Zhan Long Chapter 1181

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Under the moonlight, the cheek of this feminine Knight somewhat looks familiar, ID on her top of the head is sparkling under the moonlight, making me also instantaneously think that who this woman was

Misty rain thick Holy Ghost Knight LV-207

Main city: Tian Ling Empire

Guild: Rising sun like blood

Position: Holds flag Wei


Is Zheng Feier, the woman who the Liu Hua University beautiful woman list is listed sixth, is she unexpectedly already the rising sun such as the person of blood?

In a flash, the Lin Wan Er whole person almost stayed in the midair, on the pretty face was confused is surprised, on the dragon tooth sharp knife blade in hand reappeared the blood red ray that was surrounding and attacking continually, was actually shivering not being able to get down hand, yes, good friend in a reality, was hostile has not been cruel enough to start in the game, especially a Wan Er such semblance tenderly innermost feelings good girl.


Drunken Spear is grasping the iron (spear gun), said in consternation: „Why the Cang Tong beautiful woman does not begin to massacre that misty rain to be thick, that is the rising sun such as the person of blood, why doesn't kill?"

In my hand a sword blade edge pendulum: „That is the friend in Wan Er reality, she cannot start, on us!"


Drunken Spear and I fanned out in two groups to kill.

„Tittering", my [Blade Spin] already passed Zheng Feier back, carries over 210 000 + the injury figure, came two to massacre her again, Zheng Feier was only a vase -type female student, the semblance beautiful, on has the C chest, under to have the outstanding buttocks after all, but the technique and tactics operation almost did not have, did not understand that avoided my skill subconsciously!

However, Zheng Feier actually turns head to stare a big eye to visit me: „Schoolmate Xiao Yao, my food Bai Qing, you also killed me, do not fall in love to kill like this!"

I stare, Lin Wan Er also said in the distant place: „Pig head, we do not kill poor, when she has turned over to the Holy Ghost treasure box, we begin again!"


I hesitated slightly, ok, waits again, the friend two characters truly need to treasure, even if Zheng Feier joins the rising sun like the blood, but she as before is the good friend in Lin Wan Er reality.

When I receive the butterfly, has done, the short spear trick actually overran, he is not Zheng Feier friend, is not the Liu Hua University student, does not need scruples these, raises the iron (spear gun) is thousand overlapping waves, his judgment just right, Zheng Feier definitely by thousand overlapping waves affecting, will not use short spear trick second getting rid, the 7 tide attacks of thousand overlapping waves can the second fall Zheng Feier!

However, when thousand overlapping waves will soon go well, in the jungle of another side suddenly ran out of beautiful woman Knight, Call Me Master that has not met for a long time, her speed is extremely fast, rapid horizontally between Zheng Feier and Drunken Spear, the shield smashes the ground fiercely, „bang" surges the innumerable snowflakes, together about 3 meters high ice wall appears in the front, directly thousand overlapping waves blocking!

Drunken Spear stares: „Scratches......"

On the Call Me Master face is having the provocation, said with a smile: „Yo, the small short spear trick, do you want to kill our hold flag Wei Meinv? Come, our rising sun such as blood came many people."


Indeed, presented one group of people in the jungle, the rising sun such as the leading member of blood almost came, was raising the long sword idly, air/Qi calmed down the idle appearance, the moon/month Yao feudal official and catches cold, working off anger of overbearing and the others face for you, wishes one could to fight with Drunken Spear immediately 300 rounds, but they saw me and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue also, therefore has not begun.


Under the Chinese sweet gum, Wang Ze Cheng rode a warhorse to walk slowly, on the face was having the happy expression: „Since the Holy Ghost treasure box has succeeded in obtaining, that defers to the established route to retreat!"

What is hateful, Zheng Feier has been taking the Holy Ghost treasure box unexpectedly, has not given Wang Ze Cheng.

I already set firm resolve in the moral nature, in three minutes, Zheng Feier does not hand over the valuable box, I also same kill her, cannot, for a favour ruins the Holy Ghost treasure box that will soon have succeeded in obtaining!


In not far away jungle hears the war cries, one crowd of Indian player devils kills, they from the Coordinate of Holy Ghost treasure box had learned that our Coordinate, over a hundred raise the player of Axe and long sword to cover to kill, lets me and Drunken Spear has to deal, but Wang Ze Cheng is more intelligent, is meaner, leading the person on one's own side to turn around to walk, left our four people the mess.

Drunken Spear raises the long spear to meet head-on, at the same time knits the brows: „This is not quite good, handed over the Holy Ghost treasure box directly to the rising sun such as the blood?"

Dong Cheng Yue sits in carrying on the back of silver dragon, said with a smile: „Relax, the sky rose looked unluckily, we do not stop over here, on Wan Er a bit faster Dragon Bei, we pursue the Holy Ghost treasure box!"


Lin Wan Er jumped to jump onto Dragon Bei, Drunken Spear rapidly has also traded flight mount, I rose straight from the ground, did not go to pester with these Indian players, we did not have Cooldown to waste here.

