Zhan Long Chapter 1200

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„Grass, matter big strip!"

Old K is raising Axe, looks up airborne is floating the qin song cannot bear snort one stuffily, this wear rests the woman who the skirt from the sky floats to flutter to hit continually cannot project on, does not raise other.

Yan Zhao Warrior led the [Prague] several thousand people also to clash, was grasping the long Swordsmanship: „The launching of flight department, prepares to meet string of Qin Ge various god, can't we massacre to drink the fire unable to massacre Qin Ge?"


I could not bear shout, actually could not stop others' motion.

Not far away, a familiar form appears, was Situ overlord Liu Ying, he had several thousand people of male tyrant wind and cloud to defend at the foot of the hill, now saw our that many people to come, immediately directed the subordinate to start to launch the attack, many archers have aimed at the airborne qin song the bow arrow . Moreover, the rising sun such as blood, [House of Prestige] and other Guild the remaining players also together started the attack to BOSS.

„Boss, we what to do?" Xue Rou is riding the warhorse, raises head to visit airborne me.

I lower the head to have a look at her, has a look at the front, one group of dense Asura rode to intercept our escape route, they stopped up under the mountain range, making us have no place to go, therefore Jianfeng referred to this group of Asura riding, I shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „[Zhan Long], proceeds to clash, breaks through, can exit many people to calculate many people, we do not kill BOSS, all king level BOSS strengthened, had not been massacred easily!"


I already bent down , a raspberry dragon rest exits, my riding the wind cuts also changes into several sword air escapes to fall in the crowd that Asura rides, airborne, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er and other Dragon Rider coordinate to attack together, in addition in the ground the [Blade Spin] effects of 1000 + melt god cavalries, clean up a no war zone rapidly.

The rear area that Asura rides is an only lighting the lamps corpse ghost, this may be thornier, the spirit flowered insect that the lighting the lamps corpse ghost raises flew, „bang bang bang" in the melt god cavalry camp explodes, in an instant buckle over hundred.

I enter thousand frost wing effects, going all out of waves the double sword to clear the way, kills the lighting the lamps corpse ghost, the output that Xue Rou, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others also went all out, all [Zhan Long] players entered a crazy boundary, our goals only then, conflicts here, as far as possible retains some people to live exiting.

Behind the body, [House of Prestige] vice- Guildmaster Quick Thunder Swift Wind visits me from afar, is out of control taunted loudly: „[Zhan Long], this is Chinese war zone second Guild [Zhan Long], slightly does not kill BOSS actually strangely to go all out with one crowd, does this type of guild also match to enter the guild wind and cloud list?"

„Mother" Li Mu could not bear turn head to let somebody cool off or calm down looked at Quick Thunder Swift Wind, in the eye full kills intent.

My sword shakes a lighting the lamps corpse ghost, at the same time said: „Does not need to pay attention, full speed proceeds to clash, branches out part of melt god cavalries to protect long-distance is the player retreats, the speed is fast!"

From the airborne bird's eye view, lighting the lamps corpse ghost and Asura rode the form that the demon palace rode continually sea, but [Zhan Long] looked like Ye Guzhou in this sea, fluctuated in the dreadful rough sea waves up and down, but also was tenacious proceeding that did not urge to march forward step by step difficultly.


The airborne piano music flies high to fall together, „bang" has cut to pieces the left earth, I look grievedly, one group of [Zhan Long] players including Yue Qing Qian was killed by the second all, they less than 50% blood, which can also withstand Qin Ge struck, in the meantime, died in battle the corpse of player to cave in along with the collapse ground together, does not know where will go, we also without enough time pick equipment that takes to peel off , to continue to proceed, this is the motion that one time is defeated, now can do falls the battle loss to lowly, now also in my behind [Zhan Long] player completely is. Our absolute elite, making them die in battle a time to peel off equipment completely, this was the loss that I am unable to bear.

„Continues to forward, do not look!"

My eye was red, the double sword speedily wields kills clears the way for everybody in the monster group.

Meanwhile, the players of distant numerous guild already and string of Qin Ge various god fought with all might in the same place, Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword and the others chose to fight a decisive battle this BOSS, but was a pity very much that Qin Ge the piano music provided one to protect the shield for oneself, played the piano music time this to protect the shield to be able each time to renovate one time, therefore the players were also mean to her output.

But I worry is not this, but is Qin Ge the attack is not simple, she has not chosen we most crowded crowd attack, but is displaying piano music to cut to pieces the earth, and path that cuts around foot, gulfs link, as if for entire is repairing Loshan to enclose a skirt to be ordinary.

Instantaneous, I as if understood anything, immediately spent motherfucker to exude the system shout in this Asura map


System announcement( player Xiao Yao Zi Zai frontline propaganda): Everybody a bit faster retreats, do not kill the strings of various god again, she is trying to be cut off all our escape routes, now does not walk does not have the opportunity!

However, [Hero's Mound], [Legend], [Prague] and other Guild with the qin song dogfight in the same place, basis few individuals who listens to my words, only Ye Lai makes [Judgement] part of military strength follow us to retreat, even Mu Xuan also as before leads own person to attack Qin Ge, each big pledge Guildmaster has own judgment, this also no wonder they.

