Zhan Long Chapter 1177

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The flying speed of raspberry just likes lightning is ordinary, the innumerable sceneries under launchings, past the dark Moon Elf territory became ashes and ruins, however actually constructed several crude stone castles in the ruins, has moved into little NPC, and form that can see the player, seemed the Philippines, Vietnam and other player humble abodes of servers in this, was really pitiful.


Pities without enough time, I control raspberry to continue to proceed, after crossing a piece of boundless jungle, again proceeds is the territory of seven luminaries city, on the map, the territory of seven luminaries city presents a potato shape, seven luminaries city in „potato" top right-hand corner proud Li, the one who is surrounding the seven luminaries city is a piece of primitive jungle, even my bird's eye view can see a leader „giant beast", has the giant, there is ancient times an land dragon, the practicing level geographical qualification of seven luminaries city was good, the clear pupil developed in black ink time, although cannot help the dark blue billows overcome Full Moon City, but obtained this eventually. Place city.

If, making the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk to lead the Indian players to rest and build up strength in the seven luminaries city for several months, perhaps the Indian war zone must become initially that frightening lion!

I am secret somewhat depressed, saw the form that innumerable Indian players appears in the jungle, there are in threes and fours, there are to build up over a hundred tenths thousand people of team, Holy Ghost treasure box Shua newly in seven luminaries city, this is ascends the sky to the one gracious gift of Indian, they probably also thought in own domain captured this Holy Ghost treasure box just likes takes something out of the pocket?

„Be careful, the space has the person!"

Suddenly, ground coming up big shout, is one group of 190 + levels of players, they basically do not have what threat to me, my Level 222 levels, dominate they reach as high as 20 + levels, did not say that can break my defense, perhaps attacked my MISS rate at least over 80%, in addition my equipment restoration, I stood there make them kill them unable to massacre.

„Probably is......" 197 levels of archer female is raising the long bow, raises head to look at raspberry that the space circles, in the eye passes is being astonished and fears, said: „Probably is the Dragon Rider gentleman player? The name cannot see...... Whose Level is high, has a look at this person is who?"

Rides Knight of black warhorse to raise the lance to go forward fiercely suddenly, his 207 levels, Level was high, after looking at my one eyes , the look drastic change, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Was careful that should better not to provoke him, is Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

A that female archer face with amazement: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai...... that the Chinese players who makes us lose reducing heat Yun City? The day, a bit faster massacres him, cannot make him win our seven luminaries city again!"

One group of archers together have indeed opened fire, [Rising Dragon Shot] „Shua Shua Shua" has fired into the sky, but was a pity very much that my flight altitude is about 80 yards, they cannot reach, [Rising Dragon Shot] flew half to lose the strength to fall down.


Has not responded them, I continue to instigate Xiaolongnu You Yi sky over the jungle, right, my plan is very simple, first destroys completely the unit that the opposite party can from the sky fly, for example the maplewood is drunk.

The distant place, sky of one flame maplewoods, rides the player hand of warhawk to grasp the long sword, distant stares at me to look, but on the maplewood crown, several flights rides the war is a player, altogether 4 people, two warhawk Knight, lion vulture Knight, a wind Dragon Rider gentleman, NND, is wind dragon low-order dragon.

In the Sinlung territory, the wind dragon from the start was not regarded as true Dragon Clan, but was regarded as the branch of dinosaur, blood relationship not pure variation big land dragon, therefore, the wind Dragon Rider gentleman was always regarded as „false Dragon Rider"!

„He came, is Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" A warhawk rides to search shouts to clear the way loudly, already drew out the sharp sword, above the sword blade edge starts the reappearing golden color six glow stars, planned airborne [Combo] I?

As soon as I pat raspberry the back, said: „Raspberry comes, with my synthesis!"

Raspberry naturally my meaning, changes into ice glow to linger side me, enters the after effect actions of thousand frost wings to be stronger, and was more clever, the overlord boots tread in the stump that in wind drags, the instantaneous stump was trod, but I also change into the electric light to graze to go together, the mount addition 1200% speeds, the boots with own Movement Speed, this type like lightning full speed can be imagined in addition, almost in one second I fled the front that this warhawk has ridden to search, does pricks his front the sword directly, before his [Combo] starts I on first. Starts [Combo], twice attacks its second kills!


Another warhawk rides to search to bellow, Axe has the spin fierce Axe skill gloss to fall on my shoulder!



Good pitiful attack power...... Grasps the wrist skill of butterfly sword to turn suddenly, 20 levels of [Combo] remaining the fours time print completely in his napes of the neck, spatters in all directions the injury digit





The second kills once more, my [Combo] injury went to a terrifying situation.

„Mother!" The third enemy also began, is that lion vulture Knight, holds belaying on lion vulture nape of the neck suddenly, the step on treads the lion vulture to fly, the lion vulture was known as that is the airborne bird of prey, has the mount attack effect, sharp claws grasps on my arm, but Knight broken blood [Judgement] also falls to my front.

The calling out sound of wind dragon is especially grating, a section of lance was bringing the roaring flame bang to my back, began together?

