Zhan Long Chapter 1184

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I had a scare instantaneously, thought Xue Rou can live is coming back to be good, may look like according to at present this, she has massacred the maplewood to be drunk only!

„Massacred?" I walk to go forward to ask.

Xue Rou nods with a smile, has raised the turning over to Yuan sword in hand, said: „Maplewood was drunk was too hospitable, fell 1 level to add, at the point of death before , bestowed the weapon to me."

I without the slightest show of feeling: „Is explodes?"

Xue Roupu smiles: „Boss quality, knows that reveals others!"

Wolf said: „Soon did not endure to look straight ahead, the Matcha elder sister a bit faster turning over to the attribute of Yuan sword sent out to come to see, we have not seen to turn over to seven shifting to a new command of Yuan sword!"


Xue Rou arm shakes slightly, immediately turns over to the attribute of Yuan sword to jump, the attribute is truly good, Country Weapon will be Country Weapon, in the attribute is definitely will not make the holder suffer a loss too

【Turns over to the Yuan sword】( Country Weapon)

Attack: 17200-21500

Strength: + 780

Stamina: + 775

Magic: + 770

Agility: + 760

Additional: Promotes user 190% attack power

Additional: Promotes user 125% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 50% physical defense

Special effect: The armor piercing, each target one time will weaken opposite party 2% physical defense, most superimposes 15

Special effect: Heavy League keeps off, promoting the user 40% standards to keep off and resist the success ratio

Special effect: [Drain], will oppose the enemy 50% attack injuries to transform as own HP

Characteristics: Country Weapon Moon Elf foreign country

skill: The 5 bad attitudes turn over to the Yuan, restores in 1000 yards instantaneously 75% HP of all friend side goals, consumes 120 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 2 hours

Needs the charm: 700

Needs Level: Non- rank limit


Turned over to the attribute of Yuan sword to make Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others saliva be about directly to fall, so a war duplicate class JP magical instrument simply was numerous close combats is in the dream of player the sweetheart, oneself had strong 50% [Drain] not saying that strong armor piercing effect, moreover big skill was also over I motherfucker A skill, in the team fight, the 5 bad attitudes turned over to the Yuan sudden release to change the course of events very much.

Wolf said with a smile: „Congratulates the Matcha elder sister to obtain the [Soul Army] sharp weapon!"

I also nod: „This turning over to Yuan sword truly very suitable Matcha, remaining, then our [Zhan Long] had three Country Weapon!"

Xue Rou eats to smile: „Oh , to continue to try hard, I always thought that the Indian will not give up, will also deliver some equipment again to us."

Saying, her was winking the winking star pupil, visits me, has a look at the surrounding terrain, said: „Boss, others attain toward the crowd that in the Holy Ghost treasure box goes all out run, you are booing, stands in the [Zhan Long] frontal line, this really good, others accidentally the words that comes ten thousand arrows to fire, you could turn into the hedgehog to hand over the Holy Ghost treasure box."

I put out a hand to grasp the shoulder of Li Meng Yao, the racket she horizontally in the front Lady Wa stone shield, said with a smile: „I have personal small Knight, fears anything, said again, my one set of five-star overlord coverall, they want to provoke although comes, coming many to kill many, I do not want to make the brothers keep off in my front work as the cannon fodder, must die also together dies."

„Said well." Lin Wan Er is patting Little Bai head gently, said: „Most over 5 minutes, the Russian do not come, prepares to defend the lineup to greet the impact!"


The Holy Ghost treasure box, looks like a sweetie pie is in my hands same, does not know that must bring in many invading enemies, we behind were almost seven luminaries forest knot, wants to walk unable to leave, can only depend upon the [Zhan Long] strength to defend stubbornly here for 7 hours, 7 hours ended, we were the final winners.

In has a look to wrap the golden mark on Holy Ghost treasure box and top of the head, the sincerity thought own present looks like a target is ordinary, but Darling Duck as if also sees my worry, immediately hundred fights and other BUFF losing on me, and every other Little segment Cooldown on Shua new, as far as possible maintains I strongest condition meets head-on.

„Be careful, they came immediately!"

Lin Wan Er has the information on map, a hand mesosaurus tooth sharp knife blade pendulum, the order was saying slightly: „In the middle of Li Xiao Yao defends, Li Mu and Wang Jian defend the left wing, Matcha and Qing Qian defend the right wing, prepared to meet head-on!"

One group of person Qi Qi nod.

I am grasping the double sword, rides carries on the back in raspberry, the Xiaolongnu is spurting the scalding hot breath, crawls in the place likely is clever young Dragon, but I can feel her hot tempered and willful, if not I am controlling her, god knows was then born the kids of 1-2 months to make the big move!



The distant place as if broadcasts the sound of battle drum, that battle drum is the accessory, the luck good player can obtain, in addition holds the surrounding teammate attack power stage prop, although in addition holds are not many, most, only then about 20%, are equal to the futile attempt compared with the degrees of present first-class player whole body equipment addition about 10 times of injuries, but the better than nothing, is good.

