Zhan Long Chapter 1191

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East cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is not far, in the valley of dragon the spring breeze is genial, a leader big dragon rests and builds up strength in the valley, in Red Dragon queen Zi Shu purifies after the Dragon God Essence magnificent, the big dragons from wild Dragon Clan territory cruel revived gradually, restored the little consciences, naturally, this was only the conscience that Zi Shu said that the demon dragon actually was also one of the wild animal, will swallow humanity, what conscience discussed?

However, the strength of Dragon Rider gentleman went to certain situation to control the big dragon, this point was without a doubt.


„Roar roar......"

Airborne hears the dragon howl, I look up, is Dragon Rider gentlemen in two player, Li Mu and Wang Jian, Li Mu controls grandiose Red Dragon, Wang Jian is controlling one is looking like very maneating blue dragon, this is after me and Lin Wan Er [Zhan Long] two Dragon Rider gentlemen, the Red Dragon and blue dragon are three stars god level mount, after having the big dragon, attack and defense capability of suddenly to increase Li Mu and Wang Jian, and has the ability of air fight, mobile and continuous cruise capability large scale promotion, overall strength before compared the day to leave badly.


The skill of Li Mu control big dragon completely has not grasped, the landing of Red Dragon almost pair of claws kneeling place, slid in the platform in Longshendian was very far, raised the long sword to say with a smile: „Xiao Yao, you also here?"

I: „Um, does Dragon Rider use conveniently?"

„Ha Ha, that is quite convenient, look Red Dragon hunger Bao Du dropped to below 50%, the thing that but I fed it seems not willing to eat, therefore rode to ask Queen Zi Shu to have a look at this Red Dragon what's the matter, was the appetite is unsatisfactory."

Nearby, Wang Jian rode blue dragon also to fall to the ground, but Wang Jian and Li Mu biggest difference lay in the individuality is quite careful, exquisitely, therefore the landing beforehand detail processed well, not desirably pulled up that water and fire not to invade the reins that the posture that the blue dragon fell to the ground be more attractive than the Red Dragon, is not distressed.

„Xiao Yao elder brother, you also in!"

I also nod: „Um, saunters everywhere."

At this time, Zi Shu, Frost and Qing Luo walked from Longshendian, the Zi Shu delicate eyebrows raised: „, Suddenly that many people? What's the matter, Li Mu and Wang Jian, you do not go to train mount to fly well, rushed to here to come?"

Li Mu traces the back of the head, said with a smile awkwardly: „Queen Sir, my Red Dragon was hungry, the thing that but I feed it heard that touches does not bump."


Zi Shu walks to go forward, covers single-handed on the nose of Red Dragon, afterward opens eyes, says with a smile: „This Red Dragon does not like eating the beef, you each time feed the beef, it naturally can strike, Li Mu, you want to realize attentively the dragon blood contract, can know Red Dragon thinks, only then you can achieve the boundary that the queue unites like this."

„Good...... Good." Li Mu takes orders.

Zi Shu looks to Wang Jian, asked: „Wang Jian, are you leading blue Dragon to come for what?"

Wang Jian said: „I accompany the Li Mu Boss to come, trains to ride the skill while convenient."


Zi Shu shows a faint smile, the vision falls on my body, said: „Master, why do you come the valley of dragon?"

I have gawked, said: „Is all right to do, saunters everywhere."

„Good, my raspberry?"

Does not wait for me to speak, raspberry has broken through dragon blood contract knot directly, flushed from my soul space, has fired into mother in the young girl shape, invests in the bosom of Zi Shu directly, immediately Frost and Qing Luo are throw smile, I somewhat am helpless, is the raspberry master, I actually link a controlling force not to have, is really ashamed, but raspberry eruption the strength also truly is not the ordinary big dragon can compare, this was also advantages are accompanied by disadvantages.


In this time, suddenly a ting reverberation in airborne, one week such arrived, the blood deep pool dark blue billows really started to mention by name, promote the new Hybrid Demon king


System Announcement: All players please note, Hybrid Demon Wang of Xueyuan the dark blue billows situated in northern territory Hybrid Demon territory regains consciousness from the deep sleep, it from the purgatory leads, but 7 high level Hybrid Demon titles are „king", they respectively be the strings of various god zither Ge, purgatory purple Pearl and greedy desire drinks the fire, [Judgement], masticator Stella, purgatory Gold Dragon, end world storm flower bud, asking fellow players to pay attention, after obtaining the title king, these BOSS strengths will progress by leaps and bounds, was not existence that the player can challenge at will!


Originally Hybrid Demon king only remaining dark blue billows, Sif, Dahlen, Kate strength four people, but suddenly increased 7 people now, the rank of entire Hybrid Demon king level BOSS also occurred transformed

1 st, blood deep pool dark blue billows

2 nd, the strings of various god zither Ge

3 rd, eternal moon/month blade edge Sif

4 th, purgatory purple Pearl

5 th, sky sharp knife blade Dahlen

6 th, greedy desire drinks the fire

7 th, [Judgement]

8 th, masticator Stella

9 th, purgatory gold dragon

10 th, end world storm flower bud

11 th, controlling wind Kate strength


Dahlen from 2 nd turned instantaneously 5 th, thinks that was the strength is surmounted, but second by one BOSS that called zither Ge occupied, the detailed introduction could not see temporarily that can only see the name, but, what making me extremely shocking was truly is 4 th BOSS, purgatory purple thunder Pearl?


