Zhan Long Chapter 1174

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„1200 thousand."

Q-Sword continues to shout out the price, won to this ring as if him.

Liu Ying's complexion some flood was finally red, thinks that he on the funding to equipment also has the upper limit, in the stars abstained to invest too many are doomed unable in the guild overall equipment level to invest were too many, one side, young pig running whisper several, Liu Ying stood up, raised the arm once more, said: „1500 thousand."

This should be the highest price that Liu Ying can withstand.

At this time, another person stood up in the crowd, a golden light shining armor, was raising the lance, was the rising sun such as blood Guildmaster Wang Ze Cheng, the arm raises, said: „2000 thousand!"

„Damn!" Liu Ying angry scolded one, sat resentfully, already withdrew from competition of abstention of this stars.

Not far away, Yan Zhao Warrior lazily by under the gingko tree in auction room, is embracing the long sword, said with a smile: „2200 thousand!"

Yan Zhao Warrior first time shouted out the price so was high, was really helps!

Liu Ying ceased all activities, Wang Ze Cheng is light smiles has not spoken, waits for others to shout out the price, really after several seconds, in the Q-Sword VIP room broadcasts his sound: „2500 thousand."

Wang Ze Cheng clenches teeth, the one side, attractive Healer female is leaning in the body of Wang Ze Cheng, but the left hand of Wang Ze Cheng is walking randomly on her outstanding buttocks, this female with a smile said anything to Wang Ze Cheng, Wang Ze Cheng looked up to auction stage, Qing settles the voice to continue the high sound track: „3000 thousand!"

Really worthily is the president and major stockholder in Buesst China region, this boldness is others does not have.

Wang Ze Cheng hopes that can take the abstention of this stars, should want to strengthen the rising sun such as the blood first Swordsman idle strength? Has a look at CBN Battle Ranking, ranks 102 nd idly, is Chinese war zone Swordsman Class 17 th, the rank is actually not high, [Zhan Long] can end to win his Swordsman is the player at least over 5 people, top Swordsman that but Wang Ze Cheng as if can win over also was idle.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha, Moon Feather and other ranks before Swordsman are the players are the [Zhan Long] core players, others dig radically motionless, Q-Sword, Sword Tears and Jian Tan are the [Hero's Mound] key person, Yan Zhao Warrior, six he are [Prague] vice- Guildmaster, Jian Feng Han, Lu Chun Yang, Enchanted Painting and young master shade and the others are the core of each super guild, similarly digs motionless, is unfit to take a higher post but unwilling to take a lower one, Wang Ze Cheng wants to train top Swordsman of line of business meeting also only to be able the treasure to detain on the idleness, is good because, rising sun such as blood, although Swordsman is the Class not Taihang, but has Call Me Master and Su Yan and other first-class Knight is the player, the good and evil can also. Such as the blood brace backs up surface for the rising sun.

This year head, major Guild honors where, not many registration members, but many first-class players, therefore [Zhan Long] Guild has on outside face specially light, CBN Battle Ranking ten [Zhan Long] have occupied four, felt at the height of power.


I just am thinking time, Q-Sword continued to shout out the price: „3400 thousand!"

The Q-Sword sound is low and deep and calm, North Star „few hosts" the status and makes the person look askance dignifiedly, but Q-Sword increases price, Yan Zhao Warrior is not glad, immediately promotes 3700 thousand tendering, this is a transaction digit of ultra large quantity, in VIP reserves a room, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue with joy look, no matter the luck of the draw, our three people must get rich in any case.

Actually the transaction words, the price of abstention of this stars can be good to 2000 thousand in private, but one publicizes after the auction like this, perhaps the price at least must double.

Profound and abstruse principles can see clearly, the attribute of abstention of stars once were announced turned into the Tian Ling Empire biggest topic, now some innumerable players in paying more attention to the ownership of abstention of stars, after all everybody thinks that who can attain the stars it to abstain who is one of the Chinese war zone top Swordsman, therefore competes to seize the abstention of stars , is not only the victory in attribute, a time abundant harvest in human spirit, the effect does not stop the abstaining of attribute stars to be so simple.

If I behind have the super fund group to be the backing, I am also willing to invest the abstention of large sum of money bidding stars!

However was a pity that the old man gives me several hundred million, later did not propose money, but my girlfriend was the Tian Xin Corporation little princess, after she 24-25, must marry eventually, when the time comes inside my hand did not have a money not to be good, therefore the old man gave my money me to remain has not been spending, the present was the time dependence game makes money.


„4000 thousand!"

Q-Sword shouted out the price again.

Wang Ze Cheng has gawked staring, nearby beautiful woman Healer is digging the outstanding buttocks by him, seemed also saying anything, but Wang Ze Cheng has shown a disgruntled look, obviously upward raised the price again has exceeded his limit, after all idle was only a guild member, was not one, Wang Ze Cheng cannot squander money again richly like this.

Really, Wang Ze Cheng no longer bid.

Is good because, Yan Zhao Warrior under gingko tree airborne is holding a leaf, shows a faint smile , to continue saying: „4500 thousand!"

In not far away VIP reserves a room, Q-Sword could not bear smile: „Yanzhao uncle, could not eat to put to lose teeth carefully!"

