Zhan Long Chapter 1175

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Crosses the dragon grave, the cold wind wreaks havoc as in the sky, under is a big canyon, a desolateness, is infertile, distant can see that a leader big dragon circles in airborne of canyon, in the ground, heavy cavalry of one crowd from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den grasps the war flag, is taking a walk in the canyon slowly, Frost and Zi Shu and the others.


The wings incision gale glide of raspberry, leading me to non-stop fly in Mukaiyamadani, this mountain valley actually very big, even also wanted compared with azure large male deer valley in a big way much, moreover was adjoining to Dragon's den, was the good choice place, but was everywhere desolated, was almost infertile, in such environment supported over a thousand Dragon Clan with what?



Raspberry pair of claws launchings a gulley in the ground, I jump to carry on the back to leap from the dragon, to Frost, was saying: „Planned to establish the Sinlung territory really here?"

Frost nods: „Um, here is best to choose."

Not far away, blue Dragon Dun is in the ground, heavy cavalry arms are hugging a bellwether, throws the goat flies, the blue dragon gains ground is a dragon rest/breath the goat scorches, afterward swallows, the bloody water spatters in all directions, looks like very cruel.

Qing Luo rides a black warhorse, on the face is bringing to worry that said: „Every day provided to the food of big dragon quite awfully, many big dragons even flew hundred li (0.5km) to go to East China Sea to look for food, many big dragons were not good at the sea plundering the food, flew Going out for day actually to have an empty stomach, this was not the long-term plan."

Frost said: „Yes, therefore we need to complete here into the valley of dragon earlier ‚'."

„The valley of dragon?" I said with a smile: „This name is actually good, this canyon that looks like the bird does not defecate can complete the valley of dragon really?"


Nod that Frost makes an effort, said: „So long as we have a mind certainly to complete, first needs to establish an ecological environment circle here, plants enough many plants to be good."

Zi Shu said: „Mountain breeze from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den extremely in bone-chilling cold, the common plant is unable to survive."

I deeply inspire, said: „Um, the mountain ridge region truly common plant is unable to survive, but the canyon internal temperature actually in 10-20 degrees, can make many plants survive."

Frost visits me excitedly, said: „Xiao Yao, what means do you have?"

„This......" I am recalling my biology diligently, said: „The large surface area on canyon all around mountain ridge plants the coniferous forest of cold temperate zone, the crowded woods can resist the cold wind and consolidated water and soil for the canyon, but can also seize some suitable frigid zones, to take the coniferous forest to breed as the animal of food in this woods, the mountain ridge downward, can plant the temperate zone plant, downward, can plant other plants again."

„, Also?" Frost visits me excitedly, in eye somewhat slightly worships unexpectedly.

I look at to „the valley of dragon" the south, said: „Drives out the southern mountain range with the heavy artillery, punctures directly, making Ba Huang City domestic hot blast blow the cold air in neutralization canyon, can let the valley and guarding dragon in the Dragon's den southern Dragon's den army intercommunication, such one did not have what issue, most 2-3 years, the ecology chain of valley of dragon can almost form."

Frost sip red lip: „Oh, but...... The might of dragon crystal artillery seems unable to drive out several hundred meters thickness the mountain range."

„Has not related, the palace guard can use the invincible might artillery help."

„That was really good!"

„And." I look to Frost, said: „By your strength, destroys a piece of mountain range people should not be a problem actually?"

Frost is startled slightly: „, This...... I have almost forgotten......"

„That preparation starts, issues to recruit the duty, making the adventurer join together, this can the valley of faster establishment dragon!"



Next quarter, a system ting reverberation in airborne, a duty of construction class issued


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, 【Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den】 The map official issue recruits the duty 【Newly the valley of Jianlong】!

Task definition: Goes to the valleys of other cold uncultivated land Dragon's den East dragons, can receive certain duties in any cold uncultivated land Dragon's den respective NPC place, the duty type and „action of driving away animal" and „sowing seeds" and „excavates river course" and „transporting giant stone" and „to hunt and kill wild animal" including „transplanting plant" and „opening up virgin soil", please choose the duty that likes, every time completes a task, can obtain certain empirical value, gold coin and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the meritorious value, finally after completion fully completes, contribution most players will obtain the corresponding title reward!


Once the duty issued that in the channel of instantaneous [Zhan Long] guild has seethed with excitement, I also immediately announced that [Zhan Long] everybody joined the newly-built duty of valley of dragon as far as possible, the person who participated in the more better, completed as soon as possible, such cold uncultivated land Dragon's den was really strong sufficiently contends with northern Hybrid Demon.

In a flash, map as if again Shua of entire Zhang Longzhi valley new was the same, on the map presents may be for the planter and transplanting place, has inserted the task program.

