Zhan Long Chapter 1188

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Next morning, mixed 11 points in the company, the clear pupil developed the telephone of black ink to come, decides place that noon has eaten meal, invited me and Wan Er, East city feasts together, although thought that a little meaning of Hongmen banquet, but actually did not fear in our places, did not wait to get off work directly to embark, I developed black ink to request to meet this matter to the clear pupil to regard as important.

Indian war zone players throughout was too many, after the words that did not treat properly had much as before becomes us, conquer the stumbling obstacles of seven big kingdoms.


12 : 00 pm, some Hangzhou downtown area restaurant.

After stopping the car(riage), bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to walk, has not passed through the gate saw that in the hall stood to wear the woman of white jean, the clear pupil developed black ink, for a long time did not see, seemed more attractive, but slightly was also thin and pale, obviously the matter in game developed black ink to the clear pupil is also a suffering.

Clear pupil behind also 4 male, including to look familiar very much, should be the iron boots in game concentrates black ink, several other too did not know that if as expected is the beautiful life Guild core management level players.

After I push the gate enters, the clear pupil develops black ink immediately to move forward to meet somebody to put out a hand, says with a smile: „Xiao Yao, we long time no see!"

Puts out a hand to grasp, I said: „Yes, previous time meets, but before is the second round country fights, so had been in an instant long, had that many matters."

The clear pupil develops the black ink corners of the mouth to turn upwards slightly, greeted after Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue said: „Enters the theater box, the dish has selected, should again shortly afterward on."

Her Chinese proficiency as if compared with previous time progressed much, this is the modern woman who very progresses.


In the theater box, 8 people happen to encircle one table.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue today's wear is also the Class attire, relations that because just got off work, because oneself is the dress designing company about, therefore Class of two beautiful woman managers installs very fine attractive, in addition their two original manuscripts are proud on the capital, that charming charm makes people unable to resist completely.

However, today develops 4 people who black ink comes actually to sweep along with the clear pupil, the vision has not stayed on two female are too many, they are the beautiful life Guild core players, thinks that did not calculate with our [Zhan Long] confrontation little, even somebody by Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue was possibly massacred in chaotic fighting, to be honest, is the mortal enemy, which will have the mood to appreciate the beautiful woman.

The service people the drink on, are the dark plum juice, everyone one cup, the Qing pupil developed black ink to hold the cup, said: „With the custom of Chinese, we by tea generation of liquor, congratulated [Zhan Long] to capture world Country Weapon finally...... the Sheyang bow!"

Lin Wan Er coughed: „Clear pupil, the translation law of Chinese was to shoot the day bends."

„?" The clear pupil developed black ink to open Zhang Xiaozui, said: „I have translated English, should be kills the meaning of Sun......"

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „Actually this world Country Weapon is the ancient China [Legend] culture, we had to shoot day bow bow, therefore, the translator should be shoots the day to bend."

The clear pupil develops black ink to smile: „Good, shot the day bow to shoot the day to bend."

I am somewhat awkward, am holding the dark plum juice, said: „Actually this shooting day bow seized from the Indian area, I also know that this was a little aggressive, but in the game was this, was not you dies is I lives, we have not chosen, can only wrestle."

„Understanding." The clear pupil develops black ink saying: „I because of will not blame like this in you, after all we have various standpoints respectively, Xiao Yao, even if you massacres me in the seven luminaries forest personally, I will not blame your."

I laugh: „That is good, thanks!"

Everybody has drunk dark plum juice together, the scene is somewhat awkward.

I then also said: „This time comes Hangzhou specially, was the clear pupil also some words wants certainly to say to us? Moreover, should be the matter in game, is right?"

„Actually also is not only the matter in game, reality." The clear pupil develops black ink to show a faint smile.

Lin Wan Er is startled slightly: „Reality?"

„Right, realistic cooperation."

The clear pupil developed black ink sip the red lip, said: „You should be able to look up, I am the multinational group's vice president in Chinese region, the headquarters are located in Shanghai, therefore I will live in Shanghai, our company has over 8000 staff in Shanghai merely, having custom-made of jean is an issue, because these apparel companies are not reasonable, therefore, I also inquired the strength of composed design, therefore wants to work one time with you, lets design composed contracts the four seasons clothing of our company comprehensively."

Lin Wan Er beams into a smile: „This does not have the issue, when signs?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to smile: „Wan Er should not be anxious, we came to an arrangement about all matters, said again the matter of signing is not late."

Dong Cheng Yue has the profound meaning smiles: „Is, as the cooperation, must have the chip!"


I endure to smile at heart, said: „Said that needs us to make anything, so long as does not harm the Chinese war zone interests and I matter in one's power, should not reject."