Saying, Q-Sword deeply inspires, said: „5000 thousand!"

This time, Yan Zhao Warrior claps the hands to smile, said: „The young master of North Star really has the boldness, the old man admits defeat, the abstention of this stars turned over to you, I did not want......"

Nearby, six he grasps the sword to say with a smile: „Perhaps is or got up?"

Yan Zhao Warrior touches the nose: „Each one cent that I make is the hard-earned money, cannot pound 50 million to arrive in the game all of a sudden, although said the abstention of stars truly strong, but considers as finished, could not afford , the price fries somewhat excessive, the performance-to-price ratio is not high."

The tornado hand grasps staff, nod smiles: „Guildmaster is wise, truly again bid to be somewhat mutually wounded, was cheap has sold the person of this ring on the contrary."

Saying, tornado gains ground looked from afar that the vision happen to falls on the VIP reserving a room window that I am, but I am holding the arm, in the bosom sits under the tree shade, immediately stares: „Whoops, they probably looked that is who was selling this ring......"

Lin Wan Er is raising the flickering flood light dragon tooth sharp knife blade, ill-humored saying with a smile: „ID of four characters, others think slightly also know that this ring stems from the king level BOSS silver spear, said again, you smile in the window are the same with a flower, they could not look that is strange!"

I stand up from failure to drop the window, said with a smile: „It seems like I was too not good at camouflaging itself......"

Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile: „Do not pull the calf, prepares to receive money!"



Next quarter, Q-Sword already abstaining of equipment stars on, but his 5000 thousand also after deducting 5% handling charges real-time have infiltrated in my binding account number


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you auction 【The abstention of stars】( Magical instrument ★★★) had finalized by 50 million Renminbi, after deducting 5% handling charges, 47.5 million Renminbi have converged in your binding bank account number!


Joyful, I give Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to clear the remittance immediately, although our three people's relations are good, but in this account must reckon up, everyone transfers accounts 1584 thousand, transfers accounts more than 6000 + dollars, after letting two female, had the opportunity to ask me to eat several also almost to eat.

After receiving money, two female naturally are also joyful, since this has been we enters the game to make money most one time, but has formed along with our equipment gradually, after projecting on JP equipment, again basically can be used to sell for money, the earlier period is our striving for success times, now is our income times.

Dong Cheng Yue called Lin Wan Er to continue to make the search mission of bright moon coverall 4 th part together, but Lin Wan Er has handled to grasp the God Tier Dragon Ya sharp knife blade now, attack power and physical defense were not the issue, two female withstood that rank sufficiently the duty, therefore has not made me go together, but asked me to make the duty to strengthen own strength.

Place that I do not want to go, cures a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, in a night after reality, in the game should be several days passed, having a look at cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to have any duty to do, does not need to think that Li Mu, Wang Jian and Xue Rou and the others also makes the duty in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, especially Xue Rou, to obtain the [Blade Spin] skill, breakneck is making the regiment system the duty.


Not far away, Q-Sword feeling pleased reserves a room to walk from VIP, Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai and the others congratulated, Q-Sword has been wearing the abstention of stars, with a smile chats with several people, wants to come this to fight the duplicate class grandmaster after obtaining the abstention of stars, that 25% [Drain] to fighting duplicate is also of great help, did not need to think that the Q-Sword present [Drain] effect has certainly been 40% upper limits, killed people 100 chapters of blood 40, this resiliency was too fearful, in addition the strong skill explosive force, this time Q-Sword absolutely was one match who was worth challenging.

But entered country fighting time now, I and Q-Sword became the friend, therefore did not have the opportunity that anything fought without competition.

Summon raspberry!

After a dragon eats delicacies, raspberry appears in the young girl shape, holds my arm to shout saying with a smile: „Elder brother, I quick have gone bad in stuffily, you do not know that puts me to come out to ventilate, the elder brother is an unprincipled person!"

My speechless, transmits Ba Huang City, raspberry almost hangs on my arm is not willing to get down, I have to say reluctantly: „Good, should go to Dragon's den to have a look at the present situation, a bit faster changes the dragon makes the elder brother ride."

Raspberry is digging the small mouth, is not glad to me „" ominous called the sound, afterward the both arms transform are the dragon claw, the body the incarnation in seven color rays for dragon god's the appearance of female's, the golden color and red shine alternately, Dragon Lin is under Xuyang flood very attractive color.

Rides raspberry, directly soars cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to go, almost divided the minute to arrive.


Wind and snow wreak havoc as before above this orphaned city, one group of Dragon's den armed soldiers are training to fire from horseback, I control the big dragon to fly high to ask by far: „Frost in administrative hall?"

A Dragon Rider gentleman turns around to look to me, said respectfully: „Sir Frost in the Sinlung territory!"

„Sinlung territory?"

„Right, in the East of dragon grave, Sir Frost and Sir Zi Shu was preparing to develop piece of newborn Dragon Yu, the Sir can go to there to find them."

„Good, thanks."

Turned around to fly to the dragon grave, the earth speedily to slide under the body, obviously the area of dragon grave was too small, and was proliferating the death aura, therefore Frost did not plan that established Dragon Yu in the dragon grave.

Zhan Long Chapter 1174

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