Zhan Long Chapter 1182

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„The polar abyss Guild person came." Lin Wan Er caresses the back of silver dragon lightly, comforts its moving restlessly to be restless.

Dong Cheng Yue is grasping Aiersha scepter, stands in the silver dragon back edge, the bird's eye view earth, said: „Then has lived it up, I also think that the iron skull city with Ze deep pool city is the ally, has not thought that this treaty of alliance in front of the Holy Ghost treasure box is simply same on shape same Zhang Zhi."

In ground, Drunken Spear warhorse hot tempered was neighing, not far away came one group of Chinese players, was the [Flying Dragon] player, the short spear trick summons own person to come finally, what has saying that although [Flying Dragon] Guildmaster was Soaring Dragon, but Drunken Spear individual strength was really too outstanding, [Flying Dragon] Guild at least over 20% players absolutely were the Drunken Spear people, to ride the war is in the majority, this was also the reason of Soaring Dragon very courteous reception short spear trick, if Drunken Spear left [Flying Dragon], he at least can carry off is over 1 thousand to ride to fight is the elite player, but this guild [Assault] main force.

„Ning elder brother, situation how?" 211 levels of Swordsman raised the long sword to clash.

The short spear trick shakes the head saying: „Not much, but duplicate loses, we first do not act rashly, the Russian in the ambush American, we watched the fun temporarily."

„Good!" This year an immaturity of light Swordsman face, said with a smile at the same time: „The [Legend] person also came, we came a moment ago time saw Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang."

„How many does population have?"

„At least 2 thousand above? Also, the [Zhan Long] person's direction southwest the seven luminaries forest has built the position, how they think that thinks will be attacking them with the person of Holy Ghost treasure box?"

„Hey, this matter we do not need to manage."



The distant place, the skill ray and flame a piece, the polar abyss from Russian server and deep cold two big Guild started the impact on war sharp knife blade Guild continually, distant can also see the brown pupil and herd heart these two inspirational figures, in the country fights always „brothers" the ally, finally has revealed the fang to the sky rose now.

Actually the sky rose does not dread but actually, but is the ancient musical scale and blue long neck hair and the others , in our fought randomly is killed, the player of peak level has lacked much, bumped into the player of Russian server to wait at ease for an exhausted enemy again, the pressure that bore naturally also doubles.

The sword blade edge raises high, in a sky rose pair of deep blue beautiful pupil is passing the spunk: „To, kills!"

The Americans did not have the escape route, behind is the India, China and other server of the pursuing troops, front is a Russian, this is the hand grasps the price of Holy Ghost treasure box!

The strong gale rides with the riding war of Russian server is the player attacks in together, the sky rose as before is maintaining the tactical style of meeting no resistance, nobody can, in riding to fight encounters with her, and AOE injuries lose Going out, kills Russia to be horrible to look, but the price was the strong gale rides to withstand the heavy firepower salvo attack of opposite party.

The fight is exceptionally frigid, is less than 5 minutes, 2000 + strong gales rode have been not much left, the sky rose led dozens people to escape, in the top of the head the innumerable magic and arrow arrow fell disorderly, if she did not walk, wanted the tragedy.

But defense line overlapped dozens of Russian, where has is broken through easily, met with to hold the Holy Ghost treasure box, HP almost about 40% has been pacing back and forth unable to come up, after 3 rd time attacks was shaken draws back, met with violent anger of face: „Rose, we could not exit, this group of damn Russians!"

The sky rose is nipping the silver tooth: „Continues maintains the impact, certainly can kill Going out!"

In this time, strong gale is riding the excited elongated neck saying: „Guildmaster, as if...... Some people helped us break through!"


The sky rose also opens beautiful eyes to look.

Really, behind the Russian server second Guild deep cold camp hears startled day war cries, a person brandished the sharp knife blade to instigate the warhorse to break through the defense line, then linked three to be getting more and more, a person of lead put on a fine heavy armor, the armor surroundings is reappearing antiquity flame Fu Wen, like was around one set of hot armor lingering, a little likely was I starts the appearance that Yang Yanhuo armor protected oneself, but this person was not I.

„Was bad!" The sky rose raises the sword to clash hurriedly forward.

But, coming the person actually not to oppose the enemy with the sky rose, he raises single-handed, the gust of wind sees the fluctuation in the warhorse four hooves, under the speed violent increased is [Blade Rush] penetrated the body of sky rose, before the sky rose started Jianfeng advanced turns round a skill to attack, a Yuan god forced, as before the dizziness sky rose 2 seconds, the speed did not reduce flushed forward.

One group of American players were shocked, a war sharp knife blade Guild group team leader player is dumbfounded, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Is Jian Feng Han, Chinese war zone [Vanguard] Guild Guildmaster, blocks him to me!"

But Jian Feng Han opened the Greedy Wolf armor skill, physical defense has promoted 270%, disregards to ride to fight the attack of department completely, starts the coverall skill rapidly, the mount oppression of the people place visited immediately becomes a sea of fire, the goal points to met with.


