Zhan Long Chapter 1201

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Cooldown is about 11 : 00 o'clock at night, the [Zhan Long] 1400 + people go through in the mountain ranges, avoidance as far as possible tries to intercept our Hybrid Demon armies all the way, in our top of the head has almost been circling an only sword spirit cavalry soldier, at first I and Lin Wan Er controlled the big dragon to ascend the sky to massacre, but the quantity were too many, as before 3322, as if could not kill, for the security of entire team, we can only the low-altitude flying shield, no longer look for the sword spirit cavalry soldier troubled.

The strategy of this Hybrid Demon army truly wanted wisely too many to be too many, the sword spirit cavalry soldier with was the attack branch of the services, now actually uses reconnaissance patrol, the communication unceasing dissemination news, finally our positions also became the materials that the Hybrid Demon regiment had, the pursuing troops were unceasing, rode, the lighting the lamps corpse ghost and demon palace to ride from the initial barbaric wolf, to the present swallowing hot giant beast, the spirit umbrella insect, had had numerous number.



Stormy hoofbeat reverberation on the plain under moonlight, this is the path that we return.

Sits carries on the back in the raspberry dragon, I turn head to have a look, to be away from us about 2 kilometers mountain ranges to hear the thick hoofbeat, simultaneously can see that bunch of roaring flame are rolling in the mountain ranges, that swallows the flaming chariot that the hot giant beast head and tail is connected to form, these Hybrid Demon were too thorny, we absolutely do not have the means to turn head to attack, once were mounted, possibly could not leave.

Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others all in cultivation Loshan died in battle, even has the flight is mount has not flown, such long Cooldown, zither Ge, drank the fire to complete „annihilating" duty, was not out of the anticipation the words, these two BOSS currently have the possibility on chasing down my road, after all my this Tian Ling Empire held the spear to make them very greedy greatly.

Li Mu according to altitude of low Red Dragon flight, from ground, only then 3 meters low-altitude flying, on the face has covered entirely the vicissitudes, said: „Grass, this time is any matter......"

Old K gains ground to have a look at him, smiled: „Duty failed, but can also be what's the matter, the player camp thought highly of itself, finally was given by Hybrid Demon BOSS cloudy, was that a matter."

But Li Mu shakes the head, said: „Xiao Yao, do we go now?"

I look at the big map, said: „Old route return trip is impossible, when we came the spirit rope way destroying by Hybrid Demon, built also without enough time, the road that can only choose again."

Xue Rou asked: „Which road?"

I smile: „We have not chosen, the road that now can also go back actually only then a wild Dragon Clan territory, if as expected now should in the hand of highest heaven city demon mountain, only be able from there to encroach upon but was good, the demon mountain also started one time to the attack of Hybrid Demon territory, but it is said long time ago retreated, he is more intelligent than us."

„Was we are too thorough." Lin Wan Er assured [say / way].

„Right, why this motion has not seen Jian Feng Han and [Vanguard] shadow." I asked.

Xue Rou eats to smile: „Because Jian Feng Han is quite out of the ordinary, has not chosen the same goal with us, he leads about 10 thousand [Vanguard] players to turn out in full strength from Tian Ling Empire, the storm abyss looks for [Judgement] and masticator Stella has troubled, but is quite miserable, before 2 hours whole army has been annihilated, it is said the masticator had one to swallow the skill of player, swallows one on promotion certain physical defense, is much higher to final time physical defense, Jian Feng Han I am unable broken to guard, finally by [Judgement] to ‚[Judgement]', went to 10 thousand people, currently also has about 500 people about in the periphery wandering soul of storm abyss. Same escape, how long but definitely unable to live."

I deeply inspire, sighed: „Dark blue billows this time have caught up, has promoted the strengths of all Hybrid Demon kings, we suffered a loss are also normal."


Lin Wan Er said: „We the remaining 1000 + people, do not know that now the demon mountain can allow to pass, in the past we made the demon mountain be speechless by the strength, this time words, a little not good......"

Dong Cheng Yue sits in the Wan Er side, said: „This simple, so long as Brother Xiao Yao this Guildmaster nod, Death God's Elegy can lead 7 thousand [Zhan Long] players to directly soar the wild Dragon Clan territory to aid us from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, 7 thousand rows operate a weaponry, I do not believe demon Shan Gan not to allow to pass!"

Old K said with a smile: „Right, this means are quite good!"

Li Mu looks to me: „Xiao Yao, feasible?"

I think over and over, several seconds shook the head saying: „Ok, you have a look at us behind, how many Hybrid Demon armies in chasing down us, perhaps have BOSS of Hybrid Demon king rank in chasing down us, we cannot drag down 7 Brother thousand again, at least in this motion absolutely cannot such do, is right?"

The Wang Jian nod said: „I support the decision of Xiao Yao elder brother, truly cannot draw everybody to launch together, our time loses to already the fact that becomes, is unable to change, the morale is not good, the preparation is more insufficient, making 7 Brother thousand the hasty meet head-on Hybrid Demon, may end up to turn out a very frigid fate, at least, we need in the situation, in having the NPC army operation attacking challenges Hybrid Demon again."

