Zhan Long Chapter 1199

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Has not thought that eyeglasses brother is so fierce!

I said by far: „Be careful, be not drunk the fire second to kill!"

Tang Gu turns around, is raising the lance speechless [say / way]: „Your boy cannot hope that I, Li Xiao Yao, in the class and grade the next week must dine together, you must bring Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue come......"

I: „Directs BOSS quickly, did not die said again."


Tang Gu raised the lance to instigate the crotch hundred deep pools to ride to enter the demon palace, outside the main hall, several thousand people defended here, open the eye to look at the direction of main hall, was anticipating the greedy desire drank fire by the combat general who the dark blue billows conferred personally is any appearance, but we have not arrived at drink the appearance of fire, actually heard in the demon palace to hear the Tang Gu scolding sound: „Oh, you also hit me, CNM, lets loose my leg, your TMD does not know lightly!...... Ended...... Hurts......"

The next quarter, Q-Sword visits us in consternation, said: „3 seconds of Cooldown, Tang Gu had been killed by the second, he is 70 thousand blood and 5 thousand defenses! How possible trivial 3 seconds......"

Fang Ge Que said: „Tang Men great master should not have the long-distance attack skill to direct BOSS, this can also understand, so long as BOSS has the skill of control system department, basically could not run away. Lu Chun Yang, you go, with imperial swordsmanship and other long-distance skill attractions, BOSS, once were attracted immediately comes out."

In Lu Chun Yang shook hand the long sword, nod: „Good!"

I actually lift the arm, said: „Wait / Etc. Fang Ge, do not increase the senseless damage, this BOSS I direct!"

Lu Chun Yang is stunned: „This...... Xiao Yao Guildmaster......"

„Also good." Fang Ge Que is exceptionally tranquil, careful saying: „Nobody was truly more appropriate than Xiao Yao, careful, we outside you."


I enter thousand frost wing effects rapidly, both feet float spatially, raises the double sword to fly into the demon palace slowly, at present completely is a darkness is void, when I step into the main hall, at present actually presents all over the sky the appearance of stars, the innumerable star light are sparkling at present, what's all this about, in this main hall unexpectedly so many profound and abstruse principles?

Under the stars, a famous artisan grasps the Axe military commander to defend there, treadons by the Tang Gu corpse shield, the corners of the mouth is raising, says with a smile: „Came one to bring death!"

He turns around slowly, shot a look at my one eyes with the split vision, suddenly shows an astonished expression: „Yo, looked that the badge unexpectedly is the strange people who Tian Ling Empire commands the level, you are the day of plume empire holds spear Li Xiao Yao greatly?"

I did not deny: „Right, takes the person of your dog head specially."

„Courts death!"

Drinks the fire to roar, suddenly is treadonning the Tang Gu shield, jumps to leap to come, the speed like the electricity, has not thought that I do not need to begin, depending on dialog the BOSS hatred value directing, his speed is fast, my reaction rate is faster, speedily the skill adds the body, speed turning round certainly flew quickly Going out.

One group of flame raid, is drinks the attack of fire, above Axe is wrapping the roaring flame, gives out slating roaring, layer on layer shoots down after my carries on the back, immediately a biting cold ache transmits!


No wonder Tang Gu will be killed by the second, by my defense, rides raspberry and in addition to hold in the [Wall of Dou Qi] situation to wipe out that many HP, Tang Gu also not necessarily defends the effect to be higher than me my many shields, probably was continually invincible skill with enough time has not opened is killed by the second, or he absolutely did not have invincible skill, although the eyeglasses brother was the [Hero's Mound] core player, but strength quite second-class, therefore we have not renewed his detailed equipment material.


The back was hit hard, whole person shell tumbling in the place, slides following the ground is very far, I also took advantage of opportunity to lift hand [Blade Spin] to fly Going out, passed the chest of BOSS, carried over the injuries of 22 thousand, but also was good, can broken defend.


„Comes out, on!"

Old K and Li Mu almost also shout, in the meantime, [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [Legend] riding war was the player almost also together got up, encircled BOSS rapidly in the center massacres air/Qi.

King level BOSS, must the huge-crowd strategy, want to massacre them by single Tiao, that simply is dream of a fool.

Darling Duck for I return to full Xue the time, in the crowd already blew out together the scarlet storm, is the greedy desire drinks the attack of fire, is similar to [Whirlwind Slash], but in zero forward velocity operation Axe, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others was repelled, but Q-Sword actually as before defends with the defense of Tenglong coverall in same place, a long sword pendulum, the Bailong deep pool skill appears in the BOSS under foot, the sustained attack, pushes directly into, above the long sword full is the roaring flame, the fire dragon wrestles the skill to kill to drink fire 16 thousand + HP directly, the supplementary skill that this set of Tenglong wraps is truly fierce!

However, Q-Sword kills that ruthlessly, will drink the fire naturally not to make him hit in vain, Axe will be one time chops to cut in a flash, will divide Q-Sword HP directly spatially, will come a foot again, „bang" a Q-Sword shell hit on the rear demon palace column, was good because of the Q-Sword quick of eye and hand directness opened invincible skill, otherwise was killed by the second inevitably!

Drinks the fire formally to start to assume an awe-inspiring pose, is roaring the foot pedal summit, immediately everything may become vulnerable, the entire mountain range as if wanted the avalanche generally, in the rock layer presented slits, the roaring flame emits, this was a community skill, [Zhan Long] back row archer, Musketeer and other Class is killed one piece by the second rapidly, but Dancing Forest relied on to shoot the protecting shield that the day bow provided to survive, otherwise also equally by second!


