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When late at night, when we arrive in Asura, everywhere stars as if have changed colors, because in the surrounding canyon of Asura full is fiery red piece by piece, but above the mountain range stood the player, [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] about 10 thousand armies has defended on the mountain ridge, actually does not dare to get down, when I flew to be nearer saw, these bunches fiery red was actually big games, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, 220 levels, are not properly speaking formidabe, why can actually make [Hero's Mound] and [Legend] person halt, even, had the person on [Judgement], [Prague] and [Appearance Alliance] here, Do the people take here monster to be at a loss?



Xiaolongnu whooshes, I controlled her to fall on the mountain ridge, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword in not far away, two people led the core player of line of business meeting to walk rapidly.

„What's the matter, doesn't give up to the entrance?" I asked.

A dignity of Fang Ge Que actually face: „Xiao Yao, we may not have you to be so calm, the surrounding canyon of Asura is very difficult to break through, we already buckle over ten thousand people."

„Over ten thousand people?" I stare: „Is the spirit flowered insect, is right?"

„It is not."

In a Q-Sword finger of canyon swallows the hot giant beast, said: „Is these 8 levels of Hybrid Demon masterpieces."

I have licked the lip: „Can't? Do these swallow the hot giant beast to explode?"

„Cannot." Fang Ge Que shakes the head.

I smiled: „That also fears anything, has chopped them and that's the end!"

Enchanted Painting chuckle: „That Xiao Yao Guildmaster do you try?"

I looked at behind the Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er, Dancing Forest and other [Zhan Long] players, said: „I try, everybody favored, understood that the monster the forms of defensive action and defense effect were good to hit!"

One group of [Zhan Long] players nod in abundance.

For safety's sake, my direct thousand frost wings, changed into the flowing light to plunder the mountain peak together, this attack stance made Q-Sword and Enchanted Painting and the others envy, thousand frost wings were one give up study, all close combats were the players envy, but can have actually also only then I.


The double sword comes out of the sheath, I pasted to overrun, welcome three to swallow the hot giant beast to divide 78 swords, the attack effect was good, but I, as soon as attacked, far and near about 50 yards swallowed the hot giant beast to trigger the hatred value unexpectedly completely, vibrated fat to clash, and close has not started to nip the tail with the mouth, the trundle that the whole body was on fire, the next quarter, about 70-80 „flaming chariot" speed flushed quickly certainly, my hurried horizontal sword standard kept off!

„Bang bang bang......"

The whole person as if had been swallowed generally, receives 1 thousand each time + the injury by the flame, in an instant HP soon saw the bottom, blew out [Strength of a Thousand Men] + to ride the wind to cut hurriedly directly, added on a [Combo] effect again, finally had the Dinghai effect of two butterfly sword, HP returned completely, killed 78 to swallow the hot giant beast, but these extremely fat „flaming chariot" was whooshing as before loudly, has formed the sound shock-wave, to I caused the damage also attracts a farther companion to join to fight the circle, the quick several hundred flaming chariots rolled to fly in the canyon, looked from the upper air., It looks like flame meteors wreaks havoc general on the earth.

„Boss, comes back quickly, do not hang!" The sound that in the forming a team channel transmits Xue Rou, she also visited me unable in this case the protracted war.

Pastes escapes is very difficult, the speed that flaming chariot leave is almost not worse than me many, then fights the boots to tread the ground fiercely, „bang" a cyclone surged, rises straight from the ground, flew several hundred meters, after having been separated from the hatred value, dived to the mountain ridge.


„" Falls to the ground gently, I puff, pat the flame on shoulder, has cleaned bloodstain on the long sword.

„What kind, now experience to these flaming chariots fierce?" Fang Ge Que said with a smile.

I nod: „Um, experienced, the speed ultra-fast, was about about 9 times of player walk ordinary speed, I rode the mount flying speed not to compare them to be quick many, moreover this flaming chariot attack can form to trample the effect, will not be prevented by the skill of player, that was one type ‚puts on person' attack effect, can the attack injury maximization, the person who we got down be more, possibly the damage will be more."


Saying of Q-Sword appreciation: „Is this reason, under our first batch about ten thousand people to canyon almost came back less than 1%, majority has hung in the canyon."

I noticed in actually a moment ago the ground had the corpse of player with blowing out equipment, but picked to take embarrassedly, then smiles saying: „Now the [Zhan Long] player also arrived most, how do you plan to hit?"

Fang Ge Que said: „I and Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Mu Xuan have discussed that wants the regiment combat, our several big Guild are divided into the different angles to kill from the mountain ridge, then in contact at that moment swallows the hot giant beast temperature decrease for these!"

„? How falling temperature method?" I asked.

Fang Ge Que went to Dong Cheng Yue the vision, said: „In Aiersha scepter using Cang Yue, the radius in 1000 yards freezes for 120 seconds, we stand firm in the canyon while these 120 seconds, was then easy to do, step by step pushes and that's the end."

Dong Cheng Yue stares: „Canyon is so big, I must in central be able the maximum efficiency, but these flaming chariots are so flagitious, I will die a tragic death."

I said: „Relax, I lead you to get down, you throw time you open the invincible effect, then drinks to restore fury points, came the anger of snow and ice queen to be OK again."

„Good." Dong Cheng Yue digs the small mouth to visit me: „If I have hung, you may probably be responsible for me yo......"

