Zhan Long Chapter 1185

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Looked again a good friend lists, after I think deeply about one next sets firm resolve, has reported a news to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, Holy Ghost treasure box in my hands, but the major servers are attacking the [Zhan Long] position, our right wings are somewhat void, by others' elite strength crack, the uncle will be wanted the Holy Ghost treasure box very much easily?"

Yan Zhao Warrior rapid reply: „Naturally wants, but was too difficult, my advance ability is too low, in competing for the activity of valuable box very difficult accomplishment, your boy to have thousand frost wings to fly actually, must be blessed by God simply!"

I laugh: „Does the uncle sell my favour? Leads the [Prague] brothers to hold the position of right wing for me, how is it?"


Yan Zhao Warrior has hesitated, said: „You also sell my face, Ok?"

I stare: „You need anything, said freely!"

„Hey......" Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Is very simple, next time in the Tian Ling Empire regiment conference, for my much fine talk several, you will look, strong wind from afar regiment commanded hundred to be already old, although was Princess Pearl teacher, but the too old brain was not agile, directed not quite to be convenient, may the words, gave me the position recommendation of this commanding, otherwise I can only direct 10,000 NPC soldiers, died to love dearly for several days unable to have a good sleep to think......"

I almost laugh in spite of trying not to: „Did uncle pursue on a little? Good, I promise you, so long as your meritorious service arrived, hundred position certainly is your."


Yan Zhao Warrior claps the hands saying: „That did not have the issue, [Prague] whole-heartedly helped certainly [Zhan Long] defend the right front door, no matter any person attacked, we will certainly not fall into enemy hands, your boy also wanted powerful, preserved the Holy Ghost treasure box 7 hours, made every effort to succeed to the Chinese, this time valuable box we cannot make the foreigner snatch absolutely!"

„Knows that I certainly whole-heartedly!"


Switches off communication, the right defense also some people helped to look after cannot be a problem, [Zhan Long] this time altogether came 7 thousand + people from all sides, completely here, although population not many, but was elite, rare was this time moves nobody to transfer the NPC army operation attack, therefore did not have the heavy artillery existed, this was the pure cold weapons fight, was one-to-one we not to fear!

At this time, another information, came from good friend Drunken Spear: „Xiao Yao, you attained valuable box, what need had our [Flying Dragon] help place to speak frankly, this Guildmaster did not agree that [Flying Dragon] entered the seven luminaries forest to compete, therefore I only led 1.7 thousand people to come out, the population were not many, but was the good brothers, rode the war has occupied 8000 + people, archer 2000 people, master 1000 + people, other was assorted Class, you looked that what we can make?"

I think that making short spear trick a little person help me take the lead is makes them bring death obviously, no matter the US or Russia, at least several million people participated this time have moved, soon will attack the [Zhan Long] total number of people at least in 200 thousand above, and more fearful was the Indian area, their seven luminaries city in not far away, the Indian area several thousand people together covered the words that killed, who knows that we can resist for 7 hours?

Does everything possible, can only like this, moreover takes a broad view at the entire Chinese area, as if also only then I most suited carry this Holy Ghost treasure box, can hit to be able anti-, to run to hide, this was also Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword and short spear trick is approximately willing to help my biggest reason, [Legend], [Vanguard] and other Guild, although did not have to take a stand obviously, but has not begun to [Zhan Long], wants to come to tacitly consent to I had Holy Ghost treasure box fact.

Perhaps at this time the words of Chinese area civil war, the Holy Ghost treasure box was doomed not to belong to China again.


Just is thinking, the attack of Russian server deep cold Guild came, large quantities of elite riding wars are the player focal point locking for me, distant starts the imperial swordsmanship and sword air/Qi daybreak and other skills to kill, I have not retroceded, is Darling Duck, Thousand League Spring and other [Zhan Long] Healer for my non- difference treatment, every second of dosage at least in 200 000 above, I do not fear death!

[Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor two big defense skill in addition hold, the innumerable sword air/Qi spatter in all directions gloss on the overlord armor, to damage that I cause majority of several thousands and even several hundreds, can ten thousand is minority, although the deep cold Guild several thousand people launch the attack together, but can project on my person truly actually less than hundred people, wants dead is not easy.

On the contrary, the price that their collection fire I, must withstand was covered by Lin Wan Er and Xue Rou, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu and the others kills, finally I almost maintain over 75% HP have been standing in same place, is the deep cold Guild player casualty is on the contrary serious, but the herd heart has not given up, is directing the people to fiercely attack as before personally.

Warm-blooded sprinks on my face, does draws out from a chest of Swordsman the sword, I raise the right hand directly, the butterfly have the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] ray to fall in the crowd, chops torn to pieces, simultaneously the front transmits a scalding hot feeling suddenly, is the magic arts attack of herd heart, one time wipes out my 9 thousand + HP, this Magic attack power is really not a lid!

