Zhan Long Chapter 1204

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„One will get online, does Brother Xiao Yao have the matter? Is all right prepares, tonight should better rest earlier, this Wednesday morning system update, it is said that must publish the transcription to be systematic." Dong Cheng Yue cannot put down saying of chopsticks.

I: „Can transcription system open finally?"

Lin Wan Er smiles to say with a smile: „Thunderclap big raindrop is small, one month ago said that the destiny must clear the transcriptions of major maps, when finally continuously has not come out now, the officials of cover did not have a reliable news, but this time should, at the summit of 9 o'clock Shanghai virtual game, destiny China area CEO Ouyang Nuoyan say that really in the morning personally, tomorrow the Chinese area will maintain in the morning, 12 : 00 pm ended on time, brings out the new transcription system."

Tang Qi said with a smile: „This is actually meddlesome, the player made equipment not to need to fight over to be life and death with you in the open country."

„Transcription is not that good Shua."

Lin Wan Er clamped a luncheon meat to place in my tray, said: „It is said the monster attribute in transcription also wants to be higher than outside, moreover in transcription equipment rate is not simple."

I came some interests, asked: „Wan Er, equipment in transcription compared with our present equipment, what fit and unfit quality there are?"


Lin Wan Er visits me with a smile, lowers the head to think that said: „I also record am not quite clear, but transcription equipment probably is divided into several levels, preliminary transcription equipment are not many, lowest probably is 150 levels of coveralls, the official calls the D level coverall, is divided into the D1-D 7 seven levels, later is the C1-C 7 coverall, is 180 levels of equipment, is equal to Gold Tier the attribute of rank, again, is the B1-B 7 wrap, 200 levels of coveralls, the attribute is about day plume high and low, A1-A 7 and S1-S 7 coverall is 220 levels of equipment, I heard that the highest S7 coverall is probably equal to with a Level star magical instrument coverall!"

Saying, she smiles: „Pig you did not need to consider the transcription coverall, even if were the S7 coverall also misses several scales compared with your overlord coverall, transcription equipment for these is unable in the edition moved enters the player preparation of front row, but, if can collect S7 one set , the overall strength was also quite terrifying."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Xing Lie, One Second Hero, Yue Wei Liang and Fox and the others, had decided that must challenge the S7 transcription, collected one set of S7 also to enter the first-class ranks."

I smile, asked: „That Wan Er bright moon set of collection uneven?"

„Was quick, but also misses one."

„Um, that is good, after the collection is uneven, cures a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Old K there to have a look to promote, the words that can promote at least can also be four star magical instrument coveralls, that was quite aggressive."

„Oh, knew."

Tang Qi in bypath: „Following Cooldown possibly entered the transcription time interval, but the transcription rank had the limit, regardless of anybody, must from A level transcription Shua, cross A1 to be able Shua A2, Shua A7 has been able to challenge the S level transcription, but must take your time."

I have raised the brow, said: „Should Q-Sword also be able to bring Shua?"

Tang Qi smiles: „Um, he pledged helps me and Tang Gu everyone one set of Class S7 coverall, Shua uneven till."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Brother Xiao Yao is doomed also person, when brings Shua, otherwise your this star-level equipment has wasted, do you have to think that whose brings together Shua?"

„Only the belt contributes high......" I am somewhat helpless: „In conceivable, following very long Cooldown, the enslaved destiny, brings Shua day in day out."

Dong Cheng Yue asked: „What do you have to plan tonight?"

„Temporarily had not planned."

In my mind reappeared to cultivate Loshan to sink to the earth suddenly the picture, could not bear the moral nature twitch, said: „You are busy in the evening first, I one will get online must cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to have a look . Moreover, a matter must investigate."

„What matter?" Dong Cheng Yue is stunned.

The Lin Wan Er comparison understands me, dimple smiled faintly: „Perhaps about purgatory purple Pearl?"

I nod: „Um, does not see Pearl, this throughout is my heart knot."

Tang Qi said with a smile in side: „Knows you with being on very good terms of Your Highness Pearl, but I must remind your one first, this purgatory purple Pearl absolutely is not Tian Ling Empire that little princess, she is a killing devil, careful be not massacred and that's the end, if the overlord wraps to be killed to explode one, that is ugly."

Dong Cheng Yue pursed the lips saying: „How possible, my family Brother Xiao Yao overlord coverall attribute is the rebirth!"

Tang Qi is somewhat sour, said: „This may be difficult saying that perhaps the ultimate BOSS attribute will disregard your attribute, directly created the death attack, this also had the precedent, for example eternal moon/month blade edge Sif, it is said in this community battle, Sif directly massacred the player under invincible skill effect, disregarded the invincible effect, cut directly!"

I and Lin Wan Er look at each other in blank diamay, had a scare by the Tang Qi words, truly is this, many top BOSS place oneself beyond the rule, if thinks walks to be all right really according to the game rule, that will be very likely dead a tragic death.

