Zhan Long Chapter 1197

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Old K only with enough time question, the movement of lighting the lamps corpse ghost got up, brandished Stone Dengreng to Old K, Stone Dengnei departed one group of furry illumination objects unexpectedly, that was...... Spirit colored insect!


An explosion, Old K standing in same place, shocks in the extreme, us everyone has not thought in fact that lighting the lamps corpse ghost that Stone Dengli is raising a spirit colored insect unexpectedly!

The demolition might of spirit flowered insect we had asked for advice in Full Moon City, now says goodbye the spirit flowered insect, has to plant slightly the egg broken feeling.


„additional blood!"

I lift the hand to a Old K [Heal] technique, raised the sword to fire into this lighting the lamps corpse ghost, simultaneously said loudly: „Qing Qian told everybody in the guild public channel, in the jungle started the Shua new lighting the lamps corpse to be clever in the evening, in their lanterns was raising perhaps more than one spirit flowered insect, making everybody be careful, should not be negligent, otherwise possibly could not go out of this forest!"

Yue Qing Qian nods: „Yes!"

My [Strength of a Thousand Men] erupted on the body of lighting the lamps corpse ghost, his HP falls quickly, is less than 20% blood in an instant, he is rocking at this moment once more Stone Deng, the candlelight lightens , the second spirit flowered insect, not only that the lighting the lamps corpse ghost also simultaneously starts to summon, surrounding underground sends out the sad and shrill ghost to call, carrions crawled the ground, was the monster of Titan level, altogether summoned 7, the HP quantity in 100 thousand about.

„, Is really troublesome." I cannot bear knit the brows, this lighting the lamps corpse ghost not only can near body preying, can raise the spirit colored insect to lead a cheer, can summon 7 carrions to do evil together, can hit to summon, was too thorny, I deal with, in addition thinks somewhat uncomfortably, trades player being able be imagined that made farewell speech.

Lin Wan Er under being lost, said at the same time: „Swims, tries to purify summon?"

Darling Duck was the [Zhan Long] palace member of new promote, is happy, lifted the hand is a purification technique, the result 7 carrions instantaneously is purified 6, but the spirit flowered insect was raises, is unable to purify.

Yue Qing Qian also explained in Guild channel immediately, the carrion that the lighting the lamps corpse ghost summoned can purify.


The first lighting the lamps corpse ghost was solved rapidly by our several people, but also blew out a day plume wrister, but not far away has heard the screams of player, obviously the second lighting the lamps corpse ghost also appeared, are getting more and more, entire cultivated in Luo Lin already everywhere the pitiful yell sound and screams of player.


Surrounding second and third lighting the lamps corpse ghosts appear in my, far 5 meters away also Shua left two, Shua of this gadget is actually newly crowded, Mage use the big fireball to rumble to kill, immediately entire cultivated the Luo Lin sky illuminating by the flame, does not know that the economical magic Mage as if must burn down the entire forest to be ordinary.

Own attack power of lighting the lamps corpse ghost is not fearful, few players will be killed by the second, what is fearful is his Stone Dengnei raises the spirit flowered insect that the explosion of spirit flowered insect was too terrifying, I one time will be blasted about 17 thousand HP, other player was more uncomfortable, moreover those who most make people unable to endure is the lighting the lamps corpse ghost summons a spirit flowered insect every 20 seconds on average, no matter previous will have is massacred will summon, will most summon 5 only spirit flowered insects to linger in the side.

This has created a fearful phenomenon, so long as you trigger the lighting the lamps corpse ghost to enter fight he to keep summoning, but you kill slower him to summon many, finally the vicious circle, in the jungle the players of many small team were exploded by the spirit flowered insect directly die, then leaves behind Stone Dengli to hide the lighting the lamps corpse ghosts of 5 spirit flowered insects, once other player triggers the fight, erupts the explosions of 5 spirit flowered insects instantaneously, the god could not save you.

„Bang bang bang......"

In the jungle explosive sound continuously is bitterly disappointing, although the lighting the lamps corpse ghost is not the ambush monster here, but made us pay the extremely serious price.

Quick, Xue Routi is turning over to the Yuan sword to progress to come, said: „Boss, leading melt god cavalry to break through leaves to cultivate Luo Lin, we are away from cultivate Loshan, only then less than 10 minutes of traveling schedule, left here using the speed advantage of melt god cavalry, this cultivated Luo Lin unable to defend!"

„Couldn't defend?"

„Um, you look there!" Xue Rou puts out a hand a finger, in the jungle open area of distant place, about 200 + lighting the lamps corpse ghosts are calling to fire into us in the ghost, the side is also lingering a substantial number of spirit flowered insects, where these players come, did our following players kill off? That is...... [Flying Dragon] square formation?

Considers, [Flying Dragon] really may kill off probably.


I order loudly, melt god cavalry advances forward, simultaneously shields [Zhan Long] long-distance is being, assistance is the player, our population are too just many, moreover this piece of jungle became a confusion, therefore definitely will have many people to lose in the jungle, can only various peaceful destiny, without the means that our time look down on the match, moreover about Asura this map fully did not know that has come, suffers a loss should also be.


When we run out of the jungle, dense and numerous one crowd of lighting the lamps corpses were clever, is good is not quick because of Movement Speed of these lighting the lamps corpse ghosts, otherwise we must whole army has been annihilated not be possible.

