Zhan Long Chapter 1189

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In an instant 45 days pass by, clear pupil developed visit of black ink to make us determine the next plan, basically has been able to put aside, no matter the matter of seven luminaries city . Moreover the players' in seven luminaries city to iron skull city and manner of Ze deep pool city player were not meanly, in fact also so, if there is an opportunity, the sky rose will not give up attacking the idea of seven luminaries city, after all the population of US war zone were not too few, occupies two cities to be not many.


In the morning, early wakes up, goes to the company along with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, sits starts busily before my desk, my working speed is fast, less than one hour has almost handled a day of matter, actually is also Dong Cheng Yue intentionally distributes my work load to the newly arrived two colleagues, making me have many idle Cooldown to do own matter.

After several minutes, I went to but actually. the tea, just sat down Lin Wan Er came, in the hand was holding one coffee, pulled a chair to sit side me, caused that not far away several make coworker elongated necks looked around, many people little saw this beautiful woman president, because my relations can nearly observe finally the cup

„How did Wan Er, have matter?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er nods: „Um, you open the forum of US war zone to have a look."


I am grasping the mouse, entry address, enters the mirror image of US war zone, afterward loaded the interpreter, turned into Chinese homepage the homepage, did not need Lin Wan Er saying that I also saw a war flag is fluttering in the home page, below was one line of large characters: „The western boundary treaty of alliance concludes officially, starts to invite the member nation to ally!"

Again , was players has signed own ID, can see was mainly the sky rose, ancient musical scale, smile and Hand of Waterloo and the others, altogether 40 + people, were the major server great player outstanding people, besides the US, British and person of French server has also joined west this boundary treaty of alliance , the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries the players of small server were also invited, the massive players started to join this „west boundary treaty of alliance".

The west boundary treaty of alliance, as the name suggests is a organization in destiny mainland west region chart, the American has straightened out finally, put down proud with acting with constraint, started to prepare for war!

I knit the brows, said: „Also is a little right now difficult to manage."

„Truly a little difficult office."

Lin Wan Er walks arm in arm side me, sip a coffee, said: „I just obtained the news, the sky rose am winning over Lee and Frost Forest two people join the western boundary treaty of alliance!"

„?" I in consternation: „Unexpectedly the South Korean and don't the Japanese let off?"

„Um." A Lin Wan Er pair of intelligent pupil has swept a screen, the dimple smiled faintly, she put on Class to install is very attractive, smiles also to ripple the small dimple, seemed like more charming.

I looked down one, a Lin Wan Er pair of slender beautiful white leg, in Class installed the short skirt under the package to be very attractive, snow white, making the person daydream think near, therefore around look, at this time I, if placed on her leg to be able „president was guarded group" by surroundings the make coworker the hand to kill while still alive, thought it over, the beauty has battled for a long time, considered as finished, went home to touch again......

Therefore I said: „Iron skull city registered player to have 5000 thousand, often online appearance that only then 50% do not arrive , the population is their natural inferiority, now the sky rose started to prepare for war, clarifies must with the appearance that we contended with directly, the third round country fought is not perhaps easy."

Lin Wan Er nods with a smile: „Oh, in the sky rose, ancient musical scale and rain rhythm and other iron skull city core players had pledged at the forum, the players who as long as is willing to join the western boundary treaty of alliance can obtain to move into the authority of iron skull city, even can join the iron skull city becomes of iron skull city, making the iron skull city turn is similar to the highest heaven city same multi- country server main city, moves into the outside boundary players in iron skull city to get repair, drugs, transmission and other service of 30% discount."

„American is not short of money." I show a faint smile: „To attract talented person, they have also spelled, but American moral nature deep place conceited will allow them to do really? Perhaps foreign player 30% discount, will this possibly make US war zone own player complain? Although sky rose move wise, but not necessarily wise to goes."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Actually they also for understanding urgent matter, if not give shelter to these like this by the defeated troops that we rout, the next round country fights them mostly is not our matches."

„Was right." She visits me affectionate: „You solid confessed that the third round country war, you do plan to begin to whom first?"

A Lin Wan Er attractive small cheek ultra short distance closes right up against me, even is only distanced with me is less than 10 centimeters, looks that her tender and beautiful desire drop the red lip may want to kiss one, may not quite be really good in this hall, therefore is pressing forcefully impulsive, said: „Uses Full Moon City as the springboard, making the day imperial book repository attack the hammering skull city, constrains the sky rose, then we lead other elite adds on all NPC army storm Ze deep pool cities, took the city of Russian said again that had if possible at one fell swoop destroys completely the iron skull city, was really not good stays in the fourth round country to fight the solution iron skull city."

„Ahem, is really plans to take the Russian server to begin first."

Lin Wan Er digs the small mouth, said: „This is also good, forces to cross them does not turn over to the sea, making them go to develop black ink to go all out with the clear pupil of seven luminaries city."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Couple days ago also developed black ink saying that with the clear pupil must be friend for a lifetime, this really?"

„You smile happily know that is good."

