Zhan Long Chapter 1179

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I look at the secret heart startled, has not thought that the clear pupil developed black ink to go to this situation to my fear, to avoid me, rather met head-on the mighty force of sky rose unexpectedly?


In the ground started the fierce combat, the sky rose has brought about 1 thousand person high and low strong gale to ride, is not the entirety that the strong gale rides, under the hasty are probably most also can only gather that many people, but can bring that many people, at least had to Holy Ghost treasure box strength of the struggle.

„Ben Leiqi, resistance!"

The clear pupil develops black ink Station in crowd, loud ordering: „Archer and Mage, attack, the multipurpose control skills, disrupt the ram speed that the strong gale rides continually!"

Finally, the beautiful life Guild player looked like the magic general start has formed a test tube base shape, whatever the strong gale rode the impact lineup, will actually attack the main force to give long-distance of two wings is a player, what awfully was the iron boots concentrates black ink to hold the Holy Ghost treasure box to progress to retrocede slowly, uses the Holy Ghost treasure box to direct the strong gale to ride as the bait gets sucked step by step!



On the shoulder of sky rose fiery red piece, that melts the defense effect of flame shield, counter-balances most branch to be hurt, simultaneously the sword blade edge for her, spatters in all directions roaring flame, after the bang massacres several Ben Thunder rides, sky rose rapid Jianfeng advances, sends to forget that the long sword shield Mage abdomen, turns around is also lava broken, bang volcano spraying in the crowd, has disrupted a lineup of trim India player directly, in the meantime, the sky rose reviews to look, discovered that own strong gale rides the loss to be serious, the look that immediately on the face reveals a silk pain , to continue to raise the sword. Chases down concentrates the direction of black ink to the iron boots.

Has saying that the sky rose is a fight master, the attack is verve, takes a broad view at the entire server her individual strength to be able to enter first three, but her match clear pupil develops black ink is actually a tactical master of genuine goods at reasonable prices, the sky rose just likes the long sword that a handle destroys the hardest defenses, but the clear pupil develops black ink likely is a cotton fiber big net, to the sky rose impact, can actually be successful!

The strong gale that Cooldown every little bit passing, sky rose brings rides the war less, less than 20 minutes the battle loss has been over half, the remaining half are also the remnant blood, the blood strip majority in 30%-70%, lacks the supplies, actually must in withstanding the situation of opposite party long-distance attack attacks to compete for the Holy Ghost treasure box, this type feels restlessly.


In the crowd, a fulmination, sword air/Qi of ancient musical scale swept across one group of Indian players, progresses to go out of a Z character ingeniously, after hiding salvo of one group of archers, he raised fully is being the sword blade edge of blood shouts loudly: „Rose, cannot the protracted war, we retreat, in any case some are the opportunities, we constrained their goals to achieve!"

The sky rose held on the warhorse reins to turn around, raised the long sword, said loudly: „The brothers in iron skull city, retreat!"


The strong gale rides the speed to be quick, Ben Leiqi cannot pursue, in an instant several thousand people were exposed speedily.

But the clear pupil develops the opportunity that black ink pants for breath radically, the people in iron skull city walks, the west side next time will kill one group of people, intercepted the Holy Ghost treasure box to enter the channel of seven luminaries city, a troop person was not the person in seven luminaries city, but was the person in UK , France war zone, after losing Full Moon City, player part of UK , France server in did not turn over to coast the sea to live outdoors, part resided temporarily in the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city, at this time actually applied.

Looked at the past from afar, has person who I knew, smile, 214 levels of star soul Knight, [God of Thunder] Guild Guildmaster, was grasping a lance, leading at least several thousand people to start the impact!

In the ground instantaneous and randomly has become one group, I from the sky looked almost somewhat was speechless, when did this make me start? Not is very chaotic!


The situation as if imagines compared with me complex, not only in the crowd has the person of UK , France server, the people in some quick India war zones also join the ranks that competes, even if similarly is the person in seven luminaries city, but they do not want the Holy Ghost treasure box to fall into the clear pupil to develop in the hand of black ink as before, wants to come the clear pupil to develop black ink is honored as the Indian war zone goddess, but is the same with me, no one can make the player of entire server unite.

The situation is getting more and more chaotic, shortly afterward, southeast will kill one group of people again, will be one person is raising the demon mountain of fire god spear impressively, will lead the highest heaven city elite player who about 1000 people will not be arriving, really...... The demon mountain comes to be quicker than our [Zhan Long] person unexpectedly, properly speaking is his journey more remote?

The only explanation, should be the demon mountain leads the elite players in highest heaven city to step into the Hybrid Demon territory deep place to practice the level, after seeing the system news, kills directly on foot, but wants to compete for the words of Holy Ghost treasure box too to be also reluctant with several hundred people?

Beautiful life Guild originally only then 70,000-80,000 people go out of town, finally was battered by many influences, the overall front started to disintegrate, the clear pupil develops black ink unable to prevent.

„Iron boots!"

Her sound is bringing exhausted, said: „I resist here smile this group of people, gives you 3000 Ben Leiqi, you bring the Holy Ghost treasure box to return to the seven luminaries city, I already and went on an expedition the world to reach the agreement, the maplewood was drunk has the person to aid you!"


The iron boots concentrate black ink to transfer wharf to walk on the round trip, this was must retreat circuitously.

The smile grasps the lance to try to prevent, was actually developed the ribbon person to intercept by the clear pupil.

Um, my opportunity came, hunts for the dragon crossbow to be heavy, cannot follow the iron boots to congeal the warhorse speed of black ink, time that waits to separate was the opportunity that we got rid of!


Continues to hide in the cloud layer flies, at the same time all on observation tread, on earth the war breaks out, should also nobody pay attention to my this airborne „spirit".

