Zhan Long Chapter 1190

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No matter what, must make that side the vassal chain islands prepare attacked, perhaps otherwise the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den line of supply must by the demon mountain cutting off.

I am puzzling, why the demon mountain will begin at this time, did not dread that the Chinese area backhand did strike the highest heaven city putting down? Was demon mountain and sky rose achieved some transaction?

Properly speaking cannot!

Does not want to be too many, I go out of town immediately, go to the palace guard station, making the Han deep pool send out the warhawk to ride to search the vassal chain islands to inform that side palace guard.

On the other hand, [Zhan Long] also sends out about 5000 people, with me together.

Ba Huang City domestic east coast, the 20 warships of palace guard have prepared to finish, not having use on a grand scale to be too many, 20 have sufficed, the [Zhan Long] 5000 people embark, simultaneously sends out the warhawk to ride to search the deep-sea area to grasp the exact location of highest heaven City Regiment, momentarily informs us.

In the sea level has the breeze, I stand on the main warship, is hand-held the handle of butterfly sword, static is waiting for the guest in distant place.

Crosses again is less than ten minutes, in the distant place sea level presented the dense and numerous warships, is the fleet from highest heaven city!

„Standing by!" The Han deep pool loudly raises the long blade to shout to clear the way.

The palace guard soldiers started to calibrate Long Jing artillery, the archer also completely stand the broad side edge, our time put together altogether also came thousand person high and low, but the match altogether 100 + warships, the highest heaven city scale compared with Tian Ling Empire, warship each loading population approximately about 300 people, this was not thousand person, in the population we were in the absolute inferiority.

However has not related, we have brought two invincible might artillery, the long-distance range bang kills, enough made the people in highest heaven city eat a pot.

The both sides distant anchoring warship, array welcomed.

„Drop", a news came from the demon mountain: „Ha, Xiao Yao Guildmaster had not seen you for a long time! Do not impulse, my this time comes to not to look unluckily."

I: „The demon mountain Guildmaster such good interest to run up to the Tian Ling Empire inland sea, added that does not look unluckily."

„Asked, here leaves the coastline enough 10 li (0.5km), is the international waters, the game convention already wrote clearly, Xiao Yao Guildmaster cannot quibble, my this time comes not for Tian Ling Empire, I must go to the Hybrid Demon territory to practice the level."

„Goes to the Hybrid Demon territory to practice the level greatly to pass through from Ba Huang City secretly? You drag in too many people over a hundred NPC warships to come together, our China area was not tense blames."

Demon mountain: „We face to face said that my ship in the past, making your person do not attack, OK?"


Really, in opposite warship a black warship leaves the square formation slowly, goes rapidly to come, after several minutes, approached my warship, the demon mountain raises the fire god spear to stand in the warship edge, close less than 10 meters place shouted, raises the fire god spear to jump, „bang" fell in my front deck.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother was careful!" Wang Jian raises the long sword to defend nearby me.

I show a faint smile: „All right, demon cyanide why not I."

The demon mountain also smiled: „Yes, I truly how Xiao Yao Guildmaster, his present preparation hardware becomes this, perhaps took a broad view at the entire destiny server also nobody to be able how him, at least nobody had the assurance that must win to Xiao Yao Guildmaster."

I said: „Demon mountain Guildmaster, has words to speak frankly, your this time brings these many warships, for what? If please return for the Ba Huang City Eastern vassal chain islands that the vassal chain islands had been conquered by me, you want to compete for the opportunity of basically not having won, the Tian Ling Empire sailors must by far in the highest heaven city!"

The demon mountain laughs, the racket my shoulder said: „Brothers you do not use that anxiously, I for the vassal chain islands, you did not look, if I to hit the vassal chain islands also incessantly only lead a little person to come right? Moreover, in the person who I bring majority is NPC, I want to hit the vassal chain islands definitely only not to bring NPC to come."

I gain ground to have a look, on the warship of demon mountain the player are few, NPC has occupied at least over 70%, is the people of highest heaven city three big regiments, Xia Huojun is in the majority . Moreover, the regiment symbol on demon mountain shoulder is the Guildmaster level, it seems like he has substituted for Frey has become Xia Huojun new commanding, the present demon mountain basically greatly held the status of spear to be different from my this in the highest heaven city.

„Congratulations, you finally have become Xia Huojun commanding." I said with a smile.

Demon Shan Bao holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Thanks. Xiao Yao Guildmaster, my this time does not come for the vassal chain islands, but goes to the eastern mountain range of Hybrid Demon territory from the sea area."

„Eastern mountain range?"

I hesitate: „There was the wild Dragon Clan territory, now wild Dragon Clan was extinguished, there degenerated into stretch of ruins, you went to there to do, killed completing the order form some high-level Hybrid Demon?"

„That actually."

The demon mountain smiles, said: „On ice ridge mountain, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den stands erect not but actually, this has become conversation topic in the entire server, everyone knows that NPC of Chinese war zone strong, who can not envy, therefore I planned that in the former site in out of office Dragon Clan territory reconstructs a fort to contend with the Hybrid Demon strength, takes the eastern mountain range as to transport the channel together with the open sea, do you think like this?"

I smiled: „Demon mountain, is not I am looking down upon you, dark blue billows and king level Hybrid Demon strength I am clear, your this people go to the surrounding of Hybrid Demon territory to build the fort, that with delivers the experience not to have what difference simply, returns to the highest heaven city, in this world is only cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, did not have another."

„No, Xiao Yao Guildmaster." The demon mountain also the racket my shoulder, said with elder brother's tone: „Reason that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den stands erect not but actually , because has a Frost such superior god, if, my demon mountain also has a superior god, you thought that I can base in the edge in Hybrid Demon territory, the anti- demon important matter of development highest heaven city?"