I smile: „Wang Jian said right , to continue to go forward, picks up the speed, cannot so be again slow."



In has a look to wrap, City Return Scroll is as before dim, the entire Hybrid Demon territory turned into the confinement map, our City Return Scroll charm by the Hybrid Demon kings eliminating.

Skices, before dawn, we finally arrived in the surrounding of wild Dragon Clan territory, but now already before is completely different, the construction speed of highest heaven city is not the general rapidness, in the mountain ranges of out of office Dragon Clan territory has built a long city wall, the continuous hundred li (0.5km), look like very somewhat the imposing manner in Great Wall, but in the position of original dragon god main hall, had already built a city, including having the two sides Great Wall, has formed a genuine fort.

Outside the city wall even returned the casting galvanized iron, among the archery targets reveals an all trades dragon crystal artillery shiny black gun tube, physical defense that this city filled definitely was not the issue, although compared the non- upper main city, but compared to Jiu Li City and Qingyan city and other secondary lord cities has no time to let, on the city fluttering of flags, has guarded much the army from highest heaven city.

I was controlling the raspberry speed run in the past, in the hand was raising the long sword, close city wall, then some people loudly have not shouted above: „What person, dares to encroach upon my fort?"

That is a Yorozuo is long, is long from a highest heaven city Xia Huojun Yorozuo, raises the iron spear to say loudly: „Do not fly again near, otherwise I am impolite! Archers, aiming!"

In the city wall presented over a thousand archers instantaneously, uneven Shua Shua pulls open the bowstring to point at me, this feeling does not feel better.

I hold on raspberry the reins, turns over to the sheath the long sword, said: „We the person who returns from Hybrid Demon territory expedition, has defeated, wants to pass by taking advantage of the expensive important pass, but also asked you to allow to pass."

The Yorozuo long brow raises: „Snort, you have clearly brought in the Hybrid Demon army, wants to fall our city to fill in the perdition!"

He but actually also said right.

However the city next 1400 + [Zhan Long] players have been standing by and waiting for orders, the words that does not open the door we could encounter covering of Hybrid Demon army to kill, immediately my some are impatient, said: „Demon mountain, making him come out to see me!"

Yorozuo long gets angry: „Who you are, dares nickname that said us to command?"

Nearby, the camp group staff officers pat Yorozuo's long arm, said in a low voice: „General, this person is Li Xiao Yao, the day plume empire holds the spear greatly, is grasping the people of entire Tian Ling Empire several million soldiers and horses!"


Yorozuo long stares, actually does not know not to know what to do.

The players in city obtained the news at this time luckily, the quick demon mountain leads one group of people to appear in the city wall, several days do not see, Level of demon mountain has promoted much, equipment also has as if traded several, the whole person appeared energetic, distant said with a smile to me: „Originally is Xiao Yao Guildmaster, was really has had not seen you for a long time, has not thought that will see you here."

I smile: „Turned on the roof louvre window saying that the frank and straightforward remark the demon mountain, our China server expedited Asura to defeat, almost whole army has been annihilated, my behind these people are almost all survivors, behind had the Hybrid Demon army to chase down us, will possibly have BOSS of king level, we want to return to Tian Ling Empire taking advantage of your important pass."

„Why doesn't use City Return Scroll?" He is astonished however asks.

I show a faint smile: „Confinement map, do not feign ignorance, having a look at own City Return Scroll to know."

The demon mountain has swept one, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Really is this."

At this time, demon mountain group team leader was pointing to the West, said: „Guildmaster you looked that the Hybrid Demon regiment really came, blots out the sky, before us the quantity of meeting are more than! We cannot absolutely the Kaesong gate, otherwise the Hybrid Demon army is also makes use to kill, we build this city with great difficulty, cannot on because such Chinese has ruined, on the contrary, these Chinese have brought in that many Hybrid Demon armies, obviously wants to frame us, his heart may execute!"

I cannot bear draw out a section of butterfly sword, said: „The talented person his heart of this saying may execute, the demon mountain, this person is your group team leader, if you do not begin, I helped you clean up the gateway!"

The demon mountain is also one startled: „Xiao Yao, do not impulse, has the words to discuss well!"

The Hybrid Demon army is getting more and more near, in 5 minutes arrived inevitably, I cannot bear knit the brows: „Cooldown are not many, has no way to discuss, please immediately Kaesong gate, otherwise our storm went in!"

The demon mountain clenches teeth saying: „Does your what meaning, think storm our city? Didn't you too pay attention to our highest heaven city?!"



I conveniently doing also to have pulled out the sword, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The people in highest heaven city do not allow to pass, that kills! We in the vassal chain islands for their making way route, they the graciousness Qiu Bao, anything have not said now, prepares to make war!"

[Zhan Long] core player draws out pointed weapons, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian three Dragon Rider gentlemen instigated the big dragon to fly, scene immediately at daggers drawn.

In this time, behind the city has been broadcasting a voice of woman suddenly: „What's wrong, do some people need to begin to our forts? Who I must have a look but actually am have eaten the bear heart leopard balls."

Fire god Gaia, this time was really thorny!

Zhan Long Chapter 1201

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