Zhan Long Chapter 1192

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Next morning, the composed design , to continue to work.

Actually I do not have what thoughts playing the host west, has given several colleagues the matter completely, oneself ran to look at the homepage, was good because of several colleagues also knows that who I was, knows that I was bored came the help, do not count on that I can create income for the company, and I did not have the wages, was equal to a voluntary worker.

At the forum, blew out major BOSS introduced simply, string of zither Ge 2 nd big BOSS various god, is in all Shen excelled at the temperament the fairy maiden, falls from the sky later becomes formidable dead souls in purgatory, by the dark blue billows was discovered, has captured her godship, portrays a fairyhood godship to give her, made this qin song turn into the primary assistant of dark blue billows.

The greedy desire drinks the fire, this is also strong BOSS, the ultimate manipulator of flame.

[Judgement] was an antiquity order protector.

Masticator Stella was a prehistoric giant beast, the biggest hobby also has naturally chewed, was about that kind that swallowed.

End general mood of society Bao Lei draws, this is BOSS that passes through, came from some in potential surface end the world, excels at the electromagnetic offensive, will look at the introduction very likely is a female in the future the soldier.

In 11 BOSS, the introduction of only Pearl is the flaw, one page does not have.

I sit in front of the computer, cannot be calm for a very long time, as if more and more signs indicated that this BOSS was Pearl, but after being captured the conscience, can Pearl also re-enter Tian Ling Empire?

Even if Pearl re-enters Tian Ling Empire, the lord of this Tian Ling Empire is she, is the shallow forest?

Thinks of here, I started to have a headache, if Pearl re-entered Tian Ling Empire to compete for the throne with the shallow forest, whom my this did hold the spear to help greatly?


Looked again has met the forum, discovered many Chinese players already before the Hybrid Demon territory map has not opened, did not turn over to sea and other regions to build up in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, gave the euphemistic name of „panning for gold", the real intention was many people had planned that fished „God Tier" on the new Hybrid Demon king, end general mood of society Bao Lei drew guards the death plain and greedy desire to drink the fire to guard Asura, these two big BOSS became the goals that the player coveted, and mirror image had a look at iron skull city and highest heaven city and Ze deep pool city and other servers, as if many players were also coveting the new Hybrid Demon king, planned that fished the [gold/metal]..

And to guard the western boundary treaty of alliance players in iron skull city to be warmest, organizing at least over a million people to plan that depended upon the huge-crowd strategy to kill BOSS, the good and bad fortune is difficult to predict......

But harmoniously is the Indian server, the seven luminaries city was the system of Hybrid Demon territory, they are impossible to kill the Hybrid Demon king, the actually clear pupil develops black ink to consider that one kills the shallow forest and Lin Qiong, to wish sea these BOSS, perhaps can also gain to a magical instrument and so on, but God Tier has been hopeless mostly, I did not think that on who Tian Ling Empire NPC can have God Tier.



A forum news, came from Yan Zhao Warrior: „Xiao Yao, do you also stroll forum?"

„Um, goes to work bored!"

„Do you also go to work?"

„Yes, I am a conscientious and industrious assiduous office worker."

„." Yan Zhao Warrior sends the expression that taunted very much, afterward is a news: „Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han they decide to set out the military strength, after Hybrid Demon territory Shua is new, immediately dispatches troops, this player must adopt the driving attack, starts captures the Hybrid Demon kings to be at the map that do you think?"

I think, reply: „[Zhan Long] waits and sees temporarily, I thought that is not quite optimistic, the dark blue billows had not been destroyed completely easily, after this system maintenance, the attribute of Hybrid Demon king should large scale suddenly to increase, that easily unable to massacre."

„Um, I also think that together waits and sees."



Level is own, do not challenge the Hybrid Demon king without knowing oneself and other side, but...... Possibly Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others also one set of idea, depends upon to lose Level of player to defeat the Hybrid Demon king at heart, seizes the rare opportunity to obtain God Tier, after all God Tier is limited, Level can practice, God Tier is not easy to obtain.

Now, mainstream player over 190 levels, 200 + levels of players also everywhere ran generally, existing edition advancement of destiny game already to mid and late part, is each Guild strongest catching up time, now puts together perhaps also to promote the guild influence and wind and cloud list rank, so long as the guild fame hit, that was easy to do, no matter continued the destiny to move into another game to be of great help.

[Zhan Long] Xue Rou, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other warlike elements as if also intend to invade the Hybrid Demon territory, the players thought own present wing was plentiful, but I thought that this dark blue billows confer a title upon 7 artificial kings, is not absolutely simple, the new Hybrid Demon king will possibly make the player unable to eat to capture.

Therefore I gave Matcha and Li Mu to report the news, making them lead the [Zhan Long] player only to be able in the surrounding of Hybrid Demon territory core map to kill slightly monster, did not permit to kill BOSS.


To 11 : 30 pm times, two beautiful woman managers have gotten off work, together takes away me in the work hall while convenient, three people ate a thing to go back outside fast-food restaurant together casually, afternoon was striving for success Cooldown in game, Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er is also the very strong people, where is willing to see that own Level and equipment were pulled down by others.


Gets online, Tian Ling Empire.