I think carefully that transplanting words, conceivable, a player carries a spruce to run on the Tian Ling Empire main road, what intoxicant picture this is, transplanting considers as finished, even if were the experience should unable to plant many, was sowing seeds is quite reasonable, opened up virgin soil, the excavation river course to be also good.

Immediately talked with nearby Frost, has chosen sowing seeds.

Walks you, buys seed!


Returns to the city directly, locates to seek for a seed fence in the Tian Ling Empire universal provider, little, only then some oat seeds, but buying altogether, was prescient while me completely, runs continually several universal providers, buys various class seeds, although is very expensive, for the empirical value is worth, transmits Fan Shu City again, does not think that Fan Shu City also has the special product seed unexpectedly, the seed of some fruit tree and vegetables has, has bought much, deposits the warehouse the junks in wrapping, on retaining one group of medicines, one group of [Soul Army] symbols, until wrapping to buy fully, embarked., Goes to the valley of dragon!

When I arrive at the valley of dragon, has discovered here sea of people, not only there is a [Zhan Long] player, the players of many other guilds, the desolated canyon becomes was angry all of a sudden, at the same time, in Tian Ling Empire also 4 recruit the duty, Ba Huang City, Jiu Li City, Tian Ling Empire, although had been diverged many people by another three duties, but the valley of dragon newly-built attracted at least over a million players to come to participate as before.

Does not attend to raspberry resolutely opposed that I open thousand frost wing conditions, so as to avoid this mischievous small female dragon disturbs, soars in the mountain valley, in pulls out to wrap a pocket seed, looks like the air seeding general has flown on the map the duty mark place, a seed pocket sprinkles, naked eye obvious, full seeds fall into the soil, starts to multiply the new life to get up.

Near 10 minutes, sow seeds, then start to sow seeds some vegetables seeds, quick I have created several li (0.5km) in the desolated canyon already by system mark „sows seeds" the paddies, and 40 + fruit tree seedlings that buys completely have also sown seeds, is growing healthy and strong, the growth very rapidness, is about the relations of duty, an apple tree seedling as long was high as half person after less than 20 minutes of Cooldown, it is estimated that are also most from the result for one hour.

Very good, system to Gu of Kaigua dragon, otherwise must let this Katayamadani prosperously at least also 1-2 years, changes into the real world is also more than half a year, really cannot injure.


Returns to Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City, Full Moon City again, has plundered one, almost all universal providers had strolled, bought a number of seeds to come back to sow seeds, saw the Lin Wan Er form, the beautiful woman young lady was just precious was holding a peach seedling, skiced to buy other seeds in the street, on the face full was the satisfactory happy expression, probably did the girls like this all sorts of Tian Liu duties?

Again the valley of Huilong time, the paddies that I planted before were prosperous.

A stretch of green wheat field is rippling in wind, the distant place, apple trees, pomegranates and orange tree also started the result, the blue apple and red pomegranate hang all over the branch, this sense of achievement with cutting to kill BOSS level Hybrid Demon not to be completely different, looked like breeds any thing to be the same, I walked to go forward with joy, put out a hand to touch one to hang the apple on branch.

Actually in this time, suddenly „whish", an entire branch completely remove with dozens apples, a food grass wind dragon is chewing the apple, while the eye visits me facetiously.

I for it illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, but begins not quite to be as if good, moreover sowing seeds is also in order to made the valley of dragon the habitat of big dragons, endured!

Continues to walk randomly sowing seeds in all directions, moreover sows seeds , is not only I, the countless riding war is the player is walking with the speed advantage everywhere, is less than two hours, under the valley of dragon over 20% area the abundant vigorous sign of life, the players have sown seeds, not only has oats, corn and other crops, sowed seeds many weeds class plant to promote the ecological environment the rich degree.

Moreover, between the weeds and paddies also presented leader hare, wild boar, deer and other animals, is the player catches up, these animals were the neutral biology, the player kill did not have the empirical value, therefore nobody began, after the valley of dragon completely established, these small creature multiplication lived, can provide the stable food source that had a full stomach for the big dragon.


Having dinner time, in canyon did not have the idle place to sow seeds, has to excavate the river course, introduces running water to go nonstop to the valley of dragon from Ba Huang City domestic river, provides the water source for the canyon, this river course enough hundred li (0.5km), dug the Tongji ditch to be similar to Emperor Yang of Sui, but the players were voluntary, in the process of excavation can obtain duty points, this was can exchange the empirical value and reward finally.

Therefore, rare and beautiful flowers appears at present, one group of players brandish the lance, sharp sword and dagger to unearth the soil in the map that the system assigns furiously, expressions on the face are infatuated with completely.

Zhan Long Chapter 1175

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