Zhan Long Chapter 1194

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„Fierce Tiger what is this, creates obstacles for Drunken Spear desirably, this interesting?" Li Mu knit the brows, defends against injustice to say for the short spear trick: „If no Drunken Spear, present [Flying Dragon] is P, damn, Fierce Tiger is any thing, unexpectedly dares this to run on a bank Drunken Spear, was really the heaven was blind."

Dong Cheng Yue pair of bright eyes visit me, said: „Haven't you noted? From beginning to end, [Flying Dragon] Guildmaster Soaring Dragon basic a few words had not said that this Guildmaster too does not take, whatever like this several important member internal strifes?"

Wang Jian shows a faint smile: „Cannot make the subordinate unite is not considered as that wise resolute Guildmaster, obviously Soaring Dragon is not, otherwise the rank of [Flying Dragon] will not fall fell again, if no short spear trick to assume personal command, I suspected that the next Guild wind and cloud list change time [Flying Dragon] must drop out first 20."

Lin Wan Er said: „Words said why Fierce Tiger will aim at Drunken Spear like this?"

„This I as if know." Dong Cheng Yue said.

Everybody immediately together vision head picture she.

Dong Cheng Yue smiles, to say on and on: „Approximately is one week ago, [Flying Dragon] made a matter to come, was about...... The Fierce Tiger girlfriend is one of the [Flying Dragon] group teams leader, two people relate originally very well, but afterward Fierce Tiger treated as the gift to give assassin female in guild a [Drain] ring, this female student was a student of Shanghai university, Fierce Tiger deceives her saying that she bid good-bye with the girlfriend, wants to associate with her, and has bought to go to the airplane ticket of Shanghai, the goal you understood."

She, then said: „This matter [Flying Dragon] Guild has several people to know, but has not disclosed that afterward does not know why passes to the ear of short spear trick, the Drunken Spear individuality you also know that he is not willing to tolerate the Fierce Tiger deceit sentiment the procedure, in private has revealed the Fierce Tiger rumor to that female student, making Fierce Tiger this time make the PAO motion failure, therefore Fierce Tiger will bear a grudge, continuously in various types trouble that looks for the short spear trick."

I stare: „Faint, this matter......"

Li Mu sneers, said: „This game, has the human relations, to have the battle, to have the benefit, naturally will have various comedies, on a woman by equipment, this matter is simple . Moreover, various equipment prostitute, the superior prostitute and the fame prostitute this game are many went, was not thin said."

Lin Wan Er has shocked slightly somewhat, in fact these also truly completely are not the matters that she can think, after all her own condition to certain boundary, has wanted to obtain anything liberal is not the issue, does not need to betray the body, but in the game some women are different.

I have a look at Li Mu, he seemed visited some not to be comfortable by my look: „I scratch, do you visit me to do like this?"

I smiled: „Li Mu, are you [Zhan Long] elder? Our [Zhan Long] that many female students, want to the female student who you surrender not to know how many have, you how also unmarried?"

Li Mu is red in the face immediately: „I...... I......"

Wang Jian said with a smile: „The Li Mu elder brother said that he asks the girlfriend not to look in the game, if in a female student plays to him the talent and strength is willing to associate with him, after once, he did not play to play, this woman also for a lifetime with him?"

„Reasonable." I commended.

Dong Cheng Yue said: „By the Li Mu appearance, after being probable to endure 30 years old , starts to be on intimate terms and seek marriage may not......"

Li Mu face dying embers looks at East city, must go all out shortly.

Dong Cheng Yue shifts the hatred immediately, took a look at my one eyes, said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, the honest confession, you are [Zhan Long] Guildmaster, CBN fight the net 2 nd person . Moreover the graceful degree is not inferior in Q-Sword, is also many female students wants to surrender to you?"

I: „......"

Lin Wan Er also looks to me: „Right right!"

I tremble, felt that the back chilly weather, said: „No, my good friend applied to close, the information of stranger has also been shielding......"

Dong Cheng Yue smiled: „Good, you, if suffices the man, dares to share, the open stranger news before us?"

I: „This is the personal privacy, does not want good!"

Several people protested together that Wang Jian also said: „Ha, the Xiao Yao elder brother, making us enlarge ones vision, a bit faster sharing, then opened the stranger news......"

I: „......"

Has no alternative, I have selected the sharing field of vision picture, afterward opened my stranger information list , a dense and numerous piece, altogether 70 thousand + the strip news, was simply scary, but the uppermost several news somewhat made the person be red in the face

Silly dot is clever: Brother Xiao Yao Zi Zai, heard that you are the Hangzhou person, I also in Hangzhou, want to ask you to eat meal, Ok?

Extremely arrogant and willful つ: Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster hello, I am big two female students of Shanghai Jiaotong University, likes you very much, can add your micro letter?

Happy bursting into tears: Hello, I want to join [Zhan Long]! A bit faster adds me, Xiao Yao Zi Zai you will not be certainly disappointed! 【Attached figure】

Chaotic discretion: Brother Xiao Yao I quite likes you, I am a high school female student in Xiamen, after my college entrance examination, goes to Hangzhou to look hello?

black ink dyes: Li Xiao Yao, I love you, I must have a child to you!

