Zhan Long Chapter 1176

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The recruiting duty of valley of new Jianlong completes the speed is also good, in 24 hours completion carried on 67%, the river course has excavated to complete, in the canyon has also planted the innumerable crops and weeds, the innumerable animals perched, but what awkwardest office was transplants the frigid zone woods on the valley of all around mountain ridge dragon, almost every coniferous pine and Yun Shanshu and others were the player laborious from domestic excavation transplanting of Ba Huang City, Tian Ling Empire and Jiu Li City in the past, this process very long, was good is not deficient because of our manpower.


Recruits the duty to complete third day.

The composed design, I am sitting before the desk the partial information of examination day having good luck ever after map, a morning has completed the quite simple work, about around 11 : 00 times, an information appears on my cell phone, the bundle game information sends in the news that the duty has completed

System notice: Congratulates you, recruiting duty that your binding account number „Xiao Yao Zi Zai" participates in „the valley of Jianlong completion achieves 100% newly" officially, you obtain to reward Level + 2, Charm + 50, and obtains special name „sowing seeds expert"!


Nearby, the staff member female elongation neck looks at the information on my cell phone, eating that cannot bear smiles: „The Xiao Yao handsome fellow, your this name is really the old-style fan device, sowing seeds expert...... Everywhere meaning of sowing seeds?"

I think her to speak strangely, is willing to make decision to refer, knew perfectly well saying with a smile that cannot do intentionally: „, Almost, but also is good, a name of duty, is not useful."

She continues to smile, the look looks to the president office, then meaningfully visits me saying: „The two manager there sowing seeds duties of may be certainly careful, do not take root to germinate, that difficultly managed...... I heard the father who Manager Wan Er is very ominous, the bodyguards can form a reinforced battalion!"

I: „......"

At this time, a gate of general manager office opened, Lin Wan Er heroin powder handed over the Class attire, took the blue pocket to walk, another hand was holding behind the hand of Dong Cheng Yue, two people's relations were much better, looked that the situation seemed prepares to get off work.

I stand up: „Gets off work?"


Lin Wan Er nods: „Close-down, we a bit faster go back to eat meal, in the afternoon will have a activity soon to clear in the seven luminaries city."

„? Duty?" I am confused, said: „I also turned a morning destiny main page, how I do not know that what large-scale activity the seven luminaries city does have to clear?"

„Ahem, you stroll in the female chart area blindly?" Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles.

My moral nature one empty: „Looked at one......"

Recently the destiny official site is choosing game female to represent in the sea, female in many game registered a round of picture, ID card to participate, [Zhan Long] Dancing Forest, Moon Feather, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and other female also participated, each participating female defined 10 life photos, to take a good photo, many female round of picture many bikinis wait / etc. hot pictures, therefore strolled the male player of official website for these days has had an eyeful one time, usually in game boisterous and frivolous female suddenly at present, this situation was very exciting.

I ensure I only looked less than five minutes!

Lin Wan Er goes forward to hold my hand, said with a smile supply: „Was good, other East city teasing pig, he was so stupid, a bit faster the close-down, that duty of seven luminaries city we have the informer player to follow up, therefore, the reward of activity may be a bit faster rich, we must compete for one time."

„? What moves?" I close-down while asked.

„I do not know that one will know."


In any case, has the reward to compete, this is inevitable.


At noon ate meal, about 1 : 00 pm, online.

Paces back and forth in the valley of dragon, Frost and Zi Shu and the others is directing the Dragon's den armed soldier to welcome in sunlight stone wall to open a [Gouge] casting temple in one of the valley of dragon, that belongs to the sacred Dragon Clan palace, will be the residence of future Queen Zi Shu, will be Dragon Shen, cannot behind be the personal servant with Frost, but, Hybrid Demon will not extinguish, Zi Shu will probably not leave Frost.

About about 1 : 30 time, suddenly a system ting reverberation in airborne


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, after 120 minutes, in map 【Seven luminaries city】 Within the boundaries Shua will be new five-star god level BOSS, kills this BOSS to blow out a Holy Ghost treasure box 100% probabilities, after the player captures the Holy Ghost treasure box, maintains 7 hours will open the Holy Ghost treasure box voluntarily, in the valuable box will hide is surmounting „Country Weapon" the treasure, the winner also additionally the massive the reward of empirical value and Charm! Instantly gets up, major main cities transmit close completely, all players must be able to arrive in the destination on foot.


The system ting crosses, I could not bear fight a shiver, after 120 minutes , was Shua new?

Seven luminaries city was away from Tian Ling Empire to be too far, the ordinary traveling schedule at least 10 hours, rode the middle and upper level mount player basically also to take about 3 hours, but I rode Xiaolongnu raspberry Movement Speed ultra-fast, about 1 hour was less than can arrive, but a person was not quite obviously safe in the past, the seven luminaries city now is the domain of Indian war zone player, will the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk will allow my this bystander to go to seven luminaries city „seizing" others Holy Ghost treasure box?