In ground a confusion, naked eye obvious, the demon mountain has led players in one crowd of highest heaven cities to start to attack the iron boots to congeal 3000 people of black ink, the price of paying is very serious, but can actually near body Holy Ghost treasure box, the demon mountain raise the fire god spear multi-shock compression iron boots to congeal successively the convoy guard of black ink, was actually repelled.

The opportunity came really!

I dived, arrived from a ground less than 100 meters position, at this time the moonlight had also sprinkled sky over the seven luminaries forest, the distant place, the seven luminaries city was near at hand, so long as the iron boots congealed black ink to support to enter a city again.

However, as if the heaven has not counted on to this opportunity!


The 6 th impact, in the roaring sound of demon mountain the fire god spear sweeps across the howling roaring flame to attack and destroy, in the iron boots concentrate on the shield of black ink, the iron boots concentrate physical defense of black ink to be conceivable, as before was actually struck to wipe out 9 thousand + HP, but he makes use also to counter-attack the shield, returns the crag by the crag, „bang" hits demon mountain 8 thousand + HP, in an instant demon mountain HP already less than 30%!

The iron boots concentrate black ink are also a maneating player, the rapid under killer, single-handed, the purgatory crazy dragon flushed Going out to wreak havoc around the demon mountain.


Wiped the happy expression to pass over gently and swiftly in demon spur corner/horn, he retroceded rapidly, simultaneously started Mu Feng back and forth blood, even if were the remnant blood actually as before calm.

It is not right, definitely has the trick!

The iron boots concentrate black ink to grasp the lance to shoot down on the shoulder of demon mountain, demon Shan Canheng stands up from failure to fall, I looked at the surprise, was not right, won't the demon mountain possibly be the iron boots will congeal the match in black ink? But the demon mountain GBN fights the net first person, belongs to the maplewood to be drunk, the peak character of sky rose rank, will be congealed black ink to shoot down the horse by the iron boots?

But the demon mountain such tumbles from warhorse in the thick patch of grass, the iron boots concentrate in the black ink eye to kill intent greatly Sheng, bringing the Holy Ghost treasure box also to kill!


The lance delivers, the iron boots concentrate strike, however actually at this time that black ink wins, suddenly void found out together the blood red dagger, „clang" a standard blocked the iron boots to congeal the lance of black ink, that was one is wearing the leather armor assassin muddily, 213 levels of assassins, the ID ghost eye, somewhat looked familiar, seemed the GBN 9 th person, was known as existence of highest heaven city first assassin!

Under the moonlight, the ghost saw that is young, even is a child, war intent that but in the eye glitters is not a child, the dagger one lets loose the lance of match, the short distance punctures swiftly and violently suddenly, [Gouge] struck the later iron boots to congeal black ink already by the dizziness, the speed of ghost eye was too fast, almost the naked eye is unable to catch, the under foot slid arrived at the match, the double dagger dance, erupted the continuous attack injury, the astonishing injury figures flew







Five attacks, three times are suddenly to strike, single attack power of assassin do not compare Berserker and Swordsman actually, however the violent striking rate is high, gets rid frequently, this was quite terrifying, blows out a series of injuries instantaneously, congealed black ink this beautiful life Guild first Knight massacring the iron boots directly, the Holy Ghost treasure box blew out instantaneously.


The speed of ghost eye is too fast, fishes into the valuable box the bosom rapidly, but in not far away thick patch of grass „performing skill faction" the demon mountain has cleaned the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Opens your imperial wind technique, the quickest speed brings the Holy Ghost treasure box to walk!"


The sound of ghost eye almost somewhat is immature, holds the Holy Ghost treasure box to overrun, and behind is having the wind system effect, the speed that speed suddenly to increase, skices successively finally even endures compared with me rides raspberry the full speed, good fearful assassin!



Is opening the ice wing, I am pursuing the skicing ghost eye, must butcher him, captures the Holy Ghost treasure box!

Imperial wind technique skill will not be definitely lasting, and ghost eye brings the Holy Ghost treasure box people should be unable [Stealth], so long as I can with him, that definitely be able to attain the Holy Ghost treasure box.

„Rustle" in the sound, the ghost eye has crashed in the jungle, but I maintain the low-altitude flying.

He looked up my one eyes, in the look was having the provocation: „Hey!"


This brat, despises me unexpectedly......

Several seconds later, skices the effect to vanish, but the ghost eye opened a unknown skill on cloak rapidly, the speed reduced little, as before Ben Hang in jungle, but in the rear area, large quantities of various countries rode the war is the player basically is thrown off, had the person of Holy Ghost treasure box unable to escape from the domain of seven luminaries city, this also means that he planned continued to socialize with me in this piece of jungle.


The sword blade edge across the sky goes, [Blade Spin] long-distance kills the effect!

After ghost eye as if brain, had the eye to be ordinary, treadons a lawn glide to start to change, direct MISS fell [Blade Spin], I continued to edit the path, did not kill him not to give up!

However, when the ghost eye continues to lower the head proceeds to clash, suddenly front flash passed over gently and swiftly!


The body fierce hit of ghost eye on a golden shield, the whole person retroceded continuously several steps, the Holy Ghost treasure box in hand almost must let go to fly, simultaneously the shield rear iron (spear gun) flew directly, pierced his chest!


The violent has struck, the direct second kills! What can Knight have such injury?

I look up, behind the golden shield, a smiling face of quite sunlight revealed that the short spear trick smiled to me: „Look, what is waits for gains without pains?"

I am speechless: „Originally is the floret."



Also, is a person's shadow grazes, the speed is extremely fast, is the assassin, holds the Holy Ghost treasure box to walk!

Drunken Spear hurried sycophancy: „Do not chat, recovered the valuable box to say again!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1179

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