Drinks the fire to call out one, raises Axe, immediately the Axe ray shoots up to the sky, chops to cut directly in the [Legend] Mage team, at least over a hundred people of teams were killed by the instantaneous broken shield second uniformly!


Enchanted Painting raises the long sword to drift away the attack around BOSS, at the same time the attack of avoidance subsidence of the earth, said: „This BOSS attack power is too fierce, we possibly could not resist."

[Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior grasped long sword near body preying, HP was falling about 20%, said as before: „Cannot block must keep off, if we walked now, but also doesn't have a face facing the brothers who before hung?"

He said very right, Enchanted Painting is unable to refute.

Major Guild also can only invest more players to enter the war rapidly, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry was under drinking fiercely attacking of fire died in battle one batch, making us most uncomfortable was also not these, but drank the fire to summon one crowd of wings demons, tens of thousands of circling in airborne, was fiercely attacking to the player, created a feeling of being attacked front and rear to us.

But drinks the fire to brandish Axe in the crowd to chop randomly, not only attack power superelevation, but after also massacres a player, every time unexpectedly can also by this back and forth blood, the frigid fight has continued nearly 10 minutes of time, drinks the fire unexpectedly also to have 95% HP, this is really desperate!



Also is roaring flame Axe strikes, I was shaken have drawn back about hundred meters, layer on layer tumbles above together Qingyan.

Front, One Second Hero keeps off blade for me, was actually drunk the fire to strike to wipe out over 30 thousand HP, by the second, handles against Yue Yao Yan directly, has also suffered a blade under the subsidence of the earth effect, hung.

The [Zhan Long] core player also started dead in battle, this was not the good phenomenon, even [Legend] Lu Chun Yang, Xuan Yuan Feng , etc. vice- Guildmaster and player also one after another complete dying in battle of elder rank!


Yan Zhao Warrior roars, the long sword passes the chest of BOSS, said: „This chapter of blood effect has also gone against heaven's will, how can kill him?"

I stand up, returns to the blood while said: „The huge-crowd strategy, was invalid!"

„That what to do?" Yan Zhao Warrior bellows: „We died that many people!"

Distant place, Fang Ge Que, while the complexion full is the dignified color, yes, we now have been absolutely unable to back down, no one has thought that the greedy desire drank fire BOSS to depend on the murder back and forth blood unexpectedly, the huge-crowd strategy failed in the extreme, let alone Hybrid Demon of some space also that many flight departments, even if did not have, our group of people were also not necessarily able to kill fall to drink the fire.

Drunken Spear also appears in crowd of attack, the heavy shield reluctant standard keeps off BOSS after striking, was actually drunk the fire to lift a hand fist bang to tumble out with horse was very far, in an extremely difficult situation crawls, said: „Was too difficult, removes?"

The short spear trick is only a [Flying Dragon] core member, is not Guildmaster, he can not have saying of pressure to retreat this words.

Fang Ge Que looks from afar to me: „Xiao Yao, do you think?"

I clench teeth: „Retreated, descends the mountain to say again that drank the fire unable to kill, we too underestimated him!"



The people diverge in abundance, drink the fire to start to raise Axe to cover in the crowd kill, but we, so long as disperses, he most can only kill 1% people, does not disperse, could kill we 100% people.

The [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry is a rear survival also 1000 + people, the people complexion is not quite attractive, this time is almost to be equal to flying back without any results, is different when with we come the original intention.

Ben Hang on the way, Lin Wan Er raises the dragon tooth sharp knife blade to instigate the silver dragon to appear in suddenly airborne, said loudly: „Under mountain was unsafe, coming many Asura to ride to encircle the foot . Moreover the space was also flying a woman of playing a qin!"

„Woman of playing a qin?" I asked astonished.

„Um." In the Wan Er eye is passing a helplessness, said: „The strings of various god zither Ge also came, this time we must face the joint attacks of two big BOSS!"

„To Going out, no matter she!" My loud [say / way].


We at this moment are more like defeat of one crowd of being absentminded, is not only I, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others also lost the original calmness, at this time who can also calm down, our time came to the Hybrid Demon territory to be clearly suspended one by NPC, this shame was any player is unable to endure.

Sped away the foot, at the foot of the hill dense and numerous full are Asura rides, the demon palace to ride, the barbaric wolf to ride and other Hybrid Demon cavalry soldier types, and airborne truly floated one to wear the female of red gauze skirt, before the body, fluctuated a zheng, her chignon high high price rate got up, an elegant clothing, the waist was decorating the tassels, looked like truly likely is the fairy maiden.

Just, this fairy maiden does not think now other, but thinks that we die.


The corners of the mouth raise, on zither Ge the elegantly beautiful cheek appears wipes the smiling face: „Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly also, good, this time has been able to destroy completely you once and for all, wants to walk? Although tries, I will make you taste the piano music the might!"

Saying, her was raising single-handed on the guqin has stroked, immediately the piano music shot up to the sky together, changed into the giant knife edge shape to fall on our front earth!


The hard rock layer likely is bean curd was cut to pieces, dozens meters width, deeply does not see the bottom, roaring flame emerge from the black hole, this...... Is it possible that cultivates Loshan is the volcano? Underground so will be burning hot, or, is this zither Ge the strength?

The public micro letter of leaf clears, searches public micro-signal shiluoye2014, or the search loses the fallen leaf, should be able to obtain by search, everybody plays the micro letter can add, the leaf meets sends the welfare to everybody regularly, hey!

Zhan Long Chapter 1199

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