Zhan Long Chapter 1202

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The surrounding temperature as if instantaneously promoted one situation that made people unable to endure, on a small hot cloud, Gaia barefoot trod above, wore a flame Chinese-style gown, an extremely fine cheek was having the arrogant however happy expression under the sweep of flame, said: „Originally is Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly, I also think that is."

My moral nature is one thump, the situation develops in the direction that I most do not want to see.


Li Mu complexion one cold, said in guild channel: „It is not good, delays our these 1400 + people to reimburse again completely here, Xiao Yao, you and Wan Er Guildmaster shield, I and Wang Jian break through enter the city, opens the front door to make everybody go from the inside forcefully, otherwise late, several of us will fly, but the majority of brothers will not fly, sooner or later will be exploded by the spirit flowered insect."

Desperate under also only had like this, but I stood in carrying on the back of raspberry, was holding the fist in the other hand to fire god Gaia, said: „Gaia, we are the Tian Ling Empire adventurers, the south seven big kingdoms collaborate to resist Hybrid Demon are conspiring of nowadays world, I hope that fire god Gaia can open the city gate, allowing our group of people to enter city, otherwise was covered outside the city kills, perhaps cannot leave."

On Gaia face maintains composure, said: „But Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city once opened the Warring States after all, the words that you wanted to enter a city must discard the weapon, the war armor and warhorse outside the city come in again, otherwise we are unable to make you enter a city."

A Xue Rou brow wrinkle: „Haven't I misunderstood? Does this woman make us discard equipment to enter a city?"

My heart fire in a stove gets up, clenches teeth secretly, said: „Gaia goddess why like this creates obstacles for us, the pointed weapons warhorse was to us more important than the life, has discarded these, what significance were we run away assign have?"

Gaia leisure smiles, lifts the hand to tuck in together the roaring flame, said: „This is casual you, I already all that made has been able to achieve, was you are not willing to enter a city, no wonder I."

Finally, at this time the Old K violent temper got up, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Made the father chop this smelly woman!"

Saying, Old K was jumping to leap, treads Wang Jian the meat wing of blue dragon vertical to leap once more, steps the dragon back of Li Mu, the third time vertical leapt rushed to the city wall, flew high to raise Axe, struck to bring the spin fierce Axe direct bang of strong flame to approach fire god Gaia.

„Courts death!"

Gaia delicate eyebrows one cold, kills intent greatly Sheng, lifts the arm, the palm condenses an energy of handle fierce fireworks blade, has been dividing Going out to Old K, this strikes the might to be very strong, Old K in the non- mount condition, HP is also worrisome, once a move of most must be killed by the second!

In a hurry, I already opened [Wall of Dou Qi], suddenly horizontally between Old K and Gaia, single-handed, the strength of imperial day starts, immediately the bunch condenses incorruptible, resists Gaia directly the strikes, my Holy Domain strength came from in Dragon's den Frost, is the ice department, as if also happen to can restrain Gaia's fire is the strength.

However the result was actually inferior such that I think, „bang" an explosive sound gets up, the strength of my imperial day completely is not a match, was crushed instantaneously, the front also a Gaia's blade, lost 16 thousand + HP, this is keeps off the situation in square, otherwise at least 200 000 gets up, it seems like Gaia's real strength should approach zither Ge, to drink fire king level Hybrid Demon, how many even if might as well also inferior not.


Looked that I kept off this to strike, was safe and uneventful, Gaia also gawked, afterward the corners of the mouth raised, said: „Cannot think that the Frost student really has real skill, unexpectedly can melt my hot magic knife, good good, since this, tries my flame blade again, how?"

Saying, she waves arm gently, three handle roaring flame crazy blades condense in the body week, the high-speed circulation, lets some moral nature round of cold that I cannot bear, consecutively three strike, should almost be able the second to fall me? The player and disparity between god level NPC is quite after all big, our resistances were well below the opposite party, HP are not no need to say.

Lin Wan Er is not willing to see that I was killed by second, immediately grasps the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, simple transparent: „Attacks a city!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others already could not bear, instigated the big dragon to clash going forward, the long sword has raised throws Going out, two [Blade Spin] attacks dashed to think fire god Gaia, but Xue Rou raised is turning over to the Yuan sword vertical to leap taking advantage of the big dragon meat wing of Lin Wan Er continuously twice rushes to the city wall, the long sword has raised, direct Successful Skill Break divided the demon mountain continuously to retrocede.

„Bang bang......"

[Blade Spin] about 2 meters far place suffers a rebound of flame shield in close fire god Gaia, was surged directly, killing intent on fire god Gaia face is thicker, lifted the hand throws three flame blades, I was in the airborne rapid thousand frost wings, fought the boots to tread void Z character like lightning to move, MISS fell the first flame blade, but other twice actually rumbled on the chest!



Really is very painful, does not wait for fire god Gaia to condense the next attack, I already flew high killing, but , the sword blade edge is unconstrained [Strength of a Thousand Men] 5 attack effects, „bang bang bang" the sound is unceasing, chops cracks on the fire god Gaia's flame shield, shouted, wisp of golden light penetration cloud layer flowed swiftly to fall on me, the god level skill rode the wind to cut to start!

