Zhan Long Chapter 1193

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In an eye flood dim light grey bone dragon numerous was nipping on the cable bridge, effort of vacillation was worrying from beginning to end, immediately wire rope „bang bang bang" was benefitted the tooth to shut off, on the cable bridge, Old K and Wolf also want to turn head to help, I scolded to shout to clear the way hurriedly loudly: „Hasn't escaped, comes back to bring death? Hurries!"

Saying, I already controlled Xiaolongnu to arrive at the sky of this grey bone dragon, the double sword raises consecutively for several sword air/Qi cuts to shoot down on his skull, raspberry also brandishes the sharp claws is the attack effect that a Red Dragon claw strikes, the Xiaolongnu is the attack of biology is very violent to the big dragon, this grey bone Dragon Canhao is retroceding several rice, as before is actually unforgiving continues to worry the cable bridge.

Finally, when I and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian wipe out grey bone dragon all HP, the cable bridge could not support, „bang" separates, running that on the bridge the remaining player goes all out to the cable bridge from beginning to end, may also many people fall as before the abyss, Old K mount is quick, has mounted the north bank rapidly, the Wolf speed is not fast, but skill Agility, holds on the separation the wire rope to let fall in the thick mist, but has not hung, grabs the wire rope in rapidly to climb up upwardly.


The airborne sword light is tyrannical, ripped pile of disorderly flesh and blood piles of wings demons, I rode raspberry back and forth to rush ahead, coordinate the attack of Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er, rapid from the sky cleaned up a stretch of no war zone, but the wings demon did not have after Duanqiao extremely in the entanglement, quick hidden entered in the thick fog again.

On spirit rope way southern section cliff is standing as before very crowded player, [Zhan Long] divides the pledge to hold flag Wei to visit me from afar, said: „Guildmaster, we what to do? Could not pass...... Other channel?"

I think: „Also can pass from the wild Dragon Clan territory, but detoured was too far, moreover there should be occupied by fire god Gaia, do not go, leading everybody to turn green large male deer valley, flint canyon and other maps to practice the level."

He is somewhat puzzled: „Why?"

I did not have saying: „Listens to my words right, to practice the level, come on."


He turns around, bringing [Zhan Long] to keep the several thousand people on southern cliff to depart. Actually, why I do not talk clearly do not make them continue to enter the Hybrid Demon territory map, if must get to the root of a reason, that should be my feeling, the Hybrid Demon territory presented high AI BOSS finally, is good at directing the regiment combat, therefore here will interrupt the spirit rope way, lets important highway that we lose continue to rush to rescue rapidly, this ambush in fact is the beginning of their war of annihilation.

War of annihilation...... Hybrid Demon planned that kills several million players completely in the Hybrid Demon territory?

This is not quite simple, [Legend], [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Zhan Long], [Prague] and other main Guild may majority of enter the Hybrid Demon territory, and also has the highest heaven city and iron skull city and 1 million players in Ze deep pool city, wants to eat that many people, the Hybrid Demon territory could collapse several teeth.


„We now what to do?" Met with the sudden change, Wang Jian somewhat is at a loss.

Li Mu was quite calm, said: „Although felt that was been cloudy, but already comes to settle it, we enter the Hybrid Demon territory across the dense fog, more than 20,000 Brother [Zhan Long] in the Hybrid Demon territory, we must be responsible for them."

I nod: „Um, walks, making everybody be careful."


The Xiaolongnu exude low one to whoosh, somewhat is slightly hot tempered, her dragon shape likely is not the person shape so is gently beautiful, under the dragon shape is a savage small female dragon, I put out a hand to caress the nape of the neck of Xiaolongnu lightly, hinted her to calm down, to affect the reins afterward, controlled her to fly into the dense fog, Lin Wan Er and Wang Jian control big dragon left side of me, Li Mu in the right, [Zhan Long] four Dragon Rider gentlemen cautiously went through in the dense fog, the line of supply of spirit rope way had been interrupted, now approximately only then we can pass through.

Is good because , the Hybrid Demon army has not continued to ambush us in the dense fog, perhaps is also they are not willing to ambush the Dragon Rider gentleman here, wants to kill the price that the Dragon Rider gentleman must pay too to be really big, our several people have the good [Drain] effect, in addition the big dragon formidable life resilience, at the airborne protracted war is not the issue.

Naturally, joins the Hybrid Demon army to send out spirit flowered insect explosive branch of the services, that has regarded as another matter, so long as makes the spirit flowered insect explode crowded, the multi- Dragon Rider gentleman also has the dead end again.


After a half minute, runs out of the dense fog, at present a piece of setting sun ray, and a substantial number of [Zhan Long] players were waiting for us in the north bank, One Second Hero raises the lance, said: „Guildmaster, we here!"

Dancing Forest also raised is shooting the day to bend, with a smile visits us under Li Meng Yao and protections of Tang Xin two Knight female.

Xue Rou hand grasps to turn over to the Yuan sword, instigates the warhorse, pulls the reins to speed away to come, said: „Boss, are our routes of march how is it?"

I without hesitation: „Goes to Asura, the new king level BOSS greedy desire will drink the fire."


I supplement one: „Careful, Matcha, sends out some warhawks to ride to search in the front map sky reconnaissance, be not ambushed, simultaneously pays attention to [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild the trend, should not be separated from them to be too far, has to take care of anytime."