„Ahem, my this is develops black ink in the load imperturbable pupil."

„Was right, another important matter."

„, What?"

Lin Wan Er places on the coffee cup my desk, stern [say / way]: „Last night, the demon mountain of highest heaven city led 12 gods to be about 1000 + highest heaven city elite players of head will enter behind in the highest heaven city remote mountain jungle to make the duty, according to our information news, the map that the demon mountain they went to calls is the SSS level map, the name was called ‚fire god restricted area', it is said was the place that antiquity fire god Gaia died."

„Fire god restricted area......" I am somewhat speechless: „Also thinks that the fire god certainly is wishes melts......"

„, That was not German writing the character in Ancient Greece [Legend], I remember that Gaia was the earth-god, in the game grew turns governs the flame Lord, moreover died, anything is not good to worry that the demon mountain were most also obtains five-star magical instrument anything, cannot have the big storm."

I am somewhat was worried: „We use Port City to keep in balance the highest heaven city, temporarily 7 K and purple bagpipe can also contend with the demon mountain, but demon mountain radical Shua map, once made him find the turning point, perhaps this type balanced must be broken."

Lin Wan Er winked the big eye: „Sounds is very serious."

„Does not manage, in the afternoon played said again."



Continued to sway at the forum some little time, the moving into situation of also having a look at the [Zhan Long] palace, had 10 people to move into, in turn was: I, Yue Qing Qian, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, Dancing Forest, Wang Jian, Old K, Matcha, Death God's Elegy, but obviously also insufficient, the [Zhan Long] palace in fact is a time Feng Shen ceremony, moves into the [Zhan Long] palace to mean that becomes god same existence in [Zhan Long] Guild, we need more such brave warriors to appear, encourages the [Zhan Long] player to progress with the [Zhan Long] palace positively.

Therefore, on the road of going home, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue discussed that decided that the [Zhan Long] palace 11 th person of moving into quota should also produce, went back later to get online the voting to decide.

Returns to the dwelling, gets online!


I appear in Tian Ling Empire, immediately opens the guild management list of [Zhan Long], said: „I and Wan Er, East city discussed that decided that the [Zhan Long] palace additionally receives the 11 th person, therefore everybody nominates 5 people, then makes everybody vote, depending on the merit and will of the people decided that who can become the 11 th person of [Zhan Long] palace."

Li Mu nods: „I proposed Bai Qi!"

Xue Rou said with a smile: „I proposed the small wolf!"

Dancing Forest said: „Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Meng Yao should also enter candidate."

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „That added on a colored glaze fox to be good."

Wang Jian said: „Actually, except for the fight is Class, auxiliary should also have this qualifications, I recommend Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring, to approach the Buddha three people wholeheartedly......"

I nod: „Ok, other recommendation? Since does not have, I recommend a person again, the candidate altogether 9 people, our time selected two people to move into the [Zhan Long] palace to be good."

„, Whom does Brother Xiao Yao want to recommend?" Dong Cheng Yue asked.

My tranquil [say / way]: „Dark green thunder, Dong Cheng Lei, his name should forever keep in our [Zhan Long] annals."

Dong Cheng Yue had not spoken immediately, that side broadcasts the sound that sobbed slightly.


Therefore, nine big candidate lists appear in the [Zhan Long] main page, everybody starts to vote together, 60 minutes of voting Cooldown, was similar.

Cooldown crosses quickly, but voting contact surface actually exceptionally astonishing, [Zhan Long] everybody almost all people know the dark green thunder to rescue younger sister Cang Yue, but was killed in the reality, therefore the Dong Cheng Lei voting number is extremely high, reaches by 9 thousand + tickets directly, but second is 2 thousand + ticket Darling Duck, the number of votes slightly are more than Li Meng Yao, the human spirit of [Zhan Long] first Healer is not bad.

The quota confirmed that I start to start to edit the [Zhan Long] palace at the Guildmaster jurisdiction, quick, ID of two people appear in the [Zhan Long] palace, hence, the [Zhan Long] palace has 12 people to move into

11 th, the dark green thunder, moves into reason: Dong Cheng Lei, the Cang Yue elder brother, one of the [Zhan Long] two big trump card crazy wars, guarded [Zhan Long], after dying , the soul lasted forever

12 th, Darling Duck, moves into the reason: [Zhan Long] first Healer, the second round country fights the Healer Class highest treatment output, highest points


The people congratulate Darling Duck, but can Dong Cheng Lei also see this in the heaven approximately? Although he left us, but [Zhan Long] all people will always remember him.

In the guild is living it up, suddenly Yue Qing Qian issues me an information: „Brother Xiao Yao, just obtained news, southeast highest heaven city harbor has 100 + warships, came toward the north, some people see the demon mountain on the ship the form."


I stare slightly, the northern sea area of highest heaven city was the Ba Huang City sea area, was slightly farther the vassal chain islands that was I just overcame, did the demon mountain have the idea to these vassal chain islands?

Zhan Long Chapter 1189

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