My mind trembles suddenly, the whole person retrocedes two steps, depends upon on the parapet of Longshendian, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten.

„Elder brother, you how?" Raspberry is interlinked with my mind, deeply realized that my shock, flew to support me hurriedly: „Elder brother, you how?"

I look at the north, surges up at heart: „Pearl...... Pearl...... is it possible that dark blue billows bastard built up to melt the Pearl soul, this scoundrel...... After Pearl dies, isn't willing to make her rest?"

Li Mu comforts to say in side: „You do not need to think toward fault like this, if only of the same name? Pearl initially was the Tian Ling Empire little princess, was also ordinary by the effective strength, even if were turned into the Hybrid Demon king should not rank in front of Dahlen, this point was unscientific, not?"

I puff, suddenly turns around to look to Frost, said: „Frost, you are superior god, should you be able to induce to that strength? That purgatory purple thunder is Pearl, Princess Tian Ling Empire the soul reincarnation of Pearl?"

In a Frost pair of beautiful pupil slightly has the twinkle, said: „This...... I am unable the complete sensation, you do not worry, after us, met this Pearl to say again, moreover you can feel relieved, even if has met Pearl, I can also depend upon the strength of superior god to remould the body by her soul, the dark blue billows had the ability to bring from the hell her to every, I was capable of letting her again manner."

My grateful nod: „Um, thank you Frost, if...... If is really Pearl I cannot stand by absolutely, this is I owes her!"


I lean in the parapet, in took out wraps Saint day jue to look at one, in the heart as before surging forward, has Pearl really become the Hybrid Demon king? From the performance of Frost, really greatly has the possibility, if met really became Pearl of enemy, what to do I should?


At this time, system circular, the map of north Hybrid Demon territory must Shua be again new.

Also does not know how demon mountain that side reconstruction was completed, had fire god Gaia to assume personal command, thinks that should smoothly be quite right, but the Hybrid Demon territory 11 kings conferred a title upon, this was also doomed is the strength of Hybrid Demon territory promotes, the demon mountain island of resistance was thorough , can only strive for approximately fortunately.

Nearby, Wang Jian said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, our warhawks rides to search to reconnoiter, a substantial number of highest heaven city players start from the highest heaven city, across Ba Huang City, enters the edge sea area, many people arrived in the ice ridge mountain, wants to pass through from the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den small fortress crevice spot, looked like the demon mountain increased troops once more, we what to do?"

I deep frown, has not spoken.

Li Mu said: „Demon mountain bribes not losing hope of Hybrid Demon territory, this time was unable to prevent him in any event."

I said leisurely: „Along with him, demon Shan Xiang makes anything to make anything, has not sufficed in any case in view of our China area, Hybrid Demon territory Feng Shen, being doomed strength increases again, light depends on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to resist quite to be truly troublesome, demon Shan Yuanyi leads fire god Gaia to resist Hybrid Demon together, regarding us absolutely is the good deed, so long as the people in highest heaven city do not stir up trouble along the way the Chinese area player, that does not have the issue, goes along with them, if they dare to kill our practicing level player along the way, that immediately sends out the melt god cavalry to chase down them, who begins to massacre anyone, defends the corpse infinitely."

„Good, this I am an expert, I manage!" Li Mu said with a smile.

Indeed, this goods now were the Dragon Rider gentleman, Movement Speed was the player is higher than a big truncation compared with the general riding war, chased down the ability to be unequalled, was led to carry out this task by him to be truly good.


The map of Hybrid Demon territory must maintain for 10 hours, must be able to reopen approximately to tomorrow morning, therefore we do not worry to explore, Li Mu and Wang Jian went to be busy at various matters going respectively, I rode raspberry to re-enter Tian Ling Empire.

Arrives at the imperial stele forest, had found the Pearl imperial mausoleum in one crowd of royal family tombs.

The flower drags in the wind, the Pearl imperial mausoleum is peaceful, dozens imperial guard soldiers defend there, sees me to come, immediately knees down, said respectfully: „Holds the spear greatly!"

I nod, hint them not to need to stand on ceremony, am treading the sacrificial altar of stone steps stepping onto imperial mausoleum step by step.

The imperial mausoleum center, probably waits for the White jade statue of body to stand and wait for a long time there, is the artisan carves according to Princess Pearl appearance, lifelike, stands as if can see the Pearl before death voice and face smiling face in its front.


I am leaning on the sword single-handed, partly kneels in the place, looks up the Pearl statue, said: „If you are also living, should come back to look for us, this shoulders to protect the Tian Ling Empire responsibility, do not make me undertake all these, if you are also living, should work loose the dark blue billows to your control, found itself."

Nearby guard looks at each other in blank diamay.

I stand up, looked at a statue, said: „I and others you."

Turns around to go, does not turn head.

Zhan Long Chapter 1191

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