Zhan Long Chapter 1187

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But Dancing Forest retrocedes using the kite tactic, after killing the 7 th ABN Battle Ranking 100 master classes, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue thoroughly have been shocked, the top archer sincerity terrifying, the Chinese area can annotate archer the person of might now perhaps is not Bai Li Ruo Feng, but is Dancing Forest!


Even if HP 50 thousand first-class rides the war is the player, in shooting under the day bow also the brace was about 3 seconds, right, you have not misread, was 3 seconds, shot the day bow to provide to Dancing Forest 170% attack speed, can leave 2-3 arrows every second, the injury of each arrow surpassed 200 000, even if the match has had the defense stance, in addition held the defense skill, and in the treated situation could not escape for 3 seconds, but the majority of people were flickered the second by Dancing Forest long-distance locking!

I am raising double sword You Yi around Dancing Forest, abstains the full alert effect in 10 yards surely seeing clearly to strike to massacre the assassin who using [Zhan Long] tries [Stealth] to kill secretly, at the same time at heart secret straight beating a drum, small dance present injury, if hits me, I am opening [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor effect, how many seconds can support?

Perhaps does not have words of Healer treatment, my also brace is about 3 seconds!


But I also note, shot the day bow murder injury to transform to protect the effect of shield, the tough value upper limit was 50 thousand, is unable to continue to promote, this also made Dancing Forest have the killed possibility, once after by peak level player near body, others one set of skill created the outputs of 80 thousand to you, even if will be the full tough blood shield is also killed by the second.

This also means that the Dancing Forest natural enemy should be has the high output and tall Tujin, the stealth person, Jianfeng of sky rose advances the maximum range to advance 120 yards continuously, is very strong to the Dancing Forest deterrent force, naturally, most threatens the Dancing Forest life should be Lin Wan Er, Wan Er is an assassin, has inborn increasing speed and invisible superiority, once after near body, on the bright moon storm armor piercing, then output of one set of control system department skill, by attack power of dragon tooth sharp knife blade, the blood shield of small dance is the strong performance superimposes to 100 thousand perhaps cannot escape dies.

Is good because, in the global assassin Class ranking Lin Wan Er is first, Yue Qing Qian is 4 th, Yue Wei Liang is 14 th, the majority of strong assassins in China, Dancing Forest were not necessary to be worried about these.


After shooting the day bow massacred 400 + people continuously, has superimposed to Dancing Forest 400% + Movement Speed, such came to be terrorist, under the Movement Speed overwhelming superiority, flew a kite looks like one holds the show to be ordinary simply, in addition shot the strong output of day bow, frequently came a round of very-long-range the meteor arrow, the person who we behind chased down were also getting fewer and fewer, the American and Indian also finally realized that in such chasing down situation delivers the number of people radically, and Dancing Forest Movement Speed superimposed to the proportion cavalry soldier is quick, to be how possible to pursue on.

Shot the day to bend, really can thoroughly existence that a person was reborn!

Satisfaction of Dancing Forest face, with a smile looks that shot the day to bend, is unable to put down: „This is really good the bow......"

„Can not be good?"

The Dong Cheng Yue vinegar said: „Brother Xiao Yao has too many hot irons in the fire for 7 hours, equipment that finally attains gave to you, to be honest, thought to envy including me, why did I even somewhat regret initially not to elect the archer? Wan Er, did you say?"

Lin Wan Er laughs in spite of trying not to: „Small dance this is the good deed, you looked that now the [Zhan Long] back row is much strong!"

„Um, yes!"


I have a look at the surroundings, determined that did not have the pursuing troops, then said: „OK, we cannot continue to ripple here, otherwise incautiously was sneak attacked to massacre really lost face, slightly danced you to shoot the day to bend, just succeeded in obtaining was very easy to be exploded, you returned to the city, then offline slept, gets online the later full 6 hours, shot the blowing out probability of day bow only then 5% do not arrive."


Dancing Forest pulls out the City Return Scroll crumb, afterward, I look after Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue return to the city together, pulls out City Return Scroll to leave.


Returns to lively Tian Ling Empire once more, just likes separates the world, the blood smell of seven luminaries forest as if still fills the air in the noses general, these slaughtered almost gathered all peak level powerhouses of entire server, but we were finally slightly better, captured the Holy Ghost treasure box with the aid of the hand of maplewood being drunk , the present clear pupil developed black ink to be incapable completely, is unable to contend with us again, even if her strategy did not help matters excellently, under absolute strength, so long as we did not make a mistake, the clear pupil developed black ink to be also at wit's end.

[Prague] Guildmaster Uncle Yan Zhao Warrior has sent in the news of congratulation: „Congratulates Xiao Yao, after obtaining shot the day bow, Dancing Forest in the archer ranking reached first, congratulated the [Zhan Long] strength to strengthen once more!"

„Ha, thanks the uncle, is lucky your help, otherwise light [Zhan Long] perhaps already by that many servers hewing muddy flesh!"

„Your boy knows well, remembers that complies with my matter, turned head to help me speak the word of praise, I wanted, when commanded, do not work as Yorozuo to be long!"

