Zhan Long Chapter 1198

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I instigate raspberry to fall to the ground lead the way slowly, raspberry as if also realized that on the mountain ridge what happened, opens the wings, sends out the startled day the dragon roar, frightens [Flying Dragon] player of one crowd of being repulsed to halt, does not dare to attack the [Zhan Long] square formation, Drunken Spear also raises the iron (spear gun) to clash, I asked loudly: „How has above, frightened this [Flying Dragon] person?"

Drunken Spear holds on the warhorse reins to halt rapidly, said: „9 levels of Hybrid Demon, all Shen the skeleton appeared, a substantial number of spirit flowered insects and spirit umbrella insects, our Guildmaster ordered to retreat, but has not thought that an order let retreat to turn into the rout, in the mountainside also caved, many people fell."

I: „......"

In the [Hero's Mound] square formation, Q-Sword raised the long sword to walk, said: „Made the [Flying Dragon] person do not retreat, stopped in same place, will otherwise wash out several of us Guild lineup, you did not dare on, changed on us."

Drunken Spear deeps frown, has not refuted had not agreed that said: „The crown of summit is the greedy desire drinks the fire the den, there constructs an demon palace, the spirit flowered insects, the spirit umbrella insects and all Shen the skeleton is countless, you confirmed the words that must go to I do not stop."

Saying, short spear trick deep looked at my one eyes, said: „Xiao Yao, truly speaking, this time we entered the Hybrid Demon territory to be somewhat harebrained, did not have rushing to rescue of NPC heavy artillery, we were equal to being unarmed here, at all was not the match."

Old K Ha Ha smiled: „Floret fellow was drunk the hot scared out of one's wits......"

The short spear trick has not spoken, is hanging iron (spear gun) in the warhorse edge, makes way behind path, said: „Since cannot calm down, you go, I will organize the [Flying Dragon] brothers, in the rear area aids you, should not be too reluctant, hits retrocedes, we at least can also break through a tight encirclement to seek for the path to return to Tian Ling Empire with the present strength, not loses face."

I nod: „Um, first tried to say again, otherwise everybody will not agree such to retreat."

„Um, be careful!"


„Advance!" Li Mu is riding the Red Dragon, from the sky lifts up high the long sword order.

[Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other big Guild elite prompts forward rapidly, arrived here in any case, making us such retreat is impossible, major Guild Guildmaster want, the member has not been glad, but each Guildmaster must consider the mood of guild member, otherwise the hydro energy carries the boat also to be able the capsized boat, the morale of troops disperses entire Guild also to leave the collapse not to be far.

I have not flown, continue to instigate the raspberry walk in the mountainside, defends in the front line of [Zhan Long] frontal line, one group of melt god cavalries also draw out the pointed weapons, prepares to greet at any time attacks suddenly, finally has not disappointed us, the line did not see that the rising sun such as one crowd of defeated troops of blood escaped, was primarily is idle, altogether 1000 + people of appearances, fled pell-mell, on the armor of many person had the deep margin, as if had wiped out many durable.

My knitting the brows head, this does not suit, in the Hybrid Demon army also has the branch of the services to have the high effect, with my doing sword, can tear into shreds defense of goal, crushes the armor directly?

At this time, gained ground, the front has transmitted one to cover kills the sound, in the jungle of mountainside runs out of one crowd to wear the cavalry soldier of blood red armor, the warhorse was also the blood red, likely general that came out from blood Chi Lilao, this was 8 levels of Hybrid Demon Asura rides, was we have never seen the Hybrid Demon type.

„Be careful!"

Call Me Master brushed past with the [Zhan Long] player, said loudly: „This Asura rides shatter war armor the attack effect!"

„Um?" In the ground, a Xue Rou delicate eyebrows wrinkle, said loudly: „Has been careful, prepares to meet head-on, long-distance is maintains the firepower output, rides to resist Asura as far as possible in our surrounding, the melt god cavalry, gives on me completely the shield!"

Front, one group of Asura rode to kill, several have been raising the long sword to me, Asura cut!

Swords light flow swiftly to fall on the body, but is not the unusual ache, but has made 8000 + injury digit, but I turn the hand strike can wipe out their hundreds of thousands of HP, really this Asura rode has Call Me Master to say was so fierce? The next quarter, two Asura rode had brushed past with me, suddenly opened the arm, transformed death sharp knife blade revolving in the surroundings, has crashed in the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry crowd directly, was piece killing harms ten thousand edges to run amuck!


Ten thousand the sharp knife blade effect that the edges run amuck has cut my overlord armor, immediately swings two Spark continuously

Fight System Notification: 【Asura rides】 Uses for you 【Ten thousand edges run amuck】, Creates 17239 injury effects to you, because your strength value surpasses 【Asura rides】, Avoids the high attack effect!

Fight System Notification: 【Asura rides】 Uses for you 【Ten thousand edges run amuck】, Creates 18718 injury effects to you, because your strength value surpasses 【Asura rides】, Avoids the high attack effect!


