Zhan Long Chapter 1178

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Along with the passage of Cooldown, HP of seizing were also getting fewer and fewer, when BOSS HP falls to below 10%, my heartbeat speed was also getting more and more fast, but the distant place, the clear pupil develops on the face of black ink to have the smiling face of pondering as before, reason that calmly certainly was confident, what was her card in a hand?

In this time, suddenly behind crowd „" has promoted several pitch-dark „crossbow car(riage)", is pushed to transport by one group of players.

It is not right!

That is not the crossbow car(riage), in shooting trough, what is placing obviously is decorating the big net of iron awl, moreover is the network of wire rope knitting, reflects very honest color under the sunlight, looks at this situation, I instantaneous such as the falling ice hole, some back rounds were cold, the clear pupil develops black ink to have this being used capture big dragon, warhawk and other flight species unexpectedly hunting for Dragon Nu, but this time...... These hunt for Dragon Nu to prepare to my this Dragon Rider gentleman!


The whole person thought instantaneously was not quite good, had a look at seizing in ground, blood strip Shua Shua to fall again, leaves my Cooldown to be getting fewer and fewer, if necessary must open the invincible skill to clash really!




Almost every second of BOSS blood strip fiercely is reducing, Cooldown are not many, when achieves 3% HP, means for 10 seconds BOSS to die, this was my opportunity!

Sets firm resolve, dies dies, overruns to snatch!


Thousand frost wings, dived directly, the double sword flew high, rumbles [Seven Star Fragment Slash], the sword air/Qi punctures thoroughly the back of BOSS, fell in the front crowd, blew out to strike fatally, the instantaneous second killed 78 people, simultaneously my body also close ground 50 yards.

„Is now!"

In the ground, transmits the clear pupil to develop the squeal of black ink, not far away, hunt for Dragon Nu in abundance the adjustment direction, next quarter on „Shua Shua Shua" the iron networks of super revolving project, I look clearly, the body in the airborne anxious spin, continuously twice changes, MISS fell four clathrias, simultaneously the body tenesmuss suddenly, comes again, [Combo] + [Wind Blade] falls after BOSS carries on the back, the whole person also almost rode after BOSS carried on the back.


Miserable howling, seizing Tarhun is roaring falling to the ground, although I am destroying, but attack of one group of Indian players has not actually stopped, the result that in fact they want blows out the Holy Ghost treasure box, they do not care as for equipment that this five-star god level BOSS blows out, the five-star magical instrument is unable to place on a par with the influence that the Holy Ghost treasure box brings, and duty that this is the Indian war zone is in the seven luminaries city territory that presents, if had been snatched by others, that negative impact too was big.


Surroundings, one crowd of Berserker, Swordsman and Knight flushed in abundance, flies high among equipment and junks that falls, a shining valuable box also, Holy Ghost treasure box!

In my heart the great happiness, the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position fell, a twinkle arrived at a day of authority, fights the boots to tread blows out the [Ice Domain] effect, surrounding one group of people majority of frozen, put out a hand to hold the Holy Ghost treasure box, admitted the package, jumped to fly, should walk!


System Announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) obtained the Holy Ghost treasure box, the position that he is in seven luminaries forest ( 31177,24991 ), kills this player 100% to blow out the Holy Ghost treasure box, gained the Holy Ghost treasure box to maintain for 7 hours to obtain the treasure in Holy Ghost treasure box!


In the team channel has broadcast the Lin Wan Er sound: „Ha, is quite fierce, snatched really!"

Dong Cheng Yue: „Worthily is our eldest children, hee hee!"

But, in two female praise sounds, I actually slightly also happy, when because I fly to 10 meters altitude, is not already able to fly was higher, Holy Ghost treasure box had to limit my flight altitude, otherwise I flew into ten thousand meters upper air directly, that feared others naturally unable how me.

„Hunts for Dragon Nu, hurry up!" The vice- Guildmaster iron boots of beautiful life concentrate black ink to shout loudly.

Meanwhile, the clear pupil develops black ink to hit one side the player who calibrates hunts for Dragon Nu suddenly, calibrates personally, in a pair of beautiful pupil is passing the spunk.

My angle was almost blocked completely, in the ground the innumerable bow arrow, magic and sword air/Qi raids, simultaneously „Shua Shua Shua" consecutively three hunt for Longwang to fly, I halt forcefully, this evading will, without enough time rejoiced that suddenly one cold, the ice wing that raspberry transforms was unable to open, was wrapped all round by a big net.


Almost is less than one second, is three iron nets twines me at the different angles, letting the person is unable to fly also considers as finished but actually, what awfully is the iron net is too heavy, leading me not to be self-possessed crashes!

Awfully, HP less than 20%, words not [Drain] that did not kill people, could not shoulder!

Invincible Body!

Roars, Invincible Body already opened, but I also instantaneously fall to the ground at the same time, one crowd of Knight were the player progresses, iron shield „bang bang bang" the hit in the surroundings, somewhat was simply cruel, [Tempest Sword] started, simultaneously above the sword blade edge Thunder Guang pasted, summoned [Thundering Heavens] directly, erupted sturdy thunder and lightning bombing centered on me, Thunder dragon wreaked havoc, the surrounding player instantaneously was also massacred one piece.