My face heavy line: „Guild naturally can compensate you to lose, equipment that peels off I will also help you pick to take, relax."


Nearby Q-Sword, Lu Chun Yang and Fang Ge Que and the others somewhat is speechless, the [Zhan Long] elder can that flagrant sexually harassing Guildmaster, this in other guild also really be very rare.


Continues to arrange the [Zhan Long] fight plan, my with emphasis arrangement is Li Meng Yao and Tang Xin two rides the war is female protects Dancing Forest, now Dancing Forest absolutely is the [Zhan Long] town council weapon for criminal, shot the output terrifying of day bow to crazily, killed strangely is also same, under the protection let the output of small dance heart non- getting off one's main subject properly, can form the sharp knife blade that a handle destroyed the hardest defenses.

Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian and the others is also responsible for defending in the Dancing Forest surroundings, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry goes to the canyon East mountain ridge, prepares to kill, when the people almost prepare completely, I embraced the shoulder of Dong Cheng Yue to lead her to fly the sky, arrived at the canyon center time let go, Dong Cheng Yue face up crashed immediately, the star light fell on her cheek, in the beautiful pupil seemed deducting the Master Asia to crash into the abyss that to lose and renounce, the corners of the mouth raised, say with a smile: „In the evening eats burns hot?"

I have not spat blood.


The instance of landing, Dong Cheng Yue opened the invincible skill, drinks the next altar immortal to be drunk, fury points suddenly to increase, body Zhou Zhao the invincible corona, is disregarding one crowd to swallow killing of hot giant beast, staff surrounding full is waves incorruptible, direct such one wields, immediately incorruptible swings in the canyon, is in airborne I also feel this move of chill in the air, the flaming chariot in mountain valley „flame to extinguish", became one pile of ice lumps.

After Dong Cheng Yue finished, immediately received staff, holds up the both arms to the sky, „must hold" appearance.

I dive, just scratches the surface passing over gently and swiftly, held Dong Cheng Yue in the bosom, the direct impact on the [Zhan Long] position, at this time, the major Guild players rushed to the mountain valley together, while swallowing the hot giant beast under freezing the condition started killing, I let go to put down Dong Cheng Yue long time ago, she fell on the front of melt god cavalry, did not have anything to be good to fear that staff raised, was several large-scale magics falls in the monster group.

Not far away, Dancing Forest grasps the long bow to output sharply, her HP less than 20%, does not need to be the person on one's own side hits, but the attack made her form a blood shield to protect itself, the true HP upper limit has surpassed full Xue the condition, shoots the arrow arrow that the day bow projected to have the flame fierce effect, the scorching day recovered around the arrow arrow, especially in the night, arrow Going out as if projected a Sun, but Dancing Forest attacked the fast superelevation, therefore, „Shua Shua Shua" rapid fierce flame arrow arrow bang on monster, almost several seconds on. Can rumble to massacre one to swallow the hot giant beast, this output was too simply scary.


I also fell to the ground, join [Assault] of melt god cavalry, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others becomes great [Dragon Transformation] „good dragon", leading the melt god cavalry to dash about wildly [Assault], [Zhan Long] has been adopting the positional warfare, but has adopted the positional warfare, this is very scientific, the melt god cavalry has the dizziness effect that the flying general + speeds away, keeps the dizziness along the way swallows the hot giant beast, keeping them from forming the wind and cloud wheel, the injury that this receives will also fall to lowly, the attack is the best defense, this truth is timeless.

120 seconds quick in the past, swallows the hot big games already ice-breaking, starts head and tail connected launch „flaming chariot" attack, the [Zhan Long] this direction majority of flaming chariot in the dizziness condition, this said fortunately, but [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild players had not felt better, must fight with all might hardly these flaming chariots, leeway that this time has not retroceded.

Therefore, the 200 000 + China players are fighting with all might in the mountain valley, the flame shoots up to the sky, the buckle speed of player is much faster, but we cannot find out better means that can only such hardly spell.


„Wan Er, rescues that side the small dance!" I glance hurriedly, discovered hit Dancing Forest surrounding defense that several flaming chariots breakneck, because there are to put on the effect of person, therefore the defense of Meng Yao and Tang Xin is almost invalid.

Lin Wan Er is quick of eye and hand, carries on the back to leap rapidly from the dragon, „bang" bright moon storm blooms in the flaming chariot, is a beautiful woman dance, the flaming chariot dizziness at the scene, surrounds and attacks + the blade edge of direct second various god to kill one continually, raised the dragon tooth sharp knife blade to fire into another.

Saw that the monster are getting more and more, the young lady no longer has also hesitated, the dragon tooth sharp knife blade raises, the golden light shoots up to the sky together, the god level skill silver spear strikes!

In 1000 yards, innumerable silver Wu Hun drops from the clouds, the bang kills in the monster group, that is Wu Hun of silver spear, has continued for enough 18 seconds, made the output of Lin Wan Er almost give fully, the silver spear struck just vanished, Xue Rou raised in the crowd immediately turns over to the Yuan sword, started the skill 5 bad attitudes to turn over to the Yuan!

This is one super treats skill, the remnant blood player within 1000 yards almost instantaneously on completely full Xue, dumbfounded.

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Zhan Long Chapter 1195

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