I with amazement: „Do you have the superior god?"

The demon mountain laughs, said: „Come, did I introduce for you?"

Saying, the demon mountain was turning round saying: „Gaia, the day plume empire holds Ge Xiangjian greatly you!"

One hear of this saying, my whole person is not good, did the demon mountain resurrect really a superior god, fire god Gaia in legend?

On the warship, throws over the person of black cape to arrive at the gunwale slowly, her personal appearance slightly appears exquisite petite, but that imposing manner is actually not able to conceal, she has opened the cape slowly, immediately a face of Western beautiful woman appears before us, fire god Gaia, superior god! The Greek [Legend] mothers of ten thousand god, the hypothesis in game is the fire god!

My dumbfounded visits her, shock in the extreme.

Gaia bows to me, says with a smile: „Sees Tian Ling Empire to hold spear greatly, I also heard that you are the Frost student, has not thought that the Frost godship recovered, moreover there is a you such outstanding student, wants to come me and Frost many years had not met, when I base after the Hybrid Demon territory certainly will visit her!"

I: „Gaia, do you want to go to the wild Dragon Clan territory to build the fort really? I said that sentence disrespecting words, the well and the [Assault] canyon wild Dragon Clan territory distance god demon were too near, dark blue billows, Dahlen, Sif goddess and other demon gods there, Frost do not dare out of office Dragon Clan territory to stop over, your island of resistance is thorough, very easily has become the dishes of Hybrid Demon army."

Gaia delicate eyebrows raise, say with a smile: „Relax, the young general, I do not have you to think that delicately, moreover your troops cannot block me."

The Han deep pool gets angry: „Doesn't your this woman know good from bad? Our generals said goes to the wild Dragon Clan territory is brings death, do you hurry to bring death inadequately?"

The Han deep pool cultivates for is not very exquisite, cannot completely understand Gaia's strength, in addition Gaia to my contempt, Han Yuan so will be impulsive.

Gaia seems not actually angry, on the face is having the supple happy expression as before, said: „This Yorozuo is long, are you are challenging to me? Whether you thought I can't kill you?"

The Han deep pool gets angry: „Long Jing artillery, aims at her!"

Gaiya has not spoken, but a pair of sky-blue pupil turned suddenly fiery red, surroundings energy mighty waves turbulently very astonishing, the next quarter, sky over dozens li (0.5km) sea area proliferates the roaring flame, even some sea areas must start to seethe with excitement unexpectedly to the ignition by the thermal energy, whales and shark boiled corpses start to float on the water surface.

The surrounding air current comes smothery, the massive sea water were evaporated instantaneously, even if were the sauna approximately also so.

Roaring flame when airborne vigorous combustion, even exudes the faint wild animal roar, makes to want the tiger to throw the stances of our 20 warships, NND, this Gaia sincerity is fierce, such crazy fierce offensive my previous time sees is out of office Dragon Clan territory, the Frost stars chains also has such might, but she will not begin to us.

„Good! The Han deep pool, draws back!"

I open the hand to drink one lowly, Han Yuan must retrocede one step, said: „Yes!"

Gaia also slowly received the strength, diverges in our front flame horizontally slowly, I hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Gaia goddess, please forgive my subordinate crude place, since you must go rigid, I will not stop, but advised that your, the careful dark blue billows, Sif and Dahlen's sneak attack, builds the fort not to be simple in the Hybrid Demon territory, this group of Xia Huojun in the king level Hybrid Demon eye is only one pile worthless."

Gaia nods: „Thanks holds the advice of spear greatly, I have remembered, but please feel relieved that I regain consciousness in the deep sleep, built up to melt the fire god godship of losing, I will not do the matter that has not grasped."

I deeply inspire, turn around to look to the people, said loudly: „Makes way, making them pass!"

The demon mountain also shows a faint smile, good the military salute of highest heaven city, said: „We walked first, Xiao Yao Guildmaster meets again!"

I nod: „Bye, I will be keeping this route for you, making you obtain the supplies."

In demon mountain eye emerged to feel grateful really: „Thank you, the friend, this sentiment, my demon mountain remembered."

„Um, goes, good luck!"

Looked that being bewitched mountain 100 + warships depart fast, I stand on the warship am silent, Han Yuan is raising the long blade, said: „Has not thought that this woman so is unexpectedly fierce!"

Xiao Li shows a faint smile: „Is you are too crude!"

Dragon whetstone looking pensive: „Hence, in the mainland had the superior gods of two bright camps."

Yue Qing Qian blinked in side, asked me: „Brother Xiao Yao, you thought that demon mountain motion will be smooth?"

I lower the head to have a look at water-damaged on deck, said: „Does not know that hopes them smoothly."

PS: Still remembers that 249 chapters have cold Bei Song words „I to listen to a Dong Zhenchang sword to have the dark green billows by oneself, wants to play a badminton friendly match with Lin Dan, wants to take a group photo with Jay Chou, wants to have the breakfast with Ai Iijima, wants to work a love movement play with Sola Aoi, these", this is also the aspiration of leaf, now the opportunity came finally, Dong Zhen song friend Sunday 3 : 00 pm will hold in Beijing Chaoyang District house sparrow tile-roofed house on September 21, the leaf received the invitation, um, will become in myriad bean noodles, the schoolmates. Has do not miss, with opportunity that the goddess that wants to go takes a group photo, perhaps can also Guijie rub one together anything, ha, the schoolmate who wants to go to please enter the cold pledge, we had two to sprout the younger sister paper to enter for! Where direct the schoolmate of concert should be able to see the leaf, wants to hit one to want to eat meal is casual you.

Zhan Long Chapter 1190

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