Has repaired equipment, prepares to supply, then summoned the raspberry preparation.

The [Zhan Long] player gathers majority in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den region, today is the season that a player counter-attacks, on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has been fully occupied, not only there is a [Zhan Long] player, there are other countless guild players, the crowd submerged the north wall from the south wall, large quantities of players crossed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, directly soared the north to go.

Dragon territory sky wind and snow flutter, but as if cannot affect the mood that the players expedited, even I can also notice that few NPC armies accompanied the player to set out together, do not have the means that my held in the spear contact surface only to verify the regiment greatly to move, holds the post of the multitude of people long, the players of hundred husband long ranks to transfer 2-3 soldiers to practice the level together, this I was really means did not have.


The flank transmits the big dragon to fan the sound of great wing, was Lin Wan Er rides Little Bai to come.

The far place, Li Mu is riding again the Red Dragon also appeared in the wind and snow, he has brushed off being snowing on shoulder, said: „Xiao Yao, I and have discussed supply, [Zhan Long] altogether dispatches 3 thousand + people, wandered on Asura edge and that's the end, first has a look at the BOSS condition to say again that you did think how is it?"

„Um, such manages."

I instigate raspberry to fly to the north, the bird's eye view earth, can see the scarlet red of melt god cavalry continually a piece, faintly visible Xue Rou, Old K form, I smile ambiguous, said: „The flatter herd, your anything was so ripe with Matcha, called, Ha Ha......"

A Li Mu face is pale: „Rubs you low voice, this is I and Wang Jian one group of people calls secretly, was heard by her must , the non- violent punches us one to be strange, you are not do not know......"

He lowers the sound, approached said: Does the man who „the Xue Rou such proud woman, can have a liking for how many have? Snort, perhaps your, is in the luck not to know the luck!"

I carry on the back in dragon the butterfly sword horizontally, said: „Any I who you said do not understand completely."

Li Mu looked at not far away Lin Wan Er, smiled: „Actually I do not know one were saying anything!"


We follow the guild main force rapidly, proceeded again is the spirit rope way, the spirit rope way was several hung the wire rope in fog, the unusual bad risk, the predator from the sky killed, initially my first time came here time had almost not been massacred, present spirit rope way safe many, was laid down a reliable cable bridge by the player with the wire rope, the innumerable warhorses on the rope way galloped, but did not have what issue.

Also with has the [Hero's Mound] Guild hundred deep pools that the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry crosses a bridge together to ride, as well as troop Mage, archer and other Class, the people were merry.

I deep frown, this is the Hybrid Demon territory, did the players also too regard the child's play here?

„Is careful!" Looks at the floating clouds of distant place, I could not bear say one.

On the cable bridge, the First Division elder, 212 levels of Berserker Wang Jiangwo the reins, is looking up me, said with a smile: „Should Guildmaster, what issue not have? Properly speaking, front passed at least several hundred thousand people, was the security safe, always insufficient our [Zhan Long] here to have an accident?"

I nod: „Careful is on."



We just said that suddenly in dense fog hears the sharp cry, is somewhat familiar-sounding, is the predator?

It is not right, is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon wings demons!

In the dense fog, shadows flushed, is really the wings demon, sharp claws „puff puff" the thorn thoroughly on the cable bridge the body of player, AI of these wings demons are specially high, did not strive for killing the player on the bridge, actually on the hangnail by sharp claws cancelled the player to tow to entrain abandons the abyss, in an instant, sky dense and numerous full were the wings demons, a dense piece covered sky over the cable bridge, [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] player resisted furiously, as before was actually massacred many people, was abandoned the abyss majority, that definitely did not live, was not everyone falls into the abyss to have the fortuitous encounter, The majority plunges to death directly in the rugged stone.

„Stands firm!"

I give a loud shout, already instigated raspberry to kill, simultaneously said loudly: „Raspberry, the torching, massacres these wings demons! Forms to protect the shield, protects itself!"

A raspberry scream, breaks in the wings demon in the monster group, spouts roaring flame, simultaneously in addition holds dragon aegis armor and Dragon Qi revolves, making the wings demon unable near body, I wield a sword to get angry cut in the dense monster group, the direct eruption rides the wind to cut + [Thundering Heavens], one side not far away, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian three Dragon Rider also same attraction monster attention, strive for Cooldown that crosses a bridge for the player on bridge!

On the cable bridge, Q-Sword also, raises the long sword to progress to proceed to clash, the fire dragon broken wrestles, Black Dragon and other skills to erupt continuously, will fall the wings demon on cable bridge rumbles much, but is unable to retrieve from an inferior position as before, turns head to look hurriedly to airborne me, said loudly: „Xiao Yao, you shield for a half minute, I have the person to overrun, the following person do not make on them the rope way, Hybrid Demon want to ruin the spirit rope way!"

I nod: „Goes quickly!"


I just said that suddenly in dense fog is also a stirring Dragon recites the sound, a grey bone dragon flushed, is Hybrid Demon of accurate BOSS rank, NND, just like I expect, the dark blue billows as if are intentionally ambush our [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] two big Guild main forces to be common here!

Zhan Long Chapter 1192

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