The conditioned reflex is ordinary, I inspire the arm suddenly, the raspberry dragon air/Qi maneuver effect open, simultaneously the arm and butterfly sword changed into the sharp claws, the person favored the synthesis start a Red Dragon claw to strike the effect together!


This lion vulture Knight had a scare, HP fell more than 50% instantaneously, but I almost am done in the back armor the sword that the lance punctures thoroughly instantaneously wipe, Pu Gong, directly this lion vulture Knight solution.

Spins the body, the strength surges, fierce wind Dragon Zheng opens the mouth to roar to me, as if wants one to swallow me to be the same, however makes it regret that the life-long matter occurred, suddenly around my arm incorruptible rapid condensation, changes into a flame fierce main item, raspberry really ten sharing responsibility, starts willfully passively, opens the big mouth is being a linking attacks to the nape of the neck of wind dragon!



Instantaneous raspberry returns to my body once more, this willful attack is really astonishing, that wind Dragon Rider gentleman frightened the complexion to be pale, the skill on lance has almost forgotten to wield, he hit me one 2 thousand + injury, but I counter-attacked one time to turn ten times directly also many, such attribute suppression is unable to play happily.

Air/Qi the glow to pass the body, I do not have to waste Cooldown, fights the knee hit in „false Dragon Rider" the front, [Strength of a Thousand Men] erupts, cuts consecutively for 5 swords, this false Dragon Rider are most over 40 thousand HP not to be hit the spatial, miserable howling vocal cord immediately all the wind dragon is crashing together, the dragon body was heavy, has crushed innumerable Chinese sweet gum, but under the gap of Chinese sweet gum, I also saw the Indian players in many ground glowered to me together, what a pity they could not suffice me, because several arrow arrows also the firing distance was too far and floating flew, fell on my. On the armor also only then less than the injuries of three figures, can definitely ignore.



I throw to a they bright smiling face, turns around to rise straight from the ground to fly to the upper air, summoned raspberry, continued placed the airborne You Yi tactic, once Shua left BOSS, I wanted first Cooldown to rush am good, can attain the Holy Ghost treasure box in the moment as far as possible, did not give the opportunity that the Indian bribed is it would be the best.

Several minutes later, ting that finally the people hope for transmitted


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, five-star BOSS 【Seizing Tarhun】 Carries the Holy Ghost treasure box to appear in „seven luminaries forest" Coordinate ( 31177,24991 ) of map, please immediately go to strangle to death, kills seizing to have 100% probabilities to blow out the Holy Ghost treasure box, gained the Holy Ghost treasure box to maintain for 7 hours to obtain the treasure in Holy Ghost treasure box!


Bad, my Coordinate in the place that 1 thousand does not go , the distance there at least also 5 minutes of traveling schedules, NND, day lily when I did fly the past to be cool?

However unquestioning controls the Xiaolongnu to overrun, full speed, if still meteor.

Above the earth, almost all human tides turn toward that Coordinate to well up, several hundred meters places had still pushed from the goal is not moving, but I raise the long sword upper air control big dragon to circle, does not begin, first had a look to have anything.

Finally compared with is much better, seizing who I expect is a whole body is the giant beast of wool, on the both arms extends the knife edge that two handle [Vanguard] reveal completely, the back is tying up a big golden treasure box, is the Holy Ghost treasure box in legend, the surroundings player is crowded, but mostly has become under the blade of seizing the ghost, does not have the nice organization the attack, is unable how seizing.

However, a farther place, the person has raised the long bow to lead Ben Leiqi of one crowd of military might to graze to come, the clear pupil develops black ink, her both feet is treading the war boots of silver optical scintillation, should be the magical instrument, skices the speed not to be inferior in Ben Leiqi, if quickly Thunderbolt, this strength of legs is extraordinary, almost can end to explode Liu Xiang.

The clear pupil develops the black ink long bow to raise, the order said: „Kills, surrounds seizing!"

Ben Leiqi holds flag Wei [say / way]: „Guildmaster, you look at the space, Xiao Yao Zi Zai also, should be waits for us to massacre BOSS is picking the funnel instantaneously, is really ignominious!"

The clear pupil develops black ink to look up to me, the corners of the mouth passed over gently and swiftly a smiling face: „Snort, Xiao Yao this fellow, goes along with him, we kill BOSS first, I have the arrangement."


One group of Ben Thunder rode a horse to encircle, started to kill BOSS with the huge-crowd strategy, beautiful life Guild Healer also welled, non- difference treatment, but the miserable howling sound was as before unceasing, Ben Thunder rode Large expanse was massacred, the price was HP Shua Shua of seizing falls, under the attack of this sea of people, BOSS HP about 3 seconds reduced for 1% , 5 minutes almost to by KO fall.

However I am some surprise, what did the clear pupil develop black ink to prepare for me?

Is what makes this little girl believe firmly that I can't capture this Holy Ghost treasure box from their hands?


Does not manage, I also sit and watch it change, is really not good opens robs invincibly, is not shameless!

Zhan Long Chapter 1177

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