„Knows that the Boss felt relieved, will not be ambushed again."


The setting sun shines on the earth, distant place can also see that the [Prague] guild flag flutters in the breeze, [Hero's Mound] and [Legend] person soon walked does not have the shade, many people of taking the lead do not know that the escape route shut off, and as if they do not care to have the escape route, crumb City Return Scroll can go home in any case.

Also at this moment, suddenly a ting reverberation in the sky of Hybrid Demon territory, making each people feel some flustered and despairs


System Announcement: The Hybrid Demon kings feel moving restlessly of aura to be restless, they mobilized the strength to open the confinement energy together, from, entered the player in Hybrid Demon territory unable through the reel, transmission and other effect hyperspaces to leave the Hybrid Demon territory at this moment, but can, ride line, flight and other ways to leave the Hybrid Demon territory through the walk, fellow players, good luck!


„Is this system with a joke that we play?" Dong Cheng Yue sits in silver dragon Little Bai carrying on the back, on the small cheek is bringing some dignity.

In Lin Wan Er sits in Dong Cheng Yue goes forward, holds appreciatively to begin the God Tier dragon tooth sharp knife blade, said with a smile: „East city does not need to fear that I can protect you, moreover we have Little Bai, momentarily can fly to leave, relax, this level definitely will not fall."

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „Um, has Wan Er fortunately, if you boy, I marry you!"

Lin Wan Er smiles: „I, if the boy, that certainly is entire server most graceful that!"

Li Mu did not say in side children suitably: „That is, moreover must be longest thickest that......"

The Lin Wan Er instantaneous cheek is red: „Said anything, I become a girl......"

I was somewhat speechless, have gripped tightly the sword hilt of butterfly, said: „Enforces, periphery the careful protection has the sneak attack of possibility, here was not the map of azure large male deer valley that rank, after Shua was again new, perhaps in the Hybrid Demon territory can leave any new branch of the services."

„Um." In the ground, Yue Qing Qian is grasping dagger, skices in a cavalry soldier edge, takes on the heavy responsibility of scouting.

The assassin is Movement Speed of player has the huge addition, otherwise is impossible to open sprints runs the cavalry soldier, basically the assassin in the open country is a kingly way, can hit to run, opened has sprinted the heavy cavalry cannot overtake, moreover can stealth [Stealth], simply be inborn material that when reconnoitered, but Movement Speed that Yue Qing Qian equipment added were also many, walked has the feeling of surging waves microwave.


The [Zhan Long] team approaching speed is not fast, but is quick, [Flying Dragon] Guild started with our positions parallel, was about the meaning of short spear trick, two big guilds marched forward together encounter to the crisis can also better melting.

In the crowd, [Flying Dragon] vice- Guildmaster Fierce Tiger is raising Axe, instigates the warhorse, in the vision is bringing walk of being insufferably arrogant in the crowd of [Flying Dragon] team, even, Fierce Tiger to some Drunken Spear also quite hostilities, after all Fierce Tiger is the outstanding people in [Flying Dragon] several thousand player, because of the emergence of short spear trick, the Fierce Tiger status obviously enormously was challenged and affected, this resistance can be imagined.

„Short spear trick!"

Fierce Tiger called one suddenly.

Drunken Spear raises the long spear to turn around: „How?"

Fierce Tiger said: „We with [Zhan Long] parallel, this quite safe yes right, but you must consider that [Zhan Long] is willing to buy our [Flying Dragon] account . Moreover, once meets BOSS, [Zhan Long] person that many, can be divided our [Flying Dragon] one cup of thick soup really? Your boy do not forget us to come to the Hybrid Demon territory to treasure hunt, to not give [Zhan Long] works as the cannon fodder."

A Drunken Spear straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards wrinkle, said: „Asked vice- Guildmaster to feel relieved that Xiao Yao Zi Zai was not that person, if were BOSS that our [Flying Dragon] hit first, he was impossible to bribe."

„That is good!"

Fierce Tiger light snort, said: „Your limelight, do not follow [Zhan Long] too nearly, pays attention to your status, you are our [Flying Dragon] person, is not the [Zhan Long] person."

On the face of Drunken Spear passed over gently and swiftly a helplessness, said: „Knew, I obtained Qing."

Nearby, 211 levels of Musketeer Black Tortoise tribulations are grasping the flintlock, said: „Tiger elder brother, you felt relieved that the floret knows the weight, again do not feel embarrassed him, this is very difficult to do."

Fierce Tiger gets angry slightly: „Zhou Xuan, what do you mean, you said that I did use one's office to redress personal grievances?"

The Black Tortoise tribulation stares: „No, I am not this meaning, you misunderstood."

„Was that you says my villain's heart gentleman's abdomen?"


The Black Tortoise tribulation said that aggressive Fierce Tiger, has somewhat been dumbfounded.

Drunken Spear as if could not tolerate, said: „Vice- Guildmaster, has anything to clash me to come, do not feel embarrassed my brother, I know that I am the [Flying Dragon] person, this point I know compared with anybody."

„That is good!" Fierce Tiger cold snort, no longer spoke.

Drunken Spear has patted the shoulder of Black Tortoise tribulation, hinted him do not enrage Fierce Tiger this vice- Guildmaster again.


This, I and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian several people look, hear clearly, somewhat was dumbfounded.

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Zhan Long Chapter 1193

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