Zhan Long Chapter 1196

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„Humming sound......"

The scalding hot strength fills the air in the canyon, swallowed the hot giant beast head and tail connected formation innumerably the wind and cloud wheel of trundle, and these giant beast body curving times will hide the thorn in back voluntarily will extend, burnt down and assassinates everywhere, although we have done very well, various skill completely released, may be killed the loss to be serious by the flaming chariot as before.



The butterfly sword passes through the full strength to sweep away, directly one trundle condition swallows the hot giant beast brushing Going out, my strength value absolutely is not the issue.

However beyond the left several meters, Li Meng Yao raises the Lady Wa stone to progress to run, the shield and sword blade edge continual standard parry two swallow the attack of hot giant beast, protects behind Dancing Forest, but swallowed the hot giant beast to be too many, the Tang Xin guard was broken through rapidly, 5 swallowed the hot giant beast opening flaming chariot shape to fire into Dancing Forest, this issue was big, Dancing Forest attack power was truly unusual refinedly, but after by near body, will be is stuck very much easily.

Not slightly hesitant, my vision sweeps behind the great crag in canyon, raises the left arm rapidly, immediately the strength of imperial day starts, several great crags shiver to fly, has revealed itself, the arm wields, along with my movement several great crag also shell flying Going out, accurate attacks in 5 swallows the body of hot giant beast!

„Bang bang bang" in impact noise, the Dancing Forest complexion is somewhat pale: „The Boss gets rid luckily promptly......"

I loudly said: „Melt god cavalry, removes one-third, protects long-distance is the player!"

One Second Hero wields the long-handled spear immediately, leading one group of people to speed away, the people raise the pointed weapons, the flaming chariot dizziness, such came also to stand firm the situation continuously.


The war continues to 20 minutes of time, all around is one piece in confusion, [Zhan Long] came 2 thousand + person, in the short 20 minutes lost at least 3000 people, but distant place [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild the buckles are more serious, this is a general attack, everybody has almost turned out in full strength, people who these big Guild come are more than [Zhan Long], moreover does not have the melt god cavalry formidable control , the natural battle loss were also more.

Fortunately, swallows the quantity of hot giant beast to be also limited, probably in the canyon also on the 200 000 high and low appearance, near two hours of preying, swallows the hot giant beast to be killed fewer and fewer.

The surroundings anything had not swallowed hot giant beast, Li Mu and Wang Jian lead to melt the god cavalry in the battlefield cleanup, picks to take to return equipment that the players blow out while convenient, the East reveals gradually fish-belly white, soon dawn, in the canyon piles of bonfires, are swallow the hot giant beast to stay behind, moreover is dense and numerous piece of player corpses, because of the relations of situation confinement, after the player died in battle, is unable to bring back to life approximately same place, the soul returned to Tian Ling Empire directly.

Q-Sword is raising the long sword, progresses slowly the line, on the face full is dignified.

Not far away, Fang Ge Que also slowly goes through under Enchanted Painting and protection of Lu Chun Yang and the others again in the canyon, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan, Yan Zhao Warrior and Drunken Spear and the others form also one after another appeared, on equipment almost the big piece of burning down trace, it seems like everyone in swallowing hot giant beast takes any advantage.

I move forward to meet somebody, asked: „Is situation how is it?"

Q-Sword smiles bitterly: „Here merely is Asura surrounding, 7 thousand person here buckles that our [Hero's Mound] altogether comes about 1.9 thousand, this situation is not quite obviously good."

Fang Ge Que raises proud Tianzhang to walk, on the face is having a happy expression: „Do not be too depressed, swallows hot giant beast monster to be quite special, can put on the person, cannot defend, the battleline combat is invalid, otherwise we will not have that big loss , to continue toward Asura depth attack, traded other monster to be difficult to say."

I nod: „OK."

Airborne, Drunken Spear rides the riding the wind dragon to fall slowly, said: „Which kills the situation to be also not necessarily able well to go toward in again, I noticed that Asura the core place had a palatial mountain ridge, BOSS should there, monster along the way did not say."

„What monster has?" Yan Zhao Warrior.

The short spear trick shakes the head: „No, cannot see."

Soaring Dragon shows a faint smile: „, We cannot destroy Huanglong it would be the best."

Yan Zhao Warrior also smiled: „Destroys Huanglong? There greedy desire drinks the fire the den, you think that stands the woman in roadside is the same, did you give a money to make you destroy Huanglong?"

„Yan Zhao Warrior, you spoke limelight." Soaring Dragon is somewhat disgruntled.

Yan Zhao Warrior what kind of person, solemn [Prague] Guildmaster, is six he and bamboo shade moons, wandering all sea and other [Prague] brave warriors, from the start has not paid attention to Soaring Dragon, hey said with a smile: „What do I want to pay attention to? What I said is the frank talk."

Soaring Dragon for it illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, but saw that six his right hands have built on the sword hilt of waist saber, therefore has not said anything, the multi- incident is inferior to few incident, the [Flying Dragon] present strength is truly difficult to challenge [Prague], especially Drunken Spear with Yan Zhao Warrior is also a friend, if he does not begin, depending on the [Flying Dragon] player who Soaring Dragon and Fierce Tiger lead, perhaps hits [Prague] First Division to have enough to do!

Fang Ge Que looks at their quarrels, were not many says anything, but light smiled: „Drunken Spear said does not have the monster, cannot see, what meaning is?"