However, I must go to a Hybrid Demon territory eventually, otherwise is unable to pass innermost feelings pass/test, and this purgatory purple Pearl also almost became the brain of Hybrid Demon army, because her director can the human army be hit by the total destruction, does not solve this woman, perhaps next time we and Hybrid Demon will engage in a decisive battle will unable to grab any bargain.


Finished eating the midnight snack, got online.


I appear in Tian Ling Empire, repairs the equipment weapon, afterward in has a look to wrap, some kill small JP equipment that high-level Hybrid Demon and small BOSS explode, is I nearby cultivation Loshan picks to take, puts together can also sell tens of thousands dollars approximately, I spend in any case am not very ominous that spending own money to be quite relieved, therefore throws into the auction room to hang selling these equipment completely, perhaps which two fool local tyrants runs into also to gain in 100,000.

After handling all, directly soars cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

The cold wind wreaks havoc sky over Dragon's den, is cloudy, today's weather is especially bad, as if there is heavy snow storm, entire Dragon's den just likes in an orphaned city that in the wind and snow drags, the valley of dragon is also affected, flying snow fallen in mountain valley, but should not affect to be too big, the temperature of valley of heavy snow later dragon rapidly will naturally promote.


Fights the boots to tread the snow, I the slippery step in the Dragon's den snowy area have skiced dozens meters forward, the raspberry income pet space, jumps to jump onto the stair, directly soars the administrative hall to go, several guards noticed that is I have not stopped, thinks that Frost had issued ordered me in Dragon's den round trip to be free, this was a special type, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others did not have the qualifications to enter the administrative hall without duty, was about the status also insufficient relations.


Has a chill in the air to enter hall, I close afterward, Frost, Zi Shu and Seurre three people really there, Frost sit in their giant desk, is moistening the ink with the goose feathers control repeatedly, at the same time looks around blood red ink pad, the ink pad started to ice up, is similar to the mood of people are ordinary.

Seurre sits on the Frost left window, the snow white longleg horizontally in the bedside, she will be the Hybrid Demon king, will not fear coldly, throughout the year will be the attire of this type of brief wind, will be refined and sexy.

Zi Shu as before is maintaining scalding hot such as the style of fire, curls upwards the longleg on the desk, said: „Li Xiao Yao came, Frost, you ought saying that words are right, entire Dragon Yu are waiting for you to manage the general situation!"

I took a step to go forward, pull a chair to sit down in the Frost front, asked: „How?"

Frost gains ground to have a look, in the eye passes was worrying that said: „Last night, two Dragon Rider gentlemen died in the storm abyss edge, they pry the military situation in the execution the duty, I order them to want the altitude flying, but they were struck to massacre as before."

„Storm abyss?" I have swept a distribution map of Hybrid Demon king, said: „Is [Judgement] or the masticator does?"


Frost shakes the head, said: „Their statures , is injured, the heart was pierced by a sword , the internal organs were almost scorched completely."

„Scorched?" I in consternation: „Is excels at the flame is the person of attack?"

„No, is Thunder Xi attacks."

My moral nature one cold, said: „Isn't purgatory purple thunder Pearl?"

Zi Shu said in side: „Mostly is she, besides her, the Hybrid Demon king who excels at the thunder and lightning element also only then dark blue billows, moreover can massacre the people of two Dragon Rider gentlemen and two big dragons lossless, will be doomed not to be simple, she has used 4 attacks merely, penetrated the hearts of two people and two dragons, will get rid very ruthlessly spicy."

Frost said lightly: „What I am worried, now purgatory purple thunder Pearl had almost all military authorities of Hybrid Demon territory, she had been appointed by the dark blue billows Great Emperor is the commander-in-chief of Hybrid Demon army, this woman thoughts exquisite evil and cruel, if we do not aim at her, perhaps cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Tian Ling Empire future will be anxious."

„Therefore......" Frost inspired, said: „Needs some people to go with purgatory purple thunder Pearl to negotiate, if can win over the bright camp her, our opportunities mostly, having made the Hybrid Demon army have an unusual refined command, this lets our destruction sufficiently, we must dispatch one to submerge the Hybrid Demon territory with the Pearl familiar person secretly, with its negotiation."

Zi Shu shows a faint smile: „Then on Seurre?"

Seurre sits on the window, cannot bear coughed, said: „Makes me go really? I besides killing her elder brother, with Pearl is really not very ripe."

Zi Shu said: „That can only the master go......"

I said bounden: „I , if not go, didn't have other to choose?"

Frost stands up, said with a smile slightly: „Right, you are strange people, you receive blessing of temple inborn, nobody can destroy your soul, but I and Seurre, if enters the Hybrid Demon territory, our godship strengths will certainly make the dark blue billows alert, once the dark blue billows get rid personally, I cannot determine one can live really coming back."

I put out a hand to clap on the fragrant shoulder of Frost: „That was needless saying that I went."

Zhan Long Chapter 1204

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