Zhan Long Chapter 1180

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That is a 211 levels of assassin, the iron skull city player, it seems like that the sky rose rides except for the belt strong gale, sent many assassins to start to seep in this piece of jungle.



Opens the ice wing, pursued like lightning, by pursuing good speed, I may compared with Drunken Spear probably quickly, but the short spear trick is unambiguous, jumps to jump from the warhorse, is hundred Yue Tiaozhan skill, moves instantaneously about 40 yards, long spear „bang" pricks in the soil, pulled up suddenly, has carried over the attack effects of thousand overlapping waves, a layer upon layer tide turbulently went, overtook this assassin directly, caused one time to strike to fly and decelerate the injury short, this also made me be able to overtake successfully!


The butterfly sword cuts the air sound to bring the sword to recite, this assassin gained ground saw me, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly hatred, the opportunity of his running away did not have, at this moment, put out a hand to grasp the Holy Ghost treasure box forward to throw Going out suddenly!

The sword blade edge breaks out the flesh and blood, carries over 17 thousand injury digit, my direct second fell this assassin, but that Holy Ghost treasure box actually rolled into the front jungle, there is a piece of broad-leaf jungle, „crash-bang" could not see the trail of Holy Ghost treasure box, but on front the map actually saw dense and numerous one red dot, came many people, but was not the Chinese war zone.

Butterfly sword, cuts the broken innumerable leaves, I took advantage of opportunity flushed Going out, crashed in the jungle time at present one black, but to Going out time at present golden color, that was 20 levels of [Combo] skills golden light, front surface three Swordsman is the player has actually killed, 3 sword air/Qi daybreak + [Combo] skill almost together printed in my front.

[Wall of Dou Qi]!

Instantaneous Shua new a defense of [Wall of Dou Qi], simultaneously my body Qu, the double sword standard keeps off slightly, in the front entered the defense attitude, immediately on the double sword hears the continual bombardment sound, the both arms also slightly tingle with numbness, present these three Swordsman are not the untalented person, can judge from the strength value, at least reached in the first-class player.

The hurried glance, I looked clearly, these three people are the war sharp knife blade Guild players, but dead ahead about 30 meters away, a player is embracing the Holy Ghost treasure box, progresses to retrocede slowly, that person is the ancient musical scale, the fights the season ten big general's heads that the iron skull city selects, I have encountered, the strength of this person is not very truly ordinary.

„Xiao Yao, snatches!"

Broadcasts the Drunken Spear sound, facing at least crosses hundred US war zone elite players, competes as before, perhaps has also never had „giving up" in the dictionary of this boy short spear trick first Cooldown thinks two characters.

The short spear trick is progressing direct acting, in the fierce sound hits Swordsman, the long spear passes another chest of Swordsman, roars lowly, condenses the shield of dike to defend third Swordsman one set of skill, I made use from the slit gate pulse Going out, called out [Tempest Sword] to start, will strangle to death HP of surrounding one group of American players large scale, the butterfly, does staggered will cut to strike, Spark spattered in all directions, shaking stiffly has drawn back a Berserker axe, the goal pointed to the ancient musical scale, distant has thrown to do the sword, [Blade Spin]!

The ancient musical scale bosom holds the valuable box, the right hand is grabbing the reins to graze tightly, went out of V characters to walk position MISS to fall first [Blade Spin] in a hurry, but some of my early expectations, did the sword in airborne stop starting the backing up spatial spin suddenly, „" cut on the mail-armor and helmet of ancient musical scale, carried over 12 thousand + injury digit.


The ancient musical scale had a scare obviously, the long-distance attack skill can attack his many HP instantaneously, this is he has not thought that moreover [Blade Spin] releases one time is 9 times attacks to kill, 7 times are waiting for him!

„Harasses him!"

Holds the valuable box to retreat, the ancient musical scale while is ordering loudly, actually ancient musical scale person is verve, the operation is also the first-class boundary, will put definitely will usually put together the operation with me, the true peak masters are the hope can with strong at own person showdown, now but the valuable box in the hand, the ancient musical scale thinks will retrocede, this also will be wise electing.

Drinks in the sound lowly, two Knight are the player grasps the golden shield to outflank, my flying position is not high, they progress to jump together, connects with me in the midair, Qi Qi started the [Heroic Ram] skill, truly, in such harassment enormous degree disturbs my thought that keeping me from editing better [Blade Spin] angle to obstruct the backlash of ancient musical scale.

But what they cannot think, my mount is raspberry, was the dragon god's daughter, the feasibility is really too strong, was in the midair direct sharply to stop MISS to fall the [Heroic Ram] effect, the butterfly sword sweeps away twice, pulled out with horse left Knight directly flies Going out, the left arm lifts, takes advantage of opportunity a elbow to strike to fly high the suppression on the shoulder of another Knight, fell with the horse bang him in the ground.

Meanwhile, the thought actually maintains quite clearly, as if cultivates in Henan and North Star view together expands the brain territory capacity to be ordinary, at the same time near body wrestle at the same time, actually continuously edits three times [Blade Spin] paths, does the sword distantly has the cyclone „Shua Shua Shua" three shuttles to attack in ancient musical scale front, without attacking the ancient musical scale, keeps him from continue forward, eats three [Blade Spin] attacks continually the words, his life was possibly critically-ill.


Drunken Spear raises the iron (spear gun) to continue to attack, did not praise parsimoniously.

I flushed Going out, the exercise speed advantage approached the ancient musical scale fast, the show does not operate, with the fault-tolerant rate highest skill, locks the ancient musical scale directly, starts the destiny card sign skill, first time turned to turn the red card, calculated him to have bad luck, raised hand is Longteng nine days, the wide scope bombardment, the ancient musical scale is unable to operate the avoidance.