However Holy Ghost treasure box to my enticement is not little, surmounts existence of Country Weapon, what can be?

Country Weapon can promote along with the promotion of player, true value not under five-star magical instrument, what in the Holy Ghost treasure box is hiding is God Tier? God Tier of entire server altogether also only left 9, this means that must strive, perhaps not only causes us, Ze deep pool city and iron skull city and players in highest heaven city can also go?


As a result of the remoteness of journey, this time we were doomed unable the army to rush toward, cloth armor was, leather armor is the player arrived at the seven luminaries city the time, perhaps the Holy Ghost treasure box opened recognizes advocates!

Opens the guild chat system, Li Mu and the others seemed also unbearably anxious

Old K: „Why the Holy Ghost treasure box can fall on the seven luminaries city, really does not have the truth......"

Li Mu said anxiously: „Must seize, otherwise falls, in the clear pupil develops in the hand of black ink, definitely will raise the morale of Indian area, will make them stage a comeback!"

Wang Jian hey smiles: „That is must seize, Xiao Yao elder brother also in chatting in list, what to do do you plan?"

I coughed, said: „Journey is too remote, the middle is also away from one not to turn over to the sea, we do not have the means entire guild to pass, therefore I suggested that [Zhan Long] only used the melt god cavalry, the scarlet hot cavalry and fire Dragon Rider three big branch of the services to be good, other brothers continued to keep Tian Ling Empire to practice the level, Li Mu, Matcha and Qing Qian, your three were responsible for building up the [Zhan Long] riding war is the players, my this went to the palace guard camp, transferred the warship, the preparation ships everybody to cross does not turn over to the sea, crossed has not turned over to the sea to ride good."

Yue Qing Qian: „Good Brother Xiao Yao, our manages!"

Matcha said: „Rides to fight the department also to carry a good friend, can archer, Mage, Healer and other Class take the guild , is also good to take care."

„Um, what to do you decided specifically that I dispatch the warship."

„Good, Boss V5, goes!"


In fact, entire [Zhan Long] and even entire Chinese war zone, as if also only then I had optional dispatch the authority of NPC warship, this held the spear very well to use greatly.

Transmits Fan Shu City, found the dragon whetstone of palace guard, ordered directly, Dragon Xing said the palace guard 300 warships instantly embark to sail to do not turn over to the sea the south coast, most can transport 15 thousand people to cross one time does not turn over to the sea, was enough!

However, the warship stretches across does not turn over to sea to about 2 hours, then progresses to dash about wildly to the seven luminaries city must about 2 hours, this was 4 hours, waited for the [Zhan Long] main team to fear the day lily to be cool, therefore I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue decide instantly, at least first went to the seven luminaries city to stir the turbid water, making the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk has not obtained the Holy Ghost treasure box smoothly.



Dragon Xiaosheng from the sky is reverberating, I control raspberry to circle, in does not turn over to the sea sky over the seacoast , the dense and numerous palace guard warships dispel in shore character, the [Zhan Long] player is embarking one after another, many warships have hoisted the sails to set sail, my bird's eye view earth, looks to Li Mu and Xue Rou, Wang Jian and the others, said loudly: „Matcha, Li Mu and Qing Qian, I first passed, you arrived at that side to contact with me again, help supply each other!"


Xue Rou sits on the warhorse, raises head to visit me, on the face is hanging the bright smiling face: „Boss, be not developed black ink doing carefully by the clear pupil, but also wants against the sky rose and ancient musical scale that group of fierce American players, I just received the message, they also embarked, about 2 hours can arrive in the seven luminaries city!"


Patted raspberry gently the back, the Xiaolongnu flies rapidly Going out, the speed also wanted on quick many compared with Lin Wan Er silver dragon Little Bai, but Lin Wan Er said in team channel of our three people: „Your mount speed is fast, you pass first, I flew the past time should the Holy Ghost treasure box Shua be new."

„Um, you pay attention to security, is careful."

„Knows that we are not the new military recruits, did not need to be worried."



The full speed flight, raspberry just likes one group of flame meteors general passed over gently and swiftly does not turn over to the sea, the bird's eye view earth, the [Zhan Long] players on distant place warship in a smile to raise head to look at my flight trajectory.

Is less than merely for 20 minutes, has flown boundlessly does not turn over to the sea, saw that many giant fish reveal the dorsal fin and antenna in the sea level, looks like the shen person, but also responded a point, sea-nymph clan continuously not by true conquering, so long as the dark blue billows Great Emperor wields the soldier to arrive, this crowd of sea-nymph clans will take an oath immediately to the dark blue billows Great Emperor give loyalty.

And, Indian war zone tens of millions people join the Hybrid Demon regiment system, in enormous significance expanded the Hybrid Demon strength, what in the future will be became confusing.

No matter these, this seven luminaries city to trip did not have other goal, only then captures the Holy Ghost treasure box, surmounting Country Weapon „magical instrument" stays in China, this sufficed.

Zhan Long Chapter 1176

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