So that's how it is, needing the strength value be lower than Asura to ride will receive the high effect?

In fact is not this, but is strength value Asura rides to lower many, triggers the high effect probability to be bigger, and strength value suitable time, the high effect initially reveals the probability probably to have about 10%.

But is less than one minute, in the melt god cavalry some people are calling out in alarm unceasingly: „Was bad, my breastplate wiped out 20% durable, the forms of defensive action that these Asura ride are really disgusting!"

Even, Yue Qing Qian also wiped out 20% effects, the luck poor player is blown out the high effect continuously, mail-armor and helmet durable fell 40% or is 60%, the protracted war gets down again, perhaps will have many people such as the blood and [Flying Dragon] player to be the same with the rising sun, some equipment durable will be hit to empty completely.


I raise the sword, in the front slashes, a round skill loses completely completely outputs Going out, at the same time looks to behind [Zhan Long] player, said loudly: „The equipment too low person falls back on the rear area durably immediately, takes turns other people to work as the frontal line, should not be too reluctant!"

Rides situated in this Asura will attack directly equipment to be durable, Lin Wan Er also no longer fell to the ground, but controls Little Bai to launch the attack in the low altitude, but Dong Cheng Yue stands in her, loses into the magic the monster group recklessly, will output the maximization.

Distant place, one intermittent bang sound, is the Fang Ge Que magic release effect, Mage Magic attack power is higher, sound is also bigger, Fang Ge Que and Dong Cheng Yue time is having the faint thunderous sound, the prelude ripples energy that the release body week reappears each time is also quite astonishing.

Bloody battle nearly a half hour, finally, we ride Asura at the extremely frigid price kill completely in the front, afterward, on the summit starts to run one flock of spirit umbrella insects, but must continue to struggle hard.

Spirit umbrella insect also insufficient to fear but actually, what is fearful is the spirit flowered insect, the insect that this suicide explodes is very thorny, does not fear death, only if can long-distance strike to massacre them, that does not need to withstand the explosion to injure.

At this time the injury of Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue was quite essential, especially attack injury of Dancing Forest, entire server only world Country Weapon in her hands, is the entire server attack outputs the strongest pointed weapons, shot the day bow killed to explode outside the [Zhan Long] position big pile of spirit flowered insect blockades continuously directly, arrow arrows just liked the meteor carry over blast effects, making [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild envy, at this time Dancing Forest attack power already steady might be called the Chinese war zone first.

However, a person could not save the entire situation, the spirit flowered insect exploded as before unceasingly in the frontal line, our melt god cavalry anti- has hit very much, but unceasingly some people died in battle, the Healer treatment also without enough time, Yue Yao Yan and the others can only depend upon greed shield and other skill to maintain the life value of team, Meng Yao also releases Lady Wa of Lady Wa stone to protect skill, promoted the HP upper limit for the people, all people were handling matter in one's power, the matter that [Flying Dragon] and rising sun such as blood and other Guild are unable to achieve, we were completing diligently!


This time was the real bloody battle, the position front was exploded pits by the spirit flowered insect, equipment and potion of [Zhan Long] player has also peeled off place, the spirit flowered insect were getting fewer and fewer, our people were also getting fewer and fewer, when the spirit flowered insect and spirit umbrella insect almost killed off, [Zhan Long] shrank 4000 + people from 11000 + people rapidly, was really frigid!

[Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild are more miserable, they are almost turn out in full strength, finally now each Guild only remaining 1 thousand high and low players, elite died in battle under the demolition of spirit flowered insect, the guild Guildmaster complexion is ugly, no matter this time we can massacre the greedy desire to drink fire BOSS, our motions were failed, even if massacred, hung that many people, Guildmaster of all guilds must engage in introspection for this failure motion.

In the halfway up the mountainside full was the corpse, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others director the people have cleaned the battlefield, received equipment that hanging the player blew out, afterward continued, upward was the greedy desire drinks the fire again the main hall!


Rapid upward crawling, the place of close summit, presented 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, all Shen the skeleton, all Shen the skeleton had the probability to blow out the antiquity all Shen skill, but everybody also looked pale, killed 100,000 also not necessarily to blow out a book, this type of probability went along with it.

Kills, around the summit full is our players, what makes people sigh with emotion is, our several million players enter Asura edge canyon, but actually only remaining most does not surpass the 200 000 player now, this is the biggest reason of failure, moreover this time is not the edition duty, hangs the player not to have any compensation, fell Level not saying that many luck almost also fell equipment, this owed.

In the curtain of night, cultivates above the peak of Loshan to stand and wait for a long time faintly visible a black main hall, the main hall surrounding blue color lights is floating illuminates the surroundings spatially, seems like actually elegant, but as we all know, in this main hall is guarding king level BOSS, could make us regret to come here existence.


Arrives at the main hall front, [Hero's Mound] person complexions are not quite good, Tang Gu is raising the iron (spear gun), said to Q-Sword: „Does Guildmaster, go to direct to kill BOSS?"

Q-Sword said: „Um, be careful."


Zhan Long Chapter 1198

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