Zhan Long Chapter 1183

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„Can't we always think so?" Suddenly, Lin Wan Er turns around to look that said to me.

Yes, always like this looks that is not good.

As soon as I nod: „That helps the Jian Feng Han helping hand, at least temporarily maintains in the Holy Ghost treasure box the hand of Chinese!"



Lin Wan Er and silver dragon do not have the attribute of immunity dizziness, therefore takes the lead by me, received the soaring strength suddenly, the body has crashed, opened thousand frost wings again, the whole person changes into the meteor to dive together to the earth, Drunken Spear was raising the iron (spear gun) by far, said in consternation loudly: „Xiao Yao, don't impulse?"


I hit directly on the earth, fights the boots to tow the long path in the ground, simultaneously the double sword chaotic dance, has cut several people instantaneously, the silver dragon Little Bai large flame has also spat, the point of attack that we choose as before is the US war zone, actually this is we biggest enemy, the sky rose is the player of head is also aggressive, almost called the king in the west boundary, does not take off their spirit, goals of Chinese area series seven big kingdoms are unable successfully to be completed.

The Dong Cheng Yue magic also instantaneously erupts, but has pinched skill of Aiersha scepter in the hand, now is also not the release time, when our [Zhan Long] attains the Holy Ghost treasure box time said again.

Finally, pushing directly into of our three people, making the pursuit lineup in US war zone have not the small fluctuation, what the sky rose was distant was hates and gets angry, wants to kill us also not to be but simple, we had the ability of flight, round trip free, moreover kills the price that I paid is she is not perhaps able to withstand.


Toward the front, approached the seven luminaries forest again the western boundary edge, the jungle edge blood red backdrop soars to the heavens to go together, has the person of Holy Ghost treasure box unable to break through this guard shield, only if discards the valuable box, otherwise cannot run away.

However also at this moment, was a big piece of Chinese player emerged the seven luminaries forest, impressively was [Legend] is several Guild of head, this population were many enough, at least surpassed the 200 000 person to enter the war!

„Be careful, the people in highest heaven city attacked from the left wing!" The distant place, Fallen Wolf is roaring in the crowd loudly.

Really, east the jungle, the troop's elite players from highest heaven city has killed, the large number of elderly persons, the main players in highest heaven city already rushed to at least hundreds of thousands of people of densely covered jungles, personally is led to start to attack the [Vanguard] Guild left wing by the demon mountain. [Vanguard] had been chased down has been scarred, now which also so many strength resists the demon mountain elite?

Almost the flash, the [Vanguard] defense line collapsed, the battleline was slivered two directly, [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] person came unable to contain this trend.

At this time in the seven luminaries forest has almost been filled with the person, I was in the crowd unable to see the exact location of Holy Ghost treasure box, can only kill one is , helping [Vanguard] be good as far as possible.

May be less than 20 minutes, suddenly system ting transmits


System Announcement: Players 【Jian Feng Han】( China) was killed, lost the Holy Ghost treasure box, the player 【Clear pupil develops black ink】( India) picks to take the Holy Ghost treasure box, the position that he is in seven luminaries forest ( 12161,7921 ), kills this player 100% to blow out the Holy Ghost treasure box, gained the Holy Ghost treasure box to maintain for 7 hours to obtain the treasure in Holy Ghost treasure box!


Ended, did this lose?

My astonished asked in guild channel: „What situation, why Jian Feng Han will be massacred, does not hit, can always be able to escape?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Jian Feng Han retreats under the protections of Fallen Wolf these people, avoids chasing down of demon mountain, but could not have evaded the clear pupil to develop the ambush of black ink, in a Shanlingxia, the Qing pupil developed black ink with hunting for Dragon Nu has ambushed Jian Feng Han, tied up directly massacres!"

I: „......"

Lin Wan Er said: „Pig head, did not want hesitant, we snatched the Holy Ghost treasure box, was the time, this time must go well!"



I jump, summon Xiaolongnu, controlled raspberry to fly directly to the direction of Holy Ghost treasure box, Dragon Yin, Lin Wan Er also brought Dong Cheng Yue to ride Little Bai to fly.

The bird's eye view earth, everywhere in confusion, everywhere is the corpse of player, many people do not even know why fights, killed in the jungle is heavily engaged.

The flight was less than 2 seconds, dead ahead presents a big golden mark, the mark of Holy Ghost treasure box appeared, in one black jungles, the clear pupil developed the ribbon the Holy Ghost treasure box, in one crowd of India rode the war are under the protection of player retreat rapidly to the direction of seven luminaries city, and in the crowd has been able to see the form that the maplewood was drunk.

The population are not many, not over 500 people, this is our opportunities, but they disassembled part of hunting for Dragon Nu to bring along, momentarily may install, hunted for Dragon Nu was fierce I to experience, this was the place that made me dread only.

Just is thinking, suddenly „drop", an information came from Xue Rou: „Boss, I lead the 100 + melt god cavalries in [Zhan Long] camp in your southeastern jungle, gave you to mark on, what wanted me to make?"

My great happiness: „I seize Holy Ghost treasure box, you are responsible for constraining the maplewood to be drunk, the attribute that the maplewood is drunk is specially strong, under his hand player is not the ornaments, must be careful!"