However, I am unable to fly as before, surrounding protecting shield „flip-flop" by the opposite party long-distance is outputting violently, even the clear pupil developed black ink to draw the arrow to kill me, even if I drank next health potion, but the Invincible Body effect vanished my second will kill instantaneously, such may anything end!

„Raspberry!" I shout loudly: „Opens the net!"

Hides in the raspberry prompt response in my within the body, the ice wing elongates the energy to transform together is the dragon claw, is accompanying raspberry faintly drinks the sound tenderly, „" one side wire rope net ripping open, at the same time, my double sword round screw has divided to cut forward, two handle swords both are the five-star magical instruments, is sharp, „" iron net tearing into shreds.

Good, was free!

However, has not waited for me to be happy, the rear area is one „whiz" sound, is a standing net after binds me, the iron online is also bringing the thorn, punctures incomparable the ache on the skin.

„Surrounds him, do not let him clash Going out, does not hesitate the price!" The clear pupil develops black ink to shout in the rear area loudly.

She knows Invincible Body persistent Cooldown.

Then, I drag a big net to clash forward, enemy who execution of sword sword blocks the way, however the speed could not raise, it is well known the acceleration of mount has an increasing speed process, the increasing speed process of raspberry is about 1-3 seconds, however by the great net limiting, this speed definitely is unable to raise.

The clear pupil develops black ink and iron boots to congeal black ink and the others to dread my kills the ability only, does not approach, but even if I move with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position am also bringing the great net, is in surrounding of one group of Indian players, walks radically does not escape.


A huge choice arrives before me, here waits to be killed, gives up the Holy Ghost treasure box, first maintains life?

Words that puts together hardly, overlord coverall can indeed let my rebirth and promotes 30% entire attributes, however periphery is others people, I at least must die 4-5 times to guarantee that makes them completely not broken guards, that price not necessarily was also too big, and does not know that the death of overlord rebirth, can blow out the Holy Ghost treasure box, once were robbed, same has wasted the golden opportunity.

The rapid decision, can enter to draw back, the side is the best plan!

In the instance that Invincible Body vanishes, I pull out the Holy Ghost treasure box to get rid from the package in the ground, immediately the body is relaxed, as if has untied an ancient seal, a double sword round dance, cuts the wire rope, rises straight from the ground, this nobody can block me, since the whole person almost 1 second flew 30 meters, the clear pupil developed black ink aiming unable to follow my flying speed.

„, Really quick......" she stands in the ground, surprised visits me, said: „Iron boots, you take the Holy Ghost treasure box!"


In System Announcement, is demonstrating one „player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) has discarded Holy Ghost treasure box", thinks that the player of entire server also knows I have not gone well.

„What happened, are pig you all right?" Concern of Lin Wan Er in the forming a team channel asked.

I flies the blood, while said: „All right, but Holy Ghost treasure box was really too hot, the clear pupil developed black ink not to my this opportunity, Wan Er you were also careful, the prudent attack, the clear pupil developed inside black ink to have the type of crossbow car(riage) to be called ‚hunts for dragon crossbow', to the airborne unit having strong limit ability, I was because this hunted for Dragon Nucai to suffer a loss . Moreover, had the person of Holy Ghost treasure box unable to fly to exceed 10 meters, therefore the Dragon Rider gentleman did not have what superiority."

Lin Wan Er „not": „Good, I planned to change, is really the difficult office."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „We now what to do?"

I: „I will fly in the upper air, with Holy Ghost treasure box, once there is an opportunity again to get rid, I do not believe the clear pupil to develop black ink to push am hunting for Dragon Nu to walk everywhere."

„That......" Lin Wan Er somewhat worried that said: „If they take the Holy Ghost treasure box to enter the seven luminaries city, we did want the storm their main city? Several ten million people defend a city, we did not have any opportunity."

I nod: „Yes, I was also worrying that this issue, was too thorny, how long Li Mu can they also?"

„Two after at least hours."

„A little slow......"

„Um, waits again, certainly will have the new opportunity."



At this moment, I gain ground, in the jungle of distant place presented nattierblues, and with serious hoofbeat, immediately my moral nature one happy, in the top of the head of this group of people brought the stars and stripes, the person in US war zone to come finally!

The strong gale rides, war sharp knife blade Guild strongest branch of the services, is the biggest card in a hand of sky rose!

South the jungle, tens of thousands of strong gales rode already the player who started to cover kills the beautiful life, the speed of sky rose really ultra-fast, I not long she had the person to arrive to here.

Has the person of Holy Ghost treasure box is the iron boots concentrates black ink, he is holding the valuable box, while shouts loudly: „Clear pupil, we now what to do? The cavalry regiment of impact sky rose, turns head to seek for other direction?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to gain ground looks from afar to me in upper air, in the beautiful pupil is passing reluctantly: „It is not good, Xiao Yao that soul is defending pale still, once we disperse are not easy to do, frontage [Assault], fights a decisive battle with war sharp knife blade Guild, so long as breaks through their offensive, we can enter the seven luminaries city, when the time comes no one want to bribe the Holy Ghost treasure box!"


Zhan Long Chapter 1178

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