At this moment, suddenly an airborne qin song keenly blowing, the whole body sends out golden light, the body transforms suddenly increases, this time just like the fairy maiden, fluctuated really in her front zheng exudes the sound of soft, changed into sharp knife blade to drop from the clouds, „bang bang bang" cut large scale is repairing Loshan at the foot of the hill earth, bottom anger flame spewed out, curled many players, even also had a substantial number of [Zhan Long] players not to come, was too simply miserable does not endure to look.


Lin Wan Er sits in the silver dragon carries on the back, looks at the distant place, said: „Ended"

The next quarter, „bang" soars to the heavens the bang, entire cultivated Loshan as if to shiver, Li Mu has rubbed the eyes hurriedly, said: „Haven't I misread? Cultivates Loshan, moved"

I nod: „Has not misread, truly moved, entire cultivates Loshan to sink!"

Xue Rou has held breath a cold air/Qi: „Good fearful strategy, was Hybrid Demon this plan sacrificed entire cultivates Loshan to destroy completely the elite player in our China war zone?"

Dancing Forest grasped is shooting the date to bend, in the eye was bringing thick shock: „It seems like yes right, our intermediate total, was good because of the Boss makes us retreat ahead of time, otherwise our cannot come out!"

At this time, is bang a series of sounds, cultivated Loshan to sink in the sound of shivering slowly, but in the surroundings of mountain massif, angry flame shot up to the sky, forms near hundred zhang (333m) the flame backdrop, ended, now possibly cannot even fly including the players of flight department, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and the others also in inside!

„Walks quickly!"

I look at the surroundings, knit the brows saying: „Lighting the lamps corpse ghost were getting more and more, we a bit faster do not break through to run out cultivate the Luo Lin words, we must together be buried along with the dead here!"

A Lin Wan Er pair of wonderful item looks that distant place is caving in the cultivation Loshan, does not endure very much, yes, who has to be cruel enough to look that the compatriot player such completely hangs, in cultivation Loshan, at least also has our hundreds of thousands of players elite, moreover is the Tian Ling Empire backbone strengths, after they died in battle, will fall 1 level, and also will have certain probability to blow out equipment, this attack was too big!


The butterfly sword cuts open a chest of lighting the lamps corpse ghost, has not given him to summon the opportunity of carrion, under my thousand frost wing effects is leading people Ben Hang under the moonlight, simultaneously Xue Routi the long sword is speeding away with me, said: „Boss, we flushed 1500 + people, but also was good"

„Is really good?" I somewhat love dearly: „When we come has thousand person"

Xue Rou shows a faint smile, the throwing out the chest dried meat, said: „Restrains your grief and accommodates change, can have 1500 elite to come out to be very good, in our packages picks to take equipment that the companion is blowing out, bringing these equipment to return to Tian Ling Empire , has to confess to the brothers of dying in battle."


I layer on layer nod, Matcha said right, in our these 1500 people of almost every people wrap equipment at least 2-3 equipment, in my package has 7 equipment, has marked the name of blowing out, we died in battle thousand person, probably also blows out equipment that 10000 do not arrive, we bring these equipment to return to the city, made up for the loss of majority of player sufficiently.

Is slaughtering the lighting the lamps corpse ghost unceasingly, is maintaining our impact lineup, 500 + melt god cavalries of being a rear survival breakneck proceed to clash, after Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er detain, protects Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Xing Lie, Lian Po and other long-distance is the player.

But we behind, cultivated Loshan to cave in unceasingly, were having the half high mountain massif to sink underground, but string of qin song that various god played the string to launch the attack, while was calling with the queen resounding sound: „Come, making the purgatory swallow your souls, come comes, my adorable adventurers, your dying in battle will make the dark blue billows Sir reconstruct one group of new Wu Hun, even if you do not die in the blessing next eternal life of temple, but your souls can actually provide a formidable army for us, come, joins the purgatory!"

I heard unable to bear the fine hair set upright: „Soul forging new Wu Hun who they must use the player?"

Lin Wan Er nods: „Sounds is this."

Xue Rou sticks out one's tongue: „Sounds simply is somewhat disgusting, we walk quickly, be not overtaken, I do not want to be forged any Wu Hun by my soul."


I review looked that discovered the innumerable players died in battle the later white soul to try to fly Tian Ling Empire, but was actually given to hold on by an invisible net, tows to fall the purgatory.

After several minutes, Li Mu look dignified turning head visits me, said: „Had the brothers of dying in battle to call me, said that the soul was imprisoned in the purgatory, they are unable to reactivate in Tian Ling Empire, after must wait for 24 hours, can get online."

I nod: „It seems like Qin Ge the words are are not frightening us, walks , to continue to increase speed."


Four Dragon Rider gentlemen circle in airborne, protects 1500 + people of [Zhan Long] teams to leave to cultivate Luo Lin, in fact encountered the demon palace to ride, the barbaric wolf to ride, covering of lighting the lamps corpse ghost along the way to kill, our once more buckle 100 + people, now already, only then about 1400 people, were getting fewer and fewer, must bring back to Tian Ling Empire to go them completely!

The shame feeling that most people here the online over 10 hours, have defeated completely lets everybody not sleepiness, under the moonlight, the people speed away to leave to cultivate Luo Lin, oversteps the surrounding canyon, finally arrived in the quite safe region, the surroundings presented Hybrid Demon again are also only some 1-6 levels of low-order Hybrid Demon.

„Jie Jie"

In the upper air has heard the keenly blowing sound of sword spirit cavalry soldier, the death was closely associated, we were not the security as before.

Zhan Long Chapter 1200

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