The short spear trick smiles: „Could not see that did not determine has."

Lu Chun Yang asked: „What meaning is this?"

I in bypath: „I.e. may be the monster of [Stealth] department, bright moon Asura and so on, you look, the name of Asura is Asura, had bright moon Asura to guard is also normal."

Fang Ge Que mentioned staff, said with a smile: „That does not have anything said that the Mage dark night meteor cleared the way , to continue to set out, our several big Guild this uniting attacked Asura, I did not believe king level BOSS also really to kill off us, walked!"

Fang Ge Que is political integrity yue of day imperial book repository, is the Chinese war zone until now first person, nobody questioned his self-confidence with the control strength, but my disturbed also because of talking and laughing merrily of Fang Ge Que, but pale many, therefore raised the butterfly to lead the [Zhan Long] brothers to lead the way together, killed in any case and that's the end, at this time wants to turn head unable to go back, can only forward walk, promoted the edition to renew with our attacks!


Crosses the canyon, crossed the mountain, front is a virgin forest, looks from afar is also the beautiful scenery, white bird soaring in airborne, several creeks cross the jungle.

The hoofbeat of melt god cavalry is reverberating in mountains, Li Mu and Wang Jian ride the dragon to circle in airborne, holds the post dual roles that the director, scouts, Dong Cheng Yue and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands two big Mage bring [Zhan Long] Mage to be the player walks in the front, releases the dark night meteor to reconnoiter the invisible unit all the way unceasingly, but with we enter the plain forest shoulder to shoulder also dozens Tian Ling Empire large-scale guilds, the be continuous dozens li (0.5km), at least over 100 thousand people entered Asura the piece of jungle.

„Be careful!"

Yue Qing Qian narrows beautiful eyes to look at front suddenly, in dagger finger of jungle darkness, said: „East city, to there dark night meteor!"

The Dong Cheng Yue speed is fast, Yue Qing Qian almost said that the dark night meteor has shone in that darkness, altogether 5 225 levels of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon bright moon Asura hide there, said needlessly that Old K and One Second Hero raised the pointed weapons to have a person of rush in the past, one chopped to cut to kill these five bright moon Asura randomly, basically not sneak attacked words, bright moon Asura was very difficult to massacre the melt god cavalry.


This time is quite smooth, major Guild constantly advance in the jungle, because there is a preparation, bright moon Asura was fallen lowly to our injuries, especially melts the god cavalry, is almost lossless was killing to blame.

I ride the Xiaolongnu to soar in midair, looks to the distant place, a green mountain range towers in the center of Asura map, looks like does not have Asura proper to be strange and gloomy actually, actually somewhat the feeling of paradise, naturally, this perhaps is only my individual feeling.

Looks at Shan Pao the dead horse, cultivates Loshan already at present, but we killed for nearly 3 hours not to arrive at the foot of the hill fully, although was very near.



A Old K foot steps a bright moon Asura's chest, drew out from her shoulder Axe, spat a saliva, said: „Was this difficulty too also simple? Asura only then the words of this ability, that today were doomed by our Shua to fall."

I look up the sky, the group star starts becomes radiant, deeply inspires, said leisurely: „At nightfall."

The Yue Qing Qian surprise asked: „Brother Xiao Yao, at nightfall how?"

I looking pensive, said with a smile: „Asura is anything, is ghosts and demons, naturally the battle efficiency will display to be biggest in night, our present superior times passed by."

„?" Yue Qing Qian has opened the small mouth: „You are the worry, can leave the new monster?"

„Certain meeting."

As if to verify my words, after at nightfall, in the jungle started the Shua new monster!



Soil creeping motion sound in the front transmits, my vigilance looks to several meters far lands, said: „Be careful, probably Shua blamed!"

The people halt to halt together, looks along with my goal together to there, several pieces of autumn leaves fall on the ground, is shivering slowly, suddenly „" an arm breaks the soil, is one looks like the laughable head, this was one looks like the thing of corpse, crawled from the soil in the hand also proposed one to have the stone of handle, that...... Is a stone lamp, but in has not lightened the candlelight.


„Lighting the lamps corpse ghost, 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, 226 levels." Lin Wan Er said.

Old K grasps Axe to overrun, mount passed over gently and swiftly, Axe divided on the skull of this lighting the lamps corpse ghost, was bringing black blood, can see the defense of lighting the lamps corpse ghost is not specially high, Old K large scale has broken defended, when Old K second time turned head [Assault] time, the lighting the lamps corpse ghost actually opened mouth sad and shrill yelling of stench!

Is the skill, Stone Deng absorbs heart!

Old K moved fast and attacks fast reduced instantaneously, whole person as if slow motion generally, but this lighting the lamps corpse ghost was raising Stone Deng before rushing, the body maneuver waved Stone Deng to start AOE to attack, Old K was pounded again and again retrocedes, fell 7 thousand + HP, attack power of lighting the lamps corpse ghost was very good.

„Roar roar!"

The lighting the lamps corpse ghost as if feels very angry, is being one bellows to Old K, he raises the stone lamp in hand also finally slowly has shone, was this lightens the candlelight?

No, is not right, that color is not the candlelight, on the contrary somewhat looks familiar!


„Old K, be careful!" I warn immediately: „His stone lamp has issue!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1196

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