Similar to Dong Cheng Yue said that when we fly sky over the jungle, saw rising sun such as blood less than 1000 people were being ridden to chase down by the strong gale, the sky rose leads personally, she must mostly the ancient musical scale and blue long neck hair killed Qiu Ji in the head of Wang Ze Cheng.

Rising sun such as the strength of blood I am clear, on the lord, idle, Su Yan these people are quite strong, but absolutely is not the war sharp knife blade Guild match, was massacred is also sooner or later matter, we here walk randomly look for the opportunity to bribe the Holy Ghost treasure box!

Now, the peak players of major servers almost converged in the seven luminaries forest, we do not worry, when everybody spelled similarly again started the Holy Ghost treasure box, this was safer.


After crossing again for dozen minutes, in the guild channel broadcasts the Li Mu sound: „Guildmaster, we arrived in south the seven luminaries forest, what to do now, to defer to the Coordinate to kill immediately?"

I said: „Now the scene was too chaotic, do not come."

Wang Jian is stunned: „Why Xiao Yao elder brother?"

Xue Rou shows a faint smile: „Boss does not need to explain that I also understand, even if were our these tens of thousands people kills to capture the valuable box now, but will degenerate into as before is the target of public criticism, when the time comes must be killed by others unavoidably bustles about, incautiously the valuable box must lose."

I nod: „Right, Matcha said right, Li Mu, do not go near the region of Holy Ghost treasure box, you lead everybody to clean up one to belong to our territories in the south side of seven luminaries forest, carries the person of valuable box unable to leave the seven luminaries forest knot, our [Zhan Long] establishes own base in the seven luminaries forest first, sending out the elite player to go to the multi- valuable box, attained the valuable box to go to the territory to defend immediately, defends for 7 hours to win!"

Li Mu laughs: „, I understood, south the seven luminaries forest other, divide one-third, how is it?"

My face heavy line: „We do not have ravenous appetite that selected the seven luminaries forest 5% area to be OK, must gather together, do not disperse."



Just said that suddenly the distant place has heard system ting, Zheng Feier has not really defended the Holy Ghost treasure box, this less than 20 minutes gave to lose


System Announcement: Players 【Misty rain thick】( China) was killed, lost the Holy Ghost treasure box, the player 【Xia Guo】( US) picks to take the Holy Ghost treasure box, the position that he is in seven luminaries forest ( 27161,20921 ), kills this player 100% to blow out the Holy Ghost treasure box, gained the Holy Ghost treasure box to maintain for 7 hours to obtain the treasure in Holy Ghost treasure box!

Xia Guo?

Inquired, the iron skull city Guild wind and cloud list ranks third Guild Guildmaster, for the American this Holy Ghost treasure box was elite together leaves, first three should Guild have?

However, the person in Chinese war zone is unambiguous, I even saw the [Prague] Guild form from afar, Yan Zhao Warrior do not know where from did the transport ship, arrived in the seven luminaries forest with [Zhan Long] almost Cooldown, but population only then less than 5000 people of appearances, are unable to compare with the [Zhan Long] several thousand people of scales.

The tactical situation in ground is as before intense, Wang Ze Cheng entered the war personally, takes hanging idly, Su Yan, catches cold three senior generals to massacre Xia Guo for you as the price, but after Wang Ze Cheng attained the Holy Ghost treasure box, was less than 3 minutes met with by first Berserker of war sharp knife blade to an axe has hacked to death, after blowing out the Holy Ghost treasure box, met with take away, the sky rose had the person to escort personally, about 2000 + American players battered to directly soar west the seven luminaries forest the boundary to go, wants to come them should there also many people.


The star light is dim, met with one to hold the valuable box, is grasping Axe, progresses to skice in the forests on the track, this is a trade route track, roadside hotels, but he is unable to rest, must resist behind [Prague] and rising sun such as the blood, [Flying Dragon] and beautiful life, to go on an expedition world and other Guild the pursuing troops, while must guard against the airborne attack.

The sky rose skices looks up as before unceasingly to the sky, on the face brings to worry that the sky rose is actually a standard North American girl, the five senses, although is inferior to the Oriental to be so fine, but was the outline was also distinct, most charming was golden hair, the appearance of sur- beautiful woman, has been full of the foreign country character and style, her bean noodles were really around the world many, in the Chinese war zone, was the mortal enemy , many male players are as before willing * completely to perish for her.


Also looked at airborne, the sky rose was worrying as before from my attack, in fact this worry is not unnecessary, I have planned soon to begin.

However , to continue to proceed again, I saw the appearance that in the jungle the bird drags, has the ambusher!

Sky rose and the others in the jungle, is unable to detect.



The first arrow arrow sticks out suddenly to the sound of string, an advantage arrow „" shoots down in the chest of meeting with, more comes to be also many, arrow rain intensive falling, rode the strong gale of war sharp knife blade in an instant has killed several hundred people, the sky rose anxious has stopped the warhorse, raised the long sword to look to the front, on the face has piled up with the scowl: „Mean Russian!"

Really, in the jungle massive the cavalry soldiers from Ze deep pool city flushed, blots out the sky, at least the appearances of over 5 thousand people!


In front of the Holy Ghost treasure box, which also has any ally.

Zhan Long Chapter 1181

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