Xue Rouxi smiles: „This simplicity, gave me! The Boss, you hides the good position, I provoke first, after I lead away the maplewood is drunk, you again capture the Holy Ghost treasure box, 100 + melt god cavalries I will arrange them to shield for you, Wan Er and will East city also help you? This did not have the issue, the Holy Ghost treasure box definitely was our!"


To being known as female war-god the strength of Xue Rou I am absolutely confident, but I think of every means to make her re-enter [Zhan Long] finally, this time value also manifested, selected the maplewood to be drunk only, who takes a broad view at [Zhan Long] more appropriate besides her? Xue Rou current equipment wants the inferior maplewood to be drunk a level, but...... I believe her, hopes that do not hang......


I promote the flight altitude, hides in the floating clouds, these floating clouds are not loose in the night calm situation for a very long time, is best concealing.

Under the moonlight, the clear pupil develops black ink to sit behind a body of female Knight, is bringing the Holy Ghost treasure box, maintaining composure speeds past under the moonlight, but naturally does not evade the person with high aspirations „following", the innumerable players have welled up in all directions, leaves my Cooldown not to be many, but on the map, Xue Rou mark position has been away from the clear pupil to develop black ink and the others to be near.


Our [Zhan Long] „to like tracking down" penetration jungle, is raising the cold iron sword with a smile progresses to be built on the track center, only then a person, such horizontally in the Holy Ghost treasure box returns to the path in seven luminaries city.

The maplewood is drunk to the front line, the anxious restraining warhorse, knits the brows: „What meaning, courts death?"

On Xue Rou face is having the supple smiling face, said: „Maplewood is drunk, heard that you are the Indian war zone first master, do you dare with my SOLO?"( SOLO: Athletics game domain, single Tiao the meaning, takes thousand AR3 as the model, the meaning of one-on-one challenging.)

The maplewood was drunk to be out of control to smile: „You, when my idiot, at this time with your SOLO? Dies, do not block the way before father, the brothers, give on me, butchers this to like tracking down!"

Xue Rou saw that the opposite party must begin, immediately also said with a smile: „Heard that half a month ago your maplewood was drunk by the supermode girlfriend is flung, it seems like that this matter real, the first master who SOLO does not dare, is really a joke."

She said wind light Yun Dan, is forking in moonlight next ***, is grasping long sword on the shoulder, an appearance of female hoodlum, which the maplewood is drunk can withstand such provocation, immediately to behind goes on an expedition the world Guild elite player saying: „You continue to protect the clear pupil to retreat, I butchered this woman to say again that making her know what was profound, you did not use I, I solved her to come immediately!"

These go on an expedition the world Guild person to have much are ABN Battle Ranking 100, has the symbol, is keeping these people, truly as if can protect the Holy Ghost treasure box, but the maplewood will be drunk does not think that will circle in upper air I.



Xue Rou provokes smiled, pulls the reins to turn around to enter the jungle, the maplewood has been drunk to bring the pet that did not pass on responsibilities also to pursue, his equipment almost comprehensive crush our Matcha, as if also had no reason afraid.

The clear pupil develops black ink to be in formation center, has not stopped to see that with enough time the maplewood was drunk to run, did not have the means that can only say loudly: „Picks up the speed, should not be constrained."

Was the present!

I dived suddenly, headed by One Second Hero and Old K one group of melt god cavalries also appeared by far in the front, raised the pointed weapons on overrunning of laughing, took by force the countenance of cateran, was the leader of this group of people, sometimes the pressure supported in a big way.

One Second Hero is full meat shield, carries dozens sword air/Qi daybreak attacks to penetrate the crowd hardly, under the cover of his, a Old K advance skill, jumps to cut suddenly again, is settling the pupil to develop black ink the Axe bang directly.

The clear pupil develops the black ink diving posture to discontinue, enters the Regent effect, ingenious MISS falls the Axe attack, and lifts the hand is a fast [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, Old K fainting.

However at this time my opportunity came, flies high , a swift and violent attack makes the clear pupil develop black ink to handle to guard, the butterfly, will do will interlock, will attack consecutively for 5 times, will be useless including the skill, tears into shreds to settle the pupil to develop the defense of black ink directly, killed to the second this Indian goddess!


Holds to crash the Holy Ghost treasure box, squeezes in the pouch directly, I turn around to walk, said loudly: „Do not prolong contact, retreats to return to the position!"

Lin Wan Er jumps to leap, the bright moon storm tries to chase down my player one crowd again resorption to be also in-situ, said: „A bit faster walks, do not look!"


I have not been able the altitude flying, only to maintain thousand frost wing conditions am leading one group of melt god cavalries to retrocede, Lin Wan Er controls the big dragon in airborne to warn for me, one group of melt god cavalries is excited.

Is less than 5 minutes, arrives at the [Zhan Long] position, Li Mu and Wang Jian lead several thousands to ride the war are the player greet, but I worry looked at one behind, said: „Matcha selected the maplewood to be drunk only, how did not know the situation......"

„Does not need too to be worried about her." Li Mu grins to smile: „Good and virtuous person has the day."

My almost illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, what words did this call?


However, after three minutes, in an outrider jungle departs, is Xue Rou, in the hand is grasping a handle flood light long sword, looks familiar very much, saber that a turning over to Yuan sword foreign country Country Weapon, the maplewood is drunk!

Zhan Long Chapter 1183

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