that said: „300 thousand, give me to auction publicly!"


The boss nods again and again, said: „Holds treasure that the spear provides definitely grandly to auction greatly, the arrangement in 12 : 00 pm public auctions, regards 10 goods the next to last act, how is it?"

I smile: „Ok, auctions the handling charge to reduce?"

The system will gather auctions successful goods 5% funds to use for the handling charge, this is also the place that the gizmondo blackest, most makes money, did others finalize 100 thousand equipment he to extract 5 thousand, Tian Ling Empire daily volume of business almost over a billion R motherfucker? Did not make money to blame!

Who once thinks that this fatty looks the embarrassment, said: „This is...... The empire principle, we are unable to move, but also please greatly hold the spear to excuse me......"

It seems like practiced favoritism does not have the method, I nod, the abstention of stars to top carriage.

Immediately, ting reverberates


System Announcement: Player ×××× has sold on consignment equipment in the Tian Ling Empire auction room 【The abstention of stars】( Magical instrument ★★★), this equipment in 12 : 00 pm punctual auctions, the starting bid price 3 million Renminbi, asking everybody to have the need player to arrive on time, the player who is unable to arrive at can the procedure pay a bill bidding with the cell phone long-distance racket!


System making free advertisement, the good matter, approximately is also because the attribute of abstention of stars is specially good? Actually we in practicing the process of level also frequently see the system to make the auction room advertisement, after all the bidding price is higher, the system earns also high, moreover clicks on abstention of the stars to see the concrete attribute, thinks that many players started for this ring collection fund now!

Swordsman is the Class magical instrument, the abstention of stars endures compared with handle [Soul Army], market demand is without a doubt.

offline, rest!


Lin Wan Er told that the chef boiled has inspected and verified gruel, three people ate a point to rest before dawn.

Waking up time is next day around 11 : 00, ate simply, immediately got online together, excited had a look at the abstentions of our stars to pat the high price.


Gets online, appears in the auction room, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue had been arranged to wait and see in a room in garret, can provide that good equipment, we think that is the VIP user in auction room.

Cooldown was just good, the auction room started to bid some good equipment, first is a Divine Tier necklace, 17% [Drain] effects, the good thing of close combat department, starting bid price 5 thousand.

The sound of tendering continuously, fried 70 thousand quickly +, finally had finalized on 74 thousand, we somewhat were speechless, actually the price of this necklace were most to 200 000 at the most, but drumming up support of auction room unexpectedly stiffly made the actual knockdown price of this necklace turn has passed an examination to turn, was really fearful!

Borrows again is several Demon Harvest and auction of inferior magical instrument rank equipment, the rate in 100 thousand about, ninth equipment is an armor of star magical instrument, 210 levels of equipment, being able to follow the first-class player mainstream Level equipment natural market to be good, finally by rising sun such as the player of blood at 500 thousand sky-high prices buying, is really scary!

Moreover that player as if somewhat looks familiar, seems the Wang Ze Cheng person, it seems like Wang Ze Cheng collects the heart of top equipment not dead everywhere, can depend upon R motherfucker to build a virtual empire in the hope as before, now this situation was too what a pity difficult, in the rising sun such as the blood fights in the country renders meritorious service small, by far casts off the rising sun including [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] degree of contribution like the blood, not to mention at the height of power [Zhan Long] and [Legend].


Finally, the auction of abstention of stars finally started!

On the stage, puts on the beautiful woman auctioneer of vent very high skirt enchanting is holding a box, in the box is the abstention of stars, the attribute of ring projects behind her on giant the curtain wall, making over ten thousand players who in the auction room gathers together look clearly, she said with the clear sound at the same time: „The abstention of stars, starting bid price 300 thousand, now, had the need player to start to bid, but please note you to tie up the bankcard the balance, the balance is unable to shout out the price insufficient!"

„500 thousand!" In the crowd, a person raises arm, is not others, is Liu Ying, male tyrant wind and cloud Guildmaster that for a long time does not see.

Liu Ying called 500 thousand tendering instantaneously, I also really must thank his.

Quick, another sound conveys from the southeast corner: „550 thousand!"

That is a beautiful woman player, Enchanted Painting, but Matcha stands in the one side, Enchanted Painting helps the elder sister shout out the price mostly.

The north VIP theater box place broadcasts a familiar sound immediately: „700 thousand!"

Is Q-Sword, this sound is too familiar, has not thought that the abstention of stars attracted Q-Sword!

Liu Ying han the face, is already knowing that today's situation not easy with, raises the voice, said: „1000 thousand!"

This shouted out the price is really gratifying!

Matcha resigned-looking shrugs to Enchanted Painting immediately, Enchanted Painting with a smile comforts the elder sister, it seems like their two sisters are also join in the fun, after running into the genuine local tyrant, is unable to continue to shout out the price.


Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Liu Ying these people are Swordsman, understands in the significance of abstention of stars, although is the three stars magical instrument, but can make Swordsman be absolutely the strength of player promotes about 20%, this value simply is the priceless treasure, and high Level three stars magical instrument, fully can use the top, in which significance could be imagined.

Zhan Long Chapter 1173

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