Contenting with the status quo: I am a big male student, with the girlfriend remote love, she in Hangzhou, I in Beijing, she super likes you, said that must take a group photo with you together, I want to request you, has put her, thanked.


In a flash, I already whole body boiling hot, felt that the whole person must burst with joy, first subsides the excitement, has not thought in the stranger news that I switch off so is unexpectedly exciting! Especially the female student of that attached figure, the picture puts on one of the underwear impressively, um, the stature is also good, is very white......

The cheek of Dong Cheng Yue was also red: „Brother Xiao Yao your this stamen big radish, you visits you, incurred the bee to direct the butterfly to bring in many younger sister papers!"

The Li Mu spit star flies randomly: „Ha Ha, then looked that you also laugh at me, I have not really misread you, Xiao Yao your this big radish! Wan Er, cannot make him go to bed tonight absolutely, punishes his kneeling keyboard, is not right, punishes his kneeling charcoal!"

Lin Wan Er: „......"

The Wang Jian tears soon smiled: „Oh, Xiao Yao elder brother lying down (spear gun) is quite miserable, luckily in my stranger news altogether also only then several thousand, your 700,000 really cannot look......"

I: „......"

Lin Wan Er visits me spookily: „Do you love me!"

„Love, how can not love!"

„You are also retaining these contact methods."

„Immediately deletes!"

+ strip news unifies to delete 70 thousand rapidly completely, I said: „Then was OK?"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Does fool, you such instigate really? This is not your mistake."

Wang Jian also Ha Ha smiles: „Is, the Xiao Yao elder brother instigated!"

Li Mu sighs with emotion: „Fierce Tiger this person is also silly, if he has Xiao Yao this human spirit, for He Zhiyu a little girl also does anything to deceive anything...... Makes with the short spear trick to this situation, looked how he tidies up."

I coughed: „Defends your three views, periphery the attention alert, we in the Hybrid Demon territory, do not look at the scenery in Jiuzhaigou."



In this time, the east side is broadcasting a sound of disturbance suddenly, skill brilliance are blooming in the nighttime sky, obviously opened fire.

„How?" I asked.

Above the ground, Yue Qing Qian said: „In that side mountain valley presented the few 8 levels of Hybrid Demon spirit umbrella insects, the [Flying Dragon] person has been meeting head-on, we what to do?"

„Continues to go forward." I said.

I just said that suddenly the left side is away from another side of mountain range hears together „bang bang bang" the explosive sound, simultaneously that side airborne was also illuminated well-illuminated, the continuous explosion, has as if had an accident, and this explosive sound also specially familiar.

„Spirit colored insect!?" Lin Wan Er visits me astonished.

I make an effort a nod: „Right, is spirit flowered insect, inquires, was which Guild is attacked by the spirit colored insect?"

Li Mu in bypath: „Did not need to inquire, I just obtained the news, was [Prague], Yanzhao uncle has the person to chase down a Pandemonium to ride, finally had been sneak attacked by the spirit flowered insect and spirit umbrella insect, it is estimated that at least wanted buckle several thousand talented people able to withdraw."

Everybody's look becomes dignified, Hybrid Demon understood the tactic of unexpectedly luring the enemy in deep, this was unlikely before, were the dark blue billows so really omnipotent?

After the dark blue billows regain consciousness, starts to eliminate the different races in Hybrid Demon king, even planned to sacrifice Seurre, based on this point, I do not think that the dark blue billows the intelligence quotient can high, he was just a boorish fellow of strength exceedingly high penetrating place, which Hybrid Demon king can that be can direct intelligence mean Hybrid Demon to make such attractive ambush warfare?

Suddenly, my whole body trembles, the chest was been as if common by the steelyard weight bombardment.

Is Pearl!


Continues, less than several minutes, the airborne shadow flies, is the warhawk rides to search, the [Legend] Guild person, wears is holding the flag Wei's symbol, controls the warhawk to stay in our several Dragon Rider gentleman front, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster!"

I nod: „Um, has the matter?"

He: „[Legend] and [Hero's Mound] two big Guild arrived in Asura outside the mountain valley, but the greedy desire drank the fire to arrange N high level Hybrid Demon of flame department in Asura, therefore Guildmaster made me invite [Zhan Long] to go to attack together, merely depends on [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] words a little to be perhaps difficult, Guildmaster was worried that had the news sincerity to be insufficient, therefore made me invite you."

As soon as I nod: „Knew, you told Fang Ge Que, I had the [Zhan Long] main force to come immediately."



Fang Ge Que is a smart person, he should also see the momentous change of this Hybrid Demon territory, this time we have the object who will degenerate into others to catch a turtle in a jar very much, if not unite some possibly to want goodly for nothing died completely here.

Rides in the nape of the neck place of Xiaolongnu, I raise the butterfly sword to increase speed to march forward, said loudly: „Riding of [Zhan Long] fights the department, full speed went Asura with me together, [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] meets to trouble!"

Fang Ge Que sends for asking [Zhan Long] to reenforce, obviously was they could not solve the match.

Zhan Long Chapter 1194

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