„Was good, knows that the uncle you may the real hen, a few words reach an agreement repeatedly!"

„The present young people, do not know that reverence for elders care for the young, was good, I practiced the level, you were busy!"



Wandered a meeting in the city, afterward offline accompanies two female to have a dinner, then gets online once more, practices the level is unnecessary, in the contest of seven luminaries forest I rose 2 levels, even if not kill practices the level also same to maintain being in the lead of Level strangely, now goes to have a look everywhere, consolidated one own hard strength!

The so-called hard strength, is palace guard, Fan Shu City, Dragon Yu.

Palace guards all normal, all transportation warships all returned to Wu Shenhe, and quantity expanded 15 thousand, the bright temple of Port City direction also unceasingly transports gives our well-trained temple Knight level military officer, has the empire is the backing, the casting most excellent pointed weapons and instrument, the present palace guard is getting stronger and stronger.

The Fan Shu City situation also develops good, the productive forces are increased with steady steps, the excess resources were used to recruit Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers.

After inspecting Fan Shu City and palace guard, goes to Dragon Yu.


After dozen minutes, arrives at cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, on the city the Dragon's den armed soldier, only then trained, Seurre guards, as for Frost and Zi Shu already almost resident in the valley of dragon, here is Dragon Yu, is the center of gravity that they develop.

On the mountain ridge the dense and numerous coniferous forests are growing healthy and strong, has resisted the invasions of many cold wind for the mountain valley, when above my flying ice mountain valley was frightened one, the valley of present dragon is the beautiful scenery, which also had initially that desolated picture, rivers crossed the canyon, has formed a biosphere of animal there, but a leader big dragon occupied above the mountain range, took preying on the large animal as the food.

The dragon god main hall has completed, that is an inserting mountain massif internal main hall, the surrounding is one is similar the huge construction for sacrificial altar, Frost, Zi Shu and Qing Luo stands there.

I dive, steady landing, said with a smile: „Dragon territory now how?"

„Do you come?"

Frost visits me with a smile, said self-confidently: „All good, was big dragons was too gluttonous, feared that the animal in canyon was eaten to eat all one's food quickly."

I have a look, to say with a smile: „Should, valley of this dragon area very not be big, enough provided for over a thousand big dragons, the premise was you introduces the new animal and species from outside unceasingly."

„We are trying hard." Qing Luo blinks to say with a smile.

I look to Frost, said: Matter that „Zi Shu enters step Dragon Shen, how? Is the advancement how is it?"

Frost is somewhat helpless, before lifting the hand has pulled up the volume, by mountain breeze dishevel luxuriant, said: „We three times break the Deva unlocking to enter the god territory successively, but all Shen the skeleton as if all had been destroyed by the demon god, not to mention found the complete godship, this matter, can only continue to search anxiously, once found the godship, Zi Shu ancestral tablet by god territory default."


I grin, said: „That...... Reaching an agreement grants us the [Zhan Long] adventurer big dragon to take the mount matter, currently how, did we have the person of satisfied condition?"

„Has two."

Frost sip the red lip, was saying with a smile: „Called general Li Mu, called general Wang Jian, you can inform these two people, after entering the dragon territory, can become the Dragon Rider gentleman through our smelting trials, signed the contract dragon to be good again."


I, immediately give Li Mu and a Wang Jian round of news to make them come Dragon Yuzhao Frost joyfully, does about begging the big dragon mount duty, but is conceivable, the Frost duty is very harsh to me, these two fellows want to obtain the big dragon certainly to pay the quite high price, at least can also sells the kidney rank.

Has not waited for Li Mu and Wang Jian to complete task, because was too late, must rest earlier, tomorrow must accompany Wan Er and East city to go to the composed design firm to go to work as usual, although these two are the bosses in company, but actually also conscientious, has the free time time goes to work inevitably, moreover in Liu Hua University our three people have submitted the practice application, therefore does not attend class has not related, the terminal examinations passed were good, although looked like my going through a strategic pass is the issues, must depend upon Tian Xin Corporation „high tech" can not hang the branch, wants also to really be very ashamed.


Around 11 : 00 pm, took a bath, lies transports the merit practice on the bed.

Circulation that Yang Yanjin in within the body grows continually several weeks later, suddenly nearby cell phone has made a sound, unexpectedly is the telephone number of acquaintance, the clear pupil develops black ink, does this little girl ask me to do?

Connects the call, I use the sincere smiling face to greet her: „Did clear pupil beautiful woman, how, have the matter?"

The clear pupil develops the voice of black ink to be not quite good, in fact after discarding the Holy Ghost treasure box, her truly whole person should not be good, said: „We find an opportunity to chat Xiao Yao."

Certainly fights the matter with servers among the country, discarded the fact of Holy Ghost treasure box to make the clear pupil develop black ink to awake thoroughly? Continues to contend with our China war zone, may make her link the seven luminaries city also together to lose.

I said: „What chatted?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to smile: „You asked something already known! Also in the Hangzhou old place? I from Shanghai in the past, approximately a dining room will have meal with you tomorrow at noon together, how is it?"

„Ok, you decide the Cooldown place."


Zhan Long Chapter 1187

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