Swift and fierce sword glow howls to go, under the crowded sword air/Qi penetration, flame shield „Bang" a disintegration, the butterfly even punctured thoroughly the fire god shoulder finally, spattered in all directions a blood, broken has defended, although her HP were too many, wants to kill is almost unlikely.


Behind the body, Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring give me together greatly the iatrotechnics, will holds on HP, but fire god Gaia became angry out of shame, shouted angrily, the surroundings roaring flame wreaked havoc, has fired the remnant blood Lin Wan Er and Li Mu two people, has to draw back, but I suffered positive flame to attack, HP enulled once again.

It seems like the strengths of our group of people not to the god who can challenge this potential surface!

The demon mountain as if also moved has killed the heart, after issuing an order, in the city wall dozens dragon crystal artillery reversed together to our are circling several Dragon Rider gentlemen on city, „bang bang bang" opening fire, fell under Li Mu and Wang Jian bang the city together, was good because of two person HP also a little, did not have directly by the second, but Lin Wan Er tightly grabbed the reins of silver dragon to start the position, after avoiding several dragon crystal artillery, has to evade its [Vanguard] whereabouts.

Only I grasp the double sword, the float that the ice wing flies upwards from the sky met Gaia.


Is towing together the incorruptible path, I walk position MISS to fall Gaia's flame impact diligently, the butterfly sword horizontally in the front standard keeps off in Kaesong the fire of archer player, simultaneously the thought operation does sword [Blade Spin], attacks Gaia's body unceasingly, although therefore my HP rise danger, but the scar on Gaia shoulder was also getting bigger and bigger.

As if has not wanted to tolerate me, Gaia bites the silver tooth suddenly, distant opens the hand to me, shouted to clear the way: „Flame domain!"


The surrounding temperature speedily promotes, as if I concentrate that temperature of Juyang flame vigor, is good in I play have Yang Yanjin, the resistance to high temperature ability is also good, but the surrounding element as if instantaneous violent walked generally, the temperature promotes rapidly, flame elements as if are the boiling hot sharp knife blade generally prevent me to move, is this flame domain strength?

The body almost could not move, Gaia opens the control flame domain, actually after behind gently grasps, immediately a handle flame lance was grasped by her in the hand, I am also a standard keep off, does this handle flame lance penetrate the feeling of body to be certainly painful?


In head instantaneous blank, was one time faced with the feeling of death, my cannot help but started Invincible Body on the preparation, a good and evil 25 seconds of invincibility, can make us support again for 25 seconds!


Gaia laughed, holds up flame lance to project!


The flame lance punctures thoroughly the expansive sky, is a handle seizes to assign [Soul Army] likely general raids!

Invincible Body, imperative!

However, at this moment, a security sense arrives suddenly, almost my each pore can feel that profound strength, right, domain that is the strength of stars, Frost now cultivated!


In the cool breeze has a wisp of delicate fragrance, the body of beautiful woman teacher to transform slowly before my body, she carries to me, was opening the five fingers to Gaia, whole body dozens stars photostars speedily lingered, the rapid condensation, drank „the stars crystal shield" with her one tenderly, at the same time the sparkling shield appeared in her front, in the shield surface is mounting blue rod-like crystals, looked like looks like the stars in universe is ordinary.


Gaia's flame lance spatters in all directions directly on the stars crystal shield, changes into flame energies to dissipate, but Frost is also the body slightly trembles, on the stars crystal shield splashes grains of star territory flowing light, this puts in an appearance, the spear meets the shield, obviously was Frost wins.


On Gaia's face passed over gently and swiftly to kill intent, who does not find out comes the person at present is, first killed said again that raised hand once more to condense five flame flame blades, after flame blade, was an energy of flame lion, one and has formed the continuous bump!

Frost grasps the stars crystal shield, motionless defending there, „bang bang bang" in the impact noise, air waves sweep across to come, to blow long hair dispersing that her plate had, one continuously from the sky waves, the dark blue battle dress also flies upwards, from my aspect can see that the beautiful woman teacher reaches in the perfect back.

Finally, Gaia's a series of attacks came by the Frost stars crystal shield standard parry, although the stars crystal shield also damages seriously, almost remaining one-third, above was only tattered and torn, at this moment, Frost changes from defensive to offensive, in airborne fishes single-handed, void transforms to cut Hua sword the shape, holds moment Frost of sword hilt on as if the incarnation is the female war-god, strikes the blade edge of stars to suffer a relapse on flame shield that again, in Gaia hasty condenses!


The flame shield is solved instantaneously, had proven the strengths between two superior goddesses are disparate.


Gaia draws back several steps continually, but does not concede, is nipping the silver tooth both arms lingering roaring flame, numerous fist bang have approached the Frost side.

„Impenetrably thickheaded!"

Frost drinks lowly, moved has killed intent, left arm horizontal, entire white delicate arms as if became insightful, ice crystal condensation were the stars, around the fist are strength of about 2 cms in diameter tiny stars are revolving, „bang" welcomed Gaia's fist, the fit and unfit quality stood sentence, Gaia was shaken directly draws back, the corners of the mouth overflowed a blood.

Frost as before steady is built on airborne, small stars spheroids in body Zhou Ningju, rupturing, condense again.

Zhan Long Chapter 1202

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