The clear pupil develops black ink to nod, a pair of beautiful pupil looks at out of the window, said leisurely: „Our India war zone altogether has registered 9000 thousand players, often online 5500 thousand about, this group of people with me and maplewood are drunk after two countries fight has gone through many places in the ice hot wilderness, does not turn over to the sea and dark Moon Elf territory, even very long Cooldown we cultivated the equipment place unable to find, your conceivable whole body inferior magical instrument equipment has beaten, can only continue to kill the monster feeling by Gold Tier and Emperor Tier, even many people, because traded too bad equipment to be killed by the monster."

I expressed deep sympathy have a look at her: „Um......"

The clear pupil developed the black ink eye to be red, then said: „I gradually want to understand now, actually one plays a dream, any Wang Tu hegemony actually finally is as transient as fleeting clouds, now I only want to do is helps the player in Indian war zone cross well, how others think that I do not care, what I care is the seven luminaries city, we only want well to bring our joys at the seven luminaries city enjoyment game now."

I nod: „What can I do for you?"

„Is very simple." She gains ground to have a look at me, said: „Third round and fourth round country war, I ensure the Indian war zone will not participate, whom you want to hit to hit anyone, but cannot bribe the seven luminaries city, Ok?"

„This......" I hesitate, but actually actually also good, opens the Indian war zone, copes with the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city with single-hearted devotion, first stilling said again that the fourth round country fights destroys completely another city again, such seven big kingdoms almost completely in we grasped, therefore, I nodded saying: „Without issue, but you must guarantee, when we battle against with other server period, the Indian war zone cannot sneak attack us absolutely, otherwise violates the treaty of alliance."

The iron boots concentrate complexion some of black ink not to be unattractive, said in the stiff Chinese: „Betrayal treaty of alliance is also what kind, with person who you resort to all means like this...... What treaty of alliance has?"

The clear pupil developed black ink to be angry, pounded on the table, reprimanded the iron boots to congeal a black ink Voice in Hindi, immediately this guy seemed the rubber ball of air leakage generally shrivelled, looked like the clear pupil develops black ink truly to approach in the dignity of Indian area inviolably.

I also smiled, the hand is grasping the base of dark plum juice cup, revolving, said slowly: „In Chinese tactic resorts to all means that but in the treaty of alliance said certainly to tread, betrayed our people, although must execute, the iron boots congealed black ink, you refused to accept also well, looked that I was not pleasing to the eyes also well, if you dare to betray our treaties of alliance, I made certainly you fall to delete the number the fate, you can try greatly!"

„You!" The iron boots concentrate black ink to be angry, nearby several young people also stand up.

I am also at heart the micro anger, comes obviously please with, how to have that high stance, is who gives this group of people used to?

Therefore, stands up suddenly, I lift single-handed, the invisible Yang Flame bracing cold forms an invisible pressure, stiffly concentrates black ink and other quite grandiose male to fall face down to the pressure the iron boots, sits in the chair moves is unable to move, looks that on their faces has seeped out the sweat, I then take back the strength, sitting down slowly, looks at they startled undecided faces, said: „Do not speak the last words with me, no matter in the reality plays, I want to extinguish you not to use the fee big strength, spoke to me, did the most hospitable air/Qi, understand?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to open the eye, visits me dull, she should feel that anything, as if understood the source and might of my this strength, therefore stamps the feet, said: „Iron boots, haven't you apologized?"

The iron boots concentrate a color of black ink face schungite: „I...... I......"

The clear pupil developed black ink also to reprimand one in Hindi, the iron boots has congealed on black ink face was then bringing some „apology", bowed to me, said: „Has sorry, Xiao Yao Guildmaster, is my manner is not very good!"

I showed a faint smile, lift the hand saying: „Does not need, China to have a proverb to make one to respect my one foot, I respect person one zhang (3.33 m), you will be not so aggressive I also to regard the friend same to regard you."

The clear pupil developed on the face of black ink to pass over gently and swiftly to be astonished: „Xiao Yao, will you person our India war zone regard as the friend really?"

„Naturally can."

I am having the full sincerity, said with a smile: „Each wallows the person of game loves the person of this game actually, we have the same dream and goal, had a common goal, but the standpoint of everyone is different, therefore had the dispute and slaughtering, but the game cannot play for a lifetime, the friend can actually do for a lifetime, puts aside destiny game, we are the friends, not?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to feel relaxed, on the pretty face shows the gladdening the heart ear smiling face: „Good, said well."

The iron boots congealed black ink as if also to start to hold in high esteem to me, having the apology saying: „I was a little a moment ago impulsive, am embarrassed."

„Has not related, we eat meal!"

„Has not served food!"

„Service person, does, the serving food speed so is how slow!"


Therefore, a food eats meal, another oral agreement has been signed, looked like the clear pupil develops black ink to decide does not participate in third round and fourth round country to fight, that was good, two rounds country wars, should enough I conquer seven big kingdoms!

Zhan Long Chapter 1188

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