Zhan Long Chapter 1203

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On the city, the demon mountain is raising the fire god spear, as if also felt situation is not wonderful, immediately shouted to clear the way loudly: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, the truce, hit not to have the significance again!"

I cannot bear in the moral nature sneer, demon mountain fellow is much more straightforward, does not conceal the innermost feelings the idea, the present is to see Gaia does not fight Frost, will therefore propose the truce? Originally, depends on my temper to conquer by killing this fort, but the body rear innumerable Hybrid Demon armies chase down to come now, seems inopportune.

I lift the hand, said loudly: „Truce!"

Both sides tacit stopping , the [Zhan Long] person almost too in a big way has not lost, was mass-criticized to kill dozens individuals by Long Jing, but on the city the player in demon mountain Guild was massacred several hundred people by our short Cooldown , the elite degree of both sides players is disparate, the demon mountain should also see this point.

„Kaesong gate!" The Lin Wan Er fierce [say / way], she turns around to look at the rear area, in the beautiful pupil produces an inverted image the scene that innumerable Hybrid Demon kill to rush.

„Does not permit!"

Is Gaia's voice, she holds the city wall to stand slowly, has cleaned the blood of corners of the mouth, looks up airborne Frost, said: „The highest heaven city will forever not be conquered, before we have not agreed that anybody cannot step into the territory of highest heaven city, this is I am the fire god will!"

I am angry: „Gaia, your this scoundrel!"

Gaia sneers to continue: „Holds Ge Hao to be dignified greatly."

Frost also shows a faint smile, looks to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, so long as your a few words, I have executed this fire god, although every lacks the superior god, but does not lack this confusing right and wrong fire god, she has wasted the superior god godship of fire god simply!"

Gaia becomes angry out of shame, front twin peaks fluctuating: „Frost, you depended on to build the strength of stars, so bullied my highest heaven city, was this superior god should have the mind that?"

Frost said with a smile lightly: „I only know that our cold uncultivated land Dragon's den person was stopped by you outside the city, you look helplessly humanity was slaughtered by Hybrid Demon, this is I sees."

Saying, Frost is suddenly spooky sighs, said: „But, does not need you to come the Kaesong gate today, the favour of highest heaven city our cold uncultivated land Dragon's den cannot withstand, the blue radish, ordering the Dragon Rider gentleman to shield the Li Xiao Yao person to retreat, divides 50% military strength to resist Hybrid Demon, 50% transfers of troops, have flown directly this fort, we do not need to take the land route."

„Yes, Sir!"

A blue radish nod, lifts hand to raise, immediately behind stays 100 + Dragon Rider gentlemen in mountain valley takes off in abundance, and incessantly is the Dragon Rider gentleman, over 200 valley the big dragons of dragon also flew, this colossi in the sound that the airborne squawk roared are really too astonishing, blotted out the sky, lets the highest heaven city player and NPC on city looks to stay, how could have they experienced this scene?


The Dragon Rider gentlemen are grasping Long Qiang and Long Jian enter behind in the Hybrid Demon crowd, even if 9 levels of Hybrid Demon is not the match of Dragon Rider gentleman, this is obvious, BOSS, nobody can injure has resulted in the Dragon Rider gentleman, but we behind apparently did not have Hybrid Demon of BOSS level.


A leader without owner big dragon falls to the ground, is spurting the breath, the look in double pupil is combative, but actually as before sinks the body, falls to the ground the wings, for the appearance that the human dispatches, one crowd of [Zhan Long] players have been shocked, has not revived from the present situation, I look somewhat speechless, direct said loudly: „Do not be in a daze, on Long Bei, each dragon can the load bearing 5-10 people, hurry up, do not waste Cooldown!"

Everybody over 90% are first time rides the dragon big dragon, where can not be excited, sought for the pleasing big dragon to rush to Long Bei, the archer or Monk or were Healer, we altogether also had 1400 people, but big dragon over 200 heads, one time completely have loaded.

Eats delicacies with dragons, my heart finally has also decided that the [Zhan Long] 1400 + brothers can live finally are returning to the main city!

But all these, must feel grateful in Frost.

„We also walk, are you all right?" Frost cares visits me.

I showed a faint smile, beckon with the hand saying: „All right, walks!"


Frost jumps to jump onto red dragon flour the back, just before leaving before reviewed to look at one, said to Gaia, demon mountain and the others: „Matter that today you handle I will engrave on one's memory, you good from treasuring!"

The demon mountain looked by the Frost look quickly grasps the meaning of something, Gaia is nipping the red lip, has almost broken by biting the lip, with is the superior god, however the disparity of strength was too big, Gaia absolutely does not have too big strength to hit back under Frost the strength of stars, if the Frost real disposition is quite cruel, perhaps Gaia's head must cut Hua Jian chopping.

I also ride raspberry to depart, the rear area, the blue radish directs the Dragon Rider gentleman to retreat in abundance, after a result troop Hybrid Demon army lost the hatred object, the part started to attack the demon mountain the fort, other part started to retreat, wants to come also to experience to demon Shan Song understrength, was actually cheap he.

„How this time moves?"