„Sincere" in hoofbeat, the cavalry soldiers from Ze deep pool city appeared, although the Ze deep pool city of Russian in the south of mainland, but actually severely cold incomparable, warhorse also suitable resisting the cold that there delivers, therefore you will see their bordeaux b horse and zhui horse and other warhorse whole body densely covered hair, is ordinary with the mammoth . Moreover, in mount of Russian, the growing hair bear, polar snow fox and other rare and beautiful flowers type of mount are specially many, their cavalry soldier [Assault], looked like looks like the circus troupe revolts to be the same.

However their population were too many, must be ready in full battle array!


The distant place hears the cry of management player, the Russian has locked my position, started attacks!

I immediately sword blade edge one horizontal, said with a smile: „Makes them kill, opens fire!"

In the frontal line, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Meng Yao and the others almost first Cooldown completely threw the pointed weapons, [Blade Spin] has spread across in the front open area, forms the sword air/Qi of innumerable interweaving, killed a none remaining the player of Russian front instantaneously, several hundred corpses above the battleground, then a row of player gawked horizontally, some people anchored mount directly, was scruple.

At this time, behind the crowd has transmitted deep cold Guild Guildmaster „herd heart" sound: „[Assault], captures Holy Ghost treasure box, do not hesitate!"

The herd heart is the standard Russian beautiful woman, is valiant and snow white.

Russian [Assault], regiment -type [Assault] has covered once more kills! However, I behind headed by Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Xing Lie and colored glaze fox and the others [Zhan Long] long-distance team am not am a vegetarian, before the opposite party is close is a round archer projects kills, before they approach, entertains with the AOE magic directly.

„Shield!" Li Meng Yao loud order.

One crowd of fronts ride the war are player keep off the shield before the body, „bang bang bang" was hit continuously, but slightly motionless defending in same place, the Russian brandishes the pointed weapons to chop randomly, the almost entire tribe on the shield, has not actually caused too many substantive damage, is our Mage and archer firepower is too on the contrary fierce, in addition the airborne Lin Wan Er bright moon storm and silver dragon spit the rest/breath, I also fully output, the sword air/Qi able to move unhindered, is less than 10 minutes, about 3000 people that the Russian attacks turned into the corpse to lie down on our front glades completely!

Smell of blood rich flooding in the noses, I have patted nearby remnant blood actually Ancient Heavenly Tiger that lowers roars lowly, comforts its, the kid secure calmed down immediately.


The distant place, the complexion of herd heart not so was obviously attractive, she has not thought that the output of [Zhan Long] high to this situation, such match will be more fearful than war sharp knife blade Guild that the sky rose leads! In fact is also this, [Zhan Long] has Lin Wan Er and Xue Rou two top players, has Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Dancing Forest again and other extra-superior Class leadership players, has Old K, Meng Yao, Wolf, Moon Feather, Tang Xin, One Second Hero and other first-class players, many of them's CBN fights the net rank is equal before, really must rank, [Zhan Long] Guild can provide ten big generals, this is not the matter.

staff in herd heart hand hangs down, the complexion is dreary, said slowly: „Do not attack, fortifies at every step, rides the war is before, long-distance is, supplies the department from now on, advancement step by step in the past, maintained the treatment result continuously, I did not believe unable to break through the [Zhan Long] array, is now, immediately reorganizes the array, the attack!"

Is less than 3 minutes, the deep cold Guild at least over 5 thousand people once more in the front has formed the dense and numerous arrays, preparation in the true sense made war with us.

However also at this moment, Yue Qing Qian suddenly by far cries out I: „Brother Xiao Yao, was not quite wonderful, our left wings came under the attack of American the sky rose leads, what to do?"

I have swept a map, reads the intelligence system, said: „[Hero's Mound] in our left wings, I relates."



Prepares to meet head-on, while opened the good friend system, the direct application and Q-Sword talked, after honk , the opposite party put through, the Q-Sword familiar sound conveyed: „Ha, Xiao Yao how?"

I said: „Do not ask something already known, the Holy Ghost treasure box in my hands, the [Zhan Long] position Coordinate you should very be also clear, the sky rose is having the person to fiercely attack the [Zhan Long] left wing, I want to ask [Hero's Mound] to help me attack from both sides war sharp knife blade Guild from the left wing, repels the attack of sky rose, although I know that this request is a little excessive, [Hero's Mound] also has the authority to capture the Holy Ghost treasure box, but......"

Q-Sword is quite refreshed, said: „Let alone, your Li Xiao Yao has worked as the words of friend with my North Star wind, this is busy at me being probable to help, what this [Hero's Mound] is willing is the friend works oneself to death, the left wing of [Zhan Long] position gave me to be good, the sky rose wants to break through there, must tread my corpse in the past, but the premise had a few words, did you work as the friend with my North Star wind?"

My big feeling one's blood bubbles up to the brim, character character said sonorously: „Accepts that quarter that old gentleman directs from me in Henan, you are the friend of mine!"

Q-Sword laughs: „OK, the gentleman dies for friend, my this dispatches troops!"

„Um, many thanks!"

„Is impolite!"


The defense of [Zhan Long] left wing basically is not a problem, the [Hero's Mound] strength I am know that although the top player does not have [Zhan Long] that many, but high main force actually, and well-trained, acts in harmony, the complete force cannot be underestimated.

Such one, only the remaining right nobody helped us defend.

Zhan Long Chapter 1184

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