Meets with is also a militant person, where will be able to withstand such provocation, raises Axe to prepare to meet head-on, the stimulation of movement warhorse skices, Axe hangs down, such attack stance is very wise, no one knows that this axe will attack from any angle, Axe that met with is the long handle, could not miss many with Guan Yu's black dragon Yan Yue, this struck possibly drags the blade, can sweep away, more possible to drop from the clouds, looked that his was glad.

However, Jian Feng Han what kind of person, is known as in the younger generation the intelligence most Superior player, when met with to be ready, suddenly moves on the whole body fears seriously, handle blood red weapon is the pet appears, just likes the blood blade edge, but is not the blood blade edge, but is one type can the stealth sword be the biology, is called „hidden sword", the stealth later starts one time to cripple punctures suddenly, this I early have hearing, today first time sees actually.

The hoofbeat is strong, Jian Feng Han with meeting with brush, the long sword passes the chest of opposite party, comes cold wind to sweep again, immediately under sky rose another senior general was killed, the Holy Ghost treasure box peels off, Jian Feng Han lifts in the hand income pouch, the system also official System Notification Holy Ghost treasure box exchanged ownerships!



The speed that the sky rose turns back in order to help friendly forces is quick, attained the instantaneous back of valuable box continuously to be rumbled in Jian Feng Han several times, HP fell suddenly 52%, was lucky that was the sky rose does not have Lin Wan Er such armor piercing effect, even if otherwise were 270% defense strengthening fears Jian Feng Han unable to block output of one set of skill.

„Guildmaster, walks quickly, we divert her!"

In the crowd, Don't be Foolish and Goodbye Tears flushed, Don't be Foolish is distant [Assault] attacks, unexpectedly has hit, „bang" a hit on mount of sky rose, its dizziness 1 second, wields the long spear to start to puncture suddenly, but the effect is not tangible, equipment Level of sky rose is too high, almost broken defends.

Goodbye Tears is grasping the buddhist monk's knife, another side progresses to arrive, Fokuang peeps + true words to cut falls on the shoulder of sky rose together.


The sky rose revives rapidly, west this boundary goddess thorough was hot tempered, the blade edge of chaotic dance lava broken + lava, Pu Gong the guided bomb, hits Don't be Foolish and Goodbye Tears HP in addition rapidly spatially, but Goodbye Tears also plants, roars to start the skill lowly, the whole body flood moves the golden light, covers in Jinzhongzhao, lifts the arm is a singing in praise of the Buddha recovers the blood, does not die.

„Butchers them, hurry up!" The sky rose ordered.

Immediately, the remaining strong gale rides starts in abundance has the skill respectively, the skill that eight immortals crossing the sea, shows special prowess sways completely in second the bodies [Vanguard] three giant, at this moment, Goodbye Tears is „Buddha takes possession", bellows a buddhist monk's knife to sweep away the surroundings, the shield dingdong the innumerable long-distance attacks, endures patiently, the heavy shield standard to keep off, [Holy Blessing], various r-line skill in addition hold together, that blood strip surging, was encircled by several people unexpectedly really in middle sword adding together has also supported enough over 15 seconds!

Nearby, Don't be Foolish could not support first, after the long spear selected to fly strong gale to ride, cracked into a smile: „father has been totally dedicated to one's country......"

The sword light flashes past, the sword result of sky rose Don't be Foolish, Goodbye Tears looked at Don't be Foolish to hang, immediately also had no interest to fight again, roars the nostril to one group of American players, exclaimed: „Come, has to plant massacres the father!"

One group of American players by nostril frightening, finally is of bowman arrows ten big generals shoot on the forehead of Goodbye Tears, center abstains seal, „splash" straight discontinues but actually, although has not massacred anybody, but supports is so long, was the meritorious military service illustrious.


Also while this precious several seconds, Jian Feng Han opened the gust of wind, to hold the Holy Ghost treasure box to speed away to be very far definitely, in his dead ahead, Fallen Wolf, floats lives ten thousand blade edge and the others to aid mixed, but one crowd tries close Russian players burning the badly battered backlash by a Simple fire.

„Elder sister, succeeded in obtaining!" Jian Feng Han Ha Ha said with a smile.

Simple nods: „Does attractively, retreats!"


The hatred value shifts instantaneously, brown pupil and herd heart and the others direction of attack turned into the [Vanguard] gang immediately . Moreover, the sky rose also vents anger in Jian Feng Han kills to meet with, the Holy Ghost treasure box starts in any case, is burns does not want, Jian Feng Han also knows immediately was fierce, [Vanguard] Guild came to be many, about ten thousand people defended in the jungle, was waiting for the order of Jian Feng Han.

Puts to wrap in the Holy Ghost treasure box, Jian Feng Han is grasping the long sword retrocedes, while said loudly: „Retreats fighting, here too close seven luminaries city, was too disadvantageous to us!"

The [Vanguard] person retrocedes slowly, but the price together was covered by several big influences kills, chases down ominously is the sky rose, and reinforcements of American also arrived quickly, several thousand people of crack troops appeared in the seven luminaries forest, this dispute is unable to be friendly eventually.

Zhan Long Chapter 1182

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