Frost carries on the back to leap from the red dragon flour to carrying on the back of raspberry, knelt to sit in the dragon carries on the back, puts out a hand to touch Long Lin, said with a smile: „Raspberry did, cross recently also well?"

Raspberry turned slightly the somewhat fierce main item to take a look at Frost one, as if like was acted like a spoiled brat has shaken the body, then a very scary Long recited is replies.

The Frost Xiaolong language, said with a smile: „That is good!"

Saying, her was continue visit me: „Is this motion how is it?"

I was somewhat awkward, said: „Was defeated comprehensively, we died in battle at least several million people in Asura, it is said god demon well, death plain and other places also had a substantial number of adventurers dead in battle."

„, Does this, what useful information have to obtain?"

I think that said: „The king level Hybrid Demon strength has been completely significantly increased, the dark blue billows as if have promoted their strength with any strength, by my observation, Qin Ge, drank the fire the strength to in any case by far in the initial silver spears and Redding these people, perhaps Seurre now with drinking the fire and Qin Ge and the others is not in a level."

A wisp worried that passed over gently and swiftly the cheek of Frost, she said leisurely: „Um, should be the promotion of dark blue billows own strength, strength of sharing that death will therefore comprehend has given these kings, has not thought that dark blue billows unexpectedly strong to this situation, in the future the fortune and misfortune difficult material, we only to do everything possible."

I then said: „Repaired Loshan to result in the whole to cave in the piano music bang by the qin song, the souls of many adventurers have not escaped, it is said to give the dark blue billows refined Wu Hun."

„Refines Wu Hun?" Frost stares slightly, afterward muttered: „This time was really thorny."

„Wu is Hun who practices very fierce?"

„Um." A Frost nod, said slightly: „Killed soul forges into Wu Hun, may make him have main body part of abilities , and dark blue billows can also significantly promote this Wu Hun overall strength, this also means that match who you later run into, might is the adventurer own mirror image, moreover was a stronger mirror image!"

I cannot help but stare: „Fortunately, I have not died am repairing Loshan"

However, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, short spear trick and the others as if died in battle is repairing Loshan, if their some souls were forged death Wu Hun, pours is also thorny, especially Fang Ge Que death Wu Hun, various super magic arts erupted together, who can bear!

Moreover perhaps by Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and the others the strengths, their souls remoulded the Chengwu soul the words is the BOSS level existed, that too was interesting.

Returns to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den time is reality Cooldown around 9 : 00 am, everybody tired to is not good, in many people's submitted package equipment to the guild the warehouse has rested, but I online comforted the player who died in battle, afterward waited for a meeting, obtained the news, besieged the Hybrid Demon army of wild Dragon Clan territory fort to diverge, this felt relieved offline.

I am not worried about the demon mountain and Gaia's life and death, but I take on the fearful uncultivated land Dragon's den safety, once the fort in wild Dragon Clan territory were broken through, that Hybrid Demon army next step definitely was to attack cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, since now fort, in the front kept off the (spear gun), we why not go ahead with it, even I am willing to dispatch troops to reenforce them for the demon mountain fort.

To put it bluntly, if my dream is to unify seven big kingdoms, I cannot, when Guildmaster of [Zhan Long] guild, personal gratitude and grudges suitable puts, sometimes wants to understand also has felt relaxed, if the entire world is your, what you also do care about some foe to make?

offline, brief has eaten a thing, sleeps, the body of mortal needs many [Lullaby].

Has rested to around 9 : 00 pm times wakes up, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue have prepared the sumptuous supper, naturally, they are mainly responsible for ordering food, what cooking food is the chefs, tonight's Cooldown was just good, Qin Wen and Tang Qi two people also, five people gathered round the dinner table, has drunk two bottles of red wines, ate very full, moreover tonight is doomed is a sleepless night, Cooldown could not adjust the biological clock.

„Tang Qi, how do you die are repairing Loshan?" I asked.

Tang Qi is somewhat awkward, drinks the light red wine one in cup, said: „I and Q-Sword who was burnt by the purgatory flame are, probably Fang Ge Que is also this, string of qin song that various god was too simply mean!"

I could not bear smile: „You died in battle the later soul to be forged to belong to Hybrid Demon Wu Hun, do you know?"

„Knew, does not have any means that turns head to solve itself personally and that's the end."


I look to Wan Er and East city, said: „On this day plays does not have what big sound?"

„Temporarily does not have."

Wan Er blinked, said: „Some Hybrid Demon territory that side people reconnoiter to accelerate to assemble the army unceasingly, as if soon after must start counter-attacks."

I nod: „This time counter-attacked was quite certainly essential, does not know that what strategy this Hybrid Demon territory will adopt."

Tang Qi said: „This morning some people noticed that the Hybrid Demon king wore, but also has intercepted the picture, with wearing princess's appearance was exactly the same, therefore did not need to suspect that wore the princess to be reactivated the Hybrid Demon king!"


Although I early have this preparation, but after being accurate, as before is quite shocking.

The annual date arrived probably, [Zhan Long] page has the activity page of lid cake, hand inside has the brothers of spare cash to help the leaf cover, does not have Qian the brothers to register an account number to throw the fresh flower top to approve well to me, wish everybody happy life, daily is happy ~

Zhan Long Chapter 1203

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