„Massacres the herd heart!" I said in a low voice that opens thousand frost wings to fly Going out.

But suddenly Xue Routai hand holds down my shoulder, said: „Boss, this does not need you to come personally, this your primary mission is to protect the good Holy Ghost treasure box, this matter gave us to manage is OK!"

Finally, less than one minute of Cooldown, Dancing Forest and Xue Rou, the coordination of Wan Er three people, will be deep cold Guild the Guildmaster herd heart massacring, present [Zhan Long] truly arrived has not needed me to get rid to strike to kill the boundary of powerful enemy, this is also one that I hope, such guild is genuine King level Guild!


Near one hour of fiercely attacking, deep cold Guild for a long time could not capture, has paid the prices at least 4 thousand people, actually only massacred [Zhan Long] less than 5000 people, and this Guild from Guildmaster to the group team leader almost total loss completely, this shame was they cannot withstand, but since wants to obtain the Holy Ghost treasure box, this price has to withstand.

, One group of American players behind are laughing in deep cold Guild by far, the general idea probably is „your this group of Russian men hurries to get the hell out, hits the American imperialists makes room to us" and so on.

The deep cold Guild person soon the ashamed and resentful desire certainly, which also had any battle efficiency, diverges rapidly.

At this time is daybreak in game, wiped Chaoyang to project from the Eastern jungle, falls on the bodies of numerous player, shone on golden color for everybody's mail-armor and helmet, looked at the past from afar, next Challenger appeared, was the two Guild combined attacks of US war zone, one was spirit positive, Guild that was listed 3 rd, but Guildmaster summer peel Call Me Master killing, by vice- team leader Guildmaster, two big Guild has spelled now, almost turned out in full strength, the population of coming at least above 200 000, wants the American to be wins to the Holy Ghost treasure box, how otherwise to send out. That many people make a long and wearisome journey the seven luminaries city.

„Preparation, attack!"

, A player of vice- Guildmaster rank raised the lance by far, the hoofbeat started to manifest suddenly, the attack of another round strong strength!

Also hears the hoofbeat, transmits from the [Zhan Long] position, quick, saw that Drunken Spear brings about 500 [Flying Dragon] elite to appear before the [Zhan Long] position, the mouth is also holding in the mouth leave of grass in the seven luminaries forest, lazily saying with a smile: „Leaves our 10 meters defense area, we also want to enter the war!"

I smile, immediately said: „Li Mu, makes room to them, the friend pledge helps, does not reject."

Li Mu also beams into a smile, to direct to let the place immediately, after we prepare, the American has been away from our less than hundred meters, the crowd overspread a jungle of trim densely and numerously, at this time I was really the regret have not dispatched the heavy artillery of palace guard, otherwise the invincible might artillery started, ahem, wants to have a look at this crowd of American player faces really ** the expression was any appearance!


The tactic as before, depends upon our overall lineups and strength superiority to win, the front melt god cavalry steady, we have strike to kill the possibility of match lossless, but at present the quantity of this Polish American player wins the beforehand Polish Russia player, but the player effective strength is actually on average almost the same, the population many is also the fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, can with degenerate into the killed object who we engage in hand-to-hand combat truly as before.

„Kills slowly......"

I smile in the crowd slightly, at the same time has a look at the Holy Ghost treasure box to my System Notification, opens also 5 hours from the valuable box 12 minutes, made this group of American players consume Cooldown to be good here, had them to keep off here, the clear pupil developed black ink, the sky rose, the brown pupil and other top players not to have the means.

Especially the maplewood is drunk, was won by Matcha has turned over to the Yuan sword, thinks that now definitely is the flame of revenge is at heart dreadful? Let his violent walk.

Result group of American players truly have not disappointed me, with us „rubbing gently" has killed for nearly 3 hours, was killed most, as before is actually not able to attack, even many people have been able to bribe me, with ease instead was actually killed by me, simply does not have the opportunity to capture the Holy Ghost treasure box, most also from afar looks at a symbol of Holy Ghost treasure box.

However, we assist actually lost for [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [Flying Dragon] that seriously, the major servers attack us from the surrounding, tries to depend upon the encircling tactics to kill off us, the losses of several allies are not generally big, but also entered the war in [Legend], [Vanguard], [Judgement] and other Guild well, the goal is [Zhan Long] protector consistently, such came our success ratios to promote, in this moment, making numerous overseas servers see the unity of Chinese war zone, the Chinese players who over 100 thousand came from far away encircled one group here, the attack of resistance surrounding, did not show one's ignorance intent.

The demon mountain of highest heaven city also started has attacked crazily, but resisted his is equally crazy Ye Lai, our position surrounding many points blossomed, is unable to pay attention completely, I was defending the Holy Ghost treasure box, was defending the [Zhan Long] position, is hoping Cooldown every little bit passing, waited for the final result.


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Zhan Long Chapter 1185

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