Periphery the ancient musical scale looks starts the turbulent Longteng energy, could not bear scold a bad language, started invincible skill, the body has covered, in the golden color protected in the shield, but I already think that he will be certainly invincible, has not related, a player can only open invincible skill in short Cooldown, even if on him also had other invincible equipment to be also useless, when the invincible effect vanished is his time of death.

Pushes directly into, I approach the ancient musical scale rapidly, in instance that he vanishes invincibly, I have also raised the butterfly, directly is [Seven Star Fragment Slash], in the meantime, doing of double thread operation towed three swords light to form a triangle to surround under [Blade Spin] the sword, making the ancient musical scale basic opportunity not have, [Blade Rush] being separated range in my locking, what means did he have?

At this moment, the ancient musical scale has also made sacrifice, has thrown Going out the valuable box directly, shouts loudly: „Blue long neck hair, speed full, delivers to the Holy Ghost treasure box the hand of rose!"


Golden valuable box from the sky is tumbling, fell in a hand of 216 levels of Knight directly, the blue long neck hair, ABN fought the net to place the 11 th master, Knight that the US war zone ranked among the best was a player.



The [Seven Star Fragment Slash] seal falls on the earth, has torn into shreds the body of ancient musical scale directly, under the sweep of destiny card sign, my output turns time, was the ancient musical scale has had bad luck, even if the second has killed the ancient musical scale, that Holy Ghost treasure box was far away under the protection of blue long neck hair.


Drunken Spear in 5 ride the war is under the converging attack of player Zuo Chongyou suddenly, at the same time looks at the tactical situation in distant place, cannot bear one scold: „Really shameless, unexpectedly such airborne projection shift, these Americans were the rugby play simply!"

However, I actually note on the big map, an orange dot flew from my opposite, high-speed close, the orange, was the color of squad member, the beautiful woman young lady comes finally at crucial moments!


Airborne hears the silver dragon Little Bai roaring sound, a dragon rest/breath falls on the earth.

Incorruptible Dragon Xi freezes all within range rapidly, but this has not spurted the blue long neck hair, the blue long neck hair holds the reins, an attractive arc walked the position to shunt, increased speed to leave rapidly, simultaneously did not forget to raise the long spear to be direct a lance to project, „" fell on the abdomen of silver dragon, blew out 10 thousand + injury digit, this attack power was very strong.

However Lin Wan Er has not made the blue long neck hair flee, raises the God Tier dragon tooth sharp knife blade to carry on the back to leap from the dragon, is bright moon storm, the bright moon in advance sentences to fall on the road which must be taken of blue long neck hair directly, the blue long neck hair looks clearly, increases speed hurriedly swiftly and violently, as the matter stands the bright moon storm could not project on him, what the blue long neck hair has not thought was just stepped into the bright moon in the lunar shadow, Lin Wan Er danced lightly suddenly, the dancer's posture only retained for one second, the dance beautiful woman effect already started, the blue long neck hair held the Holy Ghost treasure box to remain same place, moved fears seriously.


The bright moon storm blasts out, wipes out blue long neck hair 10 thousand directly + HP, Lin Wan Er seizes the chance to kill , the dragon tooth sharp knife blade waves, erupts blade edge of sur- assassin exclusive [Soul Army] of 3 various god to penetrate 2 attacks instantaneously, five injury digit spatter in all directions continuously, under such attack, the blue long neck hair could not resist unexpectedly, must know the blue long neck hair the player, but the US war zone is among the best, foundation HP has 60 thousand, in addition the upper limit of skill promotion, at least 80 thousand HP, cannot block unexpectedly!







The instantaneous second kills! Lin Wan Er attack power of dragon tooth sharp knife blade promotion were too many, and Lin Wan Er own violent striking rate specially is also high, five attacks present 3 storms to strike unexpectedly, the damage of instantaneously causing has surpassed 100 thousand, let alone was the blue long neck hair, even if were I perhaps completely cannot block injures like this?


The Drunken Spear breakthrough tight encirclement, sets up with me shoulder to shoulder, looks at the distant place by the blue long neck hair of Lin Wan Er second of killing, was somewhat speechless: „This...... What attack power is this?"

I surge up, present Lin Wan Er was one kills absolutely greatly, dance beautiful woman + bright moon storm completely unreasonable continual technique simply non-solution, and hideaway attribute of bright moon storm was the armor piercing effect, the bright moon storm armor piercing, in addition the armor piercing effect of equipment and weapon, under the attack of Lin Wan Er, the player of high defense simply was equal to being strip naked instantaneously generally.


Lin Wan Er strikes to massacre the flash of blue long neck hair, on the shoulder was attacked fiercely, by Knight was the player hitting, the surroundings were others people, Lin Wan Er attack power suffice the violence everywhere, but physical defense actually cannot carry on the shoulder hardly.


Holy Ghost treasure box in ground flickering flood light, Lin Wan Er draws back several steps continually, hurried picks to take, but by a [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow to the dizziness there, she did not have the [Hero's Heart] effect instantaneously, was stucked very much easily, especially the match is under premise of one group of US war zone peak players.

In this time, a red form is progressing to pass over gently and swiftly, bends the waist, holds the Holy Ghost treasure box directly in the hand.


Lin Wan Er wakes up from the dizziness effect rapidly, the small boots trod the ground to fly Going out, is the flight effect that various gods were near, the dragon tooth sharp knife blade raises, pursues strikes the second to kill on the preparation in this female Knight back, said in a soft voice: „Is the Chinese players, puts down the Holy Ghost treasure box, I do not kill you!"

However, this female Knight looks back suddenly, a pair of clear pupil looks at Lin Wan Er, in the look is bringing startled: „Wan Er, is I!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1180

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