The distant place, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild the elite players also ran out of the jungle, pants, the face whiten, obviously no one feels better, and looked that the population knows, major Guild at least buckles over 60% players in cultivation Luo Lin.

Moreover, this time has not killed many monsters to be massacred that many people.

Looks that the intensive lighting the lamps corpse ghost calls out in the distant place jungle, desire that I slightly do not go back to take revenge, their having mystical powers colored insect protection, can summon the carrion, cannot hit depending on our present conditions.

Turned round to look, cultivates Loshan to tower after behind, as if our only remaining this roads may walk.


Soaring Dragon, Wang Ze Cheng and rumor and the others appears very anxious, early had in the person to cultivate Loshan, for fear that others snatched their BOSS to be the same, I arranged Li Mu, Wang Jian and Xue Rou and the others to respond repeatedly the jungle aided the player who [Zhan Long] completed the order form, kept many Cooldown to wait for these as far as possible here in the brothers who the jungle escaped, did not get rid does not give up, originally this.

Waited for nearly one hour, since we escaped from the jungle 8000 + people to wait till 2000 + people, our [Zhan Long] collected about 11000 people, although cultivated the lighting the lamps corpse ghost in Luo Lin to be fierce, but the population of [Zhan Long] buckle were not here many, actually died to cultivate the Luo Lin players majority is cannot choose the exact way because of flurry hit the arms of lighting the lamps corpse ghost dead, if were calm enough, suitable circuitous, poured is also insufficient to die.

The [Hero's Mound] person also waits for then to gather at forest by the monster is killed the loose player, Q-Sword is grasping the long sword, a face is pale.

After several minutes, he brought Tang Qi, Tang Gu and Sword Tears and the others to walk, said: „Xiao Yao, latest news."


„Headed by the sky rose and ancient musical scale western boundary treaty of alliance, altogether 300 thousand + people entered the death plain, wants to look for the trouble that end general mood of society Bao Lei drew, but they have misjudged, by the Hybrid Demon army ambush, the flower bud was drawn goes to battle personally, it is said also king level BOSS also appeared, leading the 200 000 purgatory heavy cavalry back and forth to attack, the western boundary treaty of alliance in the death plain the buckle about 200 thousand people, possibly several hours later the sky rose must unable to bear the pressure to announce that retreated."

„Leads the heavy cavalry to attack BOSS of player camp, is who?" I asked.

Q-Sword smiles lightly: „It is said is Pearl, but she is throwing over the cape, cannot see the face, nobody can confirm that is the Tian Ling Empire princess ghost, but this Pearl is good at using the thunder and lightning strength, it is said unarmed can tow space god thunder disciplinary punishment own match, the thunder gets down together is dozens meters far scorched earth."

He, said: „Can direct the Hybrid Demon army to ambush player, such AI properly speaking has not been considered as that NPC, can be the clear pupil develops black ink to direct the Hybrid Demon army?"

„Definitely is not."

I shake the head decidedly, said: „Clear pupil developed black ink just to join the Hybrid Demon regiment system, own status was too low, even under the bodyguards including king hand was possibly inferior that she did not have the opportunity to direct that many Hybrid Demon armies, can only be Hybrid Demon of new promote commands."

Q-Sword said: „Um, after this time enters the Hybrid Demon territory, I more than once felt that we look like falling are the same step by step to others' trap, each matter is involuntary, not within our controls."

I nod: „Agree."

„Then we what to do?"

„Attack cultivates Loshan, had no alternative, the road that went back basically is given by the lighting the lamps corpse ghost . Moreover, returned to the Tian Ling Empire spirit rope way to be broken."

Q-Sword cannot bear one sob: „Has a body to enter the feeling of hopeless situation."

„Did not have when the time comes, dresses ranks the preparation."

I turn around to walk, keep Q-Sword alone to be startled am in-situ.


Li Mu, Wang Jian and Xue Rou have fitted out the [Zhan Long] member, 1.1 thousand + people group, the preparation, we not familiar here terrain, is not familiar with BOSS and monster, the only superiority was the team between players coordinated, must therefore maintain the complete team combat, otherwise we really requested a performance here do not have.


I am raising the double sword, instigates the Xiaolongnu to soar in the midair, this time must maintain my altitude, provides the airborne reenforcement and warning for the team when necessary, cultivates the base in Loshan quite to be smooth, is steeper toward the high place, and [Zhan Long] person has not climbed many starts to receive Hybrid Demon has stirred up trouble, what sends is the predator and wings demon, the small range harassment, the bow and arrow serves.

Is marching forward, suddenly on the mountain hears an intermittent miserable howling sound, sees the countless [Flying Dragon] player in the process of rout, Drunken Spear is raising the iron (spear gun), rides the riding the wind dragon glide above the crowd, occurred to shout: „Do not be chaotic, a small collapse, all right, did not want chaotically the lineup, otherwise definitely will be ridden to cover by the demon palace kills!"

What a pity, he cannot call the chaotic crowd.

Follows, the rising sun such as the blood and Ben Lveru the fire two big Guild bursting armed forces have also upwelled from the mountainside, this made [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] two big Guild players be shocked, does not know that was leads the way or retreats.

I do not know that place above what happened, loudly orders saying: „Stops going forward, same place defense!"

No matter what, held the position to say again.

The concave-convex ticket function at the end of this month offline, in everybody hand some will throw to [Zhan Long], otherwise